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  1. So lately i start prepare my photos for Emby. 1, It is possible turn off filename of images ? In web version it is easy, dont know how to do it in Android TV app. 2, I was having sorted photos by Date added but it affect folders and subfolders as well. Id like if possible have folders by Title and photos by date.(This is not problem in web version) With this is another request. I have in every folder with photos subfolder "video" but that subfolder should by by logic always in the first place but it is affected by sorting option. Can this be added or changed ? Something like pin fold
  2. Is this supported by the web-app?
  3. If you are interested in this feature please like the post. Many photo enthusiast use RAW files when they take pictures; they come in a lot of different flavors and extensions. Here from WIkipedia: .3fr (Hasselblad) .ari (Arri_Alexa) .arw .srf .sr2 (Sony) .bay (Casio) .cri (Cintel) .crw .cr2 .cr3 (Canon) .cap .iiq .eip (Phase_One) .dcs .dcr .drf .k25 .kdc (Kodak) .dng (Adobe) .erf (Epson) .fff (Imacon/Hasselblad raw) .mef (Mamiya) .mdc (Minolta, Agfa) .mos (Leaf) .mrw (Minolta, Konica Minolta) .nef .nrw (Nikon) .orf (Olympus) .pef .ptx (Pentax) .pxn (Logitech) .R3D (RED Digital C
  4. As suggested by @ebr I have split my original request to allow better monitoring of interest and progress. The original request is here https://emby.media/c...brary-overhaul/ If you are interested please like the post. It would be nice to including a face recognition that would allow us to sort our collection by people and give us the possibility to name them. As an example if I sear for "Mom" it would display all the pictures with my mother in the library ! This could also be done by scene (city, sea, mountain, etc.) or by place based on GPS coordinates this could automatically name the
  5. al92780

    Permissions after editing photo

    Photos load correctly from library, external SSD and are viewable. When an edit is performed, they no longer load. Permission has been changed from (Pi:Pi -all,all,all to pi:pi - only owner, only owner, nobody. I can manually change back to all,all,all. Is there a configuration setting that would not require manual intervention. am logged in as pi@raspberrypi. thanks al
  6. I have setup a library with content type Home videos and photos and added JPG images to this folder. When accessing the images via the mobile app and clicking download they are being stuck in the queue with a status of "Ready to transfer" and not progressing. When trying the same action from a web browser it works fine. When trying to download other content such as movies or tv shows it is working fine; seems to just be the photos. Phones tried: iPhone 10 Max iPhone 11 Samsung S10 Plus Samsung Galaxy Tab A Connection type tried: Mobile Data (4G) WiFi Storage type tried: Interna
  7. x_david_x

    Photo Playlists

    Hello, I'm brand new to Emby. My use case is to provide a way for my parents to view family photos and videos on their TV that exist on their home network. I'm planning on going down the Roku path. I've looked at Plex, Emby and Roku's own Media Player app. Nothing I have found will allow the photos to play as a screensaver (unless on a USB drive plugged right into the Roku), which would be ideal, to turn the TV into a digital picture frame. For now, it seems I'll need to settle for slideshow capability, where the users need to go into an app and actively start displaying images. From
  8. EduardoSantos

    Wrong sort order on Photo folders

    Hi, I am running MediaBrowser Server (Version 3.0.5238.39498) on a Windows 8.1 box. I also use HTML, Roku, Windows and Android apps as clients. I understand the photo folder support is kind of initial and hope there will be lots of improvement on this. I have, though, a problem that seems to be very simple: the display order of the images seems to be random when I choose "sort by name" (ascending or descending). Both on the HTML, Roku, Android and Windows apps, this sort by name simply does not work. Is there any procedure/configuration I could do to solve this? Thanks
  9. As suggested by @ebr I have split my original request to allow better monitoring of interest and progress. The original request is here https://emby.media/c...brary-overhaul/ If you are interested please like the post. Currently we have the same sorting options in the Photo Library as the other library. I think it is not exactly in line with the content displayed here. It would be nice to add the EXIF elements in the sorting options. This would allow us to sort our pictures by date taken (regardless of file name, camera, etc.) or by camera, aperture, etc. Below is an example of the
  10. johninhepburn

    Slide show configuration

    As a keen photographer, who carefully composes a shot, I would like the option to turn off the Ken Burns effect in the Android TV App slideshows, and just have the dissolve between shots. Also, I often change the aspect ratio in compositions: most are 3:2, but some slides may be square, 4:3, portrait or panoramic, so I would like them letterboxed or black barred as appropriate, rather than zoomed to fill the screen.
  11. sundevil67

    Photo Library Plugins

    There has to be a better way to do this. I'm using Mac OS Photos to store my primary library. I'm using 'smart' albums to collect photos with specific people & then copying the contents to 'regular' albums. I found a middleware app called 'Sync for iPhoto', which doesn't work very well, but it does export the folders & albums to the finder where Emby picks things up. I need a way to automate the process without getting into Applescript or Automator. No matter how I decide to organize things, there will always be duplicates instead of multiple references to the same image file.
  12. Hi, I love the android client, it's one of the reasons I bough an Android tablet; I'd love to have a Slideshow feature added to the client; a decent transition time and effects in controls will do great. I think such powerful media center with music player which is well controlled, is still missing a good slideshow player that can be used to display the photo collection in my MB library. Regards, DaN
  13. FordGT90Concept

    Photo Slideshow?

    I couldn't find a way to make the Android TV app play a slideshow of photos in a directory. Is there a way? If not, I'd like this feature to be added.
  14. Hello, I was consolidating my photo library and realized that if I have multiple sources/library paths and they contain the same year or month, I get duplicate folders under the photo library when browsing. If I have three separate sources and all contain the same year or year+month, I will get three, etc. Is there a way to merge these so that in Emby I am only presented with unique years and months regardless of the source? I am looking for a setting in Emby itself and not software that will merge the file system to make multiple sources appear as one. Thanks!
  15. As suggested by @@ebr I have split my original request to allow better monitoring of interest and progress. The original request is here https://emby.media/community/index.php?/topic/63036-photo-library-overhaul/ If you are interested please like the post. It would be nice to be able to display the EXIF info on top of the photo being displayed. A bit like for the movies where we could display the data such as transcoding info, video size, framerate, etc. in a transparent box. This could contain Camera Make and model, Date photo taken, aperture, shutter speed, ISO, but also coordinate
  16. As suggested by @ebr I have split my original request to allow better monitoring of interest and progress. The original request is here https://emby.media/c...brary-overhaul/ If you are interested please like the post. I have noted that when I open a video from my picture folder, Emby doesn’t "understand" that it is part of the photo album and open it as a single file in the video player instead of the slide show. I think this should be seamlessly integrated into the Photo slide show. I don't know if it a bug or if it should be considered as a new feature.
  17. HediSIX

    Photo Library: Photo Map

    As suggested by @ebr I have split my original request to allow better monitoring of interest and progress. The original request is here https://emby.media/c...brary-overhaul/ If you are interested please like the post. I always wanted to have this feature! This is something that was offered by Flickr. It would use the coordinates where the picture was taken stored in the EXIF and display the picture in the world map. I think that this was a bit specific in the past because we needed to have a GPS module tied to the camera but now every smartphone does this out of the box (without even
  18. HediSIX

    Photo Library Overhaul

    Edit: As suggested by @ebr I have split my original request to allow better monitoring of interest and progress. I have added the link to each topic next to each Feature Request. If you are interested please discuss in each topic instead of this one. Cheers Hi everyone, I know some of the comments here have already been put forward somewhere else in the forum, but I wanted to 1) centralise them and 2) give my vision on how the Photo Library could be improved. I have raised the point on Github as well, but I thought that it would be better the open a discussion here, so everyone
  19. Cyberslug

    Does slideshow work under iOS?

    Hi folks sorry if this has been covered elsewhere but I have been unable to discover if slideshow should work in iOS. I have just installed an Emby server on my ubuntu server with the main aim of providing a way to view photos. I would like to view a slideshow on my iPad but the functionality just doesn't seem to be there and I have not been able to find anything which tells me if it should be there or not.(actually I haven't been able to get it to work on android either. It does work from a desktop web interface (if I force chrome on the iPad to request desktop and an actual desktop machine)
  20. Smok@zz

    Picture Selection issue

    Emby Team, I wanted to report an issue that has been going on for a while now and while i was hopeful that it would be resolved without having to log my request, i realized that others might be in the same boat. So, my issue is that when browsing photos from Chrome on my laptop or directly from the Emby app on my Android phone, the picture that i choose doesn't load correctly. Instead a photo will load but its the first photo that is listed in the folder. Perhaps a better example is this - I want to see the latest photos that were uploaded so, i'll sort them by date added and then desce
  21. hedgehogg

    Server - Photo Rotate

    The ability to rotate photos online would be a great asset (mainly as now some photos that are ok in other programs are wrong in MBS)
  22. dompun

    Photos are squashed

    Hello, I created a photo library in Emby on a Windows desktop for display using a Roku connected to a TV. The photos are stored in a single folder. When I use the web app to click on the library icon, all the photos are displayed and are shown in the correct aspect ratio. However when I click on the library icon on the TV, all the photos are shown but most of them appear to be squashed. If I then click on an individual photo, it is then displayed correctly in a single view. I couldn't find any Wiki or Guide for photo library. Please help on how to get around the problem of squashed ph
  23. Hallo, I'm new to emby, may you can help me before I start again the trail and error game in my endless search for proper DLNA photo server. I run emby on my Synology NAS what has a so called photo station for photo management (inlc. some kind of meta data editing). I create some virtual albums out of my massive quantity of photos. I would like to export them as playlist and present them on my telly. Exporting might be a dream but I want to create playlist depending on the meta data in photo files. So my question, does emby read the meta data of photos and provides filter such as album
  24. Hey, here is my feature request. Wouldnt it be nice to share a complete folder of photos to your family with emby? Currently its just possible to share one photo. Anyone interested in this feature? let us know here and give us a +1 Here is the github issue: https://github.com/MediaBrowser/Emby/issues/2607 thx pOpY
  25. I'm trying to setup my DNLA server on my new Emby server and my nVidia Shield can see the folder, and it says 863 pictures are in the screensaver library I created, but when I click into that folder, it shows as empty. I do this with plex currently and hope to switch fully to emby, but I can't seem to figure out why the folder shows "Screensaver (863)" but then shows empty when I click on it...? There are 863 files in that folder, so it looks like it's finding it correctly, and I can see the files if I load the emby app and browse to that library. However the files are not viewable as pictu
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