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Found 23 results

  1. Most of the time one uses the search to just search for Movie Titles or a quick way to access a TV Series. But some search terms flood one with actors, trailers, or even episodes of a TV serial. Not that they are wrong and sometimes you want to see them, and i fact I want to keep actors, trailers and episodes; just not in the default search (but maybe having the option to search for that too) Best Regards
  2. Hello everyone, I'm having an issue with metadate images for actors, I have tried refreshing all metadata, searching for missing data and manually replacing the images but nothing seems to stick. Can anyone give any advice? I've added an image from the android app as reference but this also appears like this when using localhost Many thanks! EDIT: so manually refreshing metadata for each actor and ticking replace existing images works but is there a better way to do this? Refreshing all metadata from the emby server menu doesn't seem to clear it up?
  3. t2x

    Missing Metadata?

    Hi, My Emby Server is running on QNAP My Emby Client is running on Android TV I would like to ask a few questions about metadata in the forum because I noticed that some are not showing / downloading maybe it's a consequence of: - I have wrong setup, then I would like to ask for help - Plugin bug? - (yet) lack of functionality Metadata: 1) Movies - I noticed that in the actor / actress detail there is only the date of birth and place of birth (eg Michael Douglas) in the description, while the IMDB or TvMovieDB contain a lot of extra information (CV, ...), other data aren't downloaded or is it some kind of bug ? Movie Library has set up Czech language. 2) Music - no metadata about the album (song list only) or about music-band is downloaded (these data are on MusicBrainz, TvAudioDb, Last.fm) - does not have a TvAudioDb identifier (does this plugin work?) - I had (05/2019) running to test Emby Server on Windows and I know the data was there there were metadata in the album.nfo file: <album> (empty now) <outline> (empty now) <audiodbartistid> (does not exist in the file now) <audiodbalbumid> (does not exist in the file now) Music Library has setup up English language (originally Czech language but I changed it to English because there are very few translations to Czech / Slovak) preferences of scrabbers MusicBrainz TvAudioDb Last.fm Proposal: Would be possible to download information about the Actor / Actress / Album / Group / Singer / Singer for example also from Wikipedia? Thank you T2
  4. As you can see in the picture below, the actor thumbnails are recorded in 2 different ways, local position and tmdb link. But what I really want is that all the actor thumbnail are recorded as a tmdb link, yes I would rather load the images every time I explore the series in the library because I don't see necessity having those on my local disk permanently. Is there any way to achieve my need?
  5. hi luke, Could I link the actor(my family member for example) to the video by myself? So when I click the actor under a video ,I wil get a list of video by the actor in the local server? I add an actor manually , but it didn't work. Do you have any suggestions? thanks.
  6. Beav

    actor information

    Where does emby pull and store the meta-data on actors? The reason I'm asking is that I just watched "Buck Privates" (1941)and Shemp Howard is in the cast. When you open up the listing under his name all it shows is Birth and Death information, nothing else. If you go to the IMDB page for Buck Privates and then look up Shemp it shows his Bio. I have found several actors whose information is blank. Is there a way to force the actor data to update? Because someone like Shemp, Moe, Larry, and Curly's infromation should not be blank!
  7. Hey guys, when I update an actor image in the web client of Emby Server (3.2.26) it gets removed instantly. Reloading the metadata doesn't bring them back. This just happens to my anime section. Updating my movie or tv show actors works fine. Please help. EDIT: I just found out that this just happens to some of the japanese actors. Still don't know why.
  8. I would love to have a setting that forces Emby to write the actor thumbs with the Internet addresses where they are located and not also use some local ones into the nfo. Some thumbs show: <thumb>D:\MediaBrowser Data\Metadata\metadata\People\.....jpg</thumb> I would like all nfos to be like: <thumb>https://image.tmdb.org/t/p/original/........jpg</thumb> It seems to happen if you refresh something from the "front-end" and then this actor seems to be locked-in to that path. Having this setting would make the nfo more portable. Thanks Mark
  9. jimleipold2

    Sorting Film director or Actor

    Actually, we can select a film with different kinds of sorting choice (suggestions, films, trailers, collections, genres, studios) but it would be really nice if you could do it also with the film director's name and actor's name. The only possibility to do that is to go to the search section (but you don't always know the right names) or to choose a specific film, then look into the cast and crew section and select the one you want. Which is not the easiest way ! The sorting by director's name would be most welcomed also because, for the moment (in the web version), surprisingly, even in the details page, the director's name doesn't appear clearly close to the title (it's only located in the cast and crew section but when you have a dozen of actors, it's lost at the end of the list). Thanks ! Jimmy
  10. I am running QNAP version 3.0.5972.0, but I believe this was happening when I use to run a windows version. As you can see from the following picture, I have in my xml file, an actor called 'Jared Padalecki', but in theweb client (and other clients), he is not listed. I have tried identify, and refresh, but still it is not being picked up. This is just example. I also notice that it I edit a show/movie using metadata manager, and add people or change the name, sometimes these do not show up (they get removed from emby display, but still appear in the xml file)...don't know if that is connected to my first issue, but it does appear to be random.
  11. Running QNAP Version 3.0.6070.0. In episode view randomly some actors have the default actor image (when there is no image available). If I then click on that actor and go to the actor bio screen, it loads up the actor image and bio (if it exists). If I then press the back button in chrome to return to the episode screen, the actor image appears This may be happening in movie view as well, but have not tested
  12. Hi there. New to Emby, one hour after install I'm now a licensed member. Absolutely LOVING Emby over Plex. Wondering a few things... 1) Do I have to punch a hole in my firewall in order to access Emby if I'm on the go (outside my home network). With Plex I didn't have to do this...not a big deal if I have to do it with Emby, but it's always nicer when you don't have to open FW ports. 2) Love the list of Actors when you bring up a movie or trailer. Wondering if there's anything in the works (or maybe something already exists?) that will give me Actor details perhaps pulling from IMDB or some other source. I see in Chrome that I can go to the IMDB link but I'd like to be able to pull up Actor details while I'm on my Android mobile device or FireTV. Thank you for such a KILLER product. =)
  13. Barlog9511

    Can't show images for actor on FreeNAS

    Hi everyone I have latest FreeNAS version of Emby server everiting is just fine but actors doesnt have any images :/ but when i manualy click on refresh on actor card, image has been downloaded for example some actor card i tried actor refresh but doesnt work for images any help ??
  14. Is there any way for me to filter out notifications when content is added to the media library? I send them to my phone, and I'd much rather just get the notification when a show or movie is added, rather than every time a new actor/actress/etc is added.
  15. ElLoboSolitario

    Actor Data Incomplete

    One of the cool features of Emby is being able to click on an actor and see what other movies/series/episodes that he/she has appeared in. For some reason, this feature doesn't always deliver EVERY instance of titles available within a user's collection that apply. As an example, Wanderlust, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, and Wet Hot American Summer:First Day of Camp all feature Joe Lo Truglio, but he only appears as a credited actor in Wet Hot American Summer. Anybody have any ideas what would cause this oversight??
  16. Hi Emby Team, Would it be possible to add the ability for the various actors, producers, directors etc to be downloaded when collections are being compiled. The metadata screen actually has spaces for all the various metadata downloaded and collected for individual films and TV shows like genre, plot, studio etc. And The Movie Database actually has this information but it's not downloaded. If that was possible then when we look through collections we could click on an actor and see what other films and TV series they also appear in. I think this would be a bring a welcome dimention to the collections feature. Thanks for the great work thus far though guys, been using this for years and it still continues to amaze with it's developments. Thanks in anticipation, Lloyd.
  17. hey guys, i have some actor images that are for athletes that i pulled from ESPN and they have transparent backgrounds, but the background doesn't show as transparent in the web client or MBC, only when i view it through the metadata manager. here is an example:
  18. As per the subject line, this has recently started to happen when using MB Classic. Whenever I select an actor to see their information, the application exits. Under the new 3.0.27 beta, at least I get an "invalid application" error in Windows Media Centre. The problem does not manifest in MB Theatre, so I think something is up with my MB Classic. Has anyone else experienced this?
  19. I have road tested Media Browser with a sample of my media collection and I must say I am very happy with it. I am now looking to take the plunge and trust it with my entire media collection.... There are a couple of small thing stopping me however, Currently I use Ember Media Manager (EMM) to grab images, metadata, Actor info and trailers for my films. This has been working perfectly with XBMC, however the file naming is different to that of Media Browser. A tipical Film folder after EMM Films >Red (2010) >.actors - Red (2010).avi - Red (2010).nfo - Red (2010).srt - Red (2010).tbn - Red (2010)-fanart.jpg - Red (2010)-poster.jpg - Red (2010)-trailer.mp4 A tipical Film folder after Media Browser Films >Red (2010) >extrafanart >extrathumbs -banner.jpg -clearart.png -disc.png -fanart.jpg -landscape.jpg -logo.png -movie.xml -poster.jpg -Red (2010).avi - Red (2010).eng.srt - Red (2010).nfo 1. Due to slow internet I store my trailers locally. I can’t find a way to make Media Browser download these trailers. 2. Again I can’t seem to find how to download Actor images. 3. If i run Media Browser with a film I’ve already scraped with EMM then I end up with duplicate files (poster.jpg and Red-poster.jpg). Is there anyway to rename either of these with Media Browser so I don’t have this situation? I have a lot of films so manually renaming or even deleting those files would be a pain! Q3 would delay my adoption of Media Browser as I migrate my media structure over If Q1 & Q2 are work in progress then I could happily use Media Browser and EMM until then
  20. daedalus

    Chocolate - Person details

    is there anything planed to make the person details visible in MBC? at the moment if you select a person it jumps directly to the items it is involed another thing i mentioned is that in chocolate in the detail view neither the genres nor the director are selectable to get all the containing items
  21. Dear Lee & community followers, It would be a nice feature if lee can implement in detal page for each actor the biography info (movies/age etc)! Like Demonseed's mockups: https://skydrive.live.com/?cid=cf8144e520f57618&id=CF8144E520F57618!14576&authkey=!ABtl3cUlx1qrkkE Despite of what you finally decide and the feedback of the members, for me you have the most performed and beautiful themes in the community bro and sure they can be better and better! Rgrds, Jimmy
  22. tired dad

    Browse for Actor Images

    Hi, I see one can browse for movie posters and backdrops, but when selecting an actor, nothing comes up. I've tried a few actors, all show up as "0 of 0" images from all providers. Am I missing something? Thanks, TD
  23. strugglez

    Actors Images and Info

    Hey, I don't know if this is a setting or something that's bugged or simply just because of the image dimensions it has pulled from the net, but I have come across this once, and haven't seen it elsewhere yet, but... For one actor in particular, the image for him is stretched and it makes the rest of the display look uneven and more or less ugly. Here's a screenshot of what is happening and wondering if their is a option or solution to this?
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