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  1. After streaming Live TV, if one starts streaming a "regular" piece of media without closing and reopening the app first, pressing play/pause on the Roku remote will cause the Emby app to restart streaming the Live TV channel rather than pausing the existing regular stream. It is required to press up on the remote then manually select the UI pause/play button to workaround this. Restarting the Emby app seems to clear its "association" with Live TV and the remote's physical pause/play button will pause/play a regular stream if Live TV hasn't been touched during that instance. If this is a known issue, is an ETA on a fix known? It's rather annoying because of muscle memory from basically every other streaming app. Using a Roku Ultra 2020 or 2021, official remote.
  2. skidmarks

    Roku / Add Appears On

    As i am fixing my music library (due to my current "issues") i realized "Songs" display on the artist info screen is painful. But more so very painful in the Roku app. Might be my imagination. Possibly its the same data that is displayed on both, but its a list i will never utilize. But what i would like to see is the "appears on" in the roku app. Thanks!
  3. One of my files in 4K, HEVC is transcoded to H264 during playback and the reason being "Media bitrate exceeds limit". Source Video bitrate - 115Mb/s Max Bitrate : Auto - 110Mb/s So I guess my lan server is not fast enough to stream 115Mb/s. Am I right? So, in that case, how can I increase the max 110Mb/s value? Is it detected by Emby based on my connection? I am streaming through my Roku Ultra which is wired to my lan network. Or is it my router that has the limitation? How do I find out where the bottleneck is? Also I have couple switches on the path that supports only 10/100 Mbps.
  4. Love this thing so far! Only issue is that it will not 'play next episode automatically' using the Roku app. I do have it set to do so, it just doesn't. Any ideas? TIA
  5. Looks like my Roku TV 7117X is no longer able to connect to my remote Emby Server via SSL. SSL certificate was generated by Synology Lets Encrypt. I wanted to create this thread to make awareness and so others with same problem can find this. This all seems to be related to the Lets Encrypt certificate issues from September 30. Other clients like IOS app and Chrome browsers can successfully connect with SSL. Looking through other threads other users are reporting with same issues. No sure if there is a way to fix. TCL Roku TV Software Version: 10.0.0 Build 4209-30 Emby App Version 4.0 Build 31
  6. i've been testing emby for playback of 4k/UHD files. when I play and 4k movie, it stops playback and i get a "loading" every couple of minutes. from the server management gui I see the following: The media is compatible with the device regarding resolution and media type (H.264, AC3, etc.), but is in an incompatible file container (.mkv, .avi, .wmv, etc.). The video will be re-packaged on the fly before streaming it to the device. Is MKV really an incompatible container in emby? This would really be bad for me because most of my 4k media is in an MKV format that I can stream directly to the TV with another media server software. any suggestions that don't require conversion to another file container? Thanks
  7. when playing music from my PC, it stops when the Roku Screensaver activates. Is this a bug, or is there a setting to tell it not to engage the screensaver as is the case with videos? Thanks B
  8. Hello, First, do you by chance have an app for Samsung TV? If not, no problem. I didnt find one which is why I ask. I bought the below RokuAmazon.com: Roku Streaming Stick+ | HD/4K/HDR Streaming Device with Long-range Wireless and Voice Remote with TV Controls: Electronicshttps://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B075XLWML4/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_search_asin_title?ie=UTF8&psc=1 When I select Photos from your application (streaming from a windows box on the same network with emby server) after a few minutes the Roku Screensaver kicks in with the buildings and movie references....I dont want this, I want your photos to play. Surprisingly when a click something the screensaver goes away and the photos are still there changing.... I checked online for Roku Screensaver and nothing ressonates, I find no setting at all in Roku for screensavers, not a channel, anuything Can you please help me have your software running the slideshow when I press the play button Also, the fact that you can press the play button to get a slide show although natural is not intuitive and took a long time for me to figure out...some screen cue for that woudl be most welcome. Thanks for your help, Kind regards, Miguel Feitosa
  9. sharrisct25@hotmail.com

    Need Transcoding help

    So I have recently added a HDhomerun EXTEND to my Emby system. The goal is to allow people to watch a few local stations in Emby that we do not get on other steaming services. All of my TVs are Roku clients of different types. Some hardwired some Wifi. I use my Android client on my phone on occasion also. I have 2 HDhomerun EXTEND units connected and my goal is to be able to support 4 users watching / recording at the same time without any major load on my Emby server. The Server is virtualized running as a Windows 10 system in VMware 6.5. It has 4 cores and 10GB or RAM. All the storage is local SSD on a RAID 5 array. The server is Emby Premier version and the Roku clients are using Emby beta. Historically software transcoding has been fine for the movies and other videos I have in my library but with TV I knew the use would spike and more transcoding maybe needed. This lead me to buy the HDhomerun Extend versions due to their capability to decode. Once setup I had a few issues with specific channels that I have learned are down to reception thanks to posts and help in other Emby forums. Then I was still seeing ffmpeg activity going on, sometimes as a directstream where the audio was being converted, others full transcoding. With more help from the Forum I purchased and installed a NVIDIA GTX 1030 card to do hardware decoding. The problem is I am still seeing ffmpeg activity for the Roku clients. I now DO NOT see it for the Android but definitely for the Roku clients. Can somebody help me sort what is going on here? Shouldn't the decoding all be happening in hardware now between the HDhomerun EXTEND and the NVIDIA card? I see that the Processing Plan in the ffmpeg log still says False for all CanDoInHardware lines does that mean the card is not working correctly? I have attached logs for more details. hardware_detection-63724218955.txt ffmpeg-directstream-0194bed2-a9ad-4aac-b654-03b1a909ac4e_1.txt embyserver.txt
  10. chrisrobbins1970

    Multiple parts of a Movie..

    I have a movie mini series that has two parts..Emby shows it as pt 1 and pt2 separate files on my roku, called HEADER ADDITONAL PARTS how can I name it correctly to show up as ONE file .. ex: miniseries (2020) part1.mkv miniseries (2020) part2.mkv
  11. I'm in the UK using a freeview TV line up. In my channel list I have both SD and HD versions of channels (BBC 1 on channel 1 and BBC HD on channel 101 for example) When searching for a recording to make, such as the example below 'The Gadget Show' I get results for both channels but you cant see which one is for the HD channel, or indeed what channel it is on without having to click on every entry to check. Could the search results list the channel and number as well as episode detail so that it is easier to see which one to record? On a related note, using the web app in the new edge browser there is no arrows or scroll bar to view all the search results on this screen
  12. This now happens several times a during movie. I can get back in and it resumes. I've noticed this since upgrading to 4.5.2. I'm running Emby on a Synology 918+ NAS.
  13. skidmarks

    Halloween Theme Work In Roku?

    I tried 3 different users on two different rokus and i don't get the Halloween theme. Checked the user accounts and the enable holiday themes is ticked. And it does work for said accounts via Android and XBOX? Theme stays as settings... dark on dark. Just curious.....
  14. Hello, I just downloaded the Emby media server after long term issues with Plex. The sever is up and running on my host PC but I cannot access it from a Roku or Samsung Smart TV I tried the Emby smart comment and when I use the link, it takes me to the screen that says add server. It's not showing the server I have running. I enabled port 8096 in the firewall. I tried connecting to the remote server with no access. I tried to see my local host IP but when I go to dashboard it doesn't show, only the remote. I really want this to work, any ideas?
  15. I'm putting this here instead of the Roku section, because I don't want this to be taken as a request for support. (It's really just a rant with a question mark.) The question is why does everything in my library look worse on a Roku than on any other device? I'm talking about direct play here - no transcoding involved. I should say I haven't tested the high-end Rokus. I think the most expensive one I've seen is the Roku Premiere. By "worse" I mean not as detailed, generally dull looking, and it's especially bad in dark scenes - the blockiness is truly depressing. It's as if the Rokus are designed to take the incoming video and re-encode it, badly. That's crazy, right? I must be wrong. There's no reason to take a perfectly good file and re-do the whole thing. Just play it. Just play the dang file. Here I am taking the time to ensure I have the best quality media, and Roku is like Forget all that! We'll just make all new video on the spot! ?????? Maybe that's not what's happening, but it sure looks like it. Am I crazy?
  16. 2MDevices

    Recorded TV - Roku

    When displaying Scheduled Recordings all the display items are one day out. For example recordings scheduled for today are displayed as Tomorrow. This only happens when using Roku it does not occur using Android or Windows 10. Also when using Roku even though the playback skip forward setting is 30 seconds the video only skips forward 10 seconds. Again this only happens when using Roku. Is anyone else affected?
  17. Basically if I’m watching a show on Roku or my iPhone and turn the computer that the server is running on, will the videos still play (including the next episodes)?
  18. AboveUnrefined

    Live TV Playback Frame Freezing

    Hello, Recently I've been noticing while playing back live TV from my hdhomerun and hdhomerun prime that while playback is happening it occasionally freezes on a frame and keeps playing audio; it just gets stuck on a frame and resumes playing audio. If I pause/play the frame remains frozen - if I fast forward then hit play it'll sometimes recover where it will pick up just before the frozen frame was encountered, but it seems like the time bar is all wrong with where it's at in the stream.... I've encountered this while watching live TV as well with recorded TV and I do have a captured stream where I can reliably hit the frozen frame issue I'm describing. I've tried the alternative transcoding option that's available while playing the stream, but it still freezes... This is a bit tricky to diagnose since it seems like some bad frames are getting to the Roku and it's causing it to freeze on the bad frame. If I play the same recording on the web client I don't get the issue happening either... I'm hoping there can be a fix for this since it seems to be happening more frequently as time grinds on. If there's something more I can try to provide with this I'll try to help, but as of right now I'm not sure what would be valuable information to provide...
  19. ChoromPotro

    Force transcode srt / subrip

    Is there any equivalent to Plex's force subtitle transcoding > always in Emby? I like how the subs are bigger and has shadow when i burn them in roku, but in Emby they look kind of difficult to read, I am attaching 2 pictures so you can see the difference. One image is from Emby one is from Plex , same file, just burn in set to always. So is there anyway I can achieve sub like picture 2 on picture 1? Thanks.
  20. This issue has just started popping up for me and I have since just ignored it as it is an inconvenience only. This only occurs on the first run of a new video file and on the 2nd attempt it plays just fine. According to the stats there is no transcoding occurring for the media files this is occurring on. My Nvidia shield, the server and an additional client, plays everything just fine and so I'm sure this is a Roku specific issue. Anybody have any ideas off the top of their head and what logs do we need to look at to determine the cause? Thanks in advance.
  21. rene.teniere

    Library Content Unpauses After 60 Seconds

    I have noticed that my regular video content unpauses after 60 seconds. This happens on both the streaming stick and premiere +. Any ideas? thanks, René
  22. kakaokka

    Screensaver for ROKU

    It would be nice if the Emby roku app had an screesaver of the movies you have on the library.
  23. nopenope

    Noob questions

    So I'm pretty much brand new to the media server thing, and hoping someone can jump start my feeble knowledge on the subject. I've got a netgear R6350, so I can't install the emby server side app on it, but it is capable of running NAS via USB. I'm looking to run emby client side from Roku TVs/boxes. Can I set up the server manually (via IP and port) or do you have to have both the client and server side communicating?
  24. Hi I have Emby server installed in a Fedora 32 Box running fine, and accessible from other android devices across my network; However, trying to access from Roku Emby application, I keep receiving the message "Unable to Connet - We are unable to connect to that media browser server. Please make sure your server is running before attempting to add it to the server list." From the Emby Server logs, I found the below information: 2020-05-30 19:17:57.400 Info HttpServer: HTTP GET UserAgent: Roku/DVP-9.30 (049.30E04170A) 2020-05-30 19:17:57.404 Error HttpServer: Access token is invalid or expired. 2020-05-30 19:17:57.404 Info HttpServer: HTTP Response 401 to Time: 4ms. Also, trying to open the URL ""give me the same error/message " Access token is invalid or expired" Can you please let me know what is missing in my setup? Thank you!
  25. Due to Plex drastic changes to the UI on Roku devices on 12/6/2018 a lot of long term Plex users are moving to Emby. - I am one of those users. I started the migration the same day and have one big question. Is there anyway to move the existing meta data from Plex into Emby? 1. Movie & TV show matching that have already been corrected in PLEX. 2. Custom/Not default Art Work already selected in Plex. Thanks in advance to anyone that can save me and others hours and hours of getting our servers back in order.
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