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Found 3 results

  1. There have been multiple scenarios that have left me wanting more granular settings in the Trakt plugin. The most recent example is: Show 1 has been watched in 2015. I want to un-mark it as watched in Emby and not lose my watch history in Trakt. It's currently marked as watched in Emby and watched in Trakt. Even though I currently have "Update Trakt watched history during Scheduled Task" turned off. When I un-mark Show 1 as watched, it removes all my watch history from Trakt. The Trakt plugin settings tick boxes, along with whether you have the scheduled tasks scheduled or not, give some control. However I can't seem to get what I want. I think back to when I used to use the Trakt plugin in Plex and it had "push and/or pull" setting options and terminology. How about something like this: Emby activity database changed to support better 2 way Trakt sync (as well as other things) Another pre-requisite task I think is perhaps a revisit of the watch history database in Emby. Currently Emby doesn't show you the date/time you watched something or the number of times you've watched something. If Emby did store this, the 2 way sync task to Trakt would act as a backup or both systems. If Trakt API was down and a scrobble event didn't register, the next scheduled sync would fill in the gaps. This is how the Kodi plugin used to work, it was great. Recently Trakt crashed and potentially lost data as well as had a long period of time when scrobbles weren't working. This would be a great use case of a 2 way sync in Emby would save the day. I did download through the Reports plugin, user activity. It shows events like "started playing" and "stopped playing". This should also have have "completed" which would equal media being marked as played.
  2. MrSmoke

    Last.fm Scrobbler

    Last.fm Scrobbler Description This plugin will scrobble your tracks to your Last.fm account as well as marking tracks as loved when you favourite them from within MediaBrowser. Also included is a Scheduled Task to import your play counts and loves from your Last.fm account. Configuration Before you can scrobble to Last.fm or use the import task you will need to configure the Last.fm account for the desired user. Required is your Last.fm username and password. PLEASE NOTE: The plugin will not store your password. There are currently two options available in the plugin: Enable Scrobbling for this user? Will, as the label state, enable scrobbling for the selected user Sync favourites for this user? Will enable tracks to be marked as loved in Last.fm when the track is favoured in MediaBrowser. This option also enables loved tracks to be marked as favourite when importing data via the Scheduled Task. Important - The import task will unfavourite any tracks not marked as loved in last.fm, so before using this option make sure all your local favourites are marked as loved Troubleshooting TBA Change Log/Release History 1.0.5174.2702 (1/Mar/2014) Initial Development Release. This build is currently considered an Alpha so please beware.
  3. ginjaninja

    Trakt Logging Progress on Music

    2014-08-28 17:54:17.2608 Debug - Trakt: Playback Progress 2014-08-28 17:54:18.4564 Debug - Trakt: Playback Progress 2014-08-28 17:54:19.6400 Debug - Trakt: Playback Progress 2014-08-28 17:54:20.8476 Debug - Trakt: Playback Progress 2014-08-28 17:54:22.0603 Debug - Trakt: Playback Progress 2014-08-28 17:54:23.2573 Debug - Trakt: Playback Progress @@Redshirt Version 3.0.5352.42702 Trakt, Version=1.9.5238.19477 Hi Redshirt should trakt be logging activity with music files? is the plugin using up unnecessary resources? thanks for great plugin, really useful.
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