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Found 13 results

  1. Hi! I just configured the Trakt plug-in on my Emby server. I ran the “Sync Library” task manually under Scheduled Tasks. It cleared out my whole collection in Trakt. Rather than be upset, I thought I’d just get curious about what’s happening. So I went to Trakt and “recollected” Season 1 of Westworld and after the scheduled task ran, my Trakt collection got emptied out again. I doublechecked the Emby page for the show and it has the correct Trakt link at the bottom of the page. How do we troubleshoot why the plug-in is not pushing my Emby collection to Trakt using this instance as an example?
  2. I have tried to mark episodes as unwatched in Emby, so I can rewatch a show and get the next episode in 'continue watching'. However, as I'm using the Trakt plugin, when the plugin syncs, the unwatched status in Emby is overridden based on the Trakt play history. There are three possible solutions to this, two of which are not preferable: Remove plays from Trakt (not preferable, as this defeats one of the purposes of Trakt - keeping a record of my watches). Disable Update Trakt watched history during Scheduled Task option (not preferable, as I need to keep watches synced between Emby and Plex). Change the behaviour of Emby/the Trakt plugin, so when manually marking an item as unwatched in Emby, this is not overridden by a Trakt sync (or add an option in the Trakt plugin settings to specify how Emby will handle this situation). Option 3 is is how Plex handles this situation, and is why I currently have to do my rewatches on Plex rather than Emby (I'm a lifetime member of both). It would be really cool if you could change this behaviour in Emby, as I've noted multiple users have also had issues with this behaviour in the past.
  3. FalconX

    Fragen zu trakt.tv

    Ich dachte mir, ich schau mir mal trakt.tv an und verbinde das ganze mit Emby. Wirklich gut funktionieren tut das jedoch nicht. Beim synchen stürzt der Server von trakt regelmäßig ab. Später kommt man dann wieder auf die Seite, dann sieht es aber z.B. so aus: https://www.bilder-upload.eu/upload/b4c9a5-1592134516.png Bei History ist alles doppelt und dreifach vorhanden, die Anzahl der plays stimmen auch nicht, verstehe nicht wo trakt sich diese Info hernimmt. Außerdem hätte ich noch allgemeine Fragen zu trakt.tv, trakt macht eine Two-Way Synchronisation (in beide Richtungen), oder? Wie könnte ich denn z.B. nur von emby zu trakt synchen, oder nur von trakt zu Emby? Wo könnte man das einstellen? Letzteres vielleicht im Falle, wenn ich eine Bibliothek in Emby lösche/neu anlege und/oder der "gesehen" Status in Emby irgendwie verloren geht. Kann man auch zeitversetzt synchronisieren, dass der gesehen Status von Emby erst nach einer Stunde z.B. an trakt übermittelt wird?
  4. blickfeld

    trakt.tv plugin improvement

    Hi there, if you compare the emby trakt.tv plugin with the kodi one you are pretty disappointed. i would like a rating possibility after finishing a movie or a series. It would be great as well if there would be a possiblity to import the watch list (not the watch history). And it would be awesome if there were an import of the community rating and the personal rating of the movies / series.
  5. parsaria

    Trakt full sync problem

    Does any one have a clue why a initial sync is not performed to Trakt.TV it does not give me an error. Collection is exported to Trakt fine btw, but the watch status is the problem here. But if you see movie now it updates the watch status as i noticed. in the log it only says: 2017-07-09 16:39:08.4527 Debug Trakt: TraktResponse Added Movies: 0 2017-07-09 16:39:08.4527 Debug Trakt: TraktResponse Added Shows: 0 log.txt
  6. Hello everyone, I'm new to the forums so I hope I'm posting in the correct section (^ ^) -------- I've tried everything to import last resume point to Emby from Trakt. Clarification: Emby has the ability to sync the last resume point to Trakt and I can continue where I left off in Kodi. However, the opposite doesn't work. If I open a show in Kodi and it syncs my last resume point to trakt, then Emby doesn't import changes (even if I run the Scheduled Task Import playstates from Trakt). ------- Is this an issue I'm running into that Emby doesn't import last resume point from Trakt? If it isn't supported, will it be considered? And Thanks!
  7. jayTcold

    Trakt.TV Plugin and Twitter updates

    Hi Everyone, First off, Emby is sweet, been using it for years, in the early days as an add on for WMC and now loving the client/server stuff (became a lifetime supporter a couple days ago). For a while, I had the Trakt.TV plug in installed and working, then it stopped working and I never got around to troubleshooting it. I recently rebuilt my media server, and am re-doing my Emby server stuff. I remember that Trakt.TV had some integration with Twitter, and it was shooting out tweets whenever I completed a show or movie. I can't seem to figure out how to get that enabled, either in the Trakt.TV plugin settings, or on the Trakt.TV site itself (under my profile/settings/etc.). Does anyone know if Trakt removed Twitter integration at some point recently? Thx!
  8. smailpouri

    Where do I find the trakt.tv settings ?

    Hello, New to Emby (long time plex user), I've been looking for the trakt.tv settings but I can't find them anywhere. Do i have to download a plugin ? if yes where ? I didn't find the plugin in the plugin section either. What Am I missing ? OSX server, the EMBY version is from yesterday so I'm assuming is the latest one. Cheers.
  9. breezytm

    Watched Status

    Hello Dev, I don't know if I am the only who is experiencing this issue but lately when I watch something the status doesn't change. I also noticed my content in trakt.tv isn't being updated as well. I don't have any logs to provide at the moment since I am at work but when I get home I will send one after watching something. P.S if I manually set the status to played in the web client it changes itself back to unwatched. It could be they are being overwritten by trakt.tv since I am getting a lot of failed 'sync library to Trakt.tv' notifications but none regarding 'Import playstates from Trakt.tv. Regards,
  10. breezytm

    Trakt.tv Question

    How does trakt.tv plugin handles multiple users sessions? To be clear, I would like to know if my girl watched a movie in her mediabrowser profile would it update my playcount in my trakt.tv profile. Also can she be sign into trakt.tv under her account as well. Thanks for any replies.
  11. Simply as the topic says. Where did the trakt.tv plugin go to MBC? Is it no longer needed?
  12. Overseer

    Trakt Plug-In Not Scrobbling

    Trakt is not scrobbling what I watch in MediaBrowser. Below is the log exceprt of an episode of Superboy that I watched on my iPHONE. The username and password is set up correctly for the plug-in. Thanks.
  13. I've watched a couple of episodes of various show through the browser. The play state is marked as watched on media browser, but they are not sent to trakt.
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