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  1. How to secure Emby using LetsEncrypt and Nginx Reverse Proxy by modifying Docker containers in Openmediavault. https://youtu.be/jYoDyoH2C0A
  2. Inspired by this article on how to host a website using cloudflare and nginx, i intend to do the same for my emby server. Like swynol, i have nginx server and emby server running on the very same machine which i station on my local home network. My OS however is ubuntu instead of windows. Ive tried both swynol's and lukecarrier's github codes, no avail, it wont redirect to the emby server no matter what. My nginx server was indeed running as both ports 80 and 443 are opened as tested by canyouseeme.org. It just wont redirect whenever i go to https://emby.mydomainname.com I dont
  3. Ok this is going to be a long post. In this thread I will show you 2 different ways in which I setup a HTTPS connection to my emby server. Both ways require a certificate which again I will show you how i got mine using Lets Encrypt on Windows. I will break the posts up into Sections. Part.1 - Setting up a DDNS (Dynamic DNS host) Only require if you ISP IP is dynamic i.e. changes. Part.1.A - Setting Up DDNS using your own Domain Name Part.2 - Getting a Domain Name (Optional but looks fancier) Part.3 - Getting a SSL Cert from Lets Encrypt the easy way. Part 3a - Using LE.exe
  4. Hi. In the past I used emby in Windows behind a Traefik Container. Now I had to change everything because I don't want to use Windows anymore. I decided to switch to UnRAID. Now I've created a Docker Compose File to create my new emby container. version: '3.7' networks: emby-net: driver: bridge traefik_traefik-net: external: true services: emby: container_name: Emby image: emby/embyserver:latest ports: - "8096:8096" - "8920:8920" - "1900:1900/udp" restart: unless-stopped devices: - /dev/dri:/dev/dri
  5. Mr.Berzerk

    Emby behind reverse haproxy on pfSense

    Hey everyone. I've been running emby for a while, and know I want to get remote access working, but Emby is one of 6 servers, so it is a must to be behind a reverse-proxy. I got http working, but I can't get Emby to work on https/ssl. I have a certificate setup, but, I get this error in my browser when going https. R_END_OF_FILE_ERROR From searching the web, it is common for proxies to give this error, but I can't figure out what I need to change in haproxy to correct it. Emby is using a letsenecrypt certificate, and is is running remote access through 443. Any help wo
  6. johntankard

    Reverse Proxy - unknown ip

    Hi guys, Need a little help please. I've setup cloudflare reverse Proxy pointing to my emby server, in addition I've secured the incoming port to only allow ip ranges that belong to cloudflare. For a while all was fine but today I couldn't access the emby server, while examining the firewall logs I noticed the cloudflare ip was allowed through but also noticed a single ip address that tried access at the same time that belonged to Google namely ( was being blocked - once I allowed this ip through, the emby android app connected fine. Does emby rely on some additional
  7. What I have done so far, I have a domain name purchased from namecheap i'll call it <mydomain> I used namecheap's DDNS on my emby server which creates an A record on the domain. for whatever reason, I had to use www.<mydomain>.com I don't know why but i had to add the www's to get it to work, I had also tried @<mydomain>.com but it would never update I have let this run for a week so everything should be updated and ready to go On my router I forwarded ports 80 and 443 to the emby server with my particular router I can't figure
  8. Hello Emby community! So today I decided to give Emby a try in order to maybe replace Plex that I have been using for years. So far, I loved almost everything about Emby (maybe not the fact that we can't change the green accent in the AndroidTV app, but that's a story for another day ). I have one question though, for which I couldnt seem to find precise info. I run all my services from a machine in my house, which runs OpenMediaVault (i.e. Debian). I use Docker for most of the services, with bridge mode for their network interface. I also have, among those services, an Nginx con
  9. plaidstallion

    Recommended HTTP headers?

    I was hoping someone could take a look at the HTTP headers I have my reverse proxy (Traefik v2) apply to Emby (and other apps) and let me know what might be causing issues with the app? customFrameOptionsValue: SAMEORIGIN browserXssFilter: true stsSeconds: 155520011 referrerPolicy: no-referrer contentTypeNosniff: true sslRedirect: true forceSTSHeader: true stsIncludeSubdomains: true stsPreload: true featurePolicy: true sslForceHost: true contentSecurityPolicy: "default-src ‘self’; script-src ‘se
  10. Hey guys, first of all: Emby for Kodi is the reason why i came to emby. Great app, much appreciated. @@Angelblue05 @@sualfred I'm still testing a lot of stuff but i found some errors in my kodi.log. Every five seconds it gives me a never ending loop of these: NOTICE: EMBY.entrypoint.service -> [ onNotification/plugin.video.emby/WebSocketRestarting ] NOTICE: Emby.emby.core.ws_client -> ERROR:: Handshake Status 503 Debug logging within emby for kodi will add these two lines: NOTICE: EMBY.helper.utils -> DEBUG:: ---[ event: plugin.video.emby/WebSocketRestarting ] "[{}]" NOTICE:
  11. I've been looking, but I cannot find any examples of how to self-host Emby behind an NGINX reverse proxy at anything other than the root path on port 80. I host a website under the www subdomain at the root path on port 80, so that's not an option. I'm fine with any of these solutions: Use a different port (http://www.mydomain.com:8096/) Use a different subdomain (http://emby.mydomain.com/) Use a different path (http://www.mydomain.com/emby/) My current configuration is an attempt at solution #3 because that's the one I was able to get furthest on. I think I'd prefer solution #1 or #
  12. I'm a newbie - recently started using emby on an unraid server, accessible through reverse proxy using personal subdomain. All working well, but I'm having trouble setting up on Samsung smart TV. Works OK to sign on to server via web browser on the TV, but not ideal. However unable to sign on using the Samsung emby app. Fails to connect, despite the same url as working on the web browser. Any help would be welcome.
  13. cptbstd

    IIS ARR 3

    Using arr 3 on iis 8 rewrite reverse proxy. was working a few revisions ago. now when trying to stream a video via the reverse proxy the url is = https://emby.mydomain.co.uk/web/tv.html?topParentId=7c6b1294b30d4c722993e4036d0425ac just hangs with the art in the background. when not using reverse proxy the url is https://mydomain.co.uk:8920/web/videoosd.html Apple TV4 and IOS work fine. ffmpeg-transcode-ea7e8710-67c6-45b5-87d7-d855fd7f5e49.txt ffmpeg-transcode-615d6d08-bcec-433f-807b-fce519b886a6.txt web.config.txt server-63622195200.txt
  14. Continuing with this topic, I want to share my current working Apache reverse proxy setup. Before Nginx users kill me, let me say that I prefer Apache because i'm used to it (I know Nginx is better in reverse proxy scenarios), I find it simpler, I have a Nextcloud server running in the same machine and here they recommend using Apache instead of Nginx, even if i'm not using it for an enterprise deployment. At the moment, i'm having 0 issues with any App (Web, TV, Android, iOs, etc.), the chrome console is clean without any error when connecting through the Web App. My apache is redirec
  15. garrettjones331

    Reverse Proxy - ERR_TOO_MANY_REDIRECTS

    Hello, I used Swynol's guide on setting up a reverse proxy in attempt to set up my own (Reference Post #5 - https://emby.media/community/index.php?/topic/47508-how-to-nginx-reverse-proxy/). In terms of NGINX config set up, I essentially copy and pasted his last post replacing his domains and sub-domains with my own. For the Emby server set up I have the public https port to 443, the external domain set, and the secure connection mode set to "Reverse Proxy". I have manually checked the server config xml and verified that "requirehttps" is false. I also have my 80 and 443 ports forwarded
  16. Hello All, I recently installed Emby, and to allow encrypted remote access, I put it behind my NGINX reverse proxy. This worked perfectly. I have a domain, and Emby is a webapp behind that domain. I have a login system on the domain that is monitored with fail2ban. When a user logs in, the system checks their permissions, and they can access webapps via my reverse proxy based on their respective permissions. This also works perfectly with Emby -- only the users who have authenticated on my domain with the proper permissions can access it. However, the problem is that I or other people
  17. With the assistance of a helpful individual (kmbanana) on the Emby discord, I was able to get Emby for Roku working-- for those that have struggled previously, if you have Emby installed behind a reverse proxy to go to something like https://domain.com/emby (as opposed to https://emby.domain.com) this apparently completely breaks Emby for Roku when connecting via Emby Connect. It'll see the server and on the "connect to a server" screen on Emby for Roku it'll says the url is "https://domain.com:443/emby" which LOOKS correct, but if you try to connect, it just won't. You have to delet
  18. I'm trying to get playback to work on android web browser with basic auth enabled on my reverse proxy, but I just can't get it to play. One of my users reported that it was working one time sometime last week, but now it won't work anymore. I haven't made any changes in that time period so I'm not sure why it stopped working. Everything is working normally on desktop web browsers it's just android web browsers I have issues with. When I press play on something it just sits there with a black screen not playing. In my dashboard I can see the client is not playing, I then press play on the
  19. Preface All of the media I'm testing have previously worked flawlessly in the current environment. Meaning my network topography/speed has not changed. I cannot say for sure when this problem began as I rarely need to use a browser to access my Emby personally, however I had a user report issues a few weeks ago. I gave it very little thought until I had reason to use a browser recently and I ran into problems. Problem Recently (within the last few weeks), Emby playback within my web-browser has begun giving me the following error: Testing I have tested with various browser
  20. I just bought an emby lifetime subscription today and I can't get any of the android apps to work. I can log in fine to Web Gui, Emby Theater, Kodi work (although EmbyCon is extremely slow and part of the reason I want to use the apps). I bought this subscription mostly to use the apps so I'm currently feeling like I wasted money. I can log into each of the apps (Fire TV and Android Phone). I have used my reverse proxy using apache, direct https and direct http ports and I can sign in using all of them but when I try to select something to play it just sits there. Although sometimes it see
  21. Hello, I have been trying to set-up Emby and allow remote access with docker containers. No matter what I do I cannot connect from any app including the web app. If I put in the URL it will connect just fine as long as force SSL is not enabled, if force SSL is enabled then I get an error that there has been too many redirects. I have looked at the posts about setting up remote access and setting up reverse proxy and nothing is working, I am not sure where to begin any help would be greatly appreciated Thank you!
  22. ACoolUsername

    Not playing video through Nginx reverse proxy

    Hey, I have emby installed using the docker and behind an nginx reverse proxy, I used the config from this post https://emby.media/community/index.php?/topic/47508-how-to-nginx-reverse-proxy. Shown below. worker_processes 4; events { worker_connections 8192; } http { include mime.types; default_type application/octet-stream; server_tokens off; sendfile off; gzip on; gzip_disable "msie6"; gzip_comp_level 6; gzip_min_length 1100; gzip_buffers 16 8k; gzip_proxied any; gzip_types text/plain text/css text/js
  23. There have been a few posts around the Forum recently regarding SSL, HTTPS and Security. I'm by no means an expert on reverse proxies but have had alot of dealings with them over the past few months and with the help of @@pir8radio and @@shorty1483 have a fairly well setup and secure system to access my services from outside of my LAN. This guide is to help people access their Emby Server and any other services behind a reverse proxy. This is based on NGINX but it also works for Apache and IIS. So firstly, what is and why do i need a reverse proxy? If you’re like me and have many serv
  24. Okay this error may be due to a misconfiguration on my part. Here is my setup Emby is running on port 8004 mydomain.de - links to my nginx server mydomain.de/emby is configured in nginx to proxy_pass to localhost:8004 This works fine for the web version as well as the app until I want to activate a sync. I get in the log files: System.IO.FileNotFoundException: Unable to find the specified file. for http://mydomain.de:8004/emby/mediabrowser/users/xxx?format=json which makes the error correct as the way to go would not be http://mydomain.de:8004/emby/ but instead http://myd
  25. I have used Emby for quite a long time now and needed to access it remotely now. The setup is behind a Haproxy (reverse proxy) using SNI. The server itself can be reached from a web browser and even from the Emby, however am unable to connect to it via the Kodi addon. Port 8096 is hidden and is not directly accessed if not from the reverse proxy, however there I have port 443 which is being redirected to it. I have tried various settings although all to no avail. Even setting a client server certificate resulted in being unable to connect the addon to the Emby server itself. The URL b
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