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  1. Version: 3.0.5490.2 Hi Everyone, I'm a new user to MB3 and I'm having problems with subtitles. .mkv files seems to work just fine but I'm having issues watching an mp4 movie with .srt subtitles. The movie works well using VLC and I can view the movie by just dropping it into my browser (no subtitles though) Any thoughts? I'm using the latest version of the server and app (as of 2/16/15). I have uninstalled and re-installed MB3 yet this didn't solve the issue. I haven't changed the server settings at all except for turning down the transcoder to "auto". The movie looks fine, just no subtitles and no "T" button at the top left letting me choose which subtitles to use. Is there a special format needed for external subs? I can post log files if needed. Thanks
  2. Mentalblaze

    Show subtitles as default

    I have an LG with WebOs 3.7 and the Emby app. The app works pretty well now and I have only configuration issues now. Main problem is to get the Emby app to show subtitles by default. It works fine on my Xbian Kodi with the Emby app. But Here I always have to select a subtitle.
  3. BonanzaGroove

    Forced and messed up subtitles

    Hi there, I want to report about a playback issue. I will be using the suggested format for my bug report. Media Playback Issues Please create a topic in the community.See this very topic. Describe the problem in your own words, including what you're trying to accomplish, and where you're getting stuck. Make sure to indicate which Emby App you're using. If you're using a browser, then please indicate what browser you're using.With a fresh install of the Emby Server on a Windows 10 laptop, serving a LG Smart TV webOS app through Ethernet links relayed through a local same-subnet router. Starting to play back a video, a mkv file with 2 different subtitles embedded, with the subtitles set to "Off" Emby still forcibly displays one of the subtitles, and if I try to switch between Off and the two subtitles, the playback ends up with the subtitles displayed multiple times on the screen. It could or could not be related, but the Emby LG app hangs several times while trying to switch off the subtitles. It also hangs on the Home page. If you saw error messages, please tell us what they were. If the problem is difficult to explain, please include screenshots that demonstrate the issue.There are no specific error messages. Please attach the server log from the time frame the activity occurred. See the section below titled Emby Server Logs. Please supply the full and complete log file, and avoid attempting to extract relevant sections. Everything is relevant to us. If a server transcoding log was also generated during playback (in the server logs folder), please attach that as well. Emby Server Logs There are multiple ways to access Emby Server log files. Logs can be accessed directly within the server's web interface by navigating to Help -> Logs - I have got the logs, where I reproduced the issues in a fresh session starting at 22:58 time stamp. How to Post Log Files - I am really sorry, but I do not want to attach my log files for the public to see. I am nevertheless ready to share it with the developers through direct PMs. Let me know. Thanks.
  4. How would I go about handling a file with multiple (english) subtitles? Assuming the subtitles of a file look like this: Track 1: language: english name: full subtitles default: yes Track 2: language: english name: only songs default: no Track 3: language: english name: commentary default: no I sadly only get the attached result. The name field is ignored. Is there a setting to change this?
  5. Hi, I have a little problem. When I watch a movie with Emby app I have a choice for subtitles but no subtitle appear when I choose. But when I see the same movie with a web interface (with safari on my phone) the subtitle works. Do you have any idea ? Thanks server-63636019200.txt ffmpeg-directstream-7bd6ab73-8a70-4c32-9934-da3c32921df4.txt
  6. Hi, Is it possible to change the three letter code that emby uses to download subtitles? Namely the code for Serbian language that emby uses is SRP but the only source that emby can download subtitles from (opensubtitle.org) uses code SCC for Serbian language (http://www.opensubtitles.org/addons/export_languages.php) and that leaves emby with no results. Now I've found a workaround for this in regards to scheduled subtitle download (editing subtitles.xml) but is it posible to also change somewhere the code used for manual search or even better to correct this in some future version permanently? I'm currently using Emby on Synology DSM but the issues existed on Windows version also. This was also reported here some years ago (post #6) https://emby.media/community/index.php?/topic/7703-problem-downloading-dutch-subtitles-wrong-language-code/?hl=serbian#entry208092 Thanks
  7. Hi Guys, I am running Emby and Plex on the same Ubuntu 16.04 Server and using the same media files and am running into this issue. Compared to Plex These are using the same media file and same subtitle file. What this appears to me is that Emby is not using the fonts on the Linux box and assuming everything is in default language. Both of these are set to direct play and not transcoding. Is there something I need to so in order to install alternate language fonts in there? My wife is Thai, so she wants the Thai subtitles and I prefer Emby over Plex. All I could find in the log files was a whole bunch of this in the transcode file while I was testing stuff: [Parsed_subtitles_1 @ 0x837460] Glyph 0xDC0 not found, selecting one more font for (Droid Sans Fallback, 700, 0) Seems like it is not finding relevant items and falling back to Droid Sans Font. Been searching and googling for a couple of hours.. come up with no fix so far. Can Anybody point me in the right direction? Thanks PS: On a side note.. anyway to get the auto subtitle downloads to store in the actual media folder like the artwork? Even with the setting set to store in media files... it keeps it in the /var/lib/emby/metadata/... section
  8. Hello: I'm having no luck getting external subs to work on my KS 8000. Even emby downloaded subs don't display -- only embedded ones do. I've tried several srt files, including the emby downloading service. BTW: Thanks for all the hard work. Emby is really the best in class and has made my TV everything that I want it to be. Log.txt
  9. If I create a sync job to archive a movie in a lower bitrate, different audio codec, etc (either save it on local drive or on Google Drive), what happens to the subtitles in the movie? The movie is .mkv container with internal subtitle tracks (not burned into the movie). Would I be able to "burn" them into the synced copy through Emby sync? If not, would I need to create an external subtitle file for it to be used with the synced copy? Would I need to store it in both the synced location and the original location, or just the original location? Thanks.
  10. Hi, I've been running emby server version since the last 1 year or so and so far it has been working fine. Recently, the subtitles that it is downloading are not moved to the media folder. It remains in /var/lib/emby-server/metadata/library/xx/xxxxx/filename.eng.srt It somehow doesn't move the subtitles to media folder after download it. I've googled and found this link, but I can't find the last option "Save subtitles into media folders". This is only happening in the last couple of weeks. Any help is appreciated.
  11. CarlosLima

    Caption Syncronia

    The Emby Server, when playing movies, is often out-of-sync subtitles. I have not found where I can fix this, ie synchronize the caption with the audio. I override all available options, but the caption remains out of sync. Is this feature not available on Emby Server? Thank you.
  12. Drumz

    Subtitles are not downloaded

    Hi all, I am new with emby server and may be I am doing something wrong and dumb but currently I am not able to make my emby server installation to download subtitles from Opensubtitles.org My server is (Taken from emby log): Operating system: Unix 64-Bit OS: False 64-Bit Process: False User Interactive: True Processor count: 4 Program data path: /var/lib/emby Application directory: /opt/emby-server/system Application version: This is armhf version running on AARCH64 based SoC. My subtitles config looks like this: When I add files to the library, I am able to see requests to subdb in logs like the following one: 2018-02-03 10:47:09.804 Info HttpClient: GET http://api.thesubdb.com/?action=search&hash=C28F1D11BDF12742BCF25572428233F7 but no requests to opensubtitles.org in logs (even with debug logging enabled) Also adding username and password to the config didn't help. Media Info for the file which is used for example: Same results with and versions. Thanks in advance. P.S. I tried to provide as much info as possible but if you need any other log/data, I will provide them ASAP
  13. Hi there, Using LG App 1.06. Watch a Episode with enabled forced Subs to it´s end and let the LG App "AutoContinue" to the next Episode. In the next Episode, you will not see the correct Subtitles, but you will see the Subtitles from the previous watched Show. best Regards Brudertac
  14. saitoh183

    Roku app and Subtitles

    I noticed that when i want to watch anime that has embedded subs (mkv) that are recognized as unknown language, Roku wont allow me to use them. is this a limitation of the app or a bug? I set it to the sub but nothing appears on the screen.
  15. This happens when going in and out multiple times of subtitle selection screen, to pre select a subtitle before play. This is with local library content and strm library content, with embedded and srt subtitles together in content.
  16. Hi, Yesterday i bought Nvidia Shield TV to replace my Pi2. I installed Emby for Android TV App. Problem is, that this app is not displaying ASS/SSA subtitles at all. Previously I had problems with other devices, but this was fixed (https://emby.media/community/index.php?/topic/48932-assssa-subtitles-not-playing-nice-with-androidioskodi/). Android Mobile App is playing nice - only Shield TV is not sowing them. Was searching for some kind of option for "smart subtitles" like in phone app, but there is none. Can you make something with this? I switched shield to debug mod and sent logs at ~11.38 GMT+1 time (Poland - user Bartek / barat). Also - i attach server logs. ffmpeg-remux-936e26f4-2ee4-4256-bb19-ea32ac131b88.txt ffmpeg-transcode-16d7b2f1-1357-4a5b-b7e1-802ff67baec3.txt ffmpeg-transcode-a216fe9e-f55b-4236-96d3-372ddc4685a6.txt ffmpeg-transcode-e4c36b0e-1ccb-4f9f-b259-45160ce38e8b.txt server-63648274462.txt
  17. Jdmoody1980

    Playback Error

    i have always got this error when watching shows with subtitles on Roku. i have to completely exit the app, and play the next episode and re-select the subtitles on the next episode. Any help? I've been using Emby for years with this issue, just really tired of it now.
  18. Today I noticed that some episodes my wife was watching in ET were all transcoding instead of Direct Playing. It turned out that the only thing making them transcode was the fact that they had external ASS subtitles. I converted the subs to SRT and (after a rescan) the video now direct plays. Considering that the subs in both cases are being rendered by XySubFilter why is it transcoding? This displays in the log when ASS subs exist: isEligibleForDirectPlay: False, isEligibleForDirectStream: False But after changing them to SRT this displays: isEligibleForDirectPlay: True, isEligibleForDirectStream: True
  19. markdj

    Subtitles indicator

    Hi there, is it possible to have Emby show some sort of indicator when a movie or series (mostly series) has subtitles or not? So, for example, when clicking on Season 1 I can instantly see which episodes still need subtitles instead of clicking through the Info buttons one by one. Or any other solution that would make this process a little easier?
  20. Koroshyia

    Subtitle are missaligned ???

    Hey there other datahoarders and dev from the emby community. I have been using emby for a little while but i had issues with users loging in to my account even though i changed my password every single time and only i knew it and i grew tired of it and before i wrote a topic someone said to me to try plex and i did it.\ Although that problem was solved i just couldn't come to love plex and the shit thats been happening there now so i came back and to my happiness i saw some very nice changes. Love it keep up the great work. Now to my problem. There seem to be some kind of misalignment i might say not quite sure tbh with the subtitles in anime haven't tested with series and movies since i only have anime. What's happening is when i'm not in full screen subs are in right position but when in full screen subs somehow kinda end up almost in the middle of screen. This happens to all anime not a singularity or a bad patch or download. Photos in the attached section. Anyone has any ideas as to why?
  21. Quiptix

    SubtitleManager cannot write the SRT

    I'm not whether it is specific for QNAP or in general for Linux. Using version (beta) I get these messages in the log: System.IO.DirectoryNotFoundException: Could not find a part of the path '/share/MD0_DATA/.qpkg/EmbyServer/programdata/metadata/library/7c/7cfe1450d1224f5678ab592bb0025571/[sERIES NAME].S02E04.720p.HDTV.x264-KILLERS.eng.srt' The path doesn't exist at all. I'm not sure how to move forward ininvestigating this. I'm also not sure if this was also a problem in an older version. How does the manager determine the path to write to? Vincent
  22. If this item I marked in red not selected then subtitles not display in movie
  23. Cirre


    Hi, Running Emby on my FreeNAS server, and lately i've seen some problems with Subtitle manager, it won't download the latest subs to latest tv-series/movies for me and im not getting the problem... im an VIP member on OpenSubtitle so it is not an issue with to many downloads, and it has worked perfekt the first half of this year atleast, and as you can see in download.txt logg it downloads subs, for some reason swedish versions of older series works, but getting error on newer subs as you can see in Error.txt looking for som new eyes on this, hopefully its something realy easy that i've missed. thanks in advance! from an swedish noob Error.txt Download.txt
  24. Hi to all I´m trying to cast from my PC and from my Android to Chromecast, but none of the subtitles that I have associated with my media appear on my tv. I have external srt and vosub (embedded in the media), but none of them appear even using MB for windows or MB for android My PC version is 3.05518.3 and the version for android is the 02.02.03 Could someone help me? Thank you all.
  25. Just got a Amazon Fire TV and was pleasantly surprised at how much content can be natively played. Thanks for all the hard work. I have been having a problem with SRT subtitles that are muxed into .mkv's not being able to be played back. I couldn't find any info on how Amazon Fire inputs/outputs subtitles, is there any hope that SRT subtitles will work without transcoding? Right now all my files just say "Subtitles loading...." and then it fails I tried to turn subtitles off on a file I was playing and it wouldn't allow me to. Normally I would be ok with subtitles always on (that is how I set it) but given that it is the difference between transcoding and direct streaming - it would be nice to turn off. If you try to turn it off, it goes to the loading circle (if you check emby server dashboard it says direct streaming) stays there for a moment and then goes back to displaying subtitles (emby server dashboard says transcoding). the Subtitles are: hdmv_pgs_subtitle
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