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  1. saitoh183

    Roku app and Subtitles

    I noticed that when i want to watch anime that has embedded subs (mkv) that are recognized as unknown language, Roku wont allow me to use them. is this a limitation of the app or a bug? I set it to the sub but nothing appears on the screen.
  2. This happens when going in and out multiple times of subtitle selection screen, to pre select a subtitle before play. This is with local library content and strm library content, with embedded and srt subtitles together in content.
  3. Hi, Yesterday i bought Nvidia Shield TV to replace my Pi2. I installed Emby for Android TV App. Problem is, that this app is not displaying ASS/SSA subtitles at all. Previously I had problems with other devices, but this was fixed (https://emby.media/community/index.php?/topic/48932-assssa-subtitles-not-playing-nice-with-androidioskodi/). Android Mobile App is playing nice - only Shield TV is not sowing them. Was searching for some kind of option for "smart subtitles" like in phone app, but there is none. Can you make something with this? I switched shield to debug mod and sent logs at ~11.38 GMT+1 time (Poland - user Bartek / barat). Also - i attach server logs. ffmpeg-remux-936e26f4-2ee4-4256-bb19-ea32ac131b88.txt ffmpeg-transcode-16d7b2f1-1357-4a5b-b7e1-802ff67baec3.txt ffmpeg-transcode-a216fe9e-f55b-4236-96d3-372ddc4685a6.txt ffmpeg-transcode-e4c36b0e-1ccb-4f9f-b259-45160ce38e8b.txt server-63648274462.txt
  4. Jdmoody1980

    Playback Error

    i have always got this error when watching shows with subtitles on Roku. i have to completely exit the app, and play the next episode and re-select the subtitles on the next episode. Any help? I've been using Emby for years with this issue, just really tired of it now.
  5. Today I noticed that some episodes my wife was watching in ET were all transcoding instead of Direct Playing. It turned out that the only thing making them transcode was the fact that they had external ASS subtitles. I converted the subs to SRT and (after a rescan) the video now direct plays. Considering that the subs in both cases are being rendered by XySubFilter why is it transcoding? This displays in the log when ASS subs exist: isEligibleForDirectPlay: False, isEligibleForDirectStream: False But after changing them to SRT this displays: isEligibleForDirectPlay: True, isEligibleForDirectStream: True
  6. markdj

    Subtitles indicator

    Hi there, is it possible to have Emby show some sort of indicator when a movie or series (mostly series) has subtitles or not? So, for example, when clicking on Season 1 I can instantly see which episodes still need subtitles instead of clicking through the Info buttons one by one. Or any other solution that would make this process a little easier?
  7. Koroshyia

    Subtitle are missaligned ???

    Hey there other datahoarders and dev from the emby community. I have been using emby for a little while but i had issues with users loging in to my account even though i changed my password every single time and only i knew it and i grew tired of it and before i wrote a topic someone said to me to try plex and i did it.\ Although that problem was solved i just couldn't come to love plex and the shit thats been happening there now so i came back and to my happiness i saw some very nice changes. Love it keep up the great work. Now to my problem. There seem to be some kind of misalignment i might say not quite sure tbh with the subtitles in anime haven't tested with series and movies since i only have anime. What's happening is when i'm not in full screen subs are in right position but when in full screen subs somehow kinda end up almost in the middle of screen. This happens to all anime not a singularity or a bad patch or download. Photos in the attached section. Anyone has any ideas as to why?
  8. Quiptix

    SubtitleManager cannot write the SRT

    I'm not whether it is specific for QNAP or in general for Linux. Using version (beta) I get these messages in the log: System.IO.DirectoryNotFoundException: Could not find a part of the path '/share/MD0_DATA/.qpkg/EmbyServer/programdata/metadata/library/7c/7cfe1450d1224f5678ab592bb0025571/[sERIES NAME].S02E04.720p.HDTV.x264-KILLERS.eng.srt' The path doesn't exist at all. I'm not sure how to move forward ininvestigating this. I'm also not sure if this was also a problem in an older version. How does the manager determine the path to write to? Vincent
  9. If this item I marked in red not selected then subtitles not display in movie
  10. Cirre


    Hi, Running Emby on my FreeNAS server, and lately i've seen some problems with Subtitle manager, it won't download the latest subs to latest tv-series/movies for me and im not getting the problem... im an VIP member on OpenSubtitle so it is not an issue with to many downloads, and it has worked perfekt the first half of this year atleast, and as you can see in download.txt logg it downloads subs, for some reason swedish versions of older series works, but getting error on newer subs as you can see in Error.txt looking for som new eyes on this, hopefully its something realy easy that i've missed. thanks in advance! from an swedish noob Error.txt Download.txt
  11. Hi to all I´m trying to cast from my PC and from my Android to Chromecast, but none of the subtitles that I have associated with my media appear on my tv. I have external srt and vosub (embedded in the media), but none of them appear even using MB for windows or MB for android My PC version is 3.05518.3 and the version for android is the 02.02.03 Could someone help me? Thank you all.
  12. Just got a Amazon Fire TV and was pleasantly surprised at how much content can be natively played. Thanks for all the hard work. I have been having a problem with SRT subtitles that are muxed into .mkv's not being able to be played back. I couldn't find any info on how Amazon Fire inputs/outputs subtitles, is there any hope that SRT subtitles will work without transcoding? Right now all my files just say "Subtitles loading...." and then it fails I tried to turn subtitles off on a file I was playing and it wouldn't allow me to. Normally I would be ok with subtitles always on (that is how I set it) but given that it is the difference between transcoding and direct streaming - it would be nice to turn off. If you try to turn it off, it goes to the loading circle (if you check emby server dashboard it says direct streaming) stays there for a moment and then goes back to displaying subtitles (emby server dashboard says transcoding). the Subtitles are: hdmv_pgs_subtitle
  13. I want to have a separate location/folder for all my subtitles for my movies and TV shows. Whats the best way to go about that?
  14. Hi, Very happy with Media Browser's ability to store metadata in a separate folder. However, even though a specific area is defined where all information and images are stored, the subtitles collected by Media Browser are currently downloaded into the actual media folder. For security reasons, many users prefer to mount their data storage read-only from the server. That way, the data is not quite as much as risk in case there is a catastrophic bug (unlikely) or security breach on the media server. Thus it's a great feature for MBS to store the metadata in a local folder on the local server, and then get the video files from a read-only storage system. Currently I believe subtitles is the only core component that desires write access to the video directory directly. Would it be possible to add an option to specify either a separate area for subtitles, or to store subtitles together with metadata? As an example, in my current setup, subtitles are auto-downloaded into a separate folder, and then there's a script running on the storage system that searches for and copies all SRTs from this area every few hours. However, the SRT grabber I currently use is rubbish compared to the quality of Media Browser's, so it would be terrific if Media Browser's own subtitle grabber could be used to grab to a custom area. -Florux
  15. scubajwd

    Where Did My Subtitles Go?

    This is a bit of embarrassment for me to post but the movies I record from TCM (most of which have subtitles) do not show the subtitles when I play them back on my ATV Gen 4 client....they used to be there...also when I play the same Emby recorded file using Plex on the same ATV sure enough the subtitles are there pretty & perfect...I've scanned all the settings and did some forum searches to no avail..this must be something simple & trivial as I'm a rather new user of Emby..I presently have "Only download subtitles that are a perfect match.." checked and it has always been checked ..I have my Open Subtitles user name & password in properly..could it be something wrong in my Open Subtitles settings? I also have : " Skip if the default audio tract matches the download language" unchecked as well as the other skip regarding embedded subtitles What am I missing here?
  16. It would be great if it was possible to create custom profiles for Sync, with options like bitrate, output format, subtitle handling (keep them as they are, mux them into a container or hardsub selected one), audio streams (transcode all of them, not only default one). I am writing this, because syncing files with multiple audio/subtitle tracks could really use some improvement.
  17. monkeyslapper

    Webpage Player Options.Language and Subs

    I am not sure if this is possible. When I play my movies on the browser ( chrome ) where you have the play pause and scrapping at the bottom of the page. Can we also add the option to change language or subtitles there as well? I know we have the remote option, but a simple dropdown that would display the language and subtitles of what currently playing and have an option to change it to another. Monkeyslapper
  18. martinandres987

    Chromecast and subtitles

    Hello everyone, my English is not very good but we will try my luck asking if anyone knows if there is any way to change the size or at least the color of the subtitles when you send content from android to a chromecast or if there I post it on github for them to add in a next version if it is possible the solution of it ... From already thank you very much to anyone that I can answer this question ... Greetings.
  19. Hi! I started using Emby a few days ago, but I'm having an issue. I'm from another country so I use subtitles (SRT) in basically all that I watch. And the font/size are just too small! Oh the phone the size is fine, but the subs are white, and when the video has a white or bright background, I can't read anything. Same thing when I mirror the video to Chromecast from the Android app, white with no shadows, and in addition, they are too small. I've already changed settings on Android app to the biggest size (Large, if I'm not mistaken).. I don't know if it made a difference on Chromecat, but still too small... I've also tried using stylized ssa/ass subs, but the ssa shows the "style text", like font, border, etc, above the sub text in each line and doesn't change the style, and the ass just shows the same old white subs. What can I do to correct this? Thank you! Gabriel
  20. Greetings, I've really been enjoying running Emby on an old Mac Pro that was given to me; generally with the two Xenons I figured it'd do alright and for the most part I've been correct - across a vast range of media it plays things back flawlessly. However, I watch a lot of Anime (which is an understatement) and a lot of it features subtitles of the ASS variety. Usually when I watch them with VLC on a computer just like the one I have Emby running on, they move fluidly with all the crazy animations that the subbers have added; but in Emby when streaming to any other client that apparently isn't the case. They are often just a little slow, even in shows that have really minimal subbing and in the ones that have crazy stuff going on I've actually seen it pause the video intermittently and take a break during heavy sections like the openings and endings. If you wanna see what a log looks like of me watching an entire episode of something you can find it attached Log.txt . Basically, is there anything I can do to improve playback and prevent this from happening? I really don't want to bake these in to my files, but maybe I'd experience more uniform experiences if I shelled out for a GTX 950 with NVENC or something. What's your opinion? Anyone else have this happen to them? Thanks -Kb
  21. sebasmiles

    Subtitle download not respecting limits?

    So I have tried on and off to try to get subtitles download to work without success. I tried searching for the problem but the posts I found indicate that once it reaches the 200 limit on a non-VIP it should stop, however that never seems to happen to me. This has happened over several version (last time I tried was months back) including 3.2.19 which I have loaded right now. I clicked only on episode, then save, then went to tasks and hit the subtitle one to run. It proceeds to spam my activity log and balloons my log file into a massive 200mb file before I was able to stop it by hitting stop manually. Below is my subtitles.xml file (deleted my username and password), and the episode flag is back to false since I had to disable it. I am running Unraid, with the official Emby docker (or was labeled as such). <?xml version="1.0"?> <SubtitleOptions xmlns:xsd="http://www.w3.org/2001/XMLSchema" xmlns:xsi="http://www.w3.org/2001/XMLSchema-instance"> <SkipIfEmbeddedSubtitlesPresent>false</SkipIfEmbeddedSubtitlesPresent> <SkipIfAudioTrackMatches>false</SkipIfAudioTrackMatches> <DownloadLanguages> <string>eng</string> <string>spa</string> </DownloadLanguages> <DownloadMovieSubtitles>false</DownloadMovieSubtitles> <DownloadEpisodeSubtitles>false</DownloadEpisodeSubtitles> <OpenSubtitlesUsername>xxxxx</OpenSubtitlesUsername> <OpenSubtitlesPasswordHash>xxxx</OpenSubtitlesPasswordHash> <IsOpenSubtitleVipAccount>false</IsOpenSubtitleVipAccount> <RequirePerfectMatch>true</RequirePerfectMatch> </SubtitleOptions> This is the error where it shows rate limit, I got spammed by these until I was able to tell the scan to stop. 2017-06-21 18:46:34.4418 Error App: Error downloading subtitles *** Error Report *** Version: Command line: /usr/lib/emby-server/bin/MediaBrowser.Server.Mono.exe -programdata /config -restartpath /usr/lib/emby-server/restart.sh Operating system: Unix 64-Bit OS: True 64-Bit Process: True Mono: 4.8.1 (Stable Fri Jun 2 05:04:04 UTC 2017) Processor count: 2 Program data path: /config Application directory: /usr/lib/emby-server/bin System.Exception: OpenSubtitles rate limit reached Logfile (its too large to attach): https://www.dropbox.com/s/1tjb09iobrr6wwt/server-63633599999.txt?dl=1
  22. After upgrading to the latest version of Emby Server, I noticed that legends, formerly perfect, are displaying garbage characters when the letter is accented. In Brazil letters with accents are very common, so these characters in question mark format are all over the legend.
  23. Issue description: I'm having some issues with the Emby app on my new UN65KS8000 TV. When playing or pausing certain movies there is no information overlay/OSD as there is when I play most other files. The movies play fine and I can still pause/resume the movie with the play/pause button but the usual screen overlay is not there. I also can't use the back button to go back to Emby. Instead I must hold down the back button to kill the app. I've also noticed that the files that have issues always seem to have non-English subtitles. I rarely if ever use subtitles and when I try to disable them is when I noticed I can't access the overlay menu. For a little background, I've been using Emby for a few years now and love it! Until I purchased this TV we've used Emby via Roku's about 90% time with web and Windows apps taking up the rest. I've never had any issues with those methods. At least not that I can recall. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Steps to reproduce: Play any of the particular files where this issue happens. My TV/HTS/BD Player model number: Samsung UN65KS8000 w/ Samsung Smart TV 2.4.0 My firmware version: 1162 Other TVs etc. the issue has been reproduced on: None, this is my only Tizen TV. My Emby server version: My current Emby Samsung client version: 2.0.1 Other Emby Samsung versions the issue can be reproduced in: N/A Supporting information to include logs and pictures where applicable: I've attached the following files with a rip of Hotel Transylvania as an example: - Server logs -> Redwood Emby Server Log.txt - Media Info export from the Hotel Transylvania mkv files -> MediaInfo - Hotel Transylvania (2012) mkv.txt - A JSON file per the instructions on the "How to report a problem" sticky -> Hotel Transylvania (2012) mkv API JSON.txt
  24. Windows 3.2.12 server sending to Amzn Fire TV client. MKV files with embedded text subtitles (closed captioning). Pre-3.2.12 everything worked great. Just like it was supposed to. The text subtitles were picked up as the default and displayed properly. Post-3.2.12, not so great. The text subtitles are picked up as default, and Emby tries to show them but fails. First, I get "Subtitles loading ..." on screen and then a "Unable to load subtitle" message. I can switch to graphics subtitles (e.g., switch from default/text subtitles track #2 to graphics subtitles track #1) and those graphics subtitles will show correctly. Sometimes (but not always) I can then (after a few seconds) switch back to the text subtitles, and they will show correctly now. Emby (post-3.2.12) really doesn't like the subtitles when resuming. . Has anyone else experienced this? Thanks
  25. supermau

    PS4 no subtitles

    Hi, I am trying to watch movies on PS4, everything works great but no subtitles (external srt) are displayed. I have tried to turn them on and off with no luck. I have tried many movies that work great in android and the browser. I have: PS4-568 Software ver. 4.50 Emby server Version Ubuntu linux 16.04.2 I include an example of the specs of a movie not displaying subtitles and server logs... Any help is greatly appreciated! serverlog.txt
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