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Found 12 results

  1. messoud

    Playback Stops Randomly on Android Box

    I had been running Emby on Windows Server 2016 for some time and watching movies and TV shows on my Mi Box S (MiBox4) Android box on Kodi with Emby plugin without any problem. Last week I migrated my PC to Windows 10 Pro and reinstalled Emby server on it, also did a fresh install of Kodi on my Android box to re-sync everything. Since then, it's been a debugging nightmare for me as no matter what video, large and small, high bit-rate and crap sd, video playback stops randomly every few minutes! First I thought that it might be my router configs (It's a 2.4GHz running at 40MHz wide channel 150Mbps N)... I kept playing with the configs, replaced DD-WRT with OpenWRT, then with the original D-Link firmware, then back to the latest version of DD-WRT; no matter what I did the videos kept stopping. Then I started messing with Kodi on Android's advancedsettings.xml's cache/buffer values, I even installed Emby's Android app, still the same, video drops randomly, sometimes with the "source too slow" message. I then came to my PC, changed the Realtek NIC's configs, Windows registry values, Firewall settings, routes, even reinstalled and reconfigured Emby numerous times, it even got worse! Now I come to thee completely exhausted and out of ideas, looking for help... Any ideas? Here's the most usual error on Emby's logs: 2020-07-20 10:20:55.583 Info HttpServer: HTTP Response 206 to Time: 162278ms. 2020-07-20 10:21:26.604 Info SessionManager: Session 8b7b1e843b7e2410fdd159d7908f4244 has gone idle while playing 2020-07-20 10:21:26.604 Info SessionManager: Playback stopped reported by app Kodi 4.1.19 playing Deeper, Deeper, Deeper Still. Stopped at 713000 ms I bet it's some kind of f*-up on Microsoft's side as I did not have ANY problem with the same PC, Router, and Box on Windows Server 2016 even with playing very-high-bitrate 30GB 1080p 4-hour movies! If it needs mentioning, there's no problem playing videos on Emby server localhost.
  2. Pstump

    Server Admin User Issue

    Hey, i dont know what to do, my server simply taked out all the admin setting of my principal account, suddently, i cant administrate my server, not even by the server icon, going in the configurate server is there any way to put the manage server option in script or force the server changing some option files someting like that?
  3. Hi! I have installed the emby server on my Windows 10 computer. I have also installed the emby app v2.2.4 on my Samsung-TV from 2014 (UE46F8000) using Orsay OS. Everything works brilliantly except for one very annoying thing: No subtitles are shown in the movies. I have played with the server subtitles settings, but it does not seem to matter whatever settings I choose. Subtitles are not shown on my TV, period. If I play back the movies on my Windows PC where the server is run, I can select the subtitle language and subtitles are shown during playback. The subtitles are part of each .MKV media file. Is there a subtitle issue with emby app v2.2.4 for Samsung Orsay TV:s? Please help.
  4. Windows server 2012 r2 HP dl360e G8 Xeon E5-2430 @ 2.2Ghz x 2 48GB Ram 5x raid 5 10k rpm system drives 2x raid 1 ssd database/metadata drive QNAP 1635 NAS @ 96TB Useable for media Emby v4.0.3.0 I am newish to Emby, hoping to move to it over Plex because Emby handles live tv far better. But i'm having a few problems that are preventing me from making the switch. I'll create separate posts for each major issue. I added several libraries, one of which is TV Shows. While i was adding it, i clicked the final "OK" button to actually add the configured library and waited.. nothing at all happened for perhaps 20 seconds so i thought maybe i missed the ok button. so i clicked it again.. It finally progressed and low and behold i now i have THREE TV Shows libraries... i'm assuming this happened because i hit ok twice, which is a very 1990's web form issue, if this is indeed the cause i'd highly recommend a simple document.this.disabled onclick event on that submit button, or even better depending on what library you guys use a fancy title swap to say "Adding Library..." and disable submit button so this issue doesn't happen and us poor users with huge libraries can know that it registered our click. The real problem at this point is that i was able to delete one of the extra libraries fine, but it's not letting me delete the remaining extra library because it only shows ONE in the library list in the administration side.. but shows 2 in the client view of libraries. i REALLY don't want to have to have it rescan all my tv shows.. it took 2 days to do it the first time. Here is the view from clients showing 2 TV Shows libraries. and here is the admin view of libraries showing only 1: is there anything i can do to remove that extra one from the client without removing both? i'm comfortable editing a sql database directly if that is necessary. Thank you very much for any guidance, i really want to get emby working for my needs.
  5. I have an hdhomerun quad and an IPTV subscription that i've connected to emby. The iptv provider has over 4000 channels, obviously i wouldn't want all of those included. I seem to be missing where you filter out groups of channels, like i don't want any of the Spanish channels, how do i tell it not to import those from the m3u url? Is there a channel limit for emby live tv? sometimes when i open up the guide it loads perfectly fine.. and fast.. other times it just sits there. i check the server and its not overloaded or anything. Thanks a lot EDIT: Also, it doesn't appear that all the channels show up in the guide when it does load up fine.. seems to load about a 1000 of them give or take.
  6. jeramie

    ANSWERED Syncing Content

    Is there a way to tell what user is syncing content? a log file i can look at maybe? it would be awesome if it showed this somewhere in the admin module tho.
  7. MissionSparta

    New to Embay - Syncing

    I am trying to move away from Plex with all the goofiness going on over there. 90% of my use with Plex was with syncing to my mobile devices (TV and Movies). I am trying to get it going with Emby, but all my synces just sit at transferring 0%. Can anyone give me any advice or look at some logs for me? I'd appreciate he help. Like I said, I want to move from Plex to Emby, but this is the one thing that must work for me to make the jump. Thanks again.
  8. I have a question about performance... I currently have a windows server 2008 R2 x64 with about 40 TB of storage that I am using for my emby server. It has 64GB of memory. It is currently close to being maxed out for space. I am considering options for upgrading the server. Should I go to Windows 10 x64 Pro or should I go with windows server 2012 x64? Anyone notice if there is a performance advantage with using server software as apposed to Standard Windows OS? Would adding a decent video card improve transcoding performance? With some of my videos coming in as 2160p, I have noticed that server2008 struggles to stream it to various devices. What are your thoughts and recommendations? As well does anyone have any apps they use to connect to Emby that work well? thanks... Stan...
  9. I'm trying to watch Live TV (via Emby's native Hauppauge device support) with closed captions (ATSC Closed Captions, NOT subtitles) in the Apple TV client but I can't seem to find any combination of settings that cause them to appear. I don't even get a "Subtitles" option from the top pull-down menu. Even more perplexingly, they appear and work just fine when playing back recorded content from the same tuner and channel. (The content was recorded by Emby) When playing this back, I DO get a "Subtitles" option from the top pull-down menu which gives me the selections: "Off", "Auto", and "CC". I have attached ffmpeg logs of the Live TV transcode that fails to provide captions and the recorded content transcode that succeeds. They seem to be nearly identical. I also have attached the general server log. Additionally, if I get the transcoded Live TV stream from Emby's logs and play it in VLC while Emby is playing it, VLC allows me to enable closed captions just fine. So it appears they they are NOT lost in the transcode and, for whatever reason, the Live TV player is incorrectly forbidding me from enabling closed caption display. I believe Apple's player handles CC natively so I would hope that this is just a matter of not forcing captions to be disabled. As a side note, captions only work properly with the "Standard" deinterlace mode, the bob-and-weave mode causes the caption contents to 'double-up' in a peculiar way. I don't think this is your fault (or anyone's, really). The way the bob-and-weave deinterlace yields two frames per interlaced frame seems to duplicate the caption data, as it is encoded into the frames themselves somehow. Worth knowing if you're trying to reproduce and see wacky looking captions. FFMpeg With Captions.log FFMpeg No Captions.log emby.log
  10. When logging into Emby today, I saw a popup I have never seen before. It was saying "Thanks for being part of the Emby Beta" or something to that extent. This was followed by a bunch of change notes. I am not sure how I got into the beta. My auto-update settings are for official channel only. Emby shows me as being on build 3.0.5946.22772 with 3.0.5913 being the last blogged about official build. Without uninstalling and reinstalling, will my having set Official channel eventually bring me back to the official channel release? How did I get a beta build installed in the first place? I don't believe I have ever set myself to receive them.
  11. voctavio

    emby Windows Server/Chromecast

    I have not been able to cast my emby server to my Chromecast anymore. I have already reinstalled the server. I have gone through all the settings. The Ready to cast screen shows on my TV, but when I try to cast a movie, or tv show, nothing happens. Everything plays fine on my PC. I also tried Plex to see if it was my chromecast issue. But I'm able to cast Plex, Youtube. (I hate Plex btw) I hope I uploaded the correct log. It was working fine a few weeks ago, but it's been about 2 weeks since I have been able to connect and play through my Chromecast. My source on my TV does show the Emby Server too, but when I go to it, it shows no content found. server-63590810866.txt server-63590821033.txt
  12. MB3 installer does not start in Windows Server 2008 , already installed the framework and the C ++ application does not start but
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