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  1. The way collections work at the moment, is if I make movie collections and tv collections and any other sort of collection, they all appear under collections. What I would like to see is a way to separate or group them. One option is you go into collections, and are shown for example, TV Collections - Movie Collections - Music Collections and that would take you into the relevant collection. If it happens to have a mixture of Movie/TV files, it could appear under both movies and TV.
  2. This is probably a stupid question but I'm not someone with a lot of technical knowledge so I apologize. I was thinking about trying Play On because I've never been able to get the live TV plug-ins from Media Browser to work on my computer. Can Play On and Media Browser both be running at the same time if I am not streaming with both simultaneously? Would I need to close one of the services in order to use the other? Would simply installing Play On screw up Media Browser where I wouldn't be able to use it anymore? Any info would be greatly appreciated. I've been looking on this site and the Internet in general and haven't been able to find any useful info regarding what would actually happen if I installed Play On on the same computer where Media Browser is already running.
  3. Hi there: Usual caveats - suspect I have something wrong, but can't spot it. What I want to do Find the TV series that having missing episodes and/or seasons. What I think should work Going to the MediaBrowser web client > TV > Episodes, clicking the Filter icon and selecting Missing episodes. What actually happens I get missing episodes, but for one and only one TV show. Note that the TV show in question is The Tunnel. Why I think it's wrong I can manually confirm other TV series that are missing either individual episodes or whole seasons. Below is an example of each Missing episodes in a season Missing seasons What I've checked The series are both 'identified' by MediaBrowser - I don't show it above, but they are shown as TV series, have theTVDB and IMDB id's, are happy as larry. I have "Download artwork and metadata from the internet" and "Save artwork and metadata into media folders" enabled I've restarted the server (software) Checked library scans are happening a-okay I've 're-identified' House, hit Save, done a media scan, and still no joy. I cannot find the "Import missing episodes into seasons" setting which is referred to in old blog posts and pointed to in most of the forum threads. Has it moved or been removed? Stuff and things Server: 3.0.5287.19943 Application: Web Client - no surprises it is 3.0.5287.19943 Log file attached log.txt
  4. Hi all, Since upgrading to server version 3.0.5289.18702 if I click on the Upcoming page, I get an error that says "Value cannot be null. Parameter name: item" - this worked fine in previous versions. Has anybody else encountered this? Is there a workaround?
  5. MB3 currently doesn't support the following folder structure... [\org{0, n}] [\artist\{0,1}] [\org {0,n}] \album where org=organisational subfolder {0,n}= zero to many instances []=optional Could such support be added, or alternatively could an xml tag/file be recognised by mb3 to treat organisational folders as organisational and NOT as artists/albumartists. eg M:\Music\Soundtracks\Blade Runner\Tracks.mp3 M:\Music\Soundtracks\Top Gun\Tracks.mp3 M:\Music\Soundtracks\Jungle Book\Tracks.mp3 Soundtracks is detected (shown in dashboard) as an albumartist and artist.xml is placed on filesystem thanks for considering.
  6. Version 3.0.5271.29451 Is it intentional that the album artist 'Various Artists' as read from music tag '%album artist%' does not display under 'album artists' in dashboard and in clients eg roku under album artists; making it harder to find content under this album artist. The artist does show up under 'artists', and its entry when opened showing content where 'various artists' is not the value of the tag %artist%..This seems to be the wrong way around.
  7. One of the great features of MBS is the ability to manage the server from a browser and therefor not have to work on the host directly (anyone have a mouse, keyboard and monitor handy?). One feature that would be useful would be the ability to shutdown/restart the host itself. I don't have the server powered on 247, so the ability to shutdown the host from the dashboard with be advantageous. Another helpful feature would be to have an integrated VNC client (or similar) so you could launch a remote desktop session straight from the dashboard. This would go far in being able to manage the host itself from the one location. BTW, the progress made the server and the various clients is greatly appreciated round these parts. Thanks, Andy
  8. Hi, I have set my profiles with no passwords for easy usage of Media Browser inside my home by my family. Recently I have opened the ports on my router for remote access, to acces Media Browser via my Android phone. Is there a way to ensure that only I have remote access to my server? E.g. via a password or via another way? Any ideas anyone?
  9. TWiT.tv Channel Plugin http://twit.tv/ Description The TWiT.tv Netcast Network with Leo Laporte features the #1 ranked technology podcast This Week in Tech, along with over 20 other top-ranked online shows. This channel lets you browse and watch the latest episodes of your favorite netcasts from the TWiT.tv network. Screens TWiT Shows Overview TWiT Episodes Overview Configuration There are no configuration options required to use the TWiT Channel. However you do have some control over the quality of video stream you would like, using the Channel area of the MB3 Server dashboard. Change Log/Release History 1.0.5267.29180 (3/Jun/2014) Initial Beta Release - A minimum Media Browser Server version of 3.0.5267.16902 is required for use (which is the latest Beta Server Release at the time of writing) Credits/Kudos Massive thanks go out to Redshirt and Luke for their help, and also to snazy2000 for the Twitch Channel plugin which laid the foundations for this plugin.
  10. For a TV show that I recently ripped, I get the following when I try to access the show main page in MBS. The interesting thing, is that I can access the only season that i have directly, and I can watch all episodes directly. Even more interesting, is that the iPad client and the Roku, also don't have any issues opening the folder. Only in MBS. this means that I can't change any of the metadata. I have done some re-scans, I have deleted the XML file, and it still not working. I will attach the log once I'm home.
  11. 'k Heb een conflict tussen Norton Antivirus 21.3 en Mediabrowser 3.0.5271.29451 . Vanochtend Windows update gedraaid op mijn Windows 7 home x64 pc. Elke dag worden automatisch updates voor Norton Antivirus binnengehaald en geïnstalleerd. Sinds vanochtend wordt de mediabrowser server gedetecteerd als SONAR.Heuristic.120 en . Alle server bestanden worden vervolgens verwijderd . Ik probeer het opnieuw te installeren, maar zelfs als ik setup direct laat uitvoeren zonder de installer eerst op te slaan, wordt de installatie ongedaan gemaakt. Ik heb nog geprobeerd om de SONAR van Norton Antivirus uit te zetten. De installatie kan dan volledig uitgevoerd worden, maar zodra de SONAR weer aan staat, detecteert Symantec het bestand weer en verwijdert hem. Volgens Symantec wordt dit bestand door erg weinig gebruikers gebruikt, is erg nieuw en risico staat op hoog. De download locatie is volgens Symantec onbekend, maar ik heb het gedownload van Mediabrowser.tv. Symantec detecteert de installer als veilig . 'k Ben benieuwd wat voor oplossing hier voor kan komen. Want zonder de server ben ik genoodzaakt om mijn Dvd's en video's in kleine spelers te bekijken. Succes. dhr Meine Huizenga
  12. arrbee99

    Warning from Norton

    Hi, Have been experimenting with MB3 for a few weeks and this my first post, so please be gentle... Have just fired up the server after updating it a few days ago to the 5263 version. Norton quarantined the server, so I told it to put it back again and reran the server. Norton then said network traffic from you guys matches the signature of a known attack (see attached image). Norton seems to be objecting to the server updating to the 3.0.5267.16902 version. Don't know why this should suddenly be a problem. Am on Windows 8.1 64 bit and Norton 360. Any ideas ? thanks
  13. So, today I was watching some videos from my server. After finishing one video, I went to start up a movie... The movie came up like it was loading, but never finished loading. I tried restarting the movie, and tried watching the movie on other devices with no luck. Just to make sure, I went to my server PC and confirmed that the file itself was playable (it was). At this point, I decided to go ahead and restart the server in hopes that doing so would correct the issue. As the server was starting up, a popup appeared stating "Unhandled exception: One or more errors occurred." At this point, any time I try to start up the server, it'll begin loading and then this error will appear, and the server will crash out. I went ahead and deleted the existing logs, restarted the server, and have posted the new logs below. If anyone can help me figure out what's going on and how to fix it, I'd appreciate it! Log 1 Log 2
  14. lja

    Server Images

    Please advise where the primary, backdrop etc. images in the server are stored? With the change in the trailers setup, it appears I have lost my backdrop image and would love to recover it. @@ebr With the new trailers setup, how can I get the backdrop to appear in mb classic?
  15. Part: Server Version: Beta 3.0.5192.19560 Client: Web Hi, First post here (so I might not have all info you need). Secondly, my compliments to the development team and user community. I have been using MB3 since Oct (short timer I know) and I am more than pleased. I understand that this is a beta release just reporting for inclusion in future release. Action: When I click on the website link from the Artist page: in a new page I get....(I know screen shots are preferable but this seemed pretty straightforward) Snapshot of GetDashboardResource generated by ServiceStack on 3/23/2014 7:37:03 PMview json datasource from original url: http://titan:8096/mediabrowser/dashboard/www.phish.com? in other formats: json xml csv jsv Response Status Error Code ArgumentException Message Argument not supported: www.phish.com Stack Trace [GetDashboardResource: 3/23/2014 7:37:03 PM]: [REQUEST: {ResourceName:www.phish.com}] System.ArgumentException: Argument not supported: www.phish.com at MediaBrowser.Common.Net.MimeTypes.GetMimeType(String path) at MediaBrowser.WebDashboard.Api.DashboardService.Get(GetDashboardResource request) at lambda_method(Closure , Object , Object ) at ServiceStack.Host.ServiceRunner`1.Execute(IRequest request, Object instance, TRequest requestDto) Errors Probable Cause (My Best guess ): The link was supplied by one of the Metadata providers. For music my setting are the default providers in default order. (I did not manually enter it). The argument is expecting the "http://" prefix. The generated links for music in the web editor show as only the "link", for movies they show as http://"link" My preference would to have the server provide the "http://" and can add that as a Feature Request if needed. Again I know this is in beta Thanks! -Vicpa
  16. AaronG85

    Server - Mark All As Read

    Is there anyway or can you please implement a way to mark all notifications on the server as read. (Please see attachment)
  17. Currently having an issue that I can't seem to figure out. I have an artist in my music folder with the structure: \Music Folder \Artist \Album 1 Song 1 etc \Album 2 \song 1 \etc In the metadata editor on the dashboard the name field for the artist is the name of one of the albums (can change between either if you clear the field and refresh), adding the artist ids in the relevant fields and refreshing does not correct this. Also there is no way to add album or artist ids to an album if you click on its name but you can if you click on a single track ? It seems the artist is being treated as an album as mb has dropped an album.xml in there but oddly when i had it refresh an album it dropped a folder.xml in there. I'm sure this is something I've done wrong but would appreciate a bit of help here. Server Version: 3.0.5238.39498 Client Version: Theater 3.0.5233.39319 Tracks are in FLAC format
  18. Hi all, I really like your project, and was wondering if your server application is comming for embedded systems such as QNAP Nas? I have a QNAP TS-870 Pro and would love to do tests for you
  19. It would be great if when browsing the plugin catalog there was some kind of identification on the main catalog page showing which plugins were installed and at what update level they are also on... https://www.dropbox.com/s/v8636qxihc5owo3/Screenshot%202014-05-02%2009.52.35.png
  20. Good Day, Please can the auto-organize feature in the server watch more then one folder? Could the "Watched Folder" text box allow for a coma delimited folder paths. Currently it is only possible to add one watched folder. However, some people, like me, may need two folders watched. 1. Un packed RAR files 2. File which are not Packed in ZIP or RAR. Most DL files which make their way on to a persons computer can not be altered, because uT doesn't like it when you change the structure of the DL folder. So unpacked RAR/Zip files can not be unpacked into their DL folder. There are ways around this, however unpacking compressed files and maintaining duplicates on one drive gets very large, very quickly. Thanks Ben
  21. Apologies if this is covered somewhere, but I couldn't find it. I have a MBS with MBT setup at home, and this works just fine. I also travel for a couple of months at a time and like to have another MB setup on my Laptop, running the media files from a 3TB Portable HDD. On the assumption that neither MBC or MBT will work as 'off-network' standalone systems (in the same way that I have successfully been using MB2 on the laptop), my plan was to install MBS on the laptop, followed by MBT, linking MBS to the 3TB drive. When I install MBS on the laptop, I have tried 2 scenarios to get it working: with the laptop connected to my home network, which of course has another MBS/MBT setup running on it with the laptop disconnected from the network/internet Either way, when the initial browser opens and I get the 'Welcome to MB' wizard, clicking 'Next' does absolutely nothing. If I right-click the tray-icon and choose 'Configure Media Browser, I get a screen that is devoid of information, except for blank areas (under the Home tab) headed Server Information / Active Devices / Latest News. If I click on the Shutdown button under 'Server Information', it shuts down my home MB server (if the laptop is connected to the network), so it looks as if the laptop's MBS sees the home version of MBS and refuses to do anything in the way of configuration. But if I disconnect the laptop from the network, MBS won't install and/or configure anyway, so I am stuck. Is there a way to get this working on the laptop (hopefully I am missing something obvious), or is MBS just not designed to work on a standalone/off-network system at the moment (or perhaps never). I can of course carry on using MB2 on the laptop, but I assume MB2 will eventually not be available.
  22. gillmacca

    Unidentified TV Episodes

    I am having an issue with 2 episodes of stargate-sg1 not being identified by MB. As you can see from the screenshot https://www.dropbox.com/s/ua5vx19jogaotrl/Screenshot%202014-04-22%2010.35.17.png the episode is in the correct folder and in the correct format, but in the background you can see MBS has a red cross against the title, and is missing the path to the file in the right hand side of the screen
  23. edit: They used to be called collections, now it's media folder...so yeah, should be that items are not showing in their media folder.. Server version: Version 3.0.5211.41935 I recently started running out of space on my tv drives, so I added another, shared it, and added the folders to the various media folders that would use it. I've done this numerous times over the years for different media folder with no issues. One media folder that is on the new drive (Anime) shows up fine, no issues. I added a folder called TV (K:\TV) that contains tv shows. I have this on multiple drives with no issues. I added the UNC path to my TV media folder. I moved a show to the folder a while ago but never really paid attention to it.. Last night I added a new show (Fargo) to the folder. It shows up in the TV view on the server/MBT, but since it's not in a media folder, it doesn't show up in MBC. As you can see, it shows up just fine. It got it's metadata (however, it left the sort name blank, I added that myself). As you can see on the left, usually when you click on a show and edit it, the left panel jumps to it's location in the media folder that it resides in. Since it doesn't show up properly in it's collection, this doesn't happen. There's no way to browse to the show on the left column, you have to go to the show (picture 1) and click edit. https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/45741371/server-63533476680.txt Here's the log where it's found and added (2014-04-19 20:45:45 is the first reference to the show). There are currently two shows in this tv folder. Both show up in the server, neither are showing in their respective media folder.
  24. I am guessing this is to do with, where you get tv episode data from, but thought I would post it in case it is a bug. https://www.dropbox.com/s/2wt4kjkybph2dyn/Screenshot%202014-04-11%2007.55.02.png As you can see from the image, I have 5 unaired episodes, followed by a missing episode. I have looked on tvdb, but there is not data for episode 23
  25. I think this is tagged correctly as a Server feature request, but it would require something on the clients too. We regularly go on long car journeys, and my kids and my wife like to watch films on their android tablets and windows laptops. Because our library is all very high quality, high bitrate stuff, and as there is no decent connection to stream them, I need to find out what they want before we leave, and then encode the file for them before we leave, and then copy it onto their individual devices. What would be really cool would be if, for example, my daughter wanted to watch Harry Potter on her Nexus 7, she could just navigate to it in the Media Browser app and have the option to download to her device. This would download a lower bitrate version of the film (maybe dictated by the transcoding settings on the client) suitable for her 16GB tablet, held locally on this machine. I'm not sure if this is as simple as I think it is, or if there are legal/copyright barriers but this functionality would be very useful to my family! BTW great work so far, loving Media Browser 3! *Edit* OK, not the best title! How do I change it?
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