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  1. Why: mediacowboy needed something to help find videos that wouldn't play directly on the Roku, but ended up required transcoding to do so. Notes: This only detects at present very basic reasons a file might fail. Container not mkv, mp4, mov, m4v, m3u8, ts Video Codec not H.264 Audio Codec not AC3 or Stero AAC Requirements: AutoIt FFMpeg Instructions: Install AutoIt and set it to execute scripts when double clicked. Create a folder somewhere...lets call it "Roku Detect uncompliant Videos" just to be unimaginative. Now inside "Roku Detect Uncompliant Videos" create a sub folder called "Bin". Now extract the contents of FFMpeg's "Bin" folder into your new "Bin" sub folder. Now going back into "Roku Detect Uncompliant Videos" folder Right Click on it's background and select "New\AutoIt v3 Script" from the context menu, and Rename it "Roku Detect Uncompliant Videos.au3" Now Right Click "Roku Detect Uncompliant Videos.au3" & select "Edit Script" from the context menu. Now paste the following code into: #Include <Array.au3> #Include <File.au3> #Include <String.au3> Dim $aKnown[7] = [6 , '.mkv' , '.mp4' , '.mov' , '.m4v' , '.m3u8' , '.ts'] Dim $aUnknown[1] = [0] Dim $sErrorLog ; Select Video Folder While 1 $sFolder = FileSelectFolder( 'Select Video Folder.' , '' , 6 ) If @Error = 1 AND $sFolder = '' Then MsgBox( 4096 , 'Exit:' , 'Ending Application' ) Exit ElseIf $sFolder = '' Then MsgBox( 4096 , 'Error:' , 'Unable To Open Folder.' ) ElseIf NOT FileExists ( $sFolder ) Then MsgBox( 4096 , 'Error:' , 'Invalid Folder.' ) Else If StringRight( $sFolder , 1 ) <> '\' Then $sFolder &= '\' $aAllFiles = _FileListToArrayRec( $sFolder , '*.*|*.bif;*.db;*.jpg;*.nfo;*.png;*.tbn;*.xml;*.srt;*.sub;*.ssa;*.mp3' , 1 , 1 , 0 , 2 ) If NOT IsArray( $aAllFiles ) Then MsgBox( 4096 , 'Error:' , 'No Videos Found.' ) Else _ArraySort( $aAllFiles , 0 , 1 ) ExitLoop EndIf EndIf WEnd For $ii = 1 To $aAllFiles[0] _Macros( $aAllFiles[$ii] ) $iFind1 = _ArraySearch( $aKnown , $sFileExt , 1 ) If @Error Then $sErrorLog &= 'Unknown File Type:' & @CRLF & $aAllFiles[$ii] & @CRLF & @CRLF $iFind2 = _ArraySearch( $aUnknown , $sFileExt , 1 ) If @Error Then _ArrayAdd( $aUnknown , $sFileExt ) $aUnknown[0] += 1 EndIf Else ; Build Array of Streams $sRandomString = _RandomString() RunWait( @ComSpec & ' /c ffprobe -show_streams "' & $aAllFiles[$ii] & '">"' & @TempDir & '\' & $sRandomString & '.txt"' , @ScriptDir & '\BIN\' , @SW_HIDE ) $aAllStreams = _StringBetween( FileRead( @TempDir & '\' & $sRandomString & '.txt' ) , '[STREAM]' , '[/STREAM]' ) FileDelete( @TempDir & '\' & $sRandomString & '.txt' ) ; Find Video Streams $aFindVideoStreams = _ArrayFindAll( $aAllStreams , 'codec_type=video' , 0 , 0 , 0 , 1 ) If $aFindVideoStreams <> -1 Then ; Process Video Streams For $aa = 0 To UBound( $aFindVideoStreams ) - 1 $sSVideoCodec = _RegExString( $aAllStreams[$aFindVideoStreams[$aa]] , '(?s)(?i)(?:.+?codec_name=(\S+))?' ) If $sSVideoCodec <> 'h264' And $sSVideoCodec <> 'mpeg4' Then $sErrorLog &= 'Unsupported Video Codec: (' & $sSVideoCodec & ')' & @CRLF & $aAllFiles[$ii] & @CRLF & @CRLF ContinueLoop 2 EndIf Next Else $sErrorLog &= 'Missing Video Stream:' & @CRLF & $aAllFiles[$ii] & @CRLF & @CRLF ContinueLoop EndIf ; Find Audio Streams $aFindAudioStreams = _ArrayFindAll( $aAllStreams , 'codec_type=audio' , 0 , 0 , 0 , 1 ) If $aFindAudioStreams <> -1 Then ; Process Audio Streams For $aa = 0 To UBound( $aFindAudioStreams ) - 1 $sSAudioCodec = _RegExString( $aAllStreams[$aFindAudioStreams[$aa]] , '(?s)(?i)(?:.+?codec_name=(\S+))?' ) $iSAudioChannels = _RegExString( $aAllStreams[$aFindAudioStreams[$aa]] , '(?s)(?i)(?:.+?channels=(\S+))?' ) If $sSAudioCodec <> 'AAC' And $sSAudioCodec <> 'AC3' Then $sErrorLog &= 'Unsupported Audio Codec: (' & $sSAudioCodec & ')' & @CRLF & $aAllFiles[$ii] & @CRLF & @CRLF ContinueLoop 2 EndIf If $sSAudioCodec = 'AAC' And $iSAudioChannels > 2 Then $sErrorLog &= 'To Many Audio Channels: (' & $iSAudioChannels & ')' & @CRLF & $aAllFiles[$ii] & @CRLF & @CRLF ContinueLoop 2 EndIf Next Else $sErrorLog &= 'Missing Audio Stream:' & @CRLF & $aAllFiles[$ii] & @CRLF & @CRLF ContinueLoop EndIf EndIf Next ; Create Error Log If StringLen( $sErrorLog ) > 1 Then If NOT FileExists( @ScriptDir & '\Error Logs\' ) Then DirCreate( @ScriptDir & '\Error Logs\' ) $sErrorLogFile = @ScriptDir & '\Error Logs\[' & @YEAR & '-' & @MON & '-' & @MDAY & '] ' & @HOUR & '-' & @MIN & '-' & @SEC & '.txt' FileWrite( $sErrorLogFile , $sErrorLog ) ShellExecute( $sErrorLogFile ) EndIf ; Create Unknown File Extensions Text If $aUnknown[0] > 0 Then $sUknownExtensions = @ScriptDir & '\UnKnown.txt' If FileExists( $sUknownExtensions ) Then Dim $aPriorUnknown _FileReadToArray( $sUknownExtensions , $aPriorUnknown ) For $ii = 1 To $aPriorUnknown[0] $iFind2 = _ArraySearch( $aUnknown , $aPriorUnknown[$ii] , 1 ) If @Error Then _ArrayAdd( $aUnknown , $aPriorUnknown[$ii] ) $aUnknown[0] += 1 EndIf Next FileDelete( $sUknownExtensions ) EndIf _FileWriteFromArray( $sUknownExtensions , $aUnknown , 1 ) ShellExecute( $sUknownExtensions ) EndIf MsgBox( 0 , 'Finished' , 'Batch Operation Complete' ) Func _Macros( $sFile ) Global $sFileDir = StringLeft ( $sFile , StringInStr( $sFile , '\' , 0 , -1 ) ) Global $sFileExt = StringTrimLeft ( $sFile , StringInStr( $sFile , '.' , 0 , -1 ) - 1 ) Global $sFileName = StringTrimLeft ( $sFile , StringInStr( $sFile , '\' , 0 , -1 ) ) Global $sShortName = StringLeft ( $sFileName , StringInStr( $sFileName , '.' , 0 , -1 ) - 1 ) Global $sParent = StringLeft ( $sFileDir , StringInStr( $sFileDir , '\' , 0 , -2 ) ) Global $sFolderName = StringTrimRight( StringTrimLeft( $sFileDir , StringInStr( $sFileDir , '\' , 0 , -2 ) ) , 1 ) EndFunc Func _RandomString() $sString = '' Dim $aSpace[3] For $i = 1 To 15 $aSpace[0] = Chr( Random( 65 , 90 , 1 )) ; A-Z $aSpace[1] = Chr( Random( 97 , 122 , 1 )) ; a-z $aSpace[2] = Chr( Random( 48 , 57 , 1 )) ; 0-9 $sString &= $aSpace[Random( 0 , 2 , 1 )] Next Return $sString EndFunc Func _RegExString( $sString , $sRegEx ) Local $sValue = _ArrayToString( StringRegExp( $sString , $sRegEx , 1 )) If StringIsFloat( $sValue ) = 1 OR StringIsInt( $sValue ) = 1 Then Return Number( $sValue ) Else If $sValue = 'N/A' OR $sValue = 'N' OR $sValue = 'A' Then Return '' Else Return $sValue EndIf EndIf EndFunc Now save the script & execute it by double clicking it and then select the folder holding your videos that you wish to process. Now go do something else, this will take a while...maybe a great while depending on the number of videos you have. The script will notify you when it's done...and if you're curious as to if it's still running there should be a icon in your system tray that looks like a blue "A". Past that you can start your Task Manager and you should more than likely see FFMpeg running in the background. Result: This should possibly produce one or more text files. The primary one will be what is produced in the "Error Logs" folder, this will list what files failed and why...but keep in mind these only list the first reason why it failed, not all possible reasons it may have failed. A number of these may not even be video files at all...but a format that should have been excluded from the search. Which brings me to the next file "UnKnown.txt" this file will be updated with one instance per unknown file extension, possibly every time you run the script and it finds something new. Now ideally I have all or at least most common non video extensions excluded from the search...this is everything on the right side of the pipe "|" symbol on line 21 at present. You may wish to add new extensions to be excluded from future searches...thus speeding the script along...but please consider sharing your additional excludes here in this thread, to help others out as well. What Next: You may wish to use one of my app's, called VideoGain (free) to process the failed video files. It's main purpose is to batch adjust audio volume, so that all the videos have more or less the same gain...so you don't have to monkey around with your volume all the time. Originally it only processed folders full of videos...not individual, but since I was already making some corrections to it already...I set it up to do single files as well. Here is where we get hackish. Download VideoGain & extract it somewhere...ideally in a folder called VideoGain so it's easier to find later on. Now Start it by double clicking on it's exe...then close the app...it will now have produced a new INI file...and we are going to edit it's contents with whatever your favorite text editor happens to be (Notepad, Notepad++, UltraEdit,..). In the VideoGain.ini all the way at the bottom...you should see an entry called "[Folders]". Now below that we'll be adding entries of our own...basically copy and paste from your Error Logs...into this file...but before each path put "Folder_#=" replacing the # with a number value...please keep each value different, and each entry on a new line. I'll likely write a simple script to help in this matter tomorrow. Anyways once all the edits are made...save the file, and restart VideoGain. You should now see all the files you want to process listed on the "Folders" tab. Now check "Direct Replace" and uncheck "Recurse Folders" (not needed). Now click on the "Settings" tab. If you had any videos that failed because they were not H264 then set the Encoder to "Conditional" which basically means if VideoGain doesn't detect the video stream to be H264..to then encode..but only then. Make further adjustments as you like to the H264 settings and Video settings. Now if you had Audio errors, you have a few picks...you can go with AAC or AC3...encoders...with the covet that AAC is limited to stereo. Right now if you select AC3...all videos will have the audio track re-encoded, bar non...I don't have an early out for that right now as I just added AC3 support...however if you select AAC and a number of your tracks are already AAC...and those tracks are Stereo...then you can select "ReplayGain (Tags)" this will do a non damaging adjustment to the AAC tracks...however all non AAC tracks will be encoded to AAC. Select "Stereo DownMix" if you plan to use AAC. All resulting files will ether be Mp4 or Mkv depending on what you selected for a container, from the drop down at the bottom of the application. Press "Start" and away you go. I would personally suggest doing at little processing as you need to. Each time something gets encoded...it gets more damaged.
  2. kmanus

    HDR Video support?

    I realize this might be a fringe topic, but I'm starting to get more HDR content in my library. We use PC's around our house, but have recently been moving towards Roku's (and Roku TV's,) for everything but the main home theater. I just purchased a Roku 4K TV that supports HDR. When I play HDR movies in the Emby app, it doesn't trigger HDR on the TV. Checking the server dashboard, it appears to be direct playing. I noticed that if I go through the "Roku Media player" and select Emby (I believe this is going through DLNA,) with an HDR movie it gets detected by the TV as HDR and acts accordingly. Am I experiencing a bug or is this just not supported yet? I can go through the Roku built-in player for now, but would prefer to keep it all in Emby. Thanks!
  3. So I've done a complete uninstal and reinstall of both the Emby Server and Roku Emby Apps. I sent in the Roku Emby Beta App around 5:37pm Pacific and the Roku Emby App around 5:42 pm Pacific. I am attaching my server file. The file I was trying to play for the Emby Beta is "Little Nicky" The file I was trying to play for Emby is "Anger Management" the User name is "Eric" I can see from the Emby Server log that it couldn't access the file because of an System IO, but I have no idea what the Roku responded with as I don't have access to that log. Hope these help. server-63645670769.txt
  4. gunneric

    Emby App loading but not playing

    Hello all, I hope that someone can be of help here. I recently added a few gigs of content to my Movie and TV Show folders on my external hard drive, yes the files are in .MP4 or .MKV file format, but I cannot play anything now, not tv or movies new or old. I can see them, just when I go to play them using the Roku App, I either get the spinning wheel or the load bar, then the tv screen goes blank from inactivity. The play fine on the computer that is the server, they play fine using the Roku Media Player App, but not using the Emby App, which is the one with all the functionality that I want. Any ideas.
  5. LurchZA

    Roku client questions

    Hi all, A few questions: 1. Where can I find the Roku app in the list of channels on the device? As I have stated in another thread, I am able to install the beta version, but, when I try install the main release build I get the below error: I see it says it is listed under Personal Media, but, there is no such option when I browse through the Streaming Channels on the device. 2. I have told the device to update and it says that it already is up to date, but the device has been off since before the new Roku client release. Should it be automatically updating or do I need to go back every time and manually update the Beta from https://owner.roku.com/add/EmbyBeta ? Does the private beta channel automatically update? 3. Does installing the beta mean it will update only beta releases, or will it update to the public builds as well?
  6. keithterrill

    playback error after changing subtitle state

    I have noticed that when I am playing a video over the Roku and I change subtitle to on or off, when the movie attempts to reload it errors out. The only way I can get subtitle to work is begin watching it on my server (or another emby client on a pc) and setting it to on, stopping the movie, and then starting it on my Roku.
  7. kryptonking

    Looking for advice on simple setup

    Hey everyone, I'm looking for some advice on the best approach to building a setup for my parents. I'd like to keep it as simple as possible so that it's very straightforward for them, and also so I'm not getting troubleshooting phone calls every time they want to watch something. Here's what I was thinking: - Emby server running on a NAS - Emby client on Roku - all video is max 1080p with x264 codec - FLAC audio? AAC? AC3? I'd like to have the best quality audio while keeping transcoding to a minimum (or none if possible) so they'll need a format that the client can decode without issue. I know Roku can support these but not sure about multi-channel support. They don't currently have an AVR, only a soundbar but it does have rear satellites so multi-channel would be good. - external blu-ray hooked up to my Dad's laptop with DVDFab as the all-in-one ripper/converter. I think a makemkv/handbrake setup might be a bit too complex for him. It's been awhile since I've used DVDFab so I don't know if it's the best choice here or if there is a better all-in-one alternative. He's on Windows 10. I'm going to help them get the initial library set up, but after that I'd like it so my Dad can just pop a new blu-ray into his external reader, rip/convert it with a preset I've set for him, copy it to the NAS/server, go downstairs and turn on the client, and then watch without any tinkering or fiddling in between. So based on what I listed above, do you guys think this will work? Any suggested changes I should make to the set up? Better server solutions? Better client? Once again simplicity is key. Thanks for taking the time to read my post. Any advice is much appreciated.
  8. AurGlass

    Roku 7.7 software issues

    Hi! I didn't see a topic about the recent Roku firmware update, so I thought I would start one. The latest update from 7.6 to 7.7 (essentially a forced upgrade since the ability to downgrade to 7.6 was removed) seems to be causing problems for many people across many Roku devices, particularly those running 'local streaming' channels, though others like Plex, Netflix and YouTube have been affected too. URL: https://forums.roku.com/viewtopic.php?f=28&t=104029 My own experience: Roku 3 devices: 2. Both show same problems. Emby server is local only (no Emby connect) and is set up manually. Software versions: Roku - 7.7.0 build 4117, Emby - 3.0 build 41, Emby beta - 3.0 build 46 On previous firmware (7.6): The Emby app worked well, as did the beta. About 3 weeks ago, one of my Roku devices upgraded to 7.7 when I triggered an update check manually, and the Emby app stopped working correctly. When I downgraded it to the 7.6 firmware, everything worked again as before. After last weeks automatic update to 7.7 (with no ability to rollback), Emby app on both devices no longer works. Symptoms: - App loads fine, displays server connect screen with user profiles/icons. - Selecting any user goes to a loading screen with nothing but the text header at top and the circling progress dots in the middle. There it stays. - Connection screen remains indefinitely. Hours if I leave and come back later. - Single back button press on Roku remote has no effect. 2 presses shows a "Can't go back to Home screen without connecting to server" dialog and an ok to exit or cancel. 'Ok' exits to the main Roku menu, 'cancel' goes back to the endless connecting screen. - Reloading the emby app yields same results. - Rebooting the roku has no affect. - Emby server debug logs show connection request for selected user, return of authentication token to Roku, then nothing. If I wait long enough the login attempt on the server times out, though the Roku still sits at the connecting screen. Deleting the local server entry and manually recreating it (or deleting the Emby app which erases the settings and requires a manual setup) has this effect: Login page with user profiles is no longer presented. After manually configuring the server name or IP address and port and hitting the 'Connect' button, it goes right to the endless connecting screen. Nothing of note in the server logs other than the connection request/response from the Roku. Then nothing. I can't provide any logs from the Roku app because I'd need to be able to get to the Emby settings to create/send a log, and that requires the ability to log in. The Emby server itself is working normally. The Web interface works fine. I have DLNA enabled and can connect and play media from all my DLNA capable devices, including both Rokus using the official Roku Media Player app. All indications are that there is some problem with the Roku firmware and/or the Emby app. I'm guessing strongly that it's the former, though since early issues people were having with Netflix were corrected by an app update, so it's possible the app needs updating to fix whatever Roku changed/screwed up in the new firmware. In either case, I thought I'd report it here so the Emby devs are aware of the problem. Thanks.
  9. AnomalousTech

    Roku - Please add streaming type back

    Hello all, ever since the new Roku layout and all came out when you hit the okay button on the Roku remote you don't get the same info you use to get. One of the nice things to know is if a video is direct playing or transcoding. This helps to know if that may be a reason for buffering or not. I know not many users would probably need or want to know this unless they are a "power" user. I would like to see this tiny piece of information added back.
  10. blade005

    TV Series Logo Display - Video Player

    @@Luke @@ebr Emby Server: 3.2.33,0 Emby Roku 3.0 Build 41 I am not seeing TV Series Logos being displayed in the Video Player of Roku app. They are being displayed at the Series Detail page, but do not show up in the upper left corner as expected in the Video Player screen. They do show up for Movies. Any reason they have been omitted from being displayed in TV Series?
  11. KidNamedCudi

    Clear Resume time

    Can you please add the ability to clear a resume point from somewhere inside the episode or movie's information? Right now if I want to get something out of the "Continue Watching" I have to start it from the beginning, let it load, and then back out of the episode or movie.
  12. From anywhere in the Roku apps (well except HOME screen I guess), long press back button to go to HOME screen. Simple and would make the navigation experience easy and fast... If already requested, sorry in advance for the duplicate
  13. Hi. I have an HDD (1Tb USB powered) attached to my WiFi Media Server (Archer_C3200) via a USB 3 port. I also have a Telstra TV with Roku Media Player. The Roku, using the "All" option, finds the Wifi Media Server. It further allows me to Browse Folders. However, at the top level, Roku only shows 1 folder. By selecting the one found folder, it shows the next level of sub-directories, but still only 1 folder. This is the pattern for every level. There are definitely playable files in most, if not all folders. My laptop, accessing the same HDD through the same wifi, shows all folders at all levels. Roku also finds and shows all folders at all levels when the same HDD is plugged via USB directly into the Telstra TV. I tried * as per another topic here, but did not help. Could someone please expose my folly and guide me into all my paths of remoteness? Thank you.
  14. ruoccop

    Roku and Windows Firewall

    Hi. I'm new to Emby and trying to make it work with the Roku 3. It is working when I switch off Windows Firewall, but not when it is on. I've opened up the port with an inbound rule, but I still get nothing on Roku. Anyone able to give me any assistance? Thanks
  15. Set up a TCL 55P605 TV with integrated Roku OS last week. Working great with Emby Roku app with the one exception being the Asterisk button feature. TCL TV uses the Asterisk button on Roku remote to pull up Picture Settings menu when video is playing to make adjustments. When playing a video in Emby Roku the asterisk button is pulling up the Emby Subtitle / Audio menu and not allowing access to Picture Settings menu for any adjustments. You can only get to Picture Settings adjustments menu if a video is playing / streaming. Would it be possible to add a selection in Emby Roku settings that would allow you to DISABLE the Asterisk button in Emby? This would allow access to the Picture Settings menu of the TCL TV and you can still get to Subtitle / Audio selections in Emby Roku using the UP / DOWN / LEFT / RIGHT and OK Roku remote buttons.
  16. evanover


    Since the latest update to the Roku app, the movie thumbnails are taking a unusually long time to generate while browsing thru the movies, If you change the sort order the names will appear, but a lot will either have no thumbnails or a green movie thumbnail. If you wait long enough most will generate the thumbnail. Prior to the update they worked fine. server-63636721287.txt
  17. Nisten

    Constant Loading on Roku 2

    I've been testing the playback quality and consistency for Recorded Media through my HDHOMERUN Connect. My roku 2 can play my local dvds and bluray files without any issues. However, I recently recorded a "Track and Field" sports program and it constantly buffers/loads every 1-3 minutes when I try to play it back on my roku 2. Emby is set to: -Convert to MP4 on the fly -Preserve original video & audio -Transcoding is set to "Auto" for the thread count -"Throttling" is enabled for Transcoding Roku is set to: -30 Mbps UHD for the Video Quality Stream (i changed this to 20 Mbps but with no effect) S7 Edge is set to -20 Mbps HD for the Video Quality Stream (also successfully tested this as 30 Mbps for the stream) Connection -I have a 50 Mbps connection and my roku 2 is wired to a gigabit Ethernet port on my Router. -S7 Edge was on a Wireless AC connection with a link rate of 400 Mbps plus Now I tried playing back the same "Track & Field" recording on my Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge through the Emby Android App and I had no problems whatsoever. I was reading on similar issues reported and i'm thinking the issue might be because the roku 2 can't play back the native framerate so its still transcoding even though its in a streaming-friendly format but if that is the case, I want to know how to go about fixing it. The 1057pm file should be the roku playback log while the 1054pm file should be the S7 Edge playback log. 7-11-17 @ 1054pm.txt 7-11-17 @ 1057pm.txt
  18. I found a fascinating bug feature in the new Roku interface. I thought I was doing something wrong at first, but I have been able to come up with some interesting scenarios to bring out the details: If I have all the episodes of a season and there are no specials, everything is fine and it will play next properly. If I have all the episodes of a season and there is a special episode, it will reload the same episode for next. -- E.g. I Love Lucy -- S00E01 (Unaired Pilot) is being displayed as the "first episode" before the Season 1 episodes. This does not show any "Next Episodes". S01E01 through the end of Season 1 shows the same episode as the next. Season 2 onward shows everything fine. -- If there are multiple Specials in the season (Married with Children... Season 9, for example), the Next Episode seems to be CurrEpNum-NumSpecialsInSeason+1 If I am missing an episode of a season, "Next Episode" works fine until the missing episode, at which point it skips an episode -- E.g. The Big Bang Theory -- I am missing episode 5 of the current season. Eps 1-3 show the appropriate Next Episode; Ep 4 correctly shows Ep 6 as the next, but Ep 6 shows Ep 8 as next, with this one-episode skip for the remainder of the season. I can repeat the above scenarios consistently by removing an episode and re-scanning (to reproduce #3), and finding a show with Specials aired within the season. It appears I'm running Emby for Roku 3.0.25. My Emby server is (Linux). I don't know if this is a Roku app issue or a Server issue as I don't have any other Smart Devices. I am attaching photos of my TV to show what I'm seeing. Ideas?
  19. gzbruno

    New emby scenegraph roku app

    Hello, i dont know how many of you are suffering the same way I am right now because the actual open source emby apps, the "official" and the speechless' "blue neon night" are going to start becomming unusable starting @ july this year, and their final moribund breath has been programmed on death row @ 31 dec 2018. Emby staff said they wont make their new app open source at least for now, but im sure they wont, as Plex dont have a open source anymore, why would they? Maybe they have some mercy and share a basic code but there are no plans for it. I dont have the knowledge or skills to make my own scene graph app. So I want to propose a work team, either to develop a new app or to find a solution for this issue. If others are willing to program, or are willing to unite to pay a programmer to get the app for us, please leave a message bellow so I know with who i can count on.
  20. I'm still trying to get used to the new Roku app - I really liked that I could select "TV" and immediately get a list of all TV series that I have. While I can get used to/live with the new "Continue Watching" and "Next up" as the first options, I'm really (really!) missing that the "unwatched/unplayed" filter doesn't seem to get remembered by either the app (or the server?) anymore. I have old watched/played TV series on my server - I really don't need to see them every time I go to "All Shows". If I set the filter under my user as "unwatched", it would be awesome if either the Roku client or the server would remember that setting. Server is Version, Roku-TV (TCL, 4K) is, err, whatever is live today (5/20/2017) Thank you for considering this, Frank P.S.: pressing "up" on the first row of multi-row choices as a shortcut for "go to the last row" would be awesome, too
  21. Stuke00

    Roku beta password issues

    I am completely new to Emby, and I am checking it out with the new Roku beta client. I setup my account with a password and an easy access PIN. I could not get the PIN to work on the new Roku beta client, it kept prompting me for my password. Since that was such a pain to enter in my password each time, I went on the server and "reset it" and did not set a new one. The Roku beta client however keeps prompting me for a password. I am able to authenticate by leaving it blank and just hitting enter. It seems the Roku client does not realize I no longer have a password initially because it brings up the password prompt. So there are a couple follow up questions I have. One, how do I get the PIN to work? The Roku is on my local network. Two, what is stopping someone from manually entering in my server IP and logging in to any one of my users? I have 5 users created currently, do they all need passwords? Thanks!
  22. RemeJuan

    Streaming issues on one of my Rokus

    So I am having a strange issue with playback, I have 2 Roku streaming sticks and certain shows cannot play one 1 of them. After some searching and testing I noticed something interesting in the logs, on the Roku I use there is a remux log and everything plays perfectly FPS is at like 80+. Play the exact same file on the other stick and it transcodes instead which sits at like 11fps. I have a lousy atom in need of replacement housing the server, so I am very particular about what formats I download to prevent this exact issue. Is there something substantial that changed with the beta version of the Emby app on the Roku that makes it direct stream instead of transcode? If so is there something I can do to work around this, as getting the latest version on the one will be a problem as it's user account was not registered in USA and Roku sucks, sell the thing in my country all nice and stuffs and then limit the features, does not support my time zone and lolz of all lolz I cannot download the roku remote app on my phone. Thanks
  23. So, I'd like a little help with diag'ing this. I have Iron Fist (nevermind the reviews, I'm testing stuff) and when I go to play it on my Roku Ultra, it stops/stutters, is generally horrible. I'm running the current emby-beta on debian available via apt-get (which is 1 release behind stable right now I think), and the emby beta roku channel. It's in an LXC, 4 cores, 8G memory, and cpu usage only hits about 80% at most. If I try the same thing in chrome on my linux laptop, it won't play at all. But it plays ok if I copy the file and play directly in vlc. The Roku is connected by wifi, and should be getting at least 50m thru - my phone gets that according to the unifi controller tests. I'm at work, so don't have the logs & such, but I'll try to dig them up this evening. Anyone have any thoughts?
  24. mlapoint

    Live TV, Emby, and Roku

    Emby Server Version Running on Ubuntu 16.04.2 TV Server HDHomeRun Connect IP TVHeadEnd Version 4.0.9 Storage WD My Cloud 4 TB Roku version 2 With the above setup, I am trying to get Live TV running through my Roku. I want to get not only live TV, but also DVR/PVR capabilities so I can record from TV (mostly sports games). I have already gotten Emby server loaded onto my Ubuntu server and it is running just fine. I know this because I have may movies on the WD device and can watch them from Emby through Roku and also Kodi (Kodi is beyond the scope of this post, I am just mentioning it to let you know Emby is working. Though Emby, I can watch Live TV through Kodi.). Through Roku, I go to the Emby channel and I go to "Live TV" and it is blank (no icon or pictures like under "Movies". The attached Picture is from my TV. When I click on the Live TV icon, it just does a "Clunk Clunk" like it is going into it, but nothing happens. Please offer me any suggestions on how I can get this working! Thank You, Mike LaPointe
  25. Happy2Play

    AAC 5.1 No sound

    Roku will direct play movie but no sound do to audio being AAC 5.1. VideoCodecH264 ProfileHigh Level40 Resolution1920x800 Aspect Ratio2.40:1 InterlacedNo Framerate23.97602 Bitrate2723 kbps AudioLanguageeng CodecAAC Layout5.1 Bitrate408 kbps Sample Rate48000 khz DefaultYes Server Version 3.0.5192.19560 Roku 1.17.2
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