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Found 4 results

  1. Hello, I have an odd one and I do not think it is emby directly. Read to the end.... I'm encoding some movies into HEVC using Hardware Acceleration. I decided to have two audio tracks (1. Original Audio Passthru, 2. AAC Track @ 960K). When I view the data in emby the second AAC audio track is wrong. It is being reported as 320K. So I figured maybe its the file itself. Here is the audio mediaInfo on the file. Perhaps it is the FFmpeg commands I am using for the audio. This is the main list of commands I have come up with for encoding HEVC with two audio tracks. Mind you the titles and names of the metadata for the audio tracks can change from title to title. I am not really sure why the second audio track is being mis-read. ffmpeg -y -vsync 0 -hwaccel cuda -i "inputFile.mkv" // First Audio Track (Source) Commands -map 0:v -map 0:a:0? -c:a:0 copy -metadata:s:1 title="Surround 5.1 Track" -metadata:s:1 handler="Surround 5.1 Track" -metadata:s:1 language=eng // Second Audio Track (AAC) Commands -map 0:a:0? -c:a:1 aac -metadata:s:2 title="AAC Track" -metadata:s:2 handler="AAC Track" -metadata:s:2 language=eng -b:2 960K -ac:2 6 -filter:2 aformat=channel_layouts=6.0
  2. Hi Adding a Series selection in the Live TV section of the home page would make navigating to all the Series so much easier/quicker (as highlighted in green below) ie on Home Page Live TV Guide Programmes Recordings Schedule Series Please consider. Thanks
  3. I am an avid user of Emby. In fact, I run Plex, Jellyfin and Emby on my setup and I have premium version of both Plex and Emby. I do not consider myself a fan of either services. I use Plex for online viewing, Emby for offline viewing (on LAN), and Jellyfin to test out various things like jellyfin-mpv-shim, syncplay and gelli. I installed the latest stable version today and I discovered a plethora of changes and fixes, among them the fix about seeing server key as an user fix is my favorite. But that got me thinking, after about 5 months, we get a new version which when it comes down to it, contains only 2 new features , subtitle offset and playback speed control. It really made me sad. I like Emby for the way the devs communicate with us, for the quick fix that ensue on reporting major problems. But where is the big feature? I may be wrong, but did we get a single big feature on 2020? Jellyfin has syncplay (I use it extensively to study lectures with friends), plex has skip intro and skip commercial on livetv. What is Emby's big feature for 2020? Subtitle offset? The aforementioned products have them too. Where is the feature roadmap? Where is the voting option on requested features? I know it's a small team but Luke has repeatedly said that they have more members that do not interact here. So we don't know for sure that Emby team is smaller than Jellyfin team. Jellyfin team is consistently pumping out new feature (their next big feature is HDR > SDR tonemapping while transcoding), whereas Emby is just lagging behind. I would have loved to see the following features on Emby : Skip Intro Skip Commercial on livetv recording Lyrics in music Movie extra like Behind the scene the way Plex does it A proper official app to monitor and interact with server for the admins like Plex Dash. Failing that , something like Tautulli. Embystat does not work as well as Tautulli and the functionality is really limited IMO. Audiobook scrapping Granular control over camera upload (what to upload, which resolution to upload, which location to upload etc) Maybe a location where people can share custom CSS and vote on it. I am willing to accept the hate that might follow for me being a karen or whatever. But I do want this project to thrive, and I was as respectful as I possibly could have been. If that's still harsh, I don't know what else to say except I did not intend to be so. But anyway, I want Emby to thrive, I want to recommend Emby to my friends just like I now recommend them jellyfin if they dont use Tizen, WebOS or Roku (Roku app is improving on Jellyfin though). Let's hear the other user's opinion on what I wrote. Have a nice day.
  4. AnomalousTech

    Roku - Please add streaming type back

    Hello all, ever since the new Roku layout and all came out when you hit the okay button on the Roku remote you don't get the same info you use to get. One of the nice things to know is if a video is direct playing or transcoding. This helps to know if that may be a reason for buffering or not. I know not many users would probably need or want to know this unless they are a "power" user. I would like to see this tiny piece of information added back.
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