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Found 11 results

  1. Hi everyone. I recently set up a new Android TV device for my parents and discovered and issue which I'm able to re-produce across the three Andriod TV / Fire TV client devices I use. This will be a little difficult to articulate, so please bear with me. When I make some changes to the 'Allow items from the following libraries to appear in latest and next up' list in the 'Home Settings' menu, the changes do not persist. I.e. they appear reverted when I exit then re-enter the 'Home Settings' screen. I say some because toggling the setting for some of the libraries does persist but toggling it for others does not persist. I'm not certain of the difference but it appears as though libraries that have previously been enabled (ticked) in the list can be successfully toggled on and off but libraries that were not previously enabled (not ticked), at the time I discovered the issue, can't be toggled on or off. Making the setting change in the screen initially appears to work - the tick appears or is removed as the OK button is clicked; but when I exit the settings screen the home screen appearance does not match the settings and when I re-enter the Home Setting screen, the changes I've made have reverted. I have reproduced the issue across three Android TV / Fire TV client devices: A 2019 Shield TV 'tube' version, a Sony Google TV, and a Fire TV HD. The problem is also re-producible with different users defined in my server configuration, including a user with access to all libraries (my primary user). Environment info Server OS: Windows Server 2012 R2 Server version: Client version (Shield TV): 2.0.83g Client version (Fire TV): 2.0.79a Client version (Sony Google TV): Not recorded Here's a screenshot of the settings screen I'm referring to: Thanks very much for your help.
  2. I have connected my google home to my emby server. When I say "tell emby home" it says "emby home is not responding right now". I assume this means it cannot connect to my server. I tried rebooting my server. Does anyone have an idea of things I can try?
  3. connorconway

    Modify Latest Media

    There are a couple of questions here and if anyone could help me here that would be great and I'd really appreciate it; I believe this will also require a .js change but I'm just wondering which file would need editing as there are so many (I'm aware the changes will be removed per each update). Thank you for ANY assistance at all, Connor
  4. dimmthewitted

    Any tweaking to Latest?

    I want to make Emby present a bit more like other streaming services. I want to tailor the home page to provide recommendations. Has anyone had any success tweaking the latest card scroller carousels? (note: putting date added into the future pins them to the front) I can change date added Metatags to tweak latest a bit, but I would love TV shows to only show the first episode or to be able to add additional recommendations. (pinning the first episode with future dates seems to do ok) Anyone have any suggestions? Perhaps plugins or an XML file for me to try manually editing?
  5. I'm running emby server in docker, attaching with different browsers (Google Chrome, Chromium, Opera, Firefox) from both Linux & Mac. I'm sure the landing page after login always used to be the Home Page (layout configured in user settings), but recently (after a server update I guess), the landing page is now always the Dashboard. I've not found a landing page config item - and the name 'Home Page' suggests that's where I should land/ Am I missing something basic, or could this be a bug? I have tested both with: - Just IP & port in url - Using a bookmark created from the Home Page .. selected to initially reach the Login Page.
  6. I have EMBY running on widows server and i use a Asus Nexus Player to browse and play movies and everything works perfectly but... Is it possible to have a custom background on the main page ? By that i mean when i first open up the EMBY app the first screen that loads has a list of the various folders where my movies are stored, can i have a picture in there instead of just a black background ?
  7. From anywhere in the Roku apps (well except HOME screen I guess), long press back button to go to HOME screen. Simple and would make the navigation experience easy and fast... If already requested, sorry in advance for the duplicate
  8. offzinho

    Combine recent items

    Currently the main screen and so on. Actual home, http://i.imgur.com/gLfMZlE.png I think that way it would get better. http://i.imgur.com/ahclsUi.png It would be interesting to *Home* like this, because it is easier to navigate on the main screen. I believe that with this little modification Emby would be much better. That's the idea for the developers. If possible, remove media information from the itemdetails.html. Thank you very much.
  9. offzinho

    I have 2 doubts

    Hi, I have 2 doubts. If I buy the premium, when my users (family) will use the app, they have to buy the app or because I bought the premium, or it's worth for all users. Second doubts, how can I leave the home equal to Plex Media? possible? Or would like to show all recent media all together. example: home present: keep watching recent movies recent kid movies I wanted it to stay like this: keep watching all recent media thank you so much, sorry for any inconvenience and sorry for my bad english.
  10. I have tvo game folders, which used to be grouped together before so only one entry, "Games", was shown on the home screen. Now they both show. I don't see the option to group games in home screen settings -> my views anymore either.
  11. Whenever I add new content to the server, I have found that the new coverart/screenshots do not load on the homepage of the ipad app. However when I click on a movie or episode, the image appears correctly in the details box. It seems as though the images on the home page are not refreshing when new media is added, and there is no drag to refresh option on the homepage. The Movies and TV sections both show all the coverart and refresh correctly using the drag down method. Does any one know why the home page images aren't appearing? This seems like a problem at the server level since it is happening on multiple ipads and uninstalling/reinstalling the app did not change anything. Is there something I can refresh on the server side? If it's a server issue, I will gladly include a log if needed. This has been happening for a while, through several server updates. Server is currently Version 3.0.5429.25781
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