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Found 17 results

  1. Hello together I noticed when I have a series per series a separate folder that Emby then can not access the image information as with Main entry. As an example. I have chosen the series Date a live. About the main search I find for each season the corresponding logo. However, I can only add the only and if I go over the season images search, the system no longer falls back to the main information but I can pull from it just as images and logos. The same is with the backdrops per series is a backdrop folder with a video stored, but only the backdrop that was added last is played. If I click on the different season the video starts again but as mentioned always only the last added and not per season. Did I forget to set anything? 2021.
  2. AmIBeingObtuse

    Change EMBY Logo and text

    Hi, I did a quick look around and coulnd't see this already requested. In the app could we get a setting that allows us to change the Emby logo to another image of our own and the wording next to it for premier users. It would look amazing to have our own logo and server name shown here instead and if were paying subscribers. Incentive to get emby premier for those who don't already too.
  3. jefersonjatobaa

    Como alterar logo inicial?

    Olá, estou iniciando aqui e gostaria de saber como alterar um logotipo inicial por uma minha própria?
  4. kanipek

    XTeVe - Local Logos

    Any XTeVe users find a method to use your own channel logos? Thanks
  5. What this solves: Adding Channel Schedules in bulk to NextPVR User Friendly Channel Names Cleans up Channel Names Prune Channels by Language Download Channel Icons/Logos Requirements: AutoIt Curl (SSL support) FSUM NextPVR Schedules Direct (Account) References: ISO 639-1 Codes Notes: I wrote this against two HDHomeRun Primes (Comcast Cable), so not sure how it will fair with OTA & Satellite. One might also be able to alter this script to work with other services, but since I don't have access to others, I can't add support for them. How: This is made up of two scripts, one will download & prep 1 or more JSON Channel lineups that you created on your Schedules Direct Account. The other will import information from one of the Lineups, into the data scrapped from a fresh Channel listing XML made by NextPVR, and output a new XML along with downloading all the Icon's\Logo's that Schedules Direct has to offer. Instructions: Install AutoIt and set it to execute scripts when double clicked. Now Right Click on desktop and select "New\Folder" from the context menu, and Rename it "NextPVR Stuff" Now download & extract Curl and FSUM into "NextPVR Stuff" Now in "NextPVR Stuff" Right Click on the background and select "New\AutoIt v3 Script" from the context menu, and Rename it "Schedules Direct LineUp's.au3" Now Right Click "Schedules Direct LineUp's.au3" & select "Edit Script" from the context menu. Now paste the following code into: Be sure to edit the values of $sUserName and $sUserPassword to match what is used for your Schedules Direct account. Now save the script & execute it by double clicking it and if all went well...then you should now see one or more txt files that are prefixed with "[LineUp]", these are the lineups you setup on your account. Okay at this point one needs to fire up NextPVR. Now with NextPVR open, Right Click on the background and select "Settings" from the context menu. With the Settings Dialog open, Click Devices on the ListView on the left side of the dialog. Select one of your Devices from the ListView on the right, it should be marked as Present & Enabled, (if it doesn't list any Channels, please Click the "Device Setup" Button, then perform a scan by Clicking the "Scan" button, then Click the "OK" button) with the device selected Click the "Export Channels" Button, when the Export Dialog comes up save the file to the location you have "NextPVR Stuff" which according to the instructions I've been giving should be on your Desktop. Once you saved off the file and are back to the Settings dialog, Click the Channels item in the ListView on the left side. With the Channels ListView now shown on the right, select one of the channels and Click the "Details" Button. When the "Channel Details" Dialog pops up, in the EPG Source Group control, select "Schedules Direct" from the Source comboBox...this should if I recall prompt you for your Schedules Direct account information...when it's done for the first time. After that set things to whatever...as it doesn't really matter...the main purpose is to have your Account info added to NextPVR's config...which I currently don't know the type of encryption used...so I can't automatically add it for you...via a script. Hence...doing this manually now. So Click all the "OK" buttons till you are back to the main NextPVR form...now close NextPVR...as we are done with it for now. Now in "NextPVR Stuff" Right Click on the background and select "New\AutoIt v3 Script" from the context menu, and Rename it "Merge Schedules Direct.au3" Now Right Click "Merge Schedules Direct.au3" & select "Edit Script" from the context menu. Now paste the following code into: You will now need to edit some of the variables, at the top of the script, to match what you have or want: $sArtPath this is where your logo's are for NextPVR to make use of them$sBuffer1 this is your Schedules Direct Lineup that you intend to use$sBuffer2 this is the xml with the list of channels detected by NextPVR$sLangsOnly leave this empty if you do not wish to prune any langs...if you do however wish to remove other langs, add all the langs you wish to keep, but split them with a comma$bRemoveParentheses this will remove anything in paren's...review your Schedules Direct file to help decide if you wish to prune these or not$bSplitOnDash this will remove the dash and anything on the right side of it, note that a space must be both before and after the dash, for a split to occure Now save the script & execute it by double clicking it and if all went well...then you should see a bunch of images in the path you set for $sArtPath, and a new file called "New.xml" that is ready to be imported into NextPVR. Alright time to fire up NextPVR once again. Now with NextPVR open, Right Click on the background and select "Settings" from the context menu. With the Settings Dialog open, Click Devices on the ListView on the left side of the dialog. Select one of your Devices from the ListView on the right, (it should be marked as Present & Enabled) now Click "Device Setup" Button, and wait for the new dialog to open, once open Click on the first channel in the ListView, then scroll down to the last and SHIFT + Click on it, then Click on the "Delete" Button followed by the "OK" Button. Once the dialog closes repeat this for every Device you intend to apply a new Channel List to. Select one of your Devices from the ListView on the right, now Click the "Import Channels" Button and navigate to the "NextPVR Stuff" folder, and select "New.xml", then Click the "Open" Button. Repeat this for every device this channel list applies to. Once done with that, Click the Channels item in the ListView on the left side. With the Channels ListView now shown on the right, Click the "Update EPG" Button, then wait till the update is complete, and Click the "OK" Button to close out the Settings dialog. Now when you select the "TV Guide" on the main NextPVR form...you should be greated with all your show info, pretty names...and hopefully a bunch of icons.
  6. Hello, This is the first time I am making a request, I hope to have answers and I hope that my requests will succeed. I am French and I use Google Traduction because I am not good enough in English to make my requests as well as possible. I would leave in French too, for other French people who use Emby like me. First of all, I am very happy with Emby, it works really well. 1) On Emby Web App and Emby App (Windows and others) Is it possible to embed logos on thumbnails of movies like 3D, HD, SD, Dolby Surround / DTS and more ... And, is it possible to display them in the sheets of films because text is not easily visible to my users. It would take different Dolby logos and the same for DTS. It would be SD logos, HD 720p, HD 1080p, 3D, AAC. Maybe also MKV, AVI, MP4 ... 2) On Emby Server, it would be nice to be able to automatically transcode an IPTV channel (With a check box for the choice to do it or not in the IPTV options) so that two people can watch the same TV channel (Only for the same channel TV) Because it happens that friends want to watch at the same time the same chain and it is not possible, they are thrown each other when they watch the TV channel. 3) Still on Emby Server and always on IPTV, is it possible to do that if the quota of spectators is reached and the person who wants to watch the TV does not want to watch the transcoded TV channel (See point # 2) Then it will be ejected directly with a message that the quota is reached. I saw that it was in place but that it did not work if we capped the continuous demand of flow. It would be enough just to associate the users with the quota and if a person tries to connect, it will be blocked before the stream is launched. (Because currently, one can watch the stream, but if the other tries, it recovers the stream, which disconnects this first then it is disconnected later because the first has a new request for the flow (automatic by the option in the configuration) This is very annoying in case we want to record a program or someone comes to watch a TV channel when someone else is already watching) 4) Is it possible to include the authorization of an IPTV m3u list that has only one user? To be able to indicate the user (or users) allowed to watch a specific list of TV channels and be able to do the same for other M3u lists, so that no one can "walk" on it. Example: user 1, user 2 and user 3 have the right to access the TV on the first m3u list. user 4 has the right to access the TV on the second m3u list. user 5 and user 6 have the right of access to the third list m3u. In addition, is it possible to make lists of user channels 4, 5 and 6 not visible to users 1, 2 and 3? And conversely. 5) On IPTV always, in another case, is it possible to do that the chains can not be displayed in duplicate in the list if they include the same name, the same number of chains TV, the same information EXTINF but that they can be gathered on a single TV channel in the IPTV section with why not, the number of streams available (Like the number of episodes of a TV series or the number of films in a collection) Obviously, it would be good to to be able to reduce the number of streams available (in relation to the number of flows allowed by the lists and the number of people who are using the streams.) Therefore, 1 authorized stream should be removed from all available channels in relation to the M3U list obviously, because if we have chains of a m3u list proposing a TV channel that the other lists M3U do not propose, it will have to include the number of flows available only for it alone. 6) For the Emby wikipedia or on the discussion board, it would be nice also to be able to detail how to make a correct M3U list for Emby. I find a lot of messages everywhere but nothing that is concrete and fixed. And not being very good at English, I'm having a hard time understanding everything. This is valid for an anglist who practices IPTV on Emby and would like to do this tutorial. A charitable soul? Thank you for reading me and kindly answer me. And thank you again if you ever decide that my requests are not stupid, or even that they are very useful and put in place at the earliest. (For logos, I do not know if they need permissions, especially for Dolby and DTS but you can otherwise suggest the possibility to do it, and with your custom logos [simple, whatever] but editable for those who want them original) _______________________________________________________________________________________ Bonjour, C'est la première fois que je fais une requête, j'espère avoir des réponses et j'espère que mes requètes aboutiront . Je suis français et j'utilise Google Traduction car je ne suis pas assez bon en anglais pour formuler mes demandes le mieux possible. Je laisserais en français aussi, pour les autres français qui utilisent Emby comme moi. Tout d'abord, je suis très heureux d'Emby, il fonctionne vraiment bien. 1) Sur Emby Web App et Emby App (Windows et autres) Est-il possible d'intégrer des logos sur les miniatures des films comme 3D , HD, SD, Dolby Surround/DTS et plus... Et , est-il possible de les afficher dans les fiches des films car en texte ce n'est pas facilement visible pour mes utilisateurs. Il faudrait des logos des différents Dolby et pareil pour DTS. Il faudrait les logos SD, HD 720p , HD 1080p , 3D, AAC . Peut-être aussi MKV, AVI, MP4 ... 2) Sur Emby Server, ce serait bien de pouvoir transcoder automatiquement une chaine IPTV (Avec une case à cocher pour le choix de le faire ou non dans les options IPTV) de sorte que deux personnes puissent regarder la même chaine TV (Seulement donc pour la même chaine TV) Car il arrive que des amis veulent regarder en même temps la même chaine et celà n'est pas possible , ils se font jeter mutuellement quand ils visionnent la chaine TV. 3) Toujours sur Emby Serveur et toujours sur IPTV , est-il possible de faire que si le quota de spectateurs est atteint et que la personne qui veut regarder la TV ne veut pas regarder la chaine TV transcodée (Voir point N°2) Alors elle se fera éjecté directement avec un message comme quoi le quota est atteint. J'ai vu que c'était en place mais que ca ne fonctionnait pas si on cochait la demande continue de flux. Il suffirait juste d'associer les utilisateurs au quota et que si une personne essaie de se connecter, elle se fera bloquer avant que le flux soit lancé. (Car actuellement , l'un peut regarder le flux, mais si l'autre essaie, il récupère le flux, ce qui fait déconnecter ce premier puis ce dernier se fait déconnecter ensuite car le premier a une nouvelle demande du flux (automatique par l'option dans la configuration ) C'est très génant au cas ou on l'ont veut enregistrer un programme ou que quelqu'un vient pour regarder une chaine TV quand quelqu'un d'autre regarde déjà) 4) Est-il possible d'inclure l'autorisation d'une liste IPTV m3u qu'a un seul utilisateur ? De pouvoir indiquer l'utilisateur (ou les utilisateurs) autorisé à regarder une liste spécifique de chaines TV et pouvoir faire la même chose pour d'autres listes M3u, de sorte que personne ne puisse se "marcher" dessus . Exemple : user 1 , user 2 et user 3 ont le droit d'accès à la TV sur la première liste m3u . user 4 a le droit d'accès à la TV sur la deuxième liste m3u . user 5 et user 6 ont le droit d'accès à la troisième liste m3u . De plus, est-il possible de faire que les listes de chaines de user 4, 5 et 6 ne soient pas visible par les users 1, 2 et 3 ? Et inversement. 5) Sur IPTV toujours, dans un autre cas, est-il possible de faire que les chaines ne puissent s'afficher en double dans la liste si elles comportent le même nom , le même numéro de chaines TV , les mêmes infos EXTINF mais qu'elles puissent être rassemblées sur une seule chaine TV dans la section IPTV avec pourquoi pas , le nombre de flux disponible (Comme le nombre d'épisodes d'une série TV ou le nombre de films dans une collection) Evidemment , il serait bien de pouvoir réduire le nombre de flux disponible (par rapport aux nombres de flux autorisés par les listes et le nombre de personnes qui sont en train d'utiliser les flux. Du coup, il faudrait retiré 1 flux autorisé sur toutes les chaines disponible par rapport à la liste M3U évidemment. Car si on a des chaines d'une liste m3u proposant une chaine TV que les autres listes M3U ne proposent pas, elle devra comporter le nombre de flux disponible que pour elle seule. 6) Pour le wikipédia d'Emby ou sur le forum de discussion , Ce serait bien aussi de pouvoir détailler comment faire une liste M3U correcte pour Emby. je trouve plein de messages un peu partout ici mais rien qui est concret et fixe. Et n'étant pas très fort en Anglais, je galère un peu à tout comprendre. Ca, c'est valable pour un anglisciste qui pratique l'IPTV sur Emby et qui voudrait bien faire ce tutorial. Une âme charitable ? Merci de m'avoir lu et de bien vouloir me répondre . Et encore merci si jamais vous décidez que mes demandes ne sont pas bêtes , voir même qu'elles soient très utiles et mise en place au plus tôt. (Pour les logos , je ne sais pas s'ils faut des autorisations , surtout pour Dolby et DTS mais vous pouvez sinon proposez la possibilité de le faire , et avec vos logos personnalisé [simple, peu importe] mais modifiable pour ceux qui veulent les originaux)
  7. blade005

    TV Series Logo Display - Video Player

    @@Luke @@ebr Emby Server: 3.2.33,0 Emby Roku 3.0 Build 41 I am not seeing TV Series Logos being displayed in the Video Player of Roku app. They are being displayed at the Series Detail page, but do not show up in the upper left corner as expected in the Video Player screen. They do show up for Movies. Any reason they have been omitted from being displayed in TV Series?
  8. Hi everyone, I present you another Intro with Emby Logo minimalistic, this time with sound. https://mega.nz/#!M0Z23RCb!CzXp3ID6XPRHgsTHeiy-ZeWsVzhPiTODUMkOpjNKGZY Enjoy Regards, Spirit
  9. maxcol

    Logo HD-MD-SD & FR-EN

    Bonjour à tous, Suite à une recherche anglais et français sur les forums je n'arrive pas trouver une réponse à mon problème, c'est pourquoi je fais appel à vous! J'aimerai ajouter manuellement ou automatiquement des logos sur chaque fichier indiquant la qualité et les langues de ceux-ci. En gros un(des) petits logo(s) qui viendrai se superposer aux jaquettes quand j'explore ma médiathèque du genre HD ou MD ou SD. Et par la même occasion FRA-ENG-ESP... pour les langues. Comme ça on pourra voir au premier coup d’œil la qualité du film selon l'encodage et les langues dispo sans cliquer sur le film et aller dans la description. Voilà en espérant que cela est possible j'attends vos réponses avec impatience!!!!!! Merci d'avance, Bonne journée, Max
  10. dados

    SVG Logo format not supported

    Hi, Could you guys consider adding support for svg image format for channel logo
  11. I'm using the Titan skin and when I go into Settings -> Skin Settings -> General Skin Settings -> Use Custom Image instead of Kodi Logo it then dumps me out to search for the file. It pops up what looks like a Network Share (see attached pic) for Emby and then under that is Public Testing and Dependencies. I assumed it would let me go out and search for the file but I can't get out of this tree. Ideas? (My goal is to upload a blank transparent image and remove the Kodi logo). Thanks
  12. Here's a humble screenshot of a re-designed Emby icon that follows Google's material design principles. If you're interested in incorporating it into the App builds, let me know what file format you'd like. These were made with Adobe Illustrator and are vector files, so I can export pretty much whatever filetype you need. Two samples, adding a little more virtual depth to the logo.
  13. monkeyslapper

    Viblaster Logo

    Thanks for the new update! I am currently getting this Viblaster logo on the upper right of my screen when i play a video through chrome I was talking to one of the admin and mention that it might have something to do with licensing failing. check the logs for issue. I am not sure what to look for.... I am posting logs. *** I would like to point out this only happens when i am on another computer logged in from a remote location. *** Server: Version 3.0.5675.1 server-63572829674.txt
  14. BAS

    PlayOn Missing Tile Artwork

    All of the sudden my Playon is now a blank tile in every client including the web client. I tried uninstalling the plugin and reinstalling with no luck. Is there a way to get the plugin to regenerate these logo tile images on my server?
  15. I don't know how long this has been happening but was doing some maintenance and noticed a few TV series missing logo and thumb images. As from the screenshots below the logo and thumbs appear on the fanart website but not downloading or even showing when you browse the images via the metadata manager. My settings seem correct and using version 3.0.5387.37160
  16. vidkun

    TV Show Logos Not Showing

    I am using the latest stable version of XBMB3C in the repo with XBMC 12.2 and the latest stable Aeon Nox 4 release connected to the latest stable version of MB3 Server. I'm having issues with images being displayed properly for TV Shows (haven't even started checking/testing the movies side yet). I started with trying to use the Episode view to display them as banners, but that never worked anywhere near correctly. So now, I am trying to use the Landscape view to display them as Logo. However, all I get is text of the show name with the episode counts in parenthesis. I have verified that the show does have the correct image in MB3S for the logo image type and have stayed on a single show name for at least 5 minutes just to be extra extra extra sure that it wasn't an issue of just needing to d/l the image and cache it first. Nothing ever shows up. Any ideas on why some of the image types have issues loading? Any testing/info I can do/provide to troubleshoot this? On a separate (lower priority) note, I've also noticed issues with watched statuses not always syncing up between what is shown in XBMB3C and MB3S sometimes. Figured I'd mention it in case that was a known issue with a fix coming. Otherwise, the image issue more important to me at the moment.
  17. Does anyone know of a good place to get logos for local TV stations? Now that Live TV is in Media Browser, I'm trying to get some nice looking logos. I have been doing Google searches, visiting the TV stations' web pages, visiting wikipedia, etc. But it seems to be a hodge-podge of stuff I can find. Thanks for any advice!
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