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  1. Currently when I go into favorites with a long list, it is always displayed horizontally (using an iPad, and I think the same on ATV), one has to slide horizontally to view the list, while we have plenty of empty space below. I have to click on “see all” to make them fill the screen and to be able to scroll down which is more meaningful. This is especially annoying when having a lot of IP TV channels. Please make the “see all” the default view when one goes into Favorites. Another request for playlists. When I go into them and I choose one to see then decide to go back, the list jumps to the beginning instead of going back to where I left. Again, especially annoying with long IP TV playlists. It would also be nice if the empty space can be better utilized. Thanks
  2. This is a capture of the home screen on the browser version of Emby. This simple little addition is all I wish the Roku app had. I really dislike having to: Going into a Library (eg. "Movies" or "TV Shows"), Selecting "All Movies/Shows" at the top, Pressing the Star * key on the Roku remote to access Options. On the right, a popout menu will appear, Under "Filter" check the box labeled "Favorites." Such a hassle! Seems like every other version of Emby app has this top Favorites toggle at the top except Roku. Please add it developers!
  3. Hi, Great product. Have been using Emby for a couple of days now. Simple Question: It seems photo images aren't being displayed in Favorites. - I click the heart icon and therefore should appear in favorites? Video's favorites are being displayed [all ok]. Any reason what photos are't being displayed? Thanks in advance.
  4. Ability to enable or disable: FOLDERS UPCOMING TRAILERS SUGGESTIONS FAVOURITES on the top menu bar AND change the menu ordering of the options around to admin or user choice.
  5. ISSUES Genres are messed up. I now have a "Science Fiction" genre and a "Science-Fiction" genre. I have zero movies or tv shows using "Science-Fiction" with the hyphen in the metadata. I specifically have to change this for every single science fiction tv show I add to my library because TVDB uses the name with a hyphen whereas TMDB does not and I want everything to match. When I click on "Science-Fiction" genre under Genres, it brings up all my science fiction movies/shows before the update. I double checked the metadata and nfos and I have it listed as just "Science Fiction" for all those movies/shows. But I also have a "Science Fiction" genre under Genres. If I click on that, it brings up the two science fiction movies I added to the library today post-update. So unless you have a fix, I'm going to have to go through almost 1000 movies and shows and delete the current science fiction genre in the metadata and then re-add it so they all are grouped into the same genre. No filter or sorting in Favorites depending on how you reach Favorites. 1. Click on Movies or TV Shows under My Media on the home screen and then click on Favorites from the top bar, it gives you no sorting or filtering. 2. If you click on Favorites from the home screen at the very top (Home / Favorites) then click on Favorite Movies or Favorite TV Shows, it will give you the filter and sorting options. This happens when using a browser on my desktop and also in the Android app. When you access Collections from the Home Screen under My Media, there's a single random year listed under every title of each collection. I can't make any sense what the date corresponds to. It's not the year of the earliest or latest movie in the collection. The date doesn't show up under the name of the collection if you go to Movies or TV Shows under My Media first and then select Collections from the top bar. All my chapter image extractions just disappeared. Not a big deal. But I'm wondering if all those GBs of images were deleted or do I need to go in and manually do so? I'm running the scan again right now. OPINIONS Totals are no longer listed. No idea how many movies or tv shows/episodes I have unless I go into statistics which I do not like at all. I think totals should be listed on just about everything. Movies, TV Shows, Collections, Favorites, Genres, etc. The big white bars with arrows to horizontal scroll in various places needs a redesign imo. The look seems out of place with the rest of it. I read in one of your comments to another user about the fact that there were so many fundamental changes to the database that its impossible to go back to a previous version. I think in the future it would be wise to give a pop up warning for automatic update users saying that it won't be possible to roll back to a previous version, remind users to do a backup and give the user a chance to defer the update until they are 100% ready. Only on the big updates that really change things like 4.0 did.
  6. I'm in the process of trying to shift from Plex to Emby. On the Nvidia Shield Emby client there appears to be a limit of displaying favorites to just 50 TV shows. You can add as many as you want, but only scroll through the first 50. This seems arbitrary ... is there any way to eliminate the 50-show limit? I would think an app that can stream 100GB 4k videos could probably handle a tagged list of >50 ... say, 50,000 ... easily? I'd be delighted if I'm just missing a simple way to display more favorites.
  7. riothamus

    Question about favorites

    So I noticed last night that I could mark actors as favorites. However, they do not show up on the 'favorites' tab. I was hoping for the ability to click on an actor, and then be taken to a page showing TV and Movies that they have been in. I can do this manually if I search for an actor and click on their image, I just thought that the same could be done from the 'favorites' tab. Is this intended behavior for actors marked as favorites, or a bug? Thanks!
  8. richwphillips@yahoo.com

    Problem with music files on Roku app

    I added about 3000 music files to Emby recently. I previously only used Emby for videos. I have gone through some of my songs and indicated some were favorites. I did this from my computer. However, when I go on the Roku app, I can't get to my favorites to play them. When I first open my music library, I see "Favorites" as a header, but it quickly disappears and I can't see how to get it back. Also, is there no way to shuffle or mix my entire library? From what I can tell, I can shuffle play within an artist or album, but not using the whole library. Maybe I'm missing something. I'm using the latest beta version of the app. Thanks.
  9. naeyaert

    Sort Order - Favorites

    Hello Emby You recently added the ability in Emby Theatre to view movies "by date added" which is a huge help. I noticed recently however that although this feature does work perfectly in my libraries (i.e. Movies, TV etc)....but when I view my "favorites" (favorite movies), the movies ONLY list by date added and there is no option to re-sort these movies in alphabetical order. This once worked but seems to be no longer working as the option no longer exists on the favorites section. It's like the "favorites" section is adopting the default view of the "movies library". I would prefer my main "movies" library sorted by "date added" and then my "favorites" sorted by alphabetical order. Can you help please? Many thanks Rob
  10. richwphillips@yahoo.com

    TV Show Favorites On Roku App

    Maybe I'm missing the option, but I don't see a way to access just the TV show episodes I identified as a "favorite" with the heart icon. I can access these episodes on my browser version, but I'm not seeing this option on the Roku app.
  11. It seems that the Favorites tile pulls images from all items in that library, not just the actual Favorited items. That's a bit confusing, as you can have an image displayed that is not actually a Favorite. Is this perhaps a bug? I'm using Emby Theater for Windows desktop, on Windows 10 x64. Let me know if you need any further details, or if I'm just missing something obvious. Thanks!
  12. choqni@gmail.com

    favorite photos feature in roku app

    It would be great to have the option to tick photos as 'favorites' for filtering later. This is doable with videos. I'm probably not the only person syncing photos from multiple cameras in real time. Emby on roku lets me see them immediately on the big screen, but then great pics are buried forever by new photos unless I happen to be home next to the server where they are uploaded.
  13. Hello, I noticed in latest version that Favorites comes up empty? It is only under Movies it is empty. Under TV-Series it shows normal. Is it a bug? P.S: I still consider this to be the best App for Emby. On my "wish list" for future featurs is: A frontpage (homepage) similar to the webversion (with nice overview/suggestions of all sections). Full support for remote control MCE (as it is now only some navigation can be done by remote)
  14. When marking any actor as favorite, I expect to see it in Favorites page, but that's not working Server Version 3.0.8500.0
  15. Is it possible, or will it be added, to have the ability to sync the channel groups in Emby with the channel groups i already have setup in nextPVR?
  16. I've been trying to figure out how to get a list of TV/Movies that I have marked as favorites, but I can't seem to find it. Any help is appreciated. Thanks for a great system. --Allan
  17. When navigating to the favorites tab that is present on the home screen, and clicking on "more" to see a full list of favorite movies, shows, or episodes, we are not able to filter, sort, or jump to a letter in that list. Instead of further editing that list, can the "more" buttons link to their respective libraries with favorites filter already enabled? Instead of presenting yet another list, hopefully the "all movies" list is linkable with a favorites filter already turned on. I realize not everyone will have quote so many movies in their favorites list that they want to jump, but I definitely do. Visual aids: The more button on this page Currently links here But should link here With this filter already enabled
  18. I don't use audio or books for one user and another is strictly set up for movies, so having the other favorites there with nothing in them is a waste - would it be possible to add a setting to hide categories that are empty?
  19. This is more of an annoyance than anything serious but the rest of the app has gotten so good that I thought I'd at least mention it. My favorites list doesn't update consistently. When I remove and add new shows only the first update "takes". The list then stays the same until I close the app and relaunch it, then it's fine.
  20. It's quite useful to be able to quickly add/remove items as Favorites with the context menu while in the Emby app (via WMC or elsewhere). I use this to keep, for example, a handy list of TV shows I'm currently watching, so that I can go to that selection rather than wading through all the shows I have. My son uses a list of Favorites in his movies. In many cases, like the TV shows example, it would be nice to have a per-user checkbox configuration option in the Emby server's User settings to toggle the Favorites view option to be enabled when the user logs in. Currently, it's disabled by default and the user must navigate to the Favorites option on the settings bar (MBC on WMC) which, while not a lot of extra work, gets wearisome when it's pretty much my default first action for any given view. I'm aware there might be sort order issues as per the comment in http://emby.media/community/index.php?/topic/21749-favorites-on-ehs-chocolate/ but perhaps the setting could be implemented in such a way as to toggle the Favorites view after the user has entered the category view, when the option is checked in User config? Thanks for taking the time to read through this! I've been a supporter for about a year now and I'm generally very happy with Emby
  21. For some reason after marking a bunch of Collections "Favorites" (created by AutoBox Sets plugin), there are none showing up on my "Favorites" page. Surely that is an oversight because if I go all the way in to the Movies then Collections (how its set to display currently) I can set my filter to only show my "Favorite" Collections, but that is so much more effort. Please include Collections in the "Favorites", thanks.
  22. archangelz

    LiveTV favorites list truncation

    When using the roku app, the favorites list in the LiveTV section drops channels a lot of times. On the web guide I'll have maybe 14-16 channels, 12-13 of these channels will show up on the favorites list on the Roku. Most of the time the channel at the end will be missing from the favorites list. Logging out and logging back in sometimes fixes the problem. Say I have 516-530 favorited, 530 will likely be missing as well as one or two channels in between from the Live TV stripe. Web view of EMBY will be fine though in browser. Roku 1.96 Server tried 3.0.5572.0 as well as 3.0.5582.2 beta HDHomeRun prime ServerWMC build 1190 Not sure where to begin with a bug report like this. Which logs need to be provided? I can dump the server logs for sure... not sure how to get records from the other systems if required. Anyone else have an issue here or know how to fix this? EDIT: Found how to enable development mode on the Roku, will try to get some paired server and roku logs if a dev thinks this is required.
  23. Can we get Favourites into the next release please - yes I'm banging on about this again but I just keep on getting workarounds despite the supposed unified experience of MB3 across all platforms
  24. mpodval

    Music Organization

    Hi, I love MB and use it daily for live TV and recording shows. I was hoping MB would also make using separate bubbleupnp/twonky music servers redundant. Unfortunately, that is not possible yet as MB lacks certain options (or maybe I am lacking understanding which is why I am posting). My current music collection is organized by genres. Each song also has a rating. I also use a media player ( WMP,winamp, Music Bee etc) to create a dynamic playlist based on ratings, recently played, and so on. These are my three main ways of finding and playing music. It seems with MB i can only use the genre category because MB doesn't see the rating tag and neither does it recognize playlists from other players. MB does have something called "favorites" for songs but I can't seem to figure out how to add or remove songs from that list. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks, Mark
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