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Found 15 results

  1. jlj1950

    LG app substitute?

    Hello, I'm experiencing another of my ISP's discontinuities. I can use the Emby DLNA appbut the thought occurred to me, "If I can run the Emby GUI on my dedicated server laptop, I should be able to run it on my TV's browser app at the same address.m And so I can. My question is this: will I lose anything by using the TV's WebOS browser instead of Google Chrome on my laptop? What about HEVC? My guess is, since DTS initiates transcoding, x265 is not supported. Wrong. I watched some of a movie in HEVC, so at least some play. Just watched another with HEVC and HDR. TrueHD 7.1 failed, however. Also, HDR did not trigger the TV's 'HDR Picture Mode'/'Cinema Home.' I had to change screens manually. Right now the biggest drawback seems to be the WiFi (hidden SSID may be an issue) seems to be kind of variable in speed, i.e. busy circles when browsing and starting sometimes happens. Thank you.
  2. kapkan

    Emby buffers on 4k files

    Hi all, my setup is as follows: Router: AC 1200 Emby server: Windows 10 (i5 8gb) connected to router via 5 GHz Wi-Fi Client: Emby next-gen on Vero 4k+ connected via 5 GHz Wi-Fi (connected to lg soundbar via hdmi-in which is connected to LG CX via e-arc hdmi) I have mostly stable playback, but sometimes there's the annoying buffering/stuttering for high bit rate files (> 30 Mbps with peaks reaching ~100 Mbps). When I look at the send (upload speeds) on my windows machine I see the speed drops to <20 Mbps (even 10 at times). Is this likely because of interference (there are around 2-3 APs (5 GHz) surrounding me in close by channels (40-80 MHz)? I tried wiring the server/client to the router (router ports capped at 100 Mbps), this is more stable than Wi-Fi mostly, however there's still buffering on high bitrate files (for example on Psycho 4k remux with peaks exceeding 100 Mbps). Can I be sure that Wi-Fi/router is the problem? And would switching to gigabit router (and wiring both client/server) completely solve my problem? I'm attaching a few recent logs for reference. Thanks in advance for any input! embyserver-63783503998.txt embyserver.txt ffmpeg-transcode-c5ea727b-d855-48c5-8134-28cd1f5534ba_1.txt
  3. bendini20

    Connection Change Bug

    Hello, I am a regular Emby user, especially for music on the mobile IOS app. I am currently running IOS 15.0.2 and app version 2.0.10. There is an annoying issue where when I am playing back from wifi and disconnect (say walk out of range) and transition to cellular data, the app will not re-establish connection with the server, even after several minutes. Changing tabs in the app does not cause a refresh or anything. I have to fully close out of the app and then reopen to it to connect to the server again. This is especially annoying when driving and I start music in the driveway within wifi range and then disconnect when I back out. Thanks!
  4. bartold

    velocità di streaming

    Il mio server emby opera su un pc con windows7 collegato al router in wifi. Anche la Tv su cui mi collego al server è collegata allo stesso router via wifi. La visualizzazione dei video si blocca dopo 10 secondi di riproduzione poi riprende dopo altri 5 .. 6 secondi. Quale potrebbe essere il problema ? L'immagine viene inviata a un server pubblico prima di tornare al tv o c'e' un collegamento peer 2 peer ? Qualcuno ha info su questo argomento ? grazie e saluti a tutti
  5. QNAP Android 9 Emby 3.0.87 Using Android app with Wifi, playing a song, everything fine, also caching. When changing network to LTE, app stops caching, playing stops at the end of puffered data - next song not possible. The other way round - LTE to Wifi - works fine. This is a big playback problem, because when start listing inside and moving outwords, the connection type changes and playback stops. The only solution right now is NOT using Wifi at all. Attached log-file. Mobile listing should start at line 700. I don't see, why emby stops after network connection changes.
  6. Hola, soy nuevo con emby por que el plex no deja conectar el smart tv sin Internet , bueno la cosa es que estoy probando emby y me gusto bastante pero me encontré con un problema mi celular cuando se conecta a la wifi que la tengo sin Internet, el celular automáticamente se conecta al 4G pero no conecta al servidor, pero si bajo el 4G de mi celular puedo conectarme fácilmente al servidor alguien sabe si se puede solucionar. Por que lo tengo sin Internet mi wifi es que donde vivo solo llega señal 4G y lo tenemos contratados en los celulares y estar configurando el router a cada rato con Internet con los celulares que tienen los planes es una lata eso gracias
  7. Hello, HELP ME PLEASE!!!! I purchased the HDMI wifi EXCast4K dongle --> https://shopping.ezcast.com/prod/ezcast4k It works fine but has some problems because Emby server can transmit video files via DLNA protocol to the dongle, but it is not possible to control the time or volume. Using other types of software and transmitting the DLNA video stream to the dongle, time and volume control is possible. Could you verify and possibly solve the problem by reporting it to the programmers? I am available to perform all the tests you want to help you solve. Thank you
  8. johnanderson

    router connectivity

    I bought a new router and it is not connecting to my system. The specification of the router is h.t.t.p://netgears.support/netgear-powerline
  9. Has anyone else had the issue of Emby downloads on Android never fully completing successfully? I've been troubleshooting this on and off for almost a year now and would love to get to the bottom of it. On any 4G/LTE network or WiFi that is not my home network, Emby will constantly reset a download, never fully completing most of the time. At home, so long as I'm on my WiFi, it works like a charm. Halp!
  10. servi.sys

    Dispositivos por usuario

    Que tal, he estado probando emby server, para implementarlo en mi red wisp, me he relacionado con su funcionamiento, pero no encuentro si tiene opción de limitar un numero de dispositivos por cada usuario, por ejemplo que el usuario A, solo pueda accesar con 2 dispositivos al mismo tiempo, o que el Usuario B solo pueda accesar de un dispositivo. si pueden orientarme, o si es una característica de emby premiere.
  11. Hi. I have an HDD (1Tb USB powered) attached to my WiFi Media Server (Archer_C3200) via a USB 3 port. I also have a Telstra TV with Roku Media Player. The Roku, using the "All" option, finds the Wifi Media Server. It further allows me to Browse Folders. However, at the top level, Roku only shows 1 folder. By selecting the one found folder, it shows the next level of sub-directories, but still only 1 folder. This is the pattern for every level. There are definitely playable files in most, if not all folders. My laptop, accessing the same HDD through the same wifi, shows all folders at all levels. Roku also finds and shows all folders at all levels when the same HDD is plugged via USB directly into the Telstra TV. I tried * as per another topic here, but did not help. Could someone please expose my folly and guide me into all my paths of remoteness? Thank you.
  12. Hi folks, This weekend I've been having a blast troubleshooting assorted Emby minor issues. So far, so good, with just one left to go: I've got a new windows tablet, and I would like to use it as a roving Emby client, within my home. I'm a paid supporter; I've installed the latest Theater release from the web. After some hiccups due to server issues (now trouble-shot) I've got it basically working, and standard definition video is playing fine. But any high def video (stored as MKV files on the Emby Server, standard h264 video with AAC or DTS non-high def sound) is super stuttery when played on the tablet through wifi via emby. My guess is that the effective connection speed of the wifi is somehow too slow and I'm requesting advice troubleshooting this. Here are the basics of the situation: 1. The Emby Server is part of my HTPC which runs Emby through WMC. It's an older Windows 7 x 64 box, dual core Kuma processor, but it's fast enough for anything I've ever asked it to do. It has no problem handling watching 2 HD streams at once on wired connections. 2. The network in the house is all wired as gigabit including all switches. As far as access points go I've got the main router which is a Netgear WNDR4300 and a Linksys EA3500 as a supplemental access point. Any wifi device connects strongly to either of these; I'm not doing anything in a fringe area. 3. Emby Theater works fine on my wired-Ethernet desktop PC (Windows 7 64 bit). No stuttering playing the content. 4. I've got an android tablet; the Emby app plays the HD content just fine (via wifi) no stuttering. 5. The new Win 10 tablet is a cheap thing (Nextbook Flexx 10, $100 at Walmart). However, it plays LOCAL media from it's SSD or a microsd just fine without stuttering if I run MPC-HC or some such. In other words, the tablet can render HD video fine. It only stutters when playing via wifi. So, with those as the basic facts, I did some troubleshooting: A. Checked my Win 10 settings... what else is using wireless? As far as I can tell, nothing. I've disabled the peer to peer update scam MS uses, and the tablet is currently up to date so it's not feeling compelled to download anything new. I've turned off the telemetry that is under my control. In Task Manager, network usage rests at 0% unless I start doing something deliberate like streaming video. B. If I go on the tablet to speedtest.net, my results are pretty variable. Full speed to the testing site depends on my neighborhood's traffic load, but typically I will see between 30 and 50 Mbps download speeds when testing from a wired computer, and when testing from the tablet, I often get 15-20 Mbps, which suggests the tablet's connection to the router is at least adequate for our purposes. Once in a while it is much slower (<5 Mbps), which worries me, though, because I can't explain it. B. When I start Emby Theater on the tablet, I see a bit of network activity (in Task Manager), under 1 Mbps, while it loads up. It quickly returns to zero. So far, so good. Let's say I play an episode of Hannibal (HD). I hit play. This is what happens: I get the circle animation which says it's starting. It will play fine for a few seconds, then start stuttering. Total Network usage per Task Manager will vary from 15% to 70%. I'll get a few spikes from System and Compressed Memory using a few Mbps of bandwidth. Interestingly, Emby Theater app (up at the top of Task Manager) will show 0 Mbps. However, Antimalware Service Executable (I'll call it ASE) is using on average 25 Mbps. Say what? If I pause playback that ASE drops to zero Mbps. C. If I try playing content on the server PC just using the tablet's Windows Video Application (Movies & TV), I see ~20 Mbps video usage by that application and it's super stuttery. No blips from ASE. D. If I try to play content on the server PC just using the tablet and MPC-HC the MPC-HC app shows lots of network usage on the order of 30 Mbps and the video may or may not stutter. Let's say it's similarly stuttery as Emby Theater. No blips from that ASE thing. E. Once in a while, Emby Theater plays the content just fine. F. Just now I unpaused the video in Emby Theater and it plays fine for a minute or so, then starts stuttering. Total network usage per task manager's total at the top is around 30% (ranging from 15%-40%) and the ASE is showing 0 Mbps, as is the Emby Theater app. No idea why Emby Theater doesn't seem to be using network. Looking at the wifi Performance details, I see the usual spikes in bandwidth use, from 15-50 Mbps. Any ideas how to troubleshoot this? I'm a bit out of my depth here. Thanks Marc
  13. thefirstofthe300

    Upgrade to 4.4.3 introduces stuttering

    I just upgraded my Nexus 7 to 4.4.3 last night and it seemed to introduce a problem with video streaming. After approximately 15 minutes of playing SD video, the video stream begins to stutter while the audio continues to play just fine. I also use Plex on my Android (mostly for the sync feature, a must-have for me as my upload speed is awful) and I noticed that it has a similar issue where it will stutter after about 8 minutes of playback. I can provide logs if you think you will need them. PS How is the player rewrite going? I am wondering when the next update will be.
  14. Hi, I have a lot of full HD music videoclips which have different birates. For some reason I could play some pretty good on my Samsung S3 mini phone, but some others showed a black screen and I could only hear the music. Especially videos with a low bitrate (around 2000-2500) gave these problems. By setting the Wifi bitrate to 1.8mb/s I can play all video's, no matter what the bitrate is. So, my burning questions: 1) Can the Wifi bitrate not to be determined automaticly? 2) If not, what is the best rule to determine the optimized setting?
  15. IvoryJazzMan

    Android Client n00b question

    I've successfully installed the mb3 server, classic (xbox360) and roku versions, but am stuck trying to get the Android client (beta 14, or RC2.1) to log in. I keep getting "Could not connect to library." I've typed in the name of the pc, and the router IP address, and port 8096 seems to be open, and there seem to be rules for the mb3 server in the firewall. Have I missed something obvious? Perhaps a detailed set-up tutorial would help? Do changes to the firewall rules need to be made? Why doesn't the android client "see" the LAN automatically, especially since the phone is already logged into wifi? Do I need to change a setting in server to look for the android client? Running mb3 server on Win7 Pro x64. Running mb3 android on Verizon Moto Droid Razr android 4.1.2.
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