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Found 14 results

  1. kanipek

    programdata folder location?

    Using DSM 6 - Can't seem to find it. Please help Thank You
  2. Paul898

    Installation Location

    Hey, I am NEW to Emby. Is there a way to to have the server install on a specific drive? I have a small C drive where windows is located and would like to have Emby and all the data and logs for it located on my D drive that is a lot larger. How can i set it up on a drive Different drive? From what i see most logs and files can be moved but not the program. please help
  3. anders02

    App access Geo Location

    The app works good if I am on my network but I can't connect from outside my network. I have tried everything. It uses geo location to verify you. This gives a false readings because of the ATT standards. I was going to go Premium but I don't see the need if I can't use the app. I was told by Emby support to try a VPN. I should not have to do that. I will not do that. I live in the country and my internet is slow as it is. I will not slow it down further by adding a VPN. If they insist on using this geo location then I can't give them a good rating. Using geo location for a free service is just silly anyway. Stop using Geo Location to verify me. It thinks I live in Texas. I do not live in Texas. But AT&T points there. I would be glad to pay for Premium if I could access my files though the app from outside my network. But I can't. So no Premium.
  4. Hey all, I know this has been talked about a couple times, but over and over I stumble on this change… Most recently I realized I won't be able to control my synced music playback through Android Auto. Unless/until Emby gains Auto integration / certification at least. I understand the reasons behind the change to use the Download Manager, there's no point in reinventing the wheel. But maybe there's a third option? I'm sure Emby gets notified of successful downloads, couldn't it then move the downloaded files to a location accessible to other apps? Basically treat the app-only data directory as temporary storage for in-progress downloads? That, or use the DownloadManager's API to download to a public location, enabling MediaScanner, too? Thanks for listening
  5. Hello all, I am hoping someone could offer some assistance. I have recently only started using Emby's collection feature (in the past I would create the Collection folder manually myself). I have set all of my Emby data (cache, metadata, trans-coding) saved locations to another drive on the server Emby is installed on. Everything is running extremely well, however I have a small hiccup regarding Collection metadata. By default, Emby looks for, and stores Collection metadata to it's default location of C:\Users\Username\AppData\Roaming\Emby-Server\data\collections I have added a new location to where I have all other Emby data stored, being \\MEDIA-SERVER\MediaBrowser\Collections I manually moved all existing data from the default location, to the new folder, and then removed the default location from the Library, leaving only the new location to monitor. Emby has no issue with this change, displaying the data as it should. However, after a library scan Emby creates a new library with the name Collections1, which has the default location listed against it. I can delete the Library Collections1, but it gets recreated automatically. Also, whenever I create a new collection, it continues to store the information in the default locations, instead of the new location as specified against the library. I have looked at the settings for Collections in Metadata Manager, but it only displays the default path of C:\Users\Username\AppData\Roaming\Emby-Server\root\default\Collections with no way of changing to the new location. Is there something I am overlooking to get Emby to store all newly created collection data to my new location of \\MEDIA-SERVER\MediaBrowser\Collections ? I am running Emby Server Version Thank you for any help you could offer. Cheers.
  6. Aussiedroid

    Bluray NFO Location & Naming

    I wanted to check where the Bluray nfo file should be located & how it should be named. Originally, I had these as movie.xml files in the root folder of the movie. I've upgraded to nfo files and removed xml but having this as movie.nfo was not displaying or refreshing. Some searching around the forums & wikis found that this should be now called index.nfo under the BDMV folder. I've tried this but still no data will refresh/display. If I manually refresh to fetch new metadata from Emby Theater for example it creates a file <foldername>.nfo. So I renamed my original nfo file to the folder name & refresh missing metadata & it displays as expected. Is this correct? (before I go through and manually update my other rips) Also, on a side question, should subtitle options display the name of the subtitle stream? They are present if I play this via an external player such as Media Player Classic but show as Und (Undetermined) in Emby interface. Many Thanks, AD
  7. Hi, Very happy with Media Browser's ability to store metadata in a separate folder. However, even though a specific area is defined where all information and images are stored, the subtitles collected by Media Browser are currently downloaded into the actual media folder. For security reasons, many users prefer to mount their data storage read-only from the server. That way, the data is not quite as much as risk in case there is a catastrophic bug (unlikely) or security breach on the media server. Thus it's a great feature for MBS to store the metadata in a local folder on the local server, and then get the video files from a read-only storage system. Currently I believe subtitles is the only core component that desires write access to the video directory directly. Would it be possible to add an option to specify either a separate area for subtitles, or to store subtitles together with metadata? As an example, in my current setup, subtitles are auto-downloaded into a separate folder, and then there's a script running on the storage system that searches for and copies all SRTs from this area every few hours. However, the SRT grabber I currently use is rubbish compared to the quality of Media Browser's, so it would be terrific if Media Browser's own subtitle grabber could be used to grab to a custom area. -Florux
  8. LurchZA

    Roku client questions

    Hi all, A few questions: 1. Where can I find the Roku app in the list of channels on the device? As I have stated in another thread, I am able to install the beta version, but, when I try install the main release build I get the below error: I see it says it is listed under Personal Media, but, there is no such option when I browse through the Streaming Channels on the device. 2. I have told the device to update and it says that it already is up to date, but the device has been off since before the new Roku client release. Should it be automatically updating or do I need to go back every time and manually update the Beta from https://owner.roku.com/add/EmbyBeta ? Does the private beta channel automatically update? 3. Does installing the beta mean it will update only beta releases, or will it update to the public builds as well?
  9. I am missing the folder images on my EHS for the Podcasts plugin. http://i.imgur.com/KC3VocT.jpg The RSS feed is working fine, and it is pulling down the metadata for episode info and screenshots, but this missing folder image on the EHS is doing my head in. http://i.imgur.com/4xpHri0.jpg Any suggestions on where to place a folder.jpg file or how to edit a config to solve this? Cheers
  10. Common sense says that a "server" is usually the PC that is also directly connected to storage, for the fastest access to media etc. Situation: I have EMBY server on an ancient PC (haven't had time to upgrade this yet), running Win 7, so it runs EMBY and for playing media I use Emby for Kodi on this and other computers on the network. (The ancient PC is connected to my TV). Now I have one unused laptop that has better hardware (i5, 4GB etc.). If I move the EMBY server to the laptop, in how-far does it affect speed/delivery of content? All the content is "directly played" on various clients in the network with UNC network paths set-up. Say, one movie comes from //PC1/Movies/Movie1.mkv If I understand this right, this "direct play" means than ANY client has direct access to the file on the network much as if the client would play the file directly over the network. According to this logic it should not matter even if I move EMBY to a laptop, even if the laptop would only be wirelessly and slower connected to the network - since it wouldn't ultimately affect how media is delivered to whatever client? Am I correct there? The only "downside" here would be when EMBY is cataloging its database it would be a little slower since now EMBY (on the laptop) would have to access some storage media over the network, eg. as opposed to on the old computer where the HDs are directly connected? (For those who think why not use the newer laptop as EMBY server *and* KODI for playing on my TV, the laptop's GPU is worse than the one in the ancient PC.) My idea is to use the ancient PC as KODI playback machine only and (see above) move EMBY to another computer on the network to free up some resources. Any thoughts? Thanks
  11. lloydcodrington

    Subtitle location and how to delete

    Hi All, I'm using Windows Media Centre and it automatically plays films with subtitles that have been downloaded. I've changed the settings to stop the download of subtitles as all my collection is in English so I don't need them, but can anyone tell me where the subtitle files are stored so that I can delete them for the films they've been downloaded for already.
  12. buddyweiser

    Collection Icons where?

    I found these awesome collection icons in the fan art forum, but I cannot find where to put them on my server...The ones I'm referring to are the favorites icon/background, and the movie genre icon/background.
  13. In MB2 I had multiple media collections pointing to the same media location because I wanted my Movie in two different Media Collection in MB, one sorted by date added and the other sorted by Movie Name. MB3 will not allow me to do this...I assume by design. I tried to search to see if anyone else mentioned this, but could not get a hit. Is this correct? If so, is there a way for me to have what I am after? Kind of nice to just click into a view...rather than have to navigate up and change the sort order of a given view. Thanks.
  14. Recently my movie collection has filled up an entire 2TB storage drive. When I originally set up my HTPC, I included a 2TB drive for movies, a 1TB drive for Music, Documents, and other general storage. Recently I've filled up the original 2TB "movies" drive and I've now added a 2nd hard drive. Is there any way in MBS to add a second (or additional) default location to my "Movies" media collection? So far I haven't been able to find a way to do this and have been left to create 2 separate media collections (aptly named "Movies 1" and "Movies 2") for what is truly a single media collection. Sure, I can browse through the entire collection of ALL my movies (including my "Kids Movies" collection and/or "Adult Movies" collections), but usually I prefer to just go directly to a specific media collection when I want to browse and what ends up happening is I'm only browsing 1/2 of my collection.
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