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  1. Hello For some reason Emby recently only started reading the first Genre tag in all of my music. My Music folder is setup as Artist > Album > Tracks My Music is tagged using Mp3Tag and Music Bee Genre1//Genre2//Genre3//Genre4 Stone Sour Come What(ever) May Heavy Metal//Hard Rock//Alternative Metal//Post-Grunge Emby only shows Heavy Metal.
  2. clakulus

    Various Apple TV Bugs

    Hi there. New Emby user for the sole purpose of music and having a few issues with the Apple TV client, mostly cosmetic. I've noticed there is an issue with track numbers in that they do not display unless you scroll down, then back up again. The numbers do not correspond to the tracks (which are in the correct order despite this). Please see the image attached - note the missing track numbers, which change each time an album is selected. The web client is fine. I've also noticed that I cannot skip through some tracks, which display as streaming 'live'. Is this a file format issue? Kind regards
  3. Hello folks, before the post I would like to thank you for the amazing job, I'm new to Emby and I love it, making the switch from another solution and really have to say that emby has improved a lot in the last 3 years. I love that the community is so responsive, and that developers are actually present in the forum in first person. Let's get to the point. What I would suggest here is to Improve a little bit the way Artists are sorted based on the ID3 Tags. Now, we have basically two Tags to look at: Artist Album Artist. Imagine now to have a song in the album of artist "Mark" singed by "Mark" featuring "Jon" "Lisa" and "Eddy". In this case, I'll use tags like this: Artist: Mark feat. Jon, Lisa & Eddy Album Artist: Mark Standard behavior of almost any player (including Emby here) is to add artist "Mark feat. Jon, Lisa & Eddy" that actually does not exist, and will not have any match. Once upon a time I used to use a very nice player for Gnome called "Listen" Unluckily the project is not supported anymore, but you can find the source code here. Listen acted in a peculiar manner that changed my way to see tags: it correctly interpreted some separators in the Artist Tag, such as: "feat." "featuring" "," "and" "&" It used to place the song mentioned above under all single artists: "Mark", "Jon", "Lisa" and "Eddy" and not creating the "fake" artist. Unfortunately I'm not a coder, but I don't think this should be too much complicated...at least I hope not, 'cause I would love to have this feature implemented. This would be a major plus for Emby to stand out from the crowd (IMHO). Let me know what you think, I hope to have explained it in a clear manner, otherwise I apologize for my English, just let me know and I will try to explain it better.
  4. Hi, i'm new to Emby - i'm having a dabble to see if i like it or Plex more (new to both). I can't see all 17 tracks on my Dido, 2CD album. It seems a bit confused . It thinks it's listing and playing CD2 - but it's not. It labels it CD2 It's actually CD1 It says there's 17 tracks (there is, on both CDs) But it only lists 11 tracks for me to play - these tracks belong to CD1. Identifying the album doesn't help: https://musicbrainz.org/release/82aca567-04ce-4ffc-8c78-743c1c0778e0 My directory structure: Does it not like the fact it's set at CD1, CD2? The Wiki doesn't say anything about it: https://support.emby.media/support/solutions/articles/44001159113-music-naming Thanks for the helps.
  5. Hi, I tried everything and now unable to solve issue by myself. I added videos songs in Music video type content and created a library but no videos are showing but a few Audio songs. I really thankful, if someone help me. Thanks
  6. Emby I have a library of content type "Music" that I've been using for some time without issue. Not sure when this broke but as it stands I no longer see a list of songs underneath a specific artist. Meaning: Go to the Music library and click the Artist link at the top. Select any artist. Note you'll see the artist image, title and play/related buttons (as you should) and below you'll see a list of other artists titled "More Like This". There are no songs listed anywhere and no errors in the console output. If you just hit the Play button the songs will play. They simply don't show up in the UI under an artist. If you instead navigate using the top nav to "Songs". All the songs are listed as you would expect. So this issue seems specific to the Artist screen. Also tried removing and re-adding the library, didn't help. Tested with Chrome and using the Emby mobile app. Should also note the audio files are sitting in an NFS directory.
  7. LexEmby

    Music Library problem

    Hi, I am experimenting with emby. Photos, movies work ok. But with the music library i have some issues. The emby server is on the envidea shield tv. Th mysic database is on my synology NAS. I started to import 3 artists. Emby onlys sees 1 artist ( or album artist) but it sees 4 albums. My id tags are ok. srescanning the library or renewing the metadata does not change anything. When i go to task, scan medialibrary i get a failure. ( not when i empty de music database). I cannot figure out what i am doing wrong... Who has an idea? Alex
  8. Hi All, I am after a little bit of advice on how best to tag my music library particularly with regard to multiple artists. As background the music library is organised as Music\AlbumArtist\Album\songs … This works well and in conjunction with tagging the files using typically picard with sanity checks provided by mp3tag I've got all areas of the music library presented well and as I want. I've ensured that the albumartist tags are unique so if there is a joint credit - I've only tagged and organised by main album artist. I was leaving the joint credits to the artist tag and this is where I am running into difficulty. I cannot seem to get consistent behaviour... and I am getting double entries and also some missing entries with the way it is tagged. I obvious have something wrong can anyone suggest the best way from picard to tag multiple artists. Thanks in advance
  9. hello, @ll; as a complete newby to Emby, I am wondering about some smaller aspects of music metadata handling; specifically: are all metadata amendments caused by Emby stored on Emby only? Or will they get written back into the individual files's taggage = sync back down to my actual library?(like : play and skip count/s, genre updates) etc. will genre information written by Emby's information enrichment be added to prexisting genre information on a track or will it replace pre-existing genres? + (probably floating around here somewhere already, but I haven't been able to spot it) : is there an/y ETA on when Emby might get dynamic playlists with smart filters? (such as "genre contains {x}") and multi-level sorting (to achieve a} by playcount descending with b} skip count ascending etc.) Thank you for what feedback you may be able to provide. Cheers! @@cayars @@Happy2Play
  10. Hi, I intent to stream my locally stored music (mp3 + ogg) with my mobile device. My download volume (for mobile internet) is limited and therefore I assume I need to transcode the stream somehow. In the bottom line I want to have something similar to Spotify with locally stored music. Can this be realized with Emby Media Server? What is required on the server (hardware, codecs, addons)? Which client should be used on mobile device? How can I ensure remote access to the Emby server? THX
  11. EduardoSantos

    Music artists shown and linked

    My wish for 2020 is that Emby for AndroidTV would have a screen where it displays all album artists and track artists for a given album/track and all these artists are hot linked so that I could navigate to their screen.
  12. I did a search, and the only request that I saw similar was included here: https://emby.media/community/index.php?/topic/76011-music-queue-list-improvements/?hl=%2Bshuffle+%2Bmusic That discussion seemed to be more focused on lyrics rather than the shuffle piece, so I figured I would create a separate FR. One of my biggest pet peeves with using the web interface (when listening to music at my desk) and the android app is my inability to to select a song from a playlist and have emby shuffle the playlist after the current song ends. The current behavior is that after the song I selected finishes, the next song in the playlist is played (which in my case is alphabetical order). The native android music players (the app retro player in my case) allow me to select a song from my playlist, and then click on the shuffle button on the now playing screen and my playlist queue is automatically shuffled. I realize that the simple answer is to just use the shuffle button to randomly start a playlist and shuffle the songs, but sometimes I just want to start listening to one song, and then listen to the rest of my playlist at random. Additionally, when listening to music with my kids, they ALWAYS want to start with a specific song, and then don't really care what happens after that. This causes me to have to select the song they want to listen to, then when that song is over, go back and hit the shuffle button, which is annoying to have to do. Hopefully my ramblings made sense - and thanks for your consideration.
  13. so i have been setting up the emby server and im on my music now. All my music have the tags set up on the files them self (see pic) but when added to the library it just put all the music into on whole album. i have no idea how to fix this or what is making this happen. also how does emby sort the music. know this would help me edit the files so that they work ebmy.
  14. Hi, I'm not sure if this is a known problem or if it has been experienced by anyone else? The problem I'm experiencing is the intermittent cutting out and skipping of the last few seconds of a music track when playing on Kodi using Emby. If you choose to play an album then, randomly, when playing the last few seconds of music of a track are skipped and the player jumps to the next track. I've done a clean install and checked using a number of configurations and the problem is reproduced. I've noticed the following: The problem doesn't occur when playing with a 'standard' Kodi configuration using an SMB source and connection for the Music store on the file server. The problem doesn't occur when using EmbyCon When using the Emby plugin, the Fast Foward/Skip Forward and Fast Back/Skip Back controls are missing on the Full Screen Player view but do show on the Home Screen mini-player (Confluence Skin) on the Estuary Skin the FF/FR controls are missing. Problem is not to do with player Cross Fading setting. Sometimes a track will play to the end and sometimes the same track will cut out a few seconds before the end and jump to the next track. Configuration is: Emby Server Emby Kodi Plug-In 4.1.14 Log File - https://paste.kodi.tv/oqigeyovel Would welcome any suggestions about how to fix problem. Many thanks, -martinix
  15. EduardoSantos

    Search results on Music

    AndroidTV app returns very different results when searching on a music context. As an example, searching for "Nat" got me one single artist hit ("Nat King Cole") whereas WebApp returns 12 artists. It seems the search does not include TrackArtists.
  16. I do not know how development team would refer to each one but... when playing music there is: - One screen containing controls to the music being played along with current queue on form of horizontal track listing below controls. (this one I would refer to as the "Queue Screen") - Another screen wich is not possibly invoked by the remote control. It will, instead, be shown after some inactivity time. This screen also contains info on track being played but no info on queue. (this would be the "Now playing" screen) So regarding "Now Playing" screen: Beautiful screen, good useful info being displayed. It is a real improvement from Chromecast's approach I was used to; How this screen is invoked: There is currently no way to invoke this screen. Emby app will call it after some inactivity time but only if user was on the "Queue Screen". If app is left inactive on any other screen while still playing, inactivity time will lead to AndroidTV's default screen saver. I would suggest that, during playback:This "Now Playing" screen to be shown after inactivity on any Emby app screen; Similarly to the "Queue Screen" thumbnail shown on other screens during playback, there could be a "Now Playing" thumbnail that would only be shown on the "Queue Screen". This would allow the user to start it any time. Artist name is shown on upper left area. Problem here is that artist name shown is probably the "first row" from the result set app got querying server about TrackArtists. As already mentioned here, it would better show all AlbumArtists or all TrackArtists. (this is the only "real problem" on this screen) Still regarding artist name: for AlbumArtists with a logo image I would also suggest app should prefer showing AlbumArtist's logo instead of name; Background slideshow: Really beautiful. And it is a very good feature that it toggles from all AlbumArtist's background images when the Album being played has no background image. If the album has a background image, though, slideshow will stick to it and there will be no togglin if album has just one background image. I would suggest the slideshow image selection would always include all album artist background images as well as background images from all TrackArtists.
  17. When adding a new music album, Emby will not add it's genre to any of it's AlbumArtists or TrackArtists already created. If the AlbumArtist or TrackArtist is new to the database, Emby will create it and properly associate according to the album genre.
  18. EatonFamily

    Music Playback Randomly Stops

    I have Emby server (version running on a Synology DS216play (DS version DSM 6.2.2-24922 Update 3). Our primary client is the Emby app on our Apple TV 4K (both running most recent versions). When playing music, we generally select Songs and Shuffle, allowing it to cycle through our entire library (about 4500 songs of various formats). We have a Weimaraner who has a bit of separation anxiety so when we are gone and leave her crated we leave music playing in the background to help calm her. When I first switched from Plex to Emby, we could gone several hours, as much as 6 hours, and get home to find the music still playing. Even now, there are times my wife leaves it on while she is home during the day and it plays 7-8 hours without stopping. However, over the past two weeks, we periodically come back into the livingroom to find that the music has stopped. There is no outward sign of a problem... the Apple TV screen saver is on (it comes on after 2 minutes so it's not that interrupting the music) and when we clear it the Emby "now playing" screen is up with the latest song displayed but stopped. There is no error message and if we hit Play it starts playing again just fine. I have not tested to see how long it might go when restarted. Generally, it seems like it stops after 1-3 hours. There appears to be no commonality in terms of which song it stops on. I've checked the Emby logs and, while there are some errors here and there, since I don't know exactly what time it stopped playing I can't tell whether any of them have anything to do with the issue. Since many are in periods that it appears the music was playing ok, I suspect they are minor issues that have nothing to do with playback stopping. I've enabled Debugging on the log page and am playing music now while we are home, hoping to catch when it stops and be able to check the logs in that time period. This is exactly why I left Plex as we had a similar problem with it that I never could solve (nor could the Plex support people). Given it was happening on Plex, too, I have to wonder whether it is an Apple TV issue but, if so, assume the problem is surely in the Emby app on Apple TV (and the Plex app before it). Hopefully, even then whatever happens would show up in the Emby logs. I searched the forums and don't see anything quite like this. Any suggestion? Thanks, Nathan
  19. EduardoSantos

    Continuous music play

    Should I expect gapless playback mentioned here on the AndroidTV app?
  20. I do not know how development team would refer to each one but... when playing music there is: - One screen containing controls to the music being played along with current queue on form of horizontal track listing below controls. (this one I would refer to as the "Queue Screen") - Another screen wich is not possibly invoked by the remote control. It will, instead, be shown after some inactivity time. This screen also contains info on track being played but no info on queue. (this would be the "Now playing" screen) So regarding "Queue Screen": It currently has two areas and scrolls vertically. One area presents media playing controls and the other shows a horizontal listing of playing queue tracks; On my device (Sony/AndroidTV/4k) occurs a vertical scroll when cursor goes from one area to other. I do not know if it works this way on all devices but I see no reason why there should be vertical scroll at all: there are lots of space and some minor adjustments will make both areas to show at once. Minor adjustments such as: Removing the "Current queue" title shown above horizontal track listing (see no reason as to why to keep it there); Presenting media controls area and album image with 90% of their current sizes; Presenting track icons on the second ares with 90% of their current sizes. There are currently no means as to skip forward or backwards on a track being played using hard buttons from remote control. Only Previous/Next buttons are functional. Rew and FF hard buttons results are the same as Previous/Next. Tried to skip using Emby's remote from the smartphone Android app but it will also not work. So I see currently no way to fast forward or rewind a given track being played at all. On the first area (media control) the interface presents a button as to reorder queue. As I am running Brazilian Portuguese version, I could not see the actual name it has on the English version. This button suffles current queue. It seems that: After shuffling, new queue is not displayed on the interface. User has to reach other screen (back button or else) and then come back to see new track order; It would better shuffle only future itens keeping current and already played tracks just as they are; After shuffling it currently presents a dialogue box asking if the shuffled result should be added or if it should replace the current queue. I see no scenario to the first option. You just shuffled queued itens. Is there any scenario as to keep the current queue order and add all the same shuffled tracks to it's end? I wonder if development team already has plans but when cursor comes down to the second area, there could be some sort of fine manual reordering enabled by longpressing "Ok" hard button on a track and then moving it to left or to right. Pressing "Ok" hard button on any track listed on the second area currently presents three choices (Play from here, Remove from Queue and Toggle favorite). I would suggest adding "Goto AlbumArtist" and "Goto Album" choices. There is a "Repeat toggle" interface button. It's function is sole to repeat the current track? I would suggest the most common three state repeat mechanism: off, repeat current track, repeat all queue. It occurs the same AlbumArtist/TrackArtist issue mentioned here and here.
  21. This has been tested both on WebApp and AndroidApp against the AndroidTV app. FF/REW will not work nor sliding music timeline: no means to fast forward or rewind a track; When displaying a music album on WebApp or Android and one track is casted, Emby AndroidTV will play first album track regardless of wich track has been casted. Curiously, casting a song from search results will correctly play that specific song. After connecting to the AndroidTV, when browsing from the Web/Android apps, some of the screens are correctly presented on AndroidTV but others aren't. After connecting to the AndroidTV, when browsing from the Web/Android apps, after some time the AndroidTV screensaver is invoked. The remote control does not reset inactivity timer. I would expect accessing remote control's "Now Playing" screen (Web/Android) to cause AndroidTVApp to display "Queue Screen" or "Now Playing" screen. Instead no screen is shown.
  22. Version Windows 10 64-bit, browsing with Chrome. This isn't 100% repeatable, and seems to happen randomly. I've noticed while browsing my music library by album, sorted by date added (descending,) after navigating a few pages back it will start generating random pages of albums. I'm pretty sure it's just skipping to a random, deep page but presenting it as, say, page 8. Once this happens, changing pages (in either direction) doesn't work. I have to navigate back to 'music' and start again from the beginning. It seems to happen more quickly if I actually play music, or navigate to an album (leaving the list, momentarily) but sometimes it seems fine for a few more pages. I've noticed this for a a few versions now (in fact, I don't remember it ever working perfectly.) I've tried viewing emby in an incognito window with all plugins disabled, but it doesn't seem to help.
  23. EduardoSantos

    Artist on "now playing" screen

    The "now playing" screen on AndroidTV app currently shows one (the first on database?) track artist to the track being played. I understand it should present: - If "album artist" is listed on the track or there is no artist on the track > "album artist" - If "album artist" is not listed on the track > all "track artists" (this is my hint, but anyway current infi shown is just "one artist from the track")
  24. It seems the AndroidTV app missed the "Appears on" section shown under the artist display. That section is presented by the WebApp and contains music where the artist is a "track artist" but not the "album artist". It occurs, thought, if you shall hit the play button, all tracks are correctly added to the now playing queue. It would be very nice to have all albuns in which the artist takes part shown, even if he is not the album artist.
  25. llygoden

    Add Sonos Support

    Hi All, Would it be possible to add Sonos streaming to the Android app? In my head it would work in the same way as the Chromecast streaming currently works. I've been looking at some public APIs for Sonos https://github.com/SoCo/SoCoand it seems you make a UPNP connection to the device and can then send the track to be played as a URL. This would allow people to play their music at any location that had a Sonos device, regardless of if the server was on the same network. Regards, Llygoden
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