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Found 25 results

  1. Hi Emby Team, I'm really hoping there could be some improvements made to the views, handling & features of the Music Videos view. It's one of my most used features in Emby Theater but feel its lacking a little in some areas, primarily around seamless playback and quick navigation as listed below. My Feature Requests: 1) Latest Music Videos added at home screen would allow to play next video (by date added) automatically, with similar feature popup while playing with episodes with the 30 second timer countdown. (Technically this can be done via the Music Video view, Sorting by date, Sorting by descending, exiting out of view, then Play All, but its a bit more convoluted than just picking a video from the Home Screen) 2) Ability to set a different default view when opening Music Videos as seen with other categories (option not available in Home Screen configuration unfortunately). I would like to set my default as Folder instead of Music Videos for example. 3) For Shuffle to be added on all views again. This was there several releases back but seemed to have been deleted. Only Play All is showing now in Music Video view and in Folder view, and Shuffle is only showing in sub-views/sub-folders under Folder view not the root folder. If I could wish for one feature it would be this one! PS - The Play All button under Folder view is missing a space too -> 'PlayAll' 4) For the A-Z shortcut side bar to be added to the Folder view (and all sub-views). Some of my folders contain large numbers of videos that makes it hard to navigate. 5) For Music Videos flagged as Favourites to be shown from the Favourites view from Home Screen (seems to be the only one missing). 6) New Top Menu items for Artist, Playlist, Favourites, Genres & Suggestions to be added as seen in the audio Music view. 7) Music Videos identified for an artist to also appear in a section under the Audio Music Artist section. (eg. If I go to Ice Cube in my Music section, that there is a new video list before the 'More Like This' that lists all the Music Videos for Ice Cube (or featuring the artist as identified by the filename). In this case as well (although might not be common) it would be good to see their movies or documentaries for quick cross-navigation. 8) An ability to extract a new thumbnail from the Emby interface from a different time/frame and potentially perform some basic cropping (to standardise 4:3 & 16:9 differences in video formats/thumb views) as required. ** This is something I would love for movie chapters images & TV episodes too. Provide a way for failed extraction to be repaired, upgrade low quality images, and where black screens are grabbed to find a better image. Can do this externally off course (for most things except chapters) but would be super as a built in feature. 9) New Filter by Bitrate of video or audio streams. It would be great to be able to filter out low quality video or audio tracks when wanting to play a random list of videos to help minimise volume mismatches etc when listening at high volumes in social situations. 10) For the Search to also include Music Videos. Currently no results seem to be found, (not sure if this is due to lack of nfo files?). Would be possible to include searches based off the file names (my music videos are named like 'ICE CUBE - Today Was A Good Day (1995).mkv') 11) Random Music Videos as Emby video backdrop during navigation anywhere in interface (with or without audio option depending on user preference). Thank you for reading. Kind Regards, AD
  2. I've been wanting to see music videos when viewing artists in the music library for quite some time. Tried the Music Video plug-in a while ago. It was a train wreck. Mostly because i do not have my music video library structure set up the correct way for it. Emby: "To add music videos, setup a library with the type "Music Videos". The naming conventions for music videos are identical to movies." Translation to me means: One video per folder. With PLEX its one artist and then ALL videos in same folder for said artist. Easy! So with my folder structure being set up Artist/music videos the plug-in failed MISERABLY! IF your music library is set up like mine: Artist/Artist Music Videos i found how to quickly fix the metadata to allow emby to recognize and add the music videos to the correct artist when viewing artists in the music library. At the end of the day i don't care what record, what year, or any of that other information about said music videos. I just want to see what i have while browsing in the Music section. I realized that "all" you need to do is add the "Artist" tag to the music video. Now that sounds simple enough (depending on how big your music video library is), but the meta editor in emby server (as we all know) is not capable of bulk renaming / editing. I found a program called "TagScanner". With this nifty little gem i was able to add the %artist% tag to all my music videos by using the %Foldername%! I did my entire library in about 45 minutes. Depending on how big the library is, i got the "This Application Is Not responding" message. But it was working and finished the task at hand without issues. I would suggest NOT having emby running while you are doing this. It will want to read the changes as they are happening. And as always re-scan your library when you are finished. Anyway, if all you want to do is see music videos displayed with the artist in the music library... this may be for you.
  3. i love having a music videos library but i felt that updating the metadata using the metadata manager was tedious, because my mp4 files are already tagged and my folder structure contains all the info that i need in the NFO files, so i wrote this python script to do the tedious parts for me. this script will: * autofill your NFO files (if you follow the folder structure) * change the sort title so that your music videos are sorted in a pretty way * walk thru your music videos and query your a musicbrainzid for each artist (i forget why i did this, i think it was part of a larger project with automatically getting artwork, but i cant remember) - you only need to do it once per artist what you need to do: * match my folder structure * know how to run python script * change line #44 of code to include your email address (musicbrainzngs.set_useragent('emby_music_video_metadata_manager','20200811','youremailhere@youremail.com') * change line #38 of code to point to your music videos (maindir = 'a:\musicvideos') folder structure: ARTIST NAME ----- ALBUM NAME (YYYY-MM-DD) ---------- ## TRACKNAME.mp4 Notes: month and day are optional... ## is album track number i am new to python. if you use this, its at your own risk, but it works well for me. i have another python script relating to youtube-dl that i will be posting in the other thread i started for that soon. you will see a bunch of commented out code in here. i forget what i was trying to do with it. at the end of the day, all i needed was what is in the script now to get my music video collection looking like the attached screenshot. mvmm_20200811_public.py
  4. I have had a Music Videos library for a while and I am now adding in my Music as a separate library. I seem to remember from years ago that Music Videos would show up on the Artist's page if the Artist was entered into the Music Video's metadata, but this doesn't appear to be happening. For instance, I have a music video that has metadata Artist of Ariana Grande. I have an album of music with metadata Artist of Ariana Grande. Clicking on the artist's name in the Music Videos library takes you to the Artist's page where the album is visible, but the music videos do not show up there.
  5. Would be nice if both Libraries match with artist name. I tried to link them with Collections but I had to add music albums one by one, if I grab the music artist to Collections nothing happens... Automatic join by album artist name please.
  6. Hi, when entering my music videos library (that is at least in in Web and ET), I will always get the videos view as default page and then I have to switch to the folder view. For other libraries, I can change the default page in the personal settings, but not for music videos. Please change the default page or add an option for this, as it always needs some time until emby displays the videos view and then I have to change to folder view. Thanks & Ciao, Alfred
  7. Hi, I tried everything and now unable to solve issue by myself. I added videos songs in Music video type content and created a library but no videos are showing but a few Audio songs. I really thankful, if someone help me. Thanks
  8. I have the complete Live Aid 1985 in 21 files, under Music Videos File structure is: Live Aid (1985) >Live Aid (1985) >Live Aid (1985) - Part 1 > Live Aid (1985) - Part 2 > Live Aid (1985) - Part 3 and so on, but when viewing it in Emby, the additional parts are in random order: How do I get them to display in the correct order?
  9. I had issues in the past with my library with the content type "Music Videos", where it was creating entries without a valid path and thus unplayable. I moved my media to a new location, and copied the "Music Videos" folder and pointed the library to that new location. Removed the old location, and EMBY re-scanned the library. It's found all the content, that worked prior to moving, but it's created all entries now with no "PATH" and thus non are playable. They have all the other METADATA, just no "Path" entry. They all have an added date of 1/1/1, for some strange reason too. What is the current solution to this, is the "Music Videos" library type working? Should I just change it to something else? How do I get functionality back?
  10. Look at the wasted space between rows on MUSIC VIDEOS content. Why? Please can we not have so much wasted space between rows so that more information/thumbnails can appear on the screen? Lots of wasted space for the Play All, Shuffle and Sort by Folders menu option too Screenshot from Emby Theatre but the same on LG App too.
  11. curiousgally

    music video library

    I'm starting to build a music video library downloading from various sources like youtube etc. As I'm just getting started, would like to know from dev or others with experience on the right approach that would play well with emby and long term too. All my videos would be 1080p. All of my collection would be regional and so I don't think automated info fetching plugins will help build the album info etc. I'm a hands-on programmer and can generate files (like nfo) programatically that can be attached to each of the video. Using the metadata manager from emby wouldn't be an option as it would be manual and time consuming. Not sure what is supported/not-supported for music videos in emby. Searched through the forums/wiki and it doesn't seem to be a happy path to achieve flexibility of lookup of videos based on artists/albums, actors etc etc. So would love to know from dev perspective of what's the best way to go forward (in terms of structure or providing metadata) to achieve flexibility in building my collection. Thanks !!!
  12. I'm fairly new to Emby and I'm having some issues getting my Music Videos to be organised nicely within Emby. I am using Emby on macOS 10.13.3. I have 506 music videos. The videos are all M4V files and are rigorously tagged with Title, Artist, Album etc. The folder structure on disk is: Music Videos |- Artist | |- Video File |- Artist | |- Video File | |- Video File |- Artist | |- Album | | |- Video File | |- Album | | |- Video File | | |- Video File |- Artist | |- Video File | |- Video File | |- Album | | |- Video File | |- Album | | |- Video File | | |- Video File I created a 'Music Videos' library pointing it at the top level folder (Music Videos). I enabled all metadata and artwork download options and the metadata saving option. I ticked 'Prefer embedded titles over filenames'. After the library generation was complete I observed several issues with the way that Emby handles this... 1. The metadata scraping doesn't seem to extract important metadata from the files (Artist and Album are the main ones). 2. Items are named using the file names not the embedded titles. 3. Only files in the next level off directory (the 'Artist' level above) are processed. The 'Album' folders within each Artist are not processed at all. 4. Artist folders with only a single Video file are named using the name of that file rather than the name of the Artist (folder). 5. Sort by 'name' simply does not. The display order at the top level of the library is quite strange but certainly is not sorted by Name. My question is basically, is this really how Emby works for Music Videos (i.e. is it really this broken)? Or am I doing something wrong? I have had pretty good results with Films and TV Shows so the Music Video side of things is rather a disappointment.
  13. aspdend

    Music Videos - File Naming

    A quick question as I am a bit confused by Music Video file structures. I am sorting out my music videos on my server and I think I have it right in that the music videos are stored in a Music Video share on the UnRAID server as: Server/Music Videos/artist name/artist name - track name.ext Example Server/Music Videos/ABBA/ABBA - Dancing Queen.mp4 And all other ABBA videos are in the same folder. The Share is listed as a Music Video folder in Emby. However, what do I do for my music videos that are in *.VOB format? These are under a VIDEO_TS folder Do I put them Server/Music Videos/artist name/artist name - track name/VIDEO_TS/artist name - track name.vob or should I be doing something else instead? The Wiki is quite unhelpful for music videos - it just says it's the same as for movies...
  14. RedStripe

    music videos not linking

    My media folder structure \Music \Music Videos . . . 1. The Wiki regarding music videos states: "Once setup, you can optionally edit music videos and fill in their artist and album information. If you do, the music videos can be linked to other items in your library from the same artist." This does not appear to be working. 2. I have been unable to get Music Videos to be recognized when the Music Videos folder is a sub-folder of Music. Just want to confirm that this is as designed.
  15. Hi, I have a music video folder in my library, this contains folders for the artists with the video files in it. No I have enabled the nfo and the xml reader for this folder: So far I've created a folder.xml file for the artist metadata (with LocalTitle, SortTitle and Description in it), but as I'm trying to move to nfo files, I enabled also the nfo saver for music videos: While this works without problems for the video files, there is no nfo created for the artist folder, even if I edit and save the metadata. So this is, what a folder might look like: As you can see, no nfo for the folder, only the old xml file. But when I enter the metada editor in the emby web client, I can edit and save the data, but still no nfo file is created. Also, in the wiki there's nothing about the file names for (artist) folders nfo files, at least I couldn't find something. So what would be the right name for an artist folder nfo file? Also, does anybody know a tool for creating the metadata (nfo files) for music video files, as emby is really bad at automatically creating these (tried with one folder, artist Army of Lovers, video file Crucified (1991).mkv it created metadata for a comletely different artist and song (something with crucified in it's name) from 2003. It could be much easier, if the artist could be read from the tags in the video file (just as it is already done with title, genre and year)... Ciao, Alfred
  16. Aussiedroid

    Few Music Video Improvements

    Added my music video collection into Emby a while back. To assist with seamless playback, it would be great if: 1) Latest Music Videos on home screen would allow to play next automatically, with similar feature popup while playing with episodes. In the order that they were added to Emby. 2) For a random & continuous playback options to be added in the Music Video view. Playback could be based on current sort for continuous playback. If I search for an artist via the search button that the dynamic list created can be played in sequence or randomly. Individually selecting a video every few mins to play isn't the greatest. 3) Some additional sorting options, such as date added, by folder, year, artist. I understand most do not have metadata for this category but any additional options to vary the playback would be awesome. 4) Possible playlist implementation? (I'm sure this would be have been requested before ) - already implemented doh! Thank you, AD
  17. fc7

    Music Videos library broken

    I can't tell exactly when the problem started because I'm not watching content from this library regularly but it used to work fine a month ago for example. Basically the problem is that all the metadata for my Music Videos library seems to be gone. Folder structure remains untouched and it was setup like this: Music Video 1/Music Video 1.mkv Music Video 2/Music Video 2.mkv Music Video 3/Music Video 3.mkv And so on. Same setup as the Movies library (which still works just fine). Something I noticed that is different is that before the problem started I would see all my music videos posters in the main Music Videos library view and when I clic on any of them I would see the music video details. Now, it's like I see the music video folders instead and when I clic on any of them, I will then see the music video poster, and only when I clic on the poster I will see the actual music video details (pictures attached). Basically it requires one more step than before (when it was working). Nothing was changed in this library as I mentioned before. It just started to behave differently and all the metadata and posters are gone. The one from the example is one I manually edited in Metadata Manager just now.
  18. There seems to be a small regression in the new Stable, 2.2.0, as compared to the last one, 1.1.62. The grouping of music videos by artists and albums does not work in 2.2.0 where as it worked in 1.1.62. To test use Confluence. Videos>Music Videos (sub menu)>artists and Videos>Music Videos (sub menu)>albums. Both show empty lists. I should have tested the betas. Have to be more proactive next time. BTW Artist grouping was added in 1.1.53 by @@Angelblue05. Thanks again for your efforts. Cheers, LongMan
  19. I use Mp3Tag to tag my Music Videos and would like for the tags to automatically update into the metadata when added to the server. This would be great and I would not have to enter the data manually. Plus it would put the music videos into the artist folder. Below is an image of my tagged media properties. Notice the bottom with the media properties. Thanks
  20. yardameus

    Music Videos??

    How do I navigate to my music videos collection? I just realized I'm not able to find music videos in any client (specifically MBC and MBT). They are there in the web client. I had never really looked for them before, but when I wanted to watch one, I realized I had no idea how to find them.
  21. Not sure if something has changed server side with music videos, but my music videos are not displaying correctly (they use to), and I can't seem to fix it (probably something simply). I have the correct structure (artist folder - music video(s)), but this is how the web client is displaying my music videos When I click on one of them (they should all be folders), it takes my to this screen I have tried selecting 'split version apart', but that does nothing. Can anyone help?
  22. Server Version 3.0.5424.1 OS Windows 7 64bit The announcement "Media Browser Server 3.0.5416 Beta Released" Under "Bugs Resolved:" it stated: "Music videos not showing up on artist page" This does not appear to have been resolved. Michael Jackson example:
  23. I recently started building a music video collection, and for the artists that would not automatically identify, I manually put in the audiodb id in the appropriate field. However, now in the recent beta build the external id fields no longer display, and all of the artist metadata seems to be gone. Also, in the web client, when I click on Music, and then on the music video tab, none of my videos display. I have to click on the folders view, then music videos, to get them to display. This worked in the official(I recently updated to beta) I browsed the KB on file structure and it isn't very specific for music videos. My file structure is as: /Music Videos /Hollywood Undead /Hollywood Undead - Been to Hell.mp4 /Hollywood Undead - Comin' In Hot.mp4 If changing the file structure will help, I'll be more than glad to do it as I don't have TOO many music videos as of yet. NOTE: I have no "regular" music collection, only music videos.
  24. 1 issue and 1 question. Server Version 3.0.5267.16902 Music Videos file structure: Music Videos\ Artist\ Video1\ track.mp4 Video2\ track.mp4 1) ****movie.xml is not being created for Music Videos. This results in red warning icon being displayed. I have refreshed the Music Videos collection...no joy. I have rescanned the Library...no joy I have refreshed the Music Video...no joy. 2) Is there supposed to be a "artist.xml" in the artist folder? (none are being created...just wondering)
  25. jamvids

    Music Videos

    Just a quick word to say how impressed I am by mb3, I used to use mb2 for films and tv series, documentaries and stand up which the metadata was easy to handle, and what a great result you get when teamed up with the right skin. I never used this for music though. Then when mb3 came along and then my old pc bit it it gave me the chance to rebuild from scratch. So I decided to add music this time and it is turning out to be a bit of a minefield especially when it comes to music videos, and getting everything to link together. which leads me to my first question. i was just wondering how to structure my music videos, at the moment I do it similar to albums i.e. music videos/artist/artist name - song title.ext. Is this right?
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