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Found 26 results

  1. arrbee99

    Android shuffle

    Does anyone know if the Emby app on an Android phone has shuffle ? I downloaded a playlist and it plays the songs fine but only one at a time. Also, if I try Instant mix it just gives a spinning circle like its looking for a server which isn't there, being in the car at the time. Also, how to I check the app version number ? (I'm not an Android person). EDIT: just look on the server when its available
  2. Hi, I've noticed some slight subtleties in functionality of the Emby app when it comes to Music. On Android app, I can go to Music, Genres, pick a Genre, let's say "Pop", and I then have an option to "Shuffle" all of my Pop songs or "Play All". For the FireTV/FireStick apps, this option does not exist. Note it does exist in the other Music library areas. Any idea if we can make the functionality uniform in the FireTV client? Thanks!
  3. x_david_x

    Photo Playlists

    Hello, I'm brand new to Emby. My use case is to provide a way for my parents to view family photos and videos on their TV that exist on their home network. I'm planning on going down the Roku path. I've looked at Plex, Emby and Roku's own Media Player app. Nothing I have found will allow the photos to play as a screensaver (unless on a USB drive plugged right into the Roku), which would be ideal, to turn the TV into a digital picture frame. For now, it seems I'll need to settle for slideshow capability, where the users need to go into an app and actively start displaying images. From my brief testing, Emby seems to be the best option for this, but I have some questions. I started by creating a photo and video library in Emby. The library consists of a parent folder that has subfolders with YYYYMM naming format and photos from each year and month directly in the subfolder. I also added a simple "videos" folder at the same level as the YYYYMM folders for testing purposes and put a handful of videos in there. The first thing I noticed was that I couldn't play all on the library. I got an error. I could pick play all on a folder, but that would obviously only play a slideshow of the photos in that folder. There was no shuffle option either. I see in the basic web client that there is no shuffle option showing when I am inside the library view either. There is a play all and that does play all the photos in the library. In the basic web client, I just found that the ... for a given library object in the library screen does allow a shuffle slideshow of all photos, but I either can't find that in the Roku app or it doesn't exist. As an aside, I just now created a "Mixed content" type library and gave it the same parent folder as the photo and video library. When I navigate inside that library in the web client, it does show a shuffle option. I am not at the Roku right now, so I can't test that library type to see if the Roku app will display the shuffle option. As another aside, the "Play All" function for a "Home videos & photos" type library honors the sort order set for the library. The "Play All" function for a "Mixed content" type library does not. It always starts from the same photo and I'm not sure how it picks that photo to start from. Another side... The "Play All" function when within a folder in a "Home videos & photos" type library subfolder does not honor the sort order set for the folder like it does if you are back at the first level in the library. I set it to sort on Name (assuming this is the filename or title, both of which are the filename for my test cases) and even though the display shows them sorted by name ascending or descending, the Play all starts with the same file every time. Without shuffle being available for the library on the Roku, I figured my next option would be playlists. I thought I could create various playlists of subsets of photos and see if there was a shuffle option for the playlists. If there was no shuffle option for the playlists, I thought I could automate something on the server that would shuffle the order of the files in the playlist file periodically as a work-around. I've hit a dead end with photo playlists, hence this post. I have tried to create playlists through the library browser in the web client and the metadata manger. In both screens, I am able to pick "add to playlist" from the ... menu if I select a photo folder. There is no "add to playlist" option when a photo file is selected, only if the folder it is in is selected. However, the resulting playlist isn't created properly. Here is what it looks like: <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" standalone="yes"?> <Item> <Added>1/23/2019 12:00:00 AM</Added> <LockData>false</LockData> <LocalTitle>Photos from 2000</LocalTitle> <RunningTime>0</RunningTime> <Shares> <Share> <UserId>1</UserId> <CanEdit>true</CanEdit> </Share> </Shares> <PlaylistMediaType>Audio</PlaylistMediaType> </Item> It is creating an Audio playlist and none of the folders/photos are included. Questions: 1) Does Emby support creating playlists for photos (or videos)? 2) If it doesn't, if I bring in an outside playlist file with the photos listed in it, will that work properly? 3) Where is the metadata stored for the files in a library and is it possible to modify it externally (a script on the server)? This isn't critical, but I do see it has the option to include People information and other tags. I'm not even sure if the UI uses those for anything, but I am just curious. If photo playlist aren't supported either by creating in Emby or by importing external playlists, it seems my only other option is to create multiple folders instead of playlists and: a ) Either hope that the Roku app shows the shuffle option if the library type is "Mixed content" like the web client does or b ) Somehow shuffle the files inside the folders through a scheduled script that runs in the background on the server, and then use the Play all function in the UI, as a work-around. I'm not sure how Emby decides which file to play first with the "Play All", but if I can determine that, I can modify that attribute (filename, etc.). By using folders instead of playlists, I'll have duplicate files various folders are meant to show some of the same files. I can get around the storage implications by creating symlinks to the files in the various folders. I'd need to automate this for it to be practical. I guess I'd end up with my own "playlist" files that my script would use to create the folders and symlinks to the real files. Thanks for any help you can provide. David
  4. I did a search, and the only request that I saw similar was included here: https://emby.media/community/index.php?/topic/76011-music-queue-list-improvements/?hl=%2Bshuffle+%2Bmusic That discussion seemed to be more focused on lyrics rather than the shuffle piece, so I figured I would create a separate FR. One of my biggest pet peeves with using the web interface (when listening to music at my desk) and the android app is my inability to to select a song from a playlist and have emby shuffle the playlist after the current song ends. The current behavior is that after the song I selected finishes, the next song in the playlist is played (which in my case is alphabetical order). The native android music players (the app retro player in my case) allow me to select a song from my playlist, and then click on the shuffle button on the now playing screen and my playlist queue is automatically shuffled. I realize that the simple answer is to just use the shuffle button to randomly start a playlist and shuffle the songs, but sometimes I just want to start listening to one song, and then listen to the rest of my playlist at random. Additionally, when listening to music with my kids, they ALWAYS want to start with a specific song, and then don't really care what happens after that. This causes me to have to select the song they want to listen to, then when that song is over, go back and hit the shuffle button, which is annoying to have to do. Hopefully my ramblings made sense - and thanks for your consideration.
  5. Codaine420

    Shuffle only unplayed episodes

    i just think it would be cool if shuffle only shuffled through your unplayed episodes, or if maybe there were different options like only shuffle unplayed, only shuffle played, and shuffle all. Just a thought i had.
  6. I have a lot of libraries with the Home movies and pictures setting and previously Shuffle has worked wonders. Lets say i have a folder, that is called "Nature" Inside the folder Nature i have sub folders "Flowers" "Earth" "Skies" "Sea" and in these folders i a bunch of pictures. Previously if i browsed to Nature and hit shuffle it would shuffle the 4 folders content and play it back randomly, grabbing content from all the 4 folders at random, which is the expected function of shuffle. Since the server upgrade hitting shuffle in this scenario randomly selects 1 of the 4 folders and takes random content from this 1 folder, excluding the other folders, this is broken shuffle function. I see in the change log for the server "Try to improve shuffle sorting" which i believe caused the problem. I'm thinking you tried to improve the shuffle for something like "TV Shows" where often a season is located in the same folder and shuffle between seasons wouldn't make sense, but simply add an if clause to the code that checks the library setting and if library is set to "Home Movies and Pictures" use the old shuffle function and not the new one. Thanks EDIT: didn't realize i posted this in the testing area, i am running the latest stable build of the server version: You may want to move this to the general server area of the forum as i am not running the latest beta of server, sorry!
  7. Howdy, just started using Emby premier recently. Loving the way everything looks and works so far! One feature I can't seem to get working on the Roku App is the shuffle like in the web app. In the web app when I click on the shuffle button it brings me to a random series. When I click next episode it goes to the next episode but stays in that series aka the Venture Bros S01E01 -> Venture Bros S01E02. Thanks for any help anyone may be able to give.
  8. mbyhome

    ANSWERED iOS emby music shuffle issue

    Hi I'm seeing an issue as follows since iOS emby version 1.7.8. Just verified the same issue still exists under version 1.7.9. Whenever I click the "shuffle" button of a music folder (let's say it contains 3 sub-folders and each sub-folder has 5 songs). The application should recursively flatten the hierarchy and shuffle all 15 songs under this music folder to put them into the play queue. However the current iOS emby app only randomly selects one of the 3 sub-folders and play the 5 songs of the selected sub-folder in order. The play queue only contains 5 songs from the same album after I click the "shuffle" button. I checked the chrome web client and it worked fine. The web client recursively flattened all hierarchies and randomize all songs as the play queue. So it seems the problem only exists in iOS app. Thanks!
  9. Hello Emby I'm assuming there was a major update recently? Sorry I just assume as things are running a little differently for me and I've not changed anything. I play EMBY on my IOS phone and use "shuffle" all the time. I noticed that now the next file does not play and instead, EMBY repeats the file played and the puts up a weird counter "next episode playing in 762 seconds"... I have added a screen shot to show you (attached) I just thought you should know... Cheers Rob Naeyaert
  10. I have an XBox One and an XBox One X for playback (Windows 10 as the server) that have both started having the same problem within the past few weeks or so. Here's how we can reproduce the problem: Go to Television\Series\Choose a Series, Click "Shuffle". Playback then stops\freezes at the very end of the first episode usually right around when it says "Next Episode will start in 9 seconds" . It will sit there until someone backs out of the app or clicks "Start Now" . We have been using the shuffle for several years when it stopped working a few weeks ago . I think it is either due to an update or possibly something wrong with the algorithm used to determine how to shuffle because we use this feature so much. I couldn't figure out how to clear those counters without resetting all the metadata.
  11. richwphillips@yahoo.com

    ANSWERED Problem with music files on Roku app

    I added about 3000 music files to Emby recently. I previously only used Emby for videos. I have gone through some of my songs and indicated some were favorites. I did this from my computer. However, when I go on the Roku app, I can't get to my favorites to play them. When I first open my music library, I see "Favorites" as a header, but it quickly disappears and I can't see how to get it back. Also, is there no way to shuffle or mix my entire library? From what I can tell, I can shuffle play within an artist or album, but not using the whole library. Maybe I'm missing something. I'm using the latest beta version of the app. Thanks.
  12. serpi

    Play all music

    Hi, (maybe) stupid question: How can I shuffle play all music of my music library in ET 3.0.0? Quickmix will only play similar songs based on the actual selection, AFAIK. Thanks & Ciao, Alfred
  13. Hello, I am currently experiencing issues with the playback of Emby audio to a Chromecast Audio device. I use both the iOS and Android Apps and both have the same issue (also seen and tested on Google Chrome). When starting a playlist based on Shuffle (artist) or simply an album and casting this to my Chromecast audio the audio/stream stops after playing the first track. There is usually about 5 seconds left on the track but it cuts off completely. The next track is not started automatically and the playlist (which you usually see when playing on the local device: ipad/android) is empty. Simply pressing the "Next" button solves the playback and the next song will start, but this song also stops 5 seconds before the end. My wife doesn't seem to like having to press the next button after every song ;-) The versions which I am using are: Emby Server (Synology Based) - Version Emby for iOS 1.4.9 Emby for Android Mobile 2.9.90 Firmware Chromecast audio: 1.30.111140 Both the Chromecast audio and the emby server have been restarted several times. I've uploaded the system log but I can't see a reference to the next song which is to be played.
  14. itkserver

    Play next in a series options

    Good day, I apologize if this is a dupe, but seeing that there are 84 pages of FRs... I was hoping to see a feature added to playlists where i can add a bunch of series' and when it is played, it will play the next "newest" unwatched episode in the series with out having to map out hundrends if not thousands of episodes to play in order. What I am ultimately looking to do is to make a list of say anime series' that i could play at random or in a "scheduled" order all in episodic order similar to how a tv network would run. if this is already available either thru a plug-in or somewhere in the playlist menu, please point me in the right direction! Many thanks!
  15. aspdend

    ANSWERED Play all + Shuffle

    Not sure if I am missing something here - I have a number of kids TV programmes for my young boys. There are times that I want to have Theatre play multiple episodes one after another from a series that has already been watched (many, many times when it comes to Peppa Pig!). As all episodes in the series have been watched, playback starts at episode 1 and then proceeds numerically through the series. However, everytime that I do this, playback starts at Episode 1 and proceeds numerically. If I try to shuffle play, then only one episode plays. The boys are starting to get a bit sick of the same few episode playing everyday. I do not have automatically play the next episode switched on as the rest of the time I don't want that functionality for the rest of the time. Is there anyway to play all in a shuffle fashion for a series?
  16. I have just started using Emby for my music collection and am busy exploring how everything works. Perhaps this is how it is supposed to work, but I'm guessing it is not. When I navigate to an artist in the web app (or through http://tv.emby.media) and click on the 'shuffle' button, it starts playing random songs from my whole library, not (just) from the artist page that I was looking at. I'm using Emby Server on Synology DSM 6.1.3. I can reproduce the issue with both Firefox 56.0 (64-bit) and Chrome 58.0.3029.81 (64-bit).
  17. arrbee99

    Improving Shuffle for music

    As per Luke's suggestion, turning this into a feature request - It would be nice if Shuffle didn't get killed if I pick another song to play while its already in shuffle mode, or in other words I want to skip the song its decided to play but still shuffle and move on to the next song. In relation to this, when I click Shuffle, the Shuffle button doesn't visually change to show its been selected, This would also be useful to click again to Unshuffle. If this can't be done, a Skip This Track button would be nice. Hope this isn't too confusing - it confuses me when I read through it....
  18. naeyaert

    Shuffle - Emby Theater

    Dear Emby I noticed today that the "shuffle" button is not responding again. I think I mentioned this a few updates ago and you guys fixed it pretty quickly. I just noticed that it's broken again. I think I'm on the latest version - EMBY Server 3.2.16 and using EMBY Theater 2.7.0 Could you please advise if I am doing something wrong please? I use this feather a lot on TV shows Much appreciated. Cheers Rob
  19. naeyaert

    SHUFFLE not working in Theater

    Hello Emby - I'm running the latest Theater release and I noticed my "SHUFFLE" button is not working. It worked a few days ago, and it also works fine in the web client. I use this feature a lot as I have a lot of TV shows that I put on Shuffle. Can you please help me fix this? I've rebooted, restarted the server and nothing works. Weird that it works fine in the web client. Thanks for your help Rob
  20. thatoneguy99

    Kids night time suggestion

    I am looking for a way to shuffle episodes of a certain TV show but have it stop after a certain amount of time... At the moment I am using a FireTV and at night I pick whatever cartoon TV show the kids would like to watch. Then I hit the shuffle all episodes button, put the TV on a timer, and let it roll... My issue is that it just plays and plays all night. Even though the TV is off it is still rolling through episodes. What ends up happening is that sometime in the night, the emby-server will crash, and I have to do a restart the next morning. Does anyone have a better way for me to do this?
  21. BinaryShrub

    Request: Set Shuffle Limit

    So here is my usecase: 1) When I go to bed at night, I like to shuffle though TV shows I have through my FireTV Stick. 2) So I go to the TV show, select shuffle, put my tv on a sleep timer. The issue is, because my FireTV Stick doesn't turn off when my TV does, it will continue to fetch and play videos until I physically stop it myself. This causes my Emby Media server to endure unneeded processing and will ultimately cause my HDDs to fail at a much faster rate, since they are use non stop. I'd like to see a way in the system.xml file to set the maximum shuffle time or shuffle count before requesting if the user is still watching. Netflix implements this feature nicely and I think it will save emby users from having to replace their hardware as much. Perhaps every time a client requests content from the server, it can pass the server information about idle time, and if the idle time surpass what the server is set for, it can show a dialog on the client requesting to see if the user is still watching and would like to continue.
  22. miquelx

    Music shuffle

    Hello, Is there any way to shuffle the currently play list? Like the shuffle button in any music player. I've searched every where and I can't find it. The only workaround I found to do this was creating a playlist and shuffling from there but this involves creating the playlist instead of just Queuing and shuffling from there. Thank you
  23. taxion

    AFTV Request

    This might not be an exclusive request for the AFTV, but i currently don't have an ATV in my house. The OSB (on screen banner?), when a TV series is being played with the shuffle or playall option the banner displays about 30 sec or a min prior to the next episode and lets you know which episode is next. This is great, expect that it takes up about 1/4 of the screen and is solid black. Can the background be set to either fully transparent or some various level of transparency? Or resize the video being played so it isn't obstructed? Thanks, Taxion
  24. jamvids

    "Shuffle my favorite songs"

    Hi, The problem i'm describing is happening on the android app, but started happening with the latest server update. When I use the voice command "Shuffle my favorite songs" (very cool, it works well) it seems to be shuffling the same few songs every time, as if it was doing an instant mix. I just checked it on the web interface and it is doing the same. Would love it if it was as before.
  25. Stalin

    Play all?/Shuffle all

    Will MB get a play all button for the music? I like to shuffle all my music and I think that would be a good feature to have.
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