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Found 7 results

  1. emme_toledo

    Correlación entre películas

    Muy buenas noches, mi primer topic y consulta. Me gustaría poder correlacionar películas. Por ejemplo al finalizar Tres metros sobre el cielo, que me recomiende ver Tengo ganas de tí (Si bien son dos películas con nombre distinto, una es primera y la otra es segunda parte). Por el momento tengo implementada una versión gratis de Emby ya que estoy chequeando todo lo que tengo a mi disponibilidad. Alguna recomendación?
  2. When I select "Play Next" for a song, it creates a new item in the play queue immediately after the song that's currently playing. This is great for adding songs to the play queue. However, if I select "Play Next" for a song already in the play queue, I want to move the existing item in the queue instead of creating a new one. Same thing when I select "Add to Play Queue". Initial play queue: Song A Song B <- Now Playing Song C Song D Song E If I select "Play Next" for Song D... What currently happens: Song A Song B <- Now Playing Song D Song C Song D Song E What I want: Song A Song B <- Now Playing Song D Song C Song E
  3. When I select "Play Next" for a song in the play queue, the interface should update to reflect that change. Right now I have to do something else to force the interface to update (pause/play, play next/previous song, leave the play queue and come back, etc). Same thing when I select "Add to Play Queue" or the minus button to remove a song from the play queue. This might be a bug. I have replicated it on the Android mobile client and the web client. It is only a problem if you select "Play Next" for a song already in the play queue.
  4. I have "Play next episode automatically" and "Enable next video info during playback" checked with "Enable 'Are You Still Watching?' prompt" unchecked and cannot get play next to work regularly. For example, I watched several episodes of NCIS last weekend and they kept playing. This week, every episode stops and refuses to go to the next one. I have had playlists of movies work perfectly before, but last weekend it kept stopping between each movie. I just don't understand what is driving this function to work sometimes and not others. It is not just my profile. One of my sons noted that Justified stopped between each episode but last time I watched it, it went to the next one automatically. Is this something with the LG app. something with our settings, or something with the mkv files themselves? Thanks for any help.
  5. Please change the default "Play All" button that appears at the top of a season folder to "Play Next" - I've lost count of the number of times we've accidentally pressed this and started playback at season one episode one. There's about one single use-case for the "Play All" button - you want to watch an entire series from the beginning. Every single other use-case would be to start watching at the first unwatched episode (i.e. "Play Next"). This has been suggested before here: Episode playing and some suggestions - with at least three users (including me) agreeing with the op.
  6. I am running Emby server for my music collection, and using the web app to play music. (Chrome browser shows "http://app.emby.media\...."in the URL field.) I use saved playlists, but I'm wondering if there's a way to just, on the fly, decided what to "play next", like a live, current queue. I would like to just add a couple of albums to play in order, just for that session, without having to create a playlist from scratch that I won't ever want to listen to again in the future. I have seen this feature in many media players. Does it exist here? Thanks!
  7. Good day, I apologize if this is a dupe, but seeing that there are 84 pages of FRs... I was hoping to see a feature added to playlists where i can add a bunch of series' and when it is played, it will play the next "newest" unwatched episode in the series with out having to map out hundrends if not thousands of episodes to play in order. What I am ultimately looking to do is to make a list of say anime series' that i could play at random or in a "scheduled" order all in episodic order similar to how a tv network would run. if this is already available either thru a plug-in or somewhere in the playlist menu, please point me in the right direction! Many thanks!
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