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  1. What is the current status of hardware acceleration and Emby Server? I can't find a lot of information, but I can find more people asking this question. Is there or might there be one day, a guide that specifies what hardware acceleration option are actually available in certain situations like OS, GPU, CPU? I'm looking in to VA-API now. If something interesting pops up I'll post it here. EDIT: https://trac.ffmpeg.org/wiki/Hardware/VAAPI Hooked @" If you have multiple usable devices in the same machine".., but it's going to take me a while to dig tru this http://www.ffmpeg.org/ffmpeg.html#Advanced-Video-options Windows Server 2016 AMD 9590 @ 5Ghz 32GB RAM AMD R9 480 AMD HD7750 I just acquired some 4K, x265 material. Transcoding this material is a nightmare (doable for 1 stream)
  2. I have Emby running on a Windows server 2016 in a data center. I am always connecting to the external port with ssl enabled. After streaming for some time on any given day the external port within Emby closes and I cant access the server remotely. I have to RDP into the server and restart Emby to get the port to open again. When I RDP in I can see Emby on the LAN port. Windows firewall has the external port open and the network firewall has the port open. I know its somewhere in Emby that has the problem. I used to use the auto restart plugin to restart Emby server every 24 hours but now that that is gone i have to do it manually. Does anyone have any recommendations to a good fix for this problem in the current version of Emby?
  3. As I'm slowing converting some of my library to MKV, I'm encountering multi-angle / multi-video-track DVD's, and I'm wondering how folks tend to handle these, as well as what the current (and likely future) support is in Emby (particularly Emby Theater) for being able to recognize and switch between multiple video tracks (or angles) contained in a single MKV file? I thought I came across a post indicating that Emby does not currently provide a way to switch between multiple angles/video-tracks, but I can't seem to find that post so I may have imagined it. I realize that one option is to just rip 2 versions of the content, one with one angle/track, and the other with the other. The upside is that this route should circumvent any compatibility issues there might be with Emby or other players. The downside of course is potentially a lot of duplicated space (eg, in the case of a movie with just a few alternate scenes). How well does Emby handle multi-angle MKV's? And have any of you created multi-angle MKV's, and if so, what is your process? It appears to me that MakeMKV let's you pick one angle or the other, but it does not appear to me that it gives an option to combine them into a single file containing just the differing portions of each video track (and the ability, in supporting players, to switch between video tracks). I can probably live with going the route of creating multiple complete files, each with a different video track / angle, but figured it is worth checking if there are more efficient, supported ways of going about all this. Thanks!
  4. As I gradually am getting my library transitioned into Emby one thing that I've noticed is that I have some TV shows where the anti-spoiler feature makes sense because the shows episodes have a lot of continuity. But for other shows continuity is not really an issue and I would normally hop around watching whichever episode interested me at the time (The Simpsons is an example of this kind of show). So I think it could be useful to add an option in the Series Metadata to enable or disable Anti-Spoiler functionality for that Series, and this setting would take precedence over any global setting. So we probably want to make the setting have three states along the lines of: Always Use Anti-Spoiler Features, Never Use Anti-Spoiler Features, and Respect Global Anti-Spoiler Settings (which would be the same as if this item is never set by the user, ie the default). Then folks can configure things whichever way makes sense for their collection. PS - If this is something you might like to see implemented, be sure to "Like" this top/first post (as well as any subsequent posts in this thread that highlight particular aspects of what you are interested in) -- "Liking" the top/first post helps the Devs to know how much interest there is in a given Feature Request.
  5. Hi, Emby Server needs to stop creating metadata, cache, transcoding-temp directories automatically. I have my server paths set to:- Emby data: /srv/.config/emby cache: /media/cache metadata: /media/metadata transcoding-temp: /media/tmp With Emby's current control, the directories end up being:- cache: /media/cache/cache metadata: /media/metadata/metadata transcoding-temp: /media/tmp/transcoding-temp Ideal outcome:- cache: /media/cache metadata: /media/metadata transcoding-temp: /media/tmp/transcoding
  6. jerthorne

    Emby Server Question

    This may be a dumb question. I've been using or at least trying to use Plex now for almost a year with the Cloud Server and there have been so many issues. I'm considering trying out Emby but feel a little lost. I currently have all my media content, including movies, music, TV shows stored in Dropbox. Is there a way to use this storage as a server, or how would I go about using something like this? Using a computer as the server isn't really an option. I'm just basically seeing what is possible at this point. Thanks for any help.
  7. Hi, A client, using the application for Xbox One, stated that they were able to browse the libraries of my emby server, however, while trying to reproduce, the message came that he should become a Premiere user to proceed. I am Emby's Premiere user and was certain that, being Premiere, it would be enough for the client, using any of the applications, would have access to the playback in my libraries. If not, I'd like to know what I can do so clients can have playback on my server. Thank you very much
  8. Some customers, using Internet browsers (including Chrome) and the LG TV app, are reporting that external captions do not appear on most videos, though they are scheduled to be shown. After several tests with such clients, I have noticed the problem, which can be easily solved. When playing the video, the caption is on. If the client disconnects the subtitle and restarts, then the subtitle is displayed. Is it possible to put this bug in the solution queue after verifying on new tests? Thank you very much
  9. It could be nice to have a way to configure a Default User, so that every new user created just copy the default user configuration. That is useful for when a new user is added you don't want to have the hassle of changing library access and server permissions every time, i like to even setup the home screen and playback preferences given that very few of my users have the interest or the dexterity to do by themselves. This way you could setup the defaults in what every new user will be configured.
  10. I cant access Emby anymore on my local ip. This happend after a update. I used to access Emby locally with http://embyserver:port or http<embyserverip>:port. Both don't work anymore. I can't edit these settings because I don't have a SSL certrificate and I still like to use a SSL connection with external clients. To make things more complicated, my server has multiple internal ip's. Since last (forced*) update Emby bind to the wrong internal ip. Is this a bug or a feature? Can I get 'the old' situation back? (with out a manual downgrade) Happy to read any comment! *forced because after an update the 'update automatically' option switches back on!? I try to be at least 2 beta builds behind but sometimes I forget this bug? and voila, I'm on the latest build.
  11. From what I can tell currently videos within the "extras" folder do not get parsed automatically for online metadata, nor do any associated NFO files (from outside of Emby) get parsed. Following up on this post ( https://emby.media/community/index.php?/topic/40262-why-are-dvd-extras-limited-to-a-single-directory/page-2&do=findComment&comment=377431 ) I thought I'd go ahead and make a request here (and reiterate some of what I posted in the above thread). I'd be interested in NFO support for Extras, both support for writing to NFO, but also for reading an pre-existing NFO on import, like is done for regular items and automatically adding any available online metadata. However, given that the way extras are currently presented (ie, such that you don't really see/view much of their details), I can understand why there currently is not much support for additional details (and thus no NFO file support). Edit: Also, images named the same as a given extras video are ignored. It would be nice if these were picked up as well, like they are in non-extras contexts. Edit: An additional clarification: By "automatic" I do not mean that a external lookup should be automatically performed for every file in the Extras directory, as that would likely be a nightmare of mismatches. Rather, I just mean that if there is an NFO file that goes with a video file, and the NFO file contains metadata (such as IMDB ID, etc.) then an automatic lookup using that data should be performed in order to grab the corresponding metadata for that Extra. PS - If this is something you might like to see implemented, be sure to "Like" this top/first post (as well as any subsequent posts in this thread that highlight particular aspects of what you are interested in) -- "Liking" the top/first post helps the Devs to know how much interest there is in a given Feature Request.
  12. I can get Emby Server to install ok on Raspbian. I can load it up and everything works, except that it can't read my storage device. Raspbian file explorer sees the storage and I can view the movies, but when I type that path to add to my library, it says it's not valid. I have zero experience here. I'm just googling what I can, but a lot of it is over my head. Can someone please help me out with a ELI5? Thank you!
  13. I often just watch one or two chapters from a music video for my favorite tracks. However, Emby then puts them into the resume playback category. In this case I do not want to resume and they clutter up the interface. Can Emby have features to: 1) For items in resume playback list have a button to cancel the resume 2) Have a setting at the Media Library level to exclude all items in the library from being resumed. I could then flag my music video library in one go.
  14. If you like me are running Emby Server on a Windows computer you know that it sometimes fails... if you like me sit in front of the TV with just a remote in your hand and want to watch your favorite show and Emby have failed, and in 99,9% of the time all you need to do is start it again you get somewhat annoyed. You can probably handle this a thousand ways but I wrote a small powershell script that checks if the website is responding, if it isn't stops the emby processes and starts them up again. I run this as a scheduled task and it have kept my Emby more up and running than before. I have tested this on a Windows 10 computer, I have no idea if this runs at all on any other version of Windows. I would guess that it does but you probably have to update Windows Powershell to use it. How to use it. Create a .ps1 textfile (Like C:\MyScripts\Emby-Monitor.ps1) with this content: $embywebsite = "http://localhost:8096" try{ $x=Invoke-RestMethod -Method Get -Uri $embywebsite -ea stop -TimeoutSec 5 } catch{ Write-EventLog -EntryType Error -LogName Application -Source “Emby-Monitor” -EventId 8096 -Message "Emby Website is DOWN - Shutdown and Startup again" Stop-Process -Name *Emby* -Force Start-Process $env:APPDATA\Emby-Server\system\EmbyServer.exe } You need to run the below command as an administrator once, this is to create the source for eventlog If you do not do this monitoring will still work but it wont write anything in the eventlog New-EventLog –LogName Application –Source “Emby-Monitor” Create a scheduled task that runs the scipt how ever often you like as the logged on user To test it simply exit Emby (taskbar icon, right click and exit) and run the scheduled task and Emby should start up again.
  15. Hi all, 2 days ago I started emby on android TV and after looging I saw a blank page : no media at all. after searching into your forum I made a backup and deleted the library.db file. After very long scanning time I got the library back again. And emby was working. But today same issue appears again. After taking a look into planned task : scan media library failed / Refresh guide failed I attached the server log file. thanks in advance for your help.
  16. Are there alternative skins for Emby Server? I am migrating my video player from Kodi to Emby Server and would like to know other skins besides standard skin.
  17. CarlosLima

    Audio on Emby Server

    Only now I noticed that the Emby Server has no fields for audio settings. That's right, it's not possible to configure the audio, since I started to use Emby Server not only to share the collections, but as a local media player.
  18. Hi, Where can I see the audio and video formats not yet supported by Emby Server? I have in the collections several formats and some are not reproduced. Thank you
  19. CarlosLima

    Hide main menu item

    Hello all to all a Merry Christmas Is it possible to hide only the two line item 2 from the main menu? I do not know what Video Bookmarks are and I do not know how it is displayed in the menu, because I have never used this item. The collection of songs I want to keep on Emby Server, I just need to hide it from the main menu. Many thanks for any tip.
  20. Hello everyone, I ask for help. Suddenly my Emby Server has stopped being shared for external clients and I've tried all the ways I know and have reread all the Emby website tips and I can not get external clients to access my Emby Server. In the modem of the carrier are already open port 8096 and I also tried to leave the modem of the carrier in Bridge mode, opening the port on the router and also did not work. I've also checked and it's nothing with Windows 10 or your firewall. I would like to receive help on this and my account Emby is Premiere. Thank you
  21. Hi, I've installed my emby server on a open hour chameleon device (arm based with a rockchip rk3288) the server is running fine (lubuntu based) - after some problems with SMB / NTF. (I can post a howto later) My target is to transcode my 1080p mkvs also for chromecast, iphone etc. is that possible? ist the rockchip cpu fast enough? (quad core 1.8ghz) when I run a video in the browser I always get the could not play error (html5 player, android device with vlc etc) where do I find the logs on the emby server? (/var/log/emby.log has no entries) Cheers
  22. I hope I have this in the correct forum. I have a question about computer performance while running the Emby Server. Every time I have the server running, I have frequent stuttering of video while watching TV using Windows Media Center (WMC) and a HD Homerun USB Tuner. (Not viewing TV content through Emby). This happens while watching live or recorded TV. I do not have the Emby App installed in WMC. I also have noticeably slow performance of other programs. This all resolves when I shut down the Emby server. Video stuttering happens even when I am not streaming content remotely using the Emby Server. Just having the server running seems to cause the issue. I have a Dell with an I5 650 (3.2Ghz) and 8-Gig Ram, Running Windows 7 Ultimate. I checked performance using Task Manager while the problem was happening and it shows CPU 11%, Physical Memory 27%. It does not seem to be stressing my hardware. It seems to work better if I exit the Emby Server and then restart the server. I have an Emby Log while the problem was happening and after stopping and restarting if it helps identify the problem. I was not sure if it is safe, (Privacy Issue) to Post Logs in the Forum. Let me know if it is OK to post LOGS to the public forum? Any Help or suggestions would be appreciated. Emby Log before exit.txt Emby Log after exit and restart server.txt
  23. CarlosLima

    Issue with new version

    Hello, until yesterday was everything normal with my last Emby Server stable version and today, very early, when connecting the server, the Emby Server comes in and falls in 1 minute. I have researched both the Emby Server and the pc and the problem persists. It comes in and falls all the time and that has been repeated for more than 10 times today. I use Windows 10 64 Pro. server-63641510355.txt
  24. CarlosLima

    New version

    In the current version, did I notice that the per-user settings feature has been removed? Or is it somewhere else I have not found? I also read that in the beta there was a new transparent theme, so that the background images were in evidence. Thank you
  25. CarlosLima

    User Control

    Hi, Is it possible or feasible for us to have greater control over users? 1. I understand how interesting it is to be able to determine the validity period of login to each user, for example, a specific date for expiration. 2. It would also be interesting that there could be limited single login per user, or maximum of two simultaneous login. Because Emby limits the maximum of 15 logged in users, it would be fairer to grant a single (or two) login to each user. Thanks for your reply.
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