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  1. How and with which plugin can I easily access the movie (and series) bonus material (extras folders) of my emby premiere installation in Kodi 19.1? Am grateful for all tips and tricks. Access and playback of the extras in emby works without any problems. Thanks for your help in advance, Georg
  2. As I mention in a related post, I love the additional subfolders for Movie Extras (eg, Shorts, Scenes, Interviews, etc.)! It would be awesome to extend this functionality to TV Series as well. Specifically to add support for many/all of the same folders supported for Movie Extras, eg, extras specials shorts scenes featurettes behind the scenes deleted scenes interviews trailers As well as any additional folders that get added in the future (eg, hopefully Galleries). Support Placement of "Extras" Folders Within Each Season Folder, Plus A Naming Scheme to Link A Particular Extras Folder wit
  3. BruceDavid

    Movie Extras Not Showing

    Hi, I have the movie Gimme Shelter and several extras on my PC as such: f:\video\movies\gimme shelter (directory) gimme shelter.mp4 is a file in the above directory A sub-directory exists called Extras. In the Extras directory are the following files: Gimme Shelter Outtakes.mp4 Gimme Shelter Re-Release Trailer.mp4 Gimme Shelter Theatrical Trailer 1.mp4 Gimme Shelter Theatrical Trailer 2.mp4 When I click on Gimme Shelter in the Movies library of Emby, the movie is available as is the Outtakes extra but the trailer extras are not showing. Do
  4. I love the additional subfolders for Movie Extras (eg, Shorts, Scenes, Interviews, etc.)! I would like to propose an additional folder: "Galleries". Within the Galleries folder the user would place subfolders (only one level of nesting) and each subfolder could contain any images the user chooses. Then, Emby would display the subfolder name as an Extra (in Emby Theater) and opening that extra would launch an image gallery of the containing images. For example: Movies\Disney\The Sword In The Stone (1963)\Galleries\Scrapbook Movies\Disney\The Sword In The Stone (1963)\Galleries\Film Fac
  5. I have ripped some of my dvd box-sets with a resulting folder structure like this: /movies /box-name /movie_a /extras /movie_b /extras and so on, no problems so far. Now some boxes include bonus discs with more extras. Where do I put these? It would be wrong to put them in some of the "/movies/box-name/movie_x/extras" folders since they don't belong to a particular movie but to the whole box. But they won't be recognized by Emby if placed in a "/movies/box-name/extras" folder. And by placing them in /movies/box-name/bonus/extras" th
  6. In both Home Videos & Photos and Mixed Content libraries if a folder is named "Extras" they do not appear in Emby.
  7. I don't know how much demand there might be for this, but thought I'd throw it out there. In my old, custom-built system I had a way that I could indicate that an "extra" (or subitem) could also appear in the main listing as it's own stand-alone item (with all of it's own metadata) (though I would indicate when viewing the details of that item in a stand-alone context that it was connected to it's parent item). The simplicity of how Extras work in Emby has definitely grown on me (it's very handy to just be able to drop stuff in an "extras" folder and have them handled automatically). Howev
  8. Manual edits to Movie Extras are initially accepted but are lost on the next Library Scan. Specifically, I manually edited the Overview, Locked, and saved it. The changes remained until the next Library scan where it was replaced with the Overview for the parent movie. I’m currently using version of the server. I noticed a few versions ago that when I added a new Movie that had Extras to my collection that an NFO file was being added for the extras and the trailer. I actually prefer this but I don’t think it’s working correctly (or at least not how it did in the past where NFO fil
  9. Hi Guys, It took me a while to figure this out for myself and there are tons of threads stating that it's not possible, so I wanted to post this very, very easy solution to display Movie Extras within Kodi, while also using Emby for Kodi as your backend. 1. Setup your Emby library in Kodi using Direct Play (this doesn't currently work with playback via Add-On) 2. Install the following Official Kodi Add On: https://kodi.wiki/view/Add-on:Extras 3. Add a subfolder to your movie directory called Extras... IE /path/to/movies/moviename/extras 4. Locate the movie within Kodi and then, usin
  10. schmitty

    Metadata for Extras

    Hi, Metadata needs to be saved for extras, in order to be able to keep names and screengrabs when metadata is refreshed.
  11. playloud

    Access to Extras?

    I am returning to Emby WMC after nearly 2 years using exclusively Roku TV. (The Roku app works very well, wife likes it, and even my 4-year old can quickly pick a show to watch.) I have setup my home theater in the basement, using a Windows 7 PC. I tried Emby Theater, and it works perfectly, but unfortunately it looks exactly like the Roku app with no customization of views and no themes (yet). So I am trying WMC again, because I love customizing the views in each category (Detail, Coverflow, Thumb, Poster, etc). Thanks to the forum I have solved a few early issues by:
  12. Hi there. First of all sorry for my englisch but I'm not a native speaker. I got problems with the multiple versions mentioned in the wiki. My file structure is like: /movies/genre/movie (year) or if its a collection: /movies/genre/collectionname/movie (year) I tried to name the movies like this: /movies/genre/movie (year)/moviename - directorscut /movies/genre/movie (year)/moviename [directors cut] both didn't work worked. Is the problem that it would only work if there are no genre folders? if this is the case it is pretty terrible because to have hunderts of folders in one directory
  13. I love the additional subfolders for Movie Extras (eg, Shorts, Scenes, Interviews, etc.)! I would like to propose an additional folder: "Easter Eggs". This would be intended for content that is usually hidden somehow within a DVD/Blu-ray menu (eg, Incredibles 2 Easter Egg List). What would be nifty about having a folder designated for this content is that then perhaps someday someone could write a plugin that would handle this content differently in how it is displayed in Emby apps, somewhat approximating the original experience of hunting for easter eggs in the DVD menu (eg, maybe a movie wit
  14. buddyweiser

    Beginner, Help!

    I am sort of new to Emby for Kodi. I tried to set it a long time ago and gave up, but I thought I would give it another try. I currently use Emby Theater but it does not support launching external apps and Kodi is much more feature rich. However, I cannot get Kodi to do what I want! I have searched the forums and haven't found anything to help me. First off, I'm using EmbyCon with the Titan theme. I setup my home screen like in the video tutorial I found here in the forums. But when I select a movie, it automatically plays the movie. I DON'T want that. I want it to go to a detail screen, w
  15. Victorious

    Display of Movie Extras

    Hi, I have ripped all the Blu-ray special features for the Hobbit films, and put each set in a folder named extras within the main folder alongside the film. However, when viewing the film's page in Emby, the extras all show as a grid of the film poster image, with the extras title beneath. Ideally I would like them to appear in a list, with the description alongside, like TV show extras do. I've attached screenshots of the different layouts. Is there any way I can achieve this? Thanks.
  16. I note that we can keep movie extras in folders with different names, like "interviews", "featurettes", etc. Does Emby actually do anything different with the different categories, or does it treat all extras identically? If they're all the same, are there plans to treat them differently in a future version? I'm just wondering if there's any point to my classifying them all, or if I might as well be dropping them all in an "extras" folder.
  17. From what I can tell currently videos within the "extras" folder do not get parsed automatically for online metadata, nor do any associated NFO files (from outside of Emby) get parsed. Following up on this post ( https://emby.media/community/index.php?/topic/40262-why-are-dvd-extras-limited-to-a-single-directory/page-2&do=findComment&comment=377431 ) I thought I'd go ahead and make a request here (and reiterate some of what I posted in the above thread). I'd be interested in NFO support for Extras, both support for writing to NFO, but also for reading an pre-existing NFO on import,
  18. I'm on Server Version on Windows 10. I don't know when this changed, but previously (I believe) Emby Server would recognize a VIDEO_TS folder in the Extras folder in the following directory format: Dark City (1998)\Extras\Gallery and Metropolis Comparison (Text)\VIDEO_TS And then Emby Theater would present that item "Gallery and Metropolis Comparison (Text)" in the lists of Extras, where it could be played via the External Player I have configured (in my case, VLC). The reason I do this is that sometimes there are extras such as image galleries and text content which are only a
  19. Per another thread ( https://emby.media/community/index.php?/topic/38173-watched-status-resets-with-moves-between-library/&do=findComment&comment=484965 ) video files that do not have an external ID (eg, TheMovieDB, IMDB) associated with them in Emby will lose their Watched status if you ever move the files to another location. This is because currently the only way to determine the uniqueness of the file (if it does not have an external ID) is to use the full path to the file. Now, most items will have an external ID, but the big exception can be Movie Extras and TV Specials. Som
  20. Back around April 1st Media Stubs (eg, "Name.disc") placed in a Movie's Extras folder were being displayed in Emby Theater, but now are no longer showing. If this is an accident then I'd welcome having this functionality restored. Or, if it is by design I'm curious as to why it was removed (eg, was it causing problems with something)? Thanks!
  21. playloud

    Extras added to collections

    I saw on the recent server update the following feature: * Allow movie extras to be added to collections and playlists Is this accomplished by placing the "extras" folder in the top "collection" folder?
  22. Sometimes when I want to watch something I'm more in the mood for watching some Movie Extras than I am for watching a Movie. And often I will have Watched a Movie (thus removing it from the Unwatched view), but not yet watched some/all of that Movie's Extras. It would be great if there were a sub-view of Unwatched that just showed Movies with Unwatched Extras (including Movies that have been watched, since this view would be tied to whether there are Unwatched Extras for a Movie, not to the Movie's Watched status). Thanks! Related: https://emby.media/community/index.php?/topic/50381-em
  23. I would find it really useful if there was some visual indication that a Watched movie still had Unwatched Extras. What makes sense to me is if the green check mark could be half gray (or some other two-tone effect). So essentially there'd be 3 states: Movie Unwactched = no checkmark; Movie Watched, Some/All Extras Unwatched = partial green checkmark; Movie Watched, All Extras Watched = green checkmark. I'm totally open to other ways of doing this. My goal is simply to be able to quickly see when viewing my Movies that there are Unwatched Extras for a given Movie (so that I might have a be
  24. Hi, DVD extras are supposed to be stored in the 'extras' (or maybe 'specials') directory. I am wondering whether there is any deeper meaning behind this (the only explanation I've found was to be more compatible with other applications using this naming schema). I personally think this is more a limitation than a feature - imagine a DVD with some interviews, trailers, deleted scenes and background information. With emby one ends up with this structure: Some Movie (2016).mkv extras/Interview Actor A.mvk extras/Interview Actor B.mkv extras/Deleted Scenes Scene Title A.mkv extr
  25. So far I've gotten such awesome feedback and responses here in the community - I'm well pleased. I hope that suggestions are welcomed as well...? Long time plex user here who finds a few features missing in Emby. With plex, you could rip the "extras" and then label the extra with the same name as the original file with "- extra #" at the end. On the dashboard movie screen in plex, instead of just the actors at the bottom like Emby, it does a web search and finds interviews and bloopers that exist on the web for that movie, but the extras also show up first in that list. I have tons of
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