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Found 12 results

  1. isamudysan

    mkv files and some mp4 files seen as mpg

    put together a new freenas (11.2)...installed emby...and, everyting is working fine except for majority (approx. 98%) of my mkv files being seen and played back as mpg files. along with the mkv files, not all, but some of my mp4 files are being treated/seen as mpg files. now playing videos via the webapp is fine, and it's not my concern. however, playing thru DLNA is a different story. any ideas as what i can do to alleviate this issue. i mean, i had it on my old build, too, but never really tried to solve this problem. now, i need to because the samsung emby is giving me an error (this
  2. manuelgarciaii

    Plugin o COdec Adicional

    Hola tengo problemas al querer reproducir unos archivos de tipo WAV. no se reproducen, pongo play y no se reproduce, si hago la prueba con MP3 funciona sin problema, pero con este tipo especificamente WAV puedo escucharlos
  3. I cannot fast forward or rewind using Emby For WMC, and there is no way to skip or chapters, or watch previous chapters. Only pause and play work. I have looked at Media Control but I currently have shark's codec pack installed, and I'm not sure how well having multiple codec packs will play out. Is there a way to completely reset all codec related settings, and possibly look at using Media Control?
  4. Guardian Hope

    Codecs on VMWare for Ubuntu Server

    This is a strange question for me to ask considering that I work with enterprise servers everyday although they are almost always exclusively RHEL or Windows based (you wouldn't believe how many times I typed "yum install" rather than "apt-get"). In any case, I was sort of forced to abandon native Windows version of Emby Server for Ubuntu Server 15.10 with Emby Server installed due to issues with Emby not staying bound to the specified ports in Windows. What I am trying to figure out is what, if anything, do I need to do to make sure that Emby can natively transcode H.265/HEVC and othe
  5. Hi, Has anyone been able to find or already have a list populated for what video codecs the Asus nexus player can play natively?
  6. I recently encountered all sorts of issues when setting up MBC and codecs in attempt to be playback all files types including subtitles. I finally figured it all out and took the time to write this guide which hopefully you find helpful. The codecs I use are Shark007 codecs and I can confirm works on Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 (both 32 & 64 bit versions). See attached for guide. MBC-Shark007-Guide.pdf
  7. I am just after some clarification around setting up MBS. I have MBS installed on a PC that has all my media on it. I then have another PC in my living room with MBC installed on it. Do I need to install codecs either on the MBS PC or MBC PC to be able to play all file types including .mkv files and also have external subtitles working? I have read about transcoding and not sure how it all works and if I need to configure anything to get it all going.
  8. just got remote access set up and got my brother to test steaming a movie from my server via the web client. it works, but looks pretty grainy, meaning it's transcoding the file. I know you need to have your files shared for direct stream, so i have a couple questions: 1. Is sharing my media over my network on Windows 7 (right click -> share -> share "everyone") enough to make the folder shared over WAN? or is there a separate type of share for WAN? 2. Does the web client have the necessary codecs to play MKV H264 video and DCA or AC3 audio? If not, does it sound like getting my
  9. hanand


    how to change the codecs of the transcoding and the inside player in chrome ? i didnt see any guide to change the codec to inside player / transcoding my problem that i dont have subtitle at all i want o control it i found article to change codec only to window media player or mce player but what about the fffmppeg that th MB3 use default hot co controll it or replace it Server Version 3.0.5211.41935 ok after reading log i change the font format of the external to utf8 and now i see subtitle on chrome in server in ios apps (latest version) i do not have option for subtiltle
  10. So I am having some sleep wake issues when sleeping the pc from media browser classic. I found a few root causes and hoping someone can help. I kept getting a black wmc screen so whenever I woke the pc so.... 1) I uninstalled the display driver but kept the current catalyst control center. Then I let windows auto detect. Now it shows a version from 4/3/13. I think it says 12.1. Not exactly sure because I'm at work and not home right now. So I did this and also played with regular sleep, not hybrid sleep. It would sleep and wake fine when sleeping from live tv playing, the guide screen,
  11. TOP TIP: Before messing with filters/decoders always create a system restore point and only do one change at a time and check the outcome before changing something else. A MUST: ONLY EVER INSTALL ONE CODEC PACK, always uninstall all others before changing packs There are many misconceptions that installing a codec pack will solve all your playback issues when it comes to Windows Media Center (WMC) and in turn MediaBrowser-Classic (MBC). If you think this then you need to read on. When MS released Win7 they incorporated a set of codecs and rules and these were neatly packaged under
  12. Welcome to Media Browser Classic! For those of us left still clinging onto Windows Media Center, for whatever reason (even with the awesome standalone Media Browser Theater client available), you still want your viewing experience to be the best it can possibly be. However, despite the various reviews and opinions that external players provide a superior picture quality over the internal player for WIndows Media Center, WMC user often still prefer the "completeness" in preferring the internal player option, when it comes to Media Browser. So, with that said, I offer one of the simples
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