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Found 24 results

  1. For anyone like me who started off creating their library of media and and deciding at a later date that maybe they want to move the those movies into their own folders, but don't want to manually create thousands of folders, and then manually move the files, you can automate that process with PowerShell (on WIndows). Open up a PowerShell prompt and navigate to the directory with your movies being stored, in my case on a network share. cd \\unraid\media\movies Make sure this command will create a folder for every file in the directory you just navigated to. WARNING, I was lazy
  2. NCBillP

    Migrate Linux res due to broken disk

    My Ubuntu 18.04.5 broke with Emby-server All media files are on other discs. New Ubuntu has 20.04.1 and I have downloaded Emby-server I have access to a backup copy of the original /var/lib/emby from If I install the new Emby-server can I simply restore the /var/lib/emby from to get up and running or are the contents of the /var/lib/emby folder incompatible? Thanks, NCBillP
  3. **Mods: I posted this in general section, can you please remove this post?** So I bought a Synology DS1019+ and I want selectively copy portions of my existing NAS/Emby server over to it, what setting do I need to apply to have this new instance scrape/pickup the NFO info, backdrops, covers, actors from the folders I copy over without re-scraping/grabbing new info, art from the internet? On my other server I have save artwork and NFOs to the media folder for all TV & Movies titles. @cayars
  4. Read a question just asked about copying user data to a new server with plugin. Is there any sort of documentation on things like where config data is stored, and how to back it up with and without the plugin? I like knowing a bit about systems I'm running so I can tweak a bit. It would be nice to know what I can expect moving my server from Windows to Linux, and how much my users will have to redo. As a first attempt moving my Windows server to CentOS, after I got the server up and running, I copied the contents of my Windows "User/AppData/Roaming/Emby-Server/programdata" into the Uni
  5. I have a EMBY server installed on my Windows10 PC, with "save metadata as nfo" and "Saving artwork into media folders" activated in the library settings. Now I want to build a NAS based on Unraid, surely I backup the files in the list below manually and transfer to new directory as the supporting article indicates. /ProgramData/config /ProgramData/plugins /ProgramData/data/collections /ProgramData/data/playlists /ProgramData/data/displaypreferences.db /ProgramData/data/users.db /ProgramData/data/library.db /ProgramData/metadata But I've noticed the people information in the .nfo file
  6. Hi All, I've recently migrated my installation over to the official Emby docker container on an Unraid server from a previous Windows setup. Settings were migrated across using the backup and restore plugin. Only user data was restored as obviously paths had changed in the migration process. Since the migration, I've found that many services are failing with a "Name or service not known" exception, similar to the below. Failing to retrieve metadata and plugin updates are the most obvious problems. 2020-04-23 19:52:21.760 Error App: Error in TheTVDB *** Error Report *** Version: 4.
  7. Jack.Landrum

    Plex to Emby Migration

    Due to Plex drastic changes to the UI on Roku devices on 12/6/2018 a lot of long term Plex users are moving to Emby. - I am one of those users. I started the migration the same day and have one big question. Is there anyway to move the existing meta data from Plex into Emby? 1. Movie & TV show matching that have already been corrected in PLEX. 2. Custom/Not default Art Work already selected in Plex. Thanks in advance to anyone that can save me and others hours and hours of getting our servers back in order.
  8. mireki1975

    Move from macOS to Linux

    Hi there , i think about to move from my mac mini to a Intel NUC with Linux. Now i have a few Questions : is there a clean way to backup restore all settings without rebuilding the Library? I think about a 10th Generation i5 NUC will this be a good choice even for transcoding? (Max 2 streams) besides emby is FHEM,iobroker and a TVheadend Server running. Server only - no tv attached which OS would you prefer ? Ubuntu? Debian? Thanks for tipps
  9. Hi to everyone. I moved my media to a new server and i followed the migration guide linked on github. On my old server was running emby, the same that i installed on the new one. I made a manual backup and it was all ok until i tried to restore the usaerdatas table from the old library db to the new one. The problem is that the old db has more columns that the new one in the userdatas table (14 vs 12) There is a way to fix this problem? Thanks in advance for your answers. @@Happy2Play @@arrbee99 @@chef
  10. Archangél

    Migration from Windows 10 to Arch Linux

    hey all, I am a bit confused... As far as I know I should be able to just run the backup tool in Windows and then run it in the arch installation and then it should "magically" work, right? this have not been the case with my installation, I can literally not see the libraries even tho the paths are correct. I need to know how to get emby working again. Right now i cannot see media files in any of the libraries when looking through them, not even the metadata tool shows anything. I have tried several browser (opera and firefox, tried both in private mode as well) so it got nothing to do with
  11. Hello, I want to migrate my local windows emby server into a docker image. I know, that I can use the backup/import plugin, but my library has about 2000 entries and many of them are manual, manual pictures, manual names etc. Is there a way to migrate the whole database and everything to my new server and change the library path to the new linux path without rescanning/manually editing all my files?
  12. Let's talk about a real full migration and the separation of metadata and mediafiles. I know i know, you system architects of emby have had discussions and thoughts about this topic enough i guess...But i want to ask you to maybe rethink one or two things about the structure of emby. But hold on, before you think: great, another non-programming average Joe who thinks he knows things better than we do... just let me explain. The fact that i am here right now, writing this post about emby is because: i love it As a long time kodi-user i instantly fell in love with emby the moment i inst
  13. Arly (Sprinkles)

    Curious about Server Migration

    So, in the next few months, my wife and I have decided to purchase a new PC to base our media server out of, but I do have a few questions about server migration, backup, and a few other things. 1.) Will my Emby Premiere Key work on this new server, on a new machine, or do I have to purchase a new subscription? 2.) What does the backup plugin backup? Metadata? <--Working on doing everything manually through .nfo files and individual image files to make it easier for maintenance. 3.) How complex will this migration be? (i.e. Will I have to re-configure all User-based information
  14. Hi All Installed the portable version of emby server on my existing server - I'm virtualising Emby and moved the install to the new VPC. Read the instructions on how to do this and upon running the initial library scan it fails immediately. The portable install was deployed to the D drive of my old server but has been moved to C on the new box.. however the log file shows that Emby is still looking for a D: drive during some part of the scan. Anyway to fix this? (Log attached) Many thanks for your time Log.txt
  15. chessplayer

    Migration question

    Hi guys, I am in the process of migrating an emby server from a cubietruck (armhf) to a TV box running Armbian for AMLOGIC devices (aarch64). I was planning on following the instructions for manual migration in the wiki. However, I was wondering whether given I have the exact same path for my media files as before, can I not just copy the library.db as well? What I am doing is, I am mounting two folders from my NAS (one for movies, the other for TV shows) using NFS to the exact same location they were on before and that is then also my media path. Cheers, chessplayer
  16. Hello All. I currently have a Emby Server on Windows 10. I have it pretty much how I want. I use Storage Spaces with a handful of drives. I want to dual boot my PC with Fedora or Linux Mint and also set up my Server on it as well. This server will have its own drive but it will have the same data as the other. The perfect situation is that no matter which system I boot into, Emby is running fine in the background. I have just downloaded an add-on app to save my server settings. I have a copy of those settings on my new drive. So, I am needing some help on how to migrate these s
  17. Hello all, I am about to transfer all my media to a dedicated QNAP NAS and run Emby Server on that as well. I currently run my EMBY Server on my windows machine. I am just wondering how I would go about ensuring that all the watched, partially watched episodes etc are copied and displayed correctly in the QNAP NAS? Is it as simple as copying my entire Television folder onto the NAS, and therefore all the watched etc flags are there? Or do I have to do something special? Basically I am wanting to transfer or Migrate all my media and the server functionality to the NAS, but want all hist
  18. justwondering

    Migrating library from iTunes

    I'm new to Emby and wondering about the best way to migrate an existing video library from Apple's iTunes. I have around a TB of movies and tv series, painstakingly labeled, with cover art. Just to see, I copied a couple of movies from the iTunes library into an Emby movies library folder and let it scan them. It confidently identified them with detailed metadata and cover art, for totally incorrect movies: The Little Mermaid (1989) -> Blonde Ringlet (2010) Wallace and Gromit in A Close Shave -> A Personal Journey with Martin Scorcese Through American Movies Obviously I
  19. I'm trying to make the step from Kodi to Emby as my media database. In Kodi I've exported all data to nfo-files and put those together with the video-files on my emby-server. For the most part the import worked great, but emby didn't pick up the watched-state. All my movies and episodes are shown as unwatched. In the nfo-files there is a playcount-value, so I think Kodi did export everything correctly. Is there anything else (some setting etc.) I've to change to get a fresh emby-installation to import the watched-status?
  20. I'm a premium supporter and have the Server Configuration backup. Due to some previous issues with Emby, and also for some other reasons, I decided to stop fighting with all the legacy crap on my media server, and did a fresh reinstall. I reinstalled onto a new drive, so I still have full access to the old system. However, restoring my backup via Server Config backup plugin didn't work. Steps taken: Clean install of Windows 7 Clean install of latest Emby Server ( Fresh backup made on old Emby (3.0.6050.0) Install the backup plugin on new Emby Browse the backup - all users are seen
  21. Currently running Emby on a HP N36L Microserver with Ubuntu 16.04. Server has a 5 drives, with 1 for boot, and 4 in a sw RAID in which all my media is on. For various reasons, the server is running out of oomph, so its finally time to upgrade. Going to move the lot to a ML10 V2 which on paper at least meets all my requirements. Will likely remain using Ubuntu 16.04, and definitely the same sw RAID drives so my media paths will all remain intact ie: /media/RAIDdrive/TV/ for TV etc. What is the best/recommended way to ensure after i reinstall, i can keep my watched/unwatched and othe
  22. Hi, I've been a user of MediaPortal for many many years now but looking to upgrade over to emby with Kodi for a few reasons but mainly because I like the idea of the centralised server and multi-platform viewing. I have extensive databases, with some personally enriched content, that I would much prefer to migrate over to emby rather than attempt to re-scrape it all and amend/enhance the content. Also, getting across my watched status would be very advantageous (sorry, I don't have trakt). I have searched the wiki/forums but surprisingly cannot find any information on importing/migrat
  23. Since MB now stores metadata centrally (yay!), I was thinking of ways to migrate away from the local metadata I have stored. I could delete all XML, jpg and png files from the tree, but this would still leave the hidden "metadata" folders in all TV Show seasons. Seems a bit clunky and risky. So I am making a feature request for a mechanism (plug-in or non) that will grab all local metadata and migrate it to the MB structure (that way you don't need to download every single file again) and then clean up the media folders. Alternatively just delete everything in the media folders without
  24. I recently upgraded to MB3 Classic; however, it didn't seem to do any "upgrading". My MB2 was left in tact, including the MB2 service, etc, and none of my MB2 settings were transferred automatically over to MB3. Before I reconfigure everything manually...is there a way to migrate an MB2 config over to MB3? Did I miss something in the install process?
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