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  1. Hi, I understand that subtitle support on the LG app is limited by the LG OS and what it is capable of. Can a setting be introduced to remove the non-supported subtitle formats from the subtitle drop-down? i.e. only show available subtitles that the LG app can display.
  2. Emby does not recognise the subtitles when I use the external SUP files. When SUP subtitles are embedded in the video, Emby recognises them but does not display them correctly. I wonder will SUP subtitles and embedded PGS subtitle formats be supported in the future? Potplayer can recognise and display external subtitles properly. Neither the web version and the Emby application can not recognise external SUP subtitles and can not display embedded PGS subtitles correctly
  3. Hi all, I would like to say that this is a server-side issue, not sure how this comes about. I did check for prior reports of this issue, but did not find any. I have a small (sub-)set of my movies that get their subtitles downloaded again and again every morning when the scheduled task kicks in. It happens on less than 1% of my movies. I don't know what makes these stand out. This is how I located them on the filesystem (disregarding srt-files with low numbers up to "2"): find /full/path/to/movies -type f \( -name \*.[3-9].??.srt -o -name \*.[1-9][0-9].??.srt \) -print It is not critical since I can easily nuke the extra files. Just thought it was worth mentioning. Maybe someone else can confirm. I would love to capture a log right now, but I got "viewers" that are constantly showing in the log, and no testing system to turn to. Anyone else can confirm the issue (or point me to prior reports of the problem that I did not find... again...)? 😆 😆 Cheerios, Roodee
  4. I've run across (and posted once or twice in the Roku area about this) apparently "random" TV episodes that I have personally ripped and encoded from the blu-ray, where Emby cannot do a hardware transcode for playback when the PGS subtitle track is enabled. I've finally had time to do dig out the original blu-ray to validate whether there is some defect in my encoded version. I identified an episode that failed to xcode in HW and displays the following in the ffmpeg log: >>>>>> Subtitle Processing Steps for [0:2]: HDMV PGS subtitles Step Format Target Size HDMV_PGS_SUBTITLE >> Subs: Bitmap scale >> Video: UNKNOWN 1920x1080 ... 11:24:00.581 [matroska,webm @ 0xe35ac0] Could not find codec parameters for stream 2 (Subtitle: hdmv_pgs_subtitle (pgssub)): unspecified size Consider increasing the value for the 'analyzeduration' (0) and 'probesize' (5000000) options 11:24:00.581 Input #0, matroska,webm, from '/share/Video/TV/Archer (2009)/Season 02/Archer (2009) - S02E01 - Swiss Miss.mkv': 11:24:00.581 Metadata: 11:24:00.581 title : ARCHER SEASON 2 - DISC 1 11:24:00.581 creation_time : 2019-12-27T05:43:27.000000Z 11:24:00.581 ENCODER : Lavf58.20.100 11:24:00.581 Duration: 00:21:03.44, start: 0.000000, bitrate: 6649 kb/s 11:24:00.581 Stream #0:0: Video: hevc (Main), yuv420p(tv, bt709), 1920x1080 [SAR 1:1 DAR 16:9], Level 120, 23.98 fps, 23.98 tbr, 1k tbn (default) 11:24:00.582 Metadata: 11:24:00.582 DURATION : 00:21:03.429000000 11:24:00.582 Stream #0:1(eng): Audio: dts (DTS-HD MA), 48000 Hz, 5.1(side), s32p (24 bit) (default) 11:24:00.582 Metadata: 11:24:00.582 title : Surround 11:24:00.582 DURATION : 00:21:03.435000000 11:24:00.582 Stream #0:2(eng): Subtitle: hdmv_pgs_subtitle 11:24:00.582 Metadata: 11:24:00.582 DURATION : 00:21:01.281000000 11:24:00.597 Stream mapping: 11:24:00.597 Stream #0:0 (hevc) -> overlay (graph 0) 11:24:00.597 Stream #0:2 (pgssub) -> scale:default (graph 0) 11:24:00.597 hwupload:default (graph 0) -> Stream #0:0 (h264_vaapi) 11:24:00.597 Stream #0:1 -> #0:1 (dts (dca) -> mp3 (libmp3lame)) 11:24:00.597 Press [q] to stop, [?] for help 11:24:00.944 subtitle_kickoff: call subtitle_resend_current 5057 frame->format: 1 11:24:00.945 subtitle input filter: decoding size 0x0 11:24:00.945 Auto-inserting subfeed filter 11:24:00.945 Auto-inserting graphicsub2video filter 11:24:00.969 Output #0, segment, to '/scratch/embytemp/transcoding-temp/DC840A/DC840A_%d.ts': 11:24:00.969 Metadata: 11:24:00.969 encoder : Lavf59.17.100 11:24:00.969 Stream #0:0: Video: h264 (High), vaapi(tv, bt709, progressive), 1920x1080 [SAR 1:1 DAR 16:9], q=2-31, 13299 kb/s, Level 40, 23.98 fps, 90k tbn 11:24:00.969 Metadata: 11:24:00.969 encoder : Lavc59.21.100 h264_vaapi 11:24:00.969 Stream #0:1(eng): Audio: mp3, 48000 Hz, stereo, fltp, 192 kb/s (default) 11:24:00.969 Metadata: 11:24:00.969 encoder : Lavc59.21.100 libmp3lame 11:24:00.980 elapsed=00:00:00.34 frame= 2 fps=0.0 q=-0.0 size=N/A time=00:00:01.79 bitrate=N/A throttle=off speed=5.17x 11:24:01.219 subtitle input filter: decoding size 1920x1080 11:24:01.219 Auto-inserting subfeed filter 11:24:01.219 Auto-inserting graphicsub2video filter 11:24:01.220 Impossible to convert between the formats supported by the filter 'hwupload@f4' and the filter 'auto_scale_0' 11:24:01.220 Error reinitializing filters! 11:24:01.220 Failed to inject frame into filter network: Function not implemented 11:24:01.220 Error while processing the decoded data for stream #0:2 11:24:01.222 [libmp3lame @ 0xe9b440] 3 frames left in the queue on closing 11:24:01.225 Conversion failed! Compared to an episode that xcodes in HW properly: >>>>>> Subtitle Processing Steps for [0:2]: HDMV PGS subtitles Step Format Target Size HDMV_PGS_SUBTITLE >> Subs: Bitmap 1920x1080 scale >> Video: UNKNOWN 1920x-2 ... 11:27:42.355 Input #0, matroska,webm, from '/share/Video/TV/Archer (2009)/Season 02/Archer (2009) - S02E03 - Blood Test.mkv': 11:27:42.355 Metadata: 11:27:42.355 title : ARCHER SEASON 2 - DISC 1 11:27:42.355 creation_time : 2019-12-27T06:09:10.000000Z 11:27:42.355 ENCODER : Lavf58.20.100 11:27:42.355 Duration: 00:21:16.58, start: 0.000000, bitrate: 4813 kb/s 11:27:42.356 Stream #0:0: Video: hevc (Main), yuv420p(tv, bt709), 1920x1080 [SAR 1:1 DAR 16:9], Level 120, 23.98 fps, 23.98 tbr, 1k tbn (default) 11:27:42.356 Metadata: 11:27:42.356 DURATION : 00:21:16.567000000 11:27:42.356 Stream #0:1(eng): Audio: dts (DTS-HD MA), 48000 Hz, 5.1(side), s32p (24 bit) (default) 11:27:42.356 Metadata: 11:27:42.356 title : Surround 11:27:42.356 DURATION : 00:21:16.576000000 11:27:42.356 Stream #0:2(eng): Subtitle: hdmv_pgs_subtitle, 1920x1080, Start-Time 3.420s 11:27:42.356 Metadata: 11:27:42.356 DURATION : 00:21:14.544000000 11:27:42.375 Stream mapping: 11:27:42.375 Stream #0:0 (hevc) -> overlay (graph 0) 11:27:42.375 Stream #0:2 (pgssub) -> scale:default (graph 0) 11:27:42.375 hwupload:default (graph 0) -> Stream #0:0 (h264_vaapi) 11:27:42.375 Stream #0:1 -> #0:1 (dts (dca) -> mp3 (libmp3lame)) 11:27:42.375 Press [q] to stop, [?] for help 11:27:42.745 subtitle input filter: decoding size 1920x1080 11:27:42.745 Auto-inserting subfeed filter 11:27:42.745 Auto-inserting graphicsub2video filter 11:27:42.769 Output #0, segment, to '/scratch/embytemp/transcoding-temp/6CD0C8/6CD0C8_%d.ts': 11:27:42.769 Metadata: 11:27:42.769 encoder : Lavf59.17.100 11:27:42.769 Stream #0:0: Video: h264 (High), vaapi(tv, bt709, progressive), 1920x1080 [SAR 1:1 DAR 16:9], q=2-31, 9626 kb/s, Level 40, 23.98 fps, 90k tbn 11:27:42.769 Metadata: 11:27:42.769 encoder : Lavc59.21.100 h264_vaapi 11:27:42.769 Stream #0:1(eng): Audio: mp3, 48000 Hz, stereo, fltp, 192 kb/s (default) 11:27:42.769 Metadata: 11:27:42.769 encoder : Lavc59.21.100 libmp3lame 11:27:42.770 elapsed=00:00:00.36 frame= 1 fps=0.0 q=0.0 size=N/A time=00:00:00.00 bitrate=N/A throttle=off speed= 0x 11:27:43.198 [segment @ 0xda4780] Opening '/scratch/embytemp/transcoding-temp/6CD0C8/6CD0C8.m3u8.tmp' for writing Note that these two episodes were from the same disc and ripped/transcoded using identical commands, software versions, etc. via a batch script. So, how can the subtitle metadata for one have gotten corrupted/lost and not the other? It didn't. I re-ripped the failing episode using MakeMKV without any modifications and swapped it in place: >>>>>> Subtitle Processing Steps for [0:2]: HDMV PGS subtitles Step Format Target Size HDMV_PGS_SUBTITLE >> Subs: Bitmap scale >> Video: UNKNOWN 1920x1080 ... 11:39:46.983 [matroska,webm @ 0x7d9ac0] Could not find codec parameters for stream 2 (Subtitle: hdmv_pgs_subtitle (pgssub)): unspecified size Consider increasing the value for the 'analyzeduration' (0) and 'probesize' (5000000) options 11:39:47.017 Input #0, matroska,webm, from '/share/Video/TV/Archer (2009)/Season 02/s02e01.mkv': 11:39:47.017 Metadata: 11:39:47.017 title : ARCHER SEASON 2 - DISC 1 11:39:47.017 encoder : libmakemkv v1.17.2 (1.3.10/1.5.2) win(x64-release) 11:39:47.017 creation_time : 2022-11-12T16:31:22.000000Z 11:39:47.017 Duration: 00:21:03.43, start: 0.000000, bitrate: 28728 kb/s 11:39:47.017 Stream #0:0(eng): Video: h264 (High), yuv420p(progressive), 1920x1080 [SAR 1:1 DAR 16:9], Level 41, 23.98 fps, 23.98 tbr, 1k tbn 11:39:47.017 Metadata: 11:39:47.017 BPS-eng : 24403287 11:39:47.017 DURATION-eng : 00:21:03.428833333 11:39:47.017 NUMBER_OF_FRAMES-eng: 30292 11:39:47.017 NUMBER_OF_BYTES-eng: 3853974619 11:39:47.017 SOURCE_ID-eng : 001011 11:39:47.017 Stream #0:1(eng): Audio: dts (DTS-HD MA), 48000 Hz, 5.1(side), s32p (24 bit) (default) 11:39:47.017 Metadata: 11:39:47.017 title : Surround 5.1 11:39:47.017 BPS-eng : 4257095 11:39:47.017 DURATION-eng : 00:21:03.434666666 11:39:47.017 NUMBER_OF_FRAMES-eng: 118447 11:39:47.017 NUMBER_OF_BYTES-eng: 672319952 11:39:47.018 SOURCE_ID-eng : 001100 11:39:47.018 Stream #0:2(eng): Subtitle: hdmv_pgs_subtitle 11:39:47.018 Metadata: 11:39:47.018 BPS-eng : 65252 11:39:47.018 DURATION-eng : 00:20:56.234145833 11:39:47.018 NUMBER_OF_FRAMES-eng: 888 11:39:47.018 NUMBER_OF_BYTES-eng: 10246614 11:39:47.018 SOURCE_ID-eng : 001200 11:39:47.037 Stream mapping: 11:39:47.037 Stream #0:0 (h264) -> overlay (graph 0) 11:39:47.037 Stream #0:2 (pgssub) -> scale:default (graph 0) 11:39:47.037 hwupload:default (graph 0) -> Stream #0:0 (h264_vaapi) 11:39:47.037 Stream #0:1 -> #0:1 (dts (dca) -> mp3 (libmp3lame)) 11:39:47.038 Press [q] to stop, [?] for help 11:39:47.300 subtitle_kickoff: call subtitle_resend_current 5057 frame->format: 1 11:39:47.301 subtitle input filter: decoding size 0x0 11:39:47.301 Auto-inserting subfeed filter 11:39:47.301 Auto-inserting graphicsub2video filter 11:39:47.325 Output #0, segment, to '/scratch/embytemp/transcoding-temp/A6B9A8/A6B9A8_%d.ts': 11:39:47.325 Metadata: 11:39:47.325 encoder : Lavf59.17.100 11:39:47.325 Stream #0:0: Video: h264 (High), vaapi(progressive), 1920x1080 [SAR 1:1 DAR 16:9], q=2-31, 28728 kb/s, Level 41, 23.98 fps, 90k tbn 11:39:47.325 Metadata: 11:39:47.325 encoder : Lavc59.21.100 h264_vaapi 11:39:47.325 Stream #0:1(eng): Audio: mp3, 48000 Hz, stereo, fltp, 192 kb/s (default) 11:39:47.325 Metadata: 11:39:47.325 encoder : Lavc59.21.100 libmp3lame 11:39:47.340 elapsed=00:00:00.26 frame= 2 fps=0.0 q=-0.0 size=N/A time=00:00:02.03 bitrate=N/A throttle=off speed=7.74x 11:39:47.528 subtitle input filter: decoding size 1920x1080 11:39:47.528 Auto-inserting subfeed filter 11:39:47.528 Auto-inserting graphicsub2video filter 11:39:47.529 Impossible to convert between the formats supported by the filter 'hwupload@f4' and the filter 'auto_scale_0' 11:39:47.529 Error reinitializing filters! 11:39:47.529 Failed to inject frame into filter network: Function not implemented 11:39:47.529 Error while processing the decoded data for stream #0:2 11:39:47.534 [libmp3lame @ 0x8ff380] 3 frames left in the queue on closing 11:39:47.535 Conversion failed! So - the source itself has what is apparently incorrect and/or missing subtitle track metadata. I re-ripped the working example episode as well to confirm. Note that none of the tools I normally use (primarily MediaInfo, MKVToolNix) expose this information about the subtitle tracks as far as I can tell, so I'm not sure even how to identify a problematic file besides seeing if Emby pukes and falls back to SW. The original disc plays without issue, and the file I transcoded from the source rip will play with subs enabled in Kodi, VLC, and MPC-BE without a problem, and prior when I was on Plex it was able to transcode these w/subs without a problem. Is the source itself actually out-of-spec? Is this an ffmpeg issue, or an issue with the command used to locate/examine the subtitle track? I've run across incidences of this specific problem in a few different shows and movies I've personally ripped (Archer, Futurama, The Venture Bros, The Running Man, more). If this is an issue of specification/standards enforcement (i.e. "yeah it can work that way, but it's out of spec so we're failing it"), I'd ask that the issue be re-examined, as it's apparently a common enough thing in the available source media that I've tripped over it multiple times across multiple shows and movies in my relatively small library. ffmpeg logs and mediainfo reports for the files are attached. If there's further info I could gather in order to determine definitively what's going on and whether it's addressable I'm happy to do so. Thanks! archer_s02e01_br_source.html bad_subs_encoded_ffmpeg-transcode-c853a7c1-ca06-4c2f-8d8e-ac3e617f44bf_1.txt bad_subs_source_ffmpeg-transcode-90cd65e4-b7eb-496d-ac0b-6049aab86897_1.txt good_subs_encoded_ffmpeg-transcode-4f28ce54-3508-4a03-9415-f755f50d7514_1.txt
  5. it happened Update App automatically. it can see only in the App playing. AndroidTV and Web version is okay. plz fixed it. i bought Emby Premiere with "Life Time". whats the problem?? Every a vowel & a consonant Fractured, Cracked. it has to be combined.
  6. Does it support external PGS (.sup) subtitles? If not, are there any plans to support it?
  7. Hi, I am just getting setup with Emby and I am having an Issue with subtitles being cut off, loading to close together or hanging around on screen till I tab out of fullscreeen, its all pretty weird. The subtitles display fine if I was to to play the video normally on my PC with the likes of VLC. I have attached an example of subtitles being cut off (In this example it happens at the 2:28 mark ) I have attached the video file as a google drive link. https://drive.google.com/file/d/18900Rzrn64Pg_oeq_K4VDouL-5p0_mgT/view?usp=sharing Would anyone be able to advise about what is going on here as most of content will be anime based so subs are need to be spot on. Some Notes: Using the Webapp (app.emby.media) Hosting the server on the same machine (Machine is pretty beefy just recently build) Thanks, Jamie
  8. Dear EMBY Technician, I opened EMBY with iPhone14pro Max and found two bugs. (A picture of the problem will be attached below) Problem 1. When using iPhone14pro Max to open EMBY to play video, there is a problem with subtitles. My subtitle file is composed of Chinese and English, but only Chinese is displayed, and the English is missing. (Playing the same video captions on an iPhone 8P or computer without any problems) Problem 2. When using iPhone 14Pro Max to open EMBY to play any video, the full screen display will not be possible, and some English subtitles will be blocked by the white edge at the bottom of the video. (There is no problem playing the same size video on an iPhone 8P or computer) I'm sure iPhone14 pro Max owners will continue to report this issue. Please fix the error as soon as possible. Thank you very much. I hope you can timely reply me if you have any information.
  9. karibi

    Forced Subtitles?

    Sorry but this a newbie question. I have the latest version of emby running on my QNAP NAS. One frustration I have is that when I watch English movies I would like to force English subtitles when watching foreign language scenes. For example, in the Last Samuri, some of the dialogue is in Japanese and at that point I would like to English subtitles to be automatically displayed. Am I asking the impossible? I have enabled the Open Subtitles plug in and the SRT files have been downloaded. I have not limited the download to ‘Forced subtitles only’ In some movies, Allied for example, I can get the English subtitles to be continuous displayed but as soon as there is a foreign language scene the captions are lost which is exactly the opposite to what I want. Any guidance would be appreciated before my wife kills me😊 Thanks
  10. zushl

    The subtitles garbled

    emby server for windows(latest version) when I use emby client for macOS/web/ios the subtitles garbled.(direct play not transcode) I used simple Chinese sub to watch video. The subtitles is Microsoft Accor black. I have added the font to the font book Bones.S01E10.The.Woman.at.the.Airport.WEB-DL.1080p.AC3.H265-d3g.CHS.ass
  11. ActsofMan

    Subtitle Issues with SOME Files

    Hello, Been using Emby for awhile, but certain files won't play the subtitles even though there is the option for them. The subtitles will show up on Plex and my PC, but not Emby. This relates to MKV files with ASS subtitles. I do have a LOG I can share too. Not sure what portion to post though. Thanks for any help with this!
  12. Hello, So, I've been running Emby for about 4 years now as a backup (I use Plex as my primary). I don't know if this setting has always been there since I've started using it and I just missed it (completely possible as again I set this up as a backup mostly for if I decide to stop using Plex for any reason). I pretty much got the basics setup and didn't really go through all the settings with a fine tooth comb. Anyway, today, I just noticed that there is an option under playback to "Remember audio track selections" and also for subtitles to "Remember subtitle track selections" which almost accomplish what I want. I do want to to point to this thread I found, https://emby.media/community/index.php?/topic/99344-subtitles-audio-track-remembering/page/3/, where the OP really didn't give good information on why they were asking for what they were asking and why the current system doesn't work for them. Since I've mentioned I'm currently using Plex, I would like to preface that since I had started using Plex initially, probably about 7 or a little more years ago, Plex remembers the audio/subtitle track you select on any device without requiring you to start playback of the media. So for example, if I just added some movies and from the web interface I go into the media page for the movies I just added, I could change the audio tracks from the default stereo track that I set my media with, to the surround sound track that I prefer since I play 99% of my media under my account from my TV with a 7.1 surround system. The reason I set the default to be stereo, is that the majority of the users I share with are only using either the TV speakers or a sound bar so stereo would be better for them. Now to reference the thread I linked above where the mods and admins were asking why that OP would want this and that the current setup appears to work for the majority, I will say the following. First, I would ask why it was decided that the media needs to be played for the audio/subtitle selection to register? Since these options are available to us on the media details page, to me it makes sense to be able to change the audio/subtitle track and have it save without needing to actually start playback for the save to happen. I already mentioned one reason I would like this option to be changed to save after changing the track but I'll give more reasons (for me at least as I can't speak for others). As I said, I create a stereo track (when there is either a lossy or lossless surround track) and set that as the default track. Because of this, it means that the people I'm sharing with should be using the stereo track by default (if Plex actually worked that way, but I have reason to believe it doesn't based on the Dashboard and Tautulli but that is neither here nor there). However, in my Plex I have 2 managed users for my parents. For my mom's account I would prefer her to use the default stereo track as she doesn't have a surround sound system on the TV she watches stuff on. However, for my dad's account I will go into it and I will set the audio track to be the surround track for him since he watches on a TV with a surround sound system and I know for a fact he won't make the change. With Plex this is easy enough to do as I just switch over to his account from the web app and switch the track to the proper track for the new movies I add then go back to my account. Doing this means next time he watches something, when he presses play it's going to already be on the correct track without him doing anything (which he wouldn't as he just presses play). The other scenario I use this for is similar but I'll add it just to give one more example. My family has a shore/beach house where I setup Plex on a SHIELD TV so that my brothers and their family, myself and my friends and my parents can use whenever someone is down there. I also set that system up to have a surround sound, so it is another situation where I want the surround sound track used. That is an actual account but since I set it up, I'll login, again from the web app, and then update the audio tracks to the proper surround sound track because I know pretty much nobody else would do that (with the exception of my one brother if he remembers). Sorry for the long first post, but just wanted to give information/background on why I would really like this to be implemented. As it was, until today I didn't realize that Emby would actually remember the selection once the media started to be played. Because of my situation, thinking it didn't remember the selection made me not want to possibly switch over because I didn't want to have to make the change to the audio track every single time. All that said, (since I've thought about this for a bit), what I would actually love to see (and this would be in Plex and Emby to be honest), would be the ability to have the audio/subtitle selection be per device. I realize that would be more of a pain and I'm honestly not sure how many people would benefit from it, but I just think it would be really nice to have. An example of how this would come in handy is my one friend. They have a main TV, a TV in their "fitness" room and also a home theatre. For the main TV and TV in their fitness room, the default stereo track would be the preferred option since they are only using the TV speakers. However, in the theatre room, they would want the surround sound track to be selected. I always thought it would be nice to have it setup in a way where if you change the track on just one device that applies to all, but if you change it on 2 or more, the ones where you changed it would remember their settings. I already realize there is at least one issue that occurs with the track being changed on more than one device but I have a couple ideas for that. One would be to check first check if the track had been selected on another device and if so add an entry for any subsequent devices. Then, the next issue would be how to choose which device is the "default" selection for those devices where there is no entry. For that, I would say to either add an option with something like primary device for track selection, use latest track selected as default or use earliest track selected as default. This way, somebody like me could say the web app is the default if there are more than 1 entries for selected track and that would be used for any other device that does not have any entry. And of course, having this particular feature (per device track selections) be off by default (which seems to be the MO for Emby anyway) would probably be the best option. Again, sorry for the long first post, but after finding that thread and seeing the feature I was looking for actually being there probably this whole time, I decided to post and wanted to be as detailed as possible. Let me know if anything is unclear or if there is any additional questions you have. @cayars Nice to see you again! -Shark2k
  13. I've been using local library services, and only Emby can offer correct audio transcoding. Unfortunately, I've encountered a problem where some movies don't display subtitles. I don't understand what this could be related to. All subtitles are in .srt. The version of the server I use is I attach the server logs below. In particular, the problem with subtitles arises in the movie Batman Begins, while in the series Love Death and Robots they are. The client is installed on my LG TV I have already purchased a paid subscription, I really like it. The service, but there is a problem with subtitles. Help me solve it, please. embyserver-63789272970.txt
  14. Same issue, Chinese downloaded SRT displays as gibberish on server, desktop and android. Very disappointing as I live in a multilingual house and was excited to introduce this content to MIL.
  15. Hi, So I'm mainly watching content with ASS subtitles and this has been an "issue" for some time now but I thought that I'd finally bring it up. Regardless of the video's origin it's always happens to be that the subtitles lag a little bit behind, like microseconds but it's apparent enough for the naked eye. The whole reason behind ASS subtitles is that it's supposed to blend in with the video so that it looks like it's actually a part of that video, but that immersion is broken with the current players of both of the apps. Timing is 50% of ASS's purpose while the actual typesetting is the other half. Was wondering if you guys could check this out? Thanks.
  16. Preamble: So, I've been a longtime Plex user since before Emby existed, but I've been getting increasingly frustrated with their "improvements" breaking things and find myself checking out the competition. First question: Is there a way for me to enable default subtitles for all of my Chinese Wuxia (Kung Fu) TV Shows and Movies without enabling subtitles for all my English media? Say, a setting on a per-library or per-show basis? If yes, where would I find that? Turning it on for each episode (or changing a user-wide default every time I launch the app) would be an irritatingly tedious set of repetitive steps I would love to skip if possible.
  17. Hi, I just discovered that when I play a movie with a srt subtitle next to the movie, it doesn't show the subtitle. I have tried changing the name of the subtitle after this guide, but it didn't help. I'm not sure if the issue came with the latest update or was present before, as many of my movies have he subtitles embedded into them. On top of that I can't browse to the subtitle in Kodi, as the path only look for the locale computer and I have the movies lacated on a NAS. I can't even click the path and type in the address my self. If I run the movie through Embys webinterface the subtitle is shown. Where do I start, if I want to fix this issue?
  18. Hi, so I've been experiencing this whenever I'm playing a video using ASS subtitles that displays "graphics" on-screen in addition to dialogue subtitles. The Shield TV is a pretty powerful device, but could it be that it lacks the power to display subtitles in sync with playback? I've tried using the mobile apk and it's worse there. Could provide logs if needed.
  19. I have this file: General Format : Matroska Format version : Version 4 File size : 12.4 GiB Duration : 1 h 9 min Overall bit rate : 25.7 Mb/s Encoded date : UTC 2021-09-24 15:14:35 Writing application : mkvmerge v60.0.0 ('Are We Copies?') 64-bit Writing library : libebml v1.4.2 + libmatroska v1.6.4 Video ID : 1 Format : HEVC Format/Info : High Efficiency Video Coding Format profile : Main 10@L5@High HDR format : SMPTE ST 2086, HDR10 compatible Codec ID : V_MPEGH/ISO/HEVC Duration : 1 h 9 min Bit rate : 24.1 Mb/s Width : 3 840 pixels Height : 1 920 pixels Display aspect ratio : 2.000 Frame rate mode : Constant Frame rate : 23.976 FPS Color space : YUV Chroma subsampling : 4:2:0 (Type 2) Bit depth : 10 bits Bits/(Pixel*Frame) : 0.137 Stream size : 11.7 GiB (94%) Default : Yes Forced : No Color range : Limited Color primaries : BT.2020 Transfer characteristics : PQ Matrix coefficients : BT.2020 non-constant Mastering display color primaries : Display P3 Mastering display luminance : min: 0.0050 cd/m2, max: 1000 cd/m2 Maximum Content Light Level : 2666 cd/m2 Maximum Frame-Average Light Level : 1008 cd/m2 Audio #1 ID : 2 Format : E-AC-3 JOC Format/Info : Enhanced AC-3 with Joint Object Coding Commercial name : Dolby Digital Plus with Dolby Atmos Codec ID : A_EAC3 Duration : 1 h 9 min Bit rate mode : Constant Bit rate : 768 kb/s Channel(s) : 6 channels Channel layout : L R C LFE Ls Rs Sampling rate : 48.0 kHz Frame rate : 31.250 FPS (1536 SPF) Compression mode : Lossy Stream size : 380 MiB (3%) Title : Castellano DD+ 5.1 @ 768 kbps Language : Spanish Service kind : Complete Main Default : Yes Forced : No Complexity index : 16 Number of dynamic objects : 15 Bed channel count : 1 channel Bed channel configuration : LFE Audio #2 ID : 3 Format : E-AC-3 JOC Format/Info : Enhanced AC-3 with Joint Object Coding Commercial name : Dolby Digital Plus with Dolby Atmos Codec ID : A_EAC3 Duration : 1 h 9 min Bit rate mode : Constant Bit rate : 768 kb/s Channel(s) : 6 channels Channel layout : L R C LFE Ls Rs Sampling rate : 48.0 kHz Frame rate : 31.250 FPS (1536 SPF) Compression mode : Lossy Stream size : 380 MiB (3%) Title : Inglés DD+ 5.1 @ 768 kbps Language : English Service kind : Complete Main Default : No Forced : No Complexity index : 16 Number of dynamic objects : 15 Bed channel count : 1 channel Bed channel configuration : LFE Text #1 ID : 4 Format : PGS Muxing mode : zlib Codec ID : S_HDMV/PGS Codec ID/Info : Picture based subtitle format used on BDs/HD-DVDs Duration : 1 h 7 min Bit rate : 180 b/s Count of elements : 20 Stream size : 89.0 KiB (0%) Title : Castellano [Forzados] PGS Language : Spanish Default : No Forced : Yes Text #2 ID : 5 Format : UTF-8 Codec ID : S_TEXT/UTF8 Codec ID/Info : UTF-8 Plain Text Duration : 1 h 7 min Bit rate : 0 b/s Count of elements : 10 Stream size : 195 Bytes (0%) Title : Castellano [Forzados] SRT Language : Spanish Default : No Forced : Yes Text #3 ID : 6 Format : PGS Muxing mode : zlib Codec ID : S_HDMV/PGS Codec ID/Info : Picture based subtitle format used on BDs/HD-DVDs Duration : 1 h 7 min Bit rate : 31.6 kb/s Count of elements : 1640 Stream size : 15.2 MiB (0%) Title : Castellano [Completos] PGS Language : Spanish Default : No Forced : No Text #4 ID : 7 Format : UTF-8 Codec ID : S_TEXT/UTF8 Codec ID/Info : UTF-8 Plain Text Duration : 1 h 7 min Bit rate : 60 b/s Count of elements : 817 Stream size : 29.9 KiB (0%) Title : Castellano [Completos] SRT Language : Spanish Default : No Forced : No Text #5 ID : 8 Format : PGS Muxing mode : zlib Codec ID : S_HDMV/PGS Codec ID/Info : Picture based subtitle format used on BDs/HD-DVDs Duration : 1 h 6 min Bit rate : 31.1 kb/s Count of elements : 1614 Stream size : 14.8 MiB (0%) Title : Inglés [Completos] PGS Language : English Default : Yes Forced : No Text #6 ID : 9 Format : UTF-8 Codec ID : S_TEXT/UTF8 Codec ID/Info : UTF-8 Plain Text Duration : 1 h 6 min Bit rate : 58 b/s Count of elements : 807 Stream size : 28.6 KiB (0%) Title : Inglés [Completos] SRT Language : English Default : No Forced : No I have set Spanish language and in subtitles "Smart". In this file Emby selects ID 5 (plain text subtitles) as the default subtitle. Why don't it select ID 4 (in PGS format)?
  20. Mister Steve

    Cannot find Subtitle Menu Options

    Hi All, Somehow I've lost Subtitles options during playback. I cannot find options to use subtitles that are already downloaded, or to search for subtitles, using the Web client or my TV clients. During web playback, the "..." menu does not have a Subtitle option, nor does the gear menu, nor is there a CC option. It is as if the "subtitle" feature has been turned off. I've tried various library options, checked to make sure English is selected for download, tried storing subtitles with and not with media, rescanned, restarted Emby , etc. Emby version Debian bullseye The log references the Open Subtitles plugin: embyserver.txt:2022-01-20 20:01:00.805 Info App: Loading OpenSubtitles, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=null from /var/lib/emby/plugins/OpenSubtitles.dll. Although I think this plugin is not required to use already downloaded subs. (FWIW, I reset my opensubtitles passwords and updated them accordingly in Emby). I do not see any logged errors trying to access subtitles. Any ideas? Thanks!
  21. Before you go ahead and label this a duplicate or suggest that the "set preferred language" option in settings pleases this request, I'm talking about a use-case for a feature such as this for scenarios where language-labeled subtitles doesn't benefit from the already existing preset in settings, i.e if you're watching a foreign media and there's a signs track in English because there's also a dub of the show. Having to change tracks every episode even though technically the correct language is selected but it's still not the right one gets quite tedious. What I'm suggesting is that you add the per-episode menu to the show/season details one more or less-.
  22. KojoZero

    Phone Rotation Options

    Hello, I'm making this post to request 3 features (mostly for mobile) 1. Set Language for Whole Season Currently, Emby allows users to set their preferred audio/subtitle languages which is very useful. However, many times, animes contain 2 English subtitle tracks. The 1st track is made to overlay Japanese signs & lyrics to complement the English dub, while the 2nd track is full subtitles (dialogue, signs, lyrics, etc). Emby has always chosen the first English subtitle track, as it technically complies with the user's preferences, but I would like a method to choose the specific English track and apply it on the whole season. It is very tedious to set the subtitles for every single episode. I usually use mkvpropedit.exe to change the defaults, but this is tedious as well. Thus, I propose a feature to change the subtitles for the whole season. Something I've observed while using mkvpropedit.exe is that sometimes the track names/ids differ each season. This means that setting the subtitles by series would not be very effective. 2a. Device Rotation (Upside-Down) I would greatly appreciate if upside-down device rotation could be disabled. I usually watch on my bed so holding my phone sideways is detected as upside-down. RPReplay_Final1641208628.mp4 2b. Device Rotation (Portrait Lock) I'd be cool if mobile users were given the option to lock their rotation (while browsing library). For phone users such as I, a portrait lock would be useful (without having to go in phone settings). Tablet users may prefer a landscape lock. Videos already implement a landscape locked Additional Info: Emby Server Version: Emby Server OS: Linux Emby App Version: iOS 2.1.1 Phone: iPhone SE 2nd Generation Software Version: iOS 14.6
  23. Okay this is somewhat of two problems together but the initial problem, I've found a viable work around so I don't really care about it as much. First, I use VLC as an external player on my AndroidTV with Emby because the playback on HEVC formatted movies is very inconsistent. I don't know if it's on my end or what (it very well could be) but enabling VLC as an external player makes every video play with the same smoothness. (That's the first "issue". Second, in using the above workaround VLC, regardless of formatting, unless the subtitles are embedded within the video file itself, they are .sub formatted external file or a .srt file labeled properly as "forced", VLC will not see it nor will the subtitles play. In addition, what I believe is happening is Emby is transcoding with the forced subtitles into VLC because although forced allow them to play, it's at the sacrifice of functions like rewind, fast forward and/or any manner of skipping via VLC. With any other video all said features operate correctly. I would love not to have to use VLC and be completely within the app but if not the VLC as the player is perfectly fine and doesn't make that much of difference but with watching movies with alot of subtitles, it does throw off the experience significantly. Thanks for any help you can provide. Emby embyserver.txt
  24. Whenever the 'cover' aspect ratio is selected, the subtitles move along with the video frame as if hardcoded onto the video, but these subtitles aren't hardcoded, they are from a separate srt file. I've tested it on multiple video files too. This behaviour happens around 80% of the time (tested on same file). Sometimes it is fixed by force-restarting the app, but mostly it's not. The emby server version is The app version is 3.2.12. Also, the subtitle drop shadow doesn't match the preview in settings (except uniform) and the background doesn't work.
  25. KojoZero

    Too many subtitles causes video to lag

    When playing a video on my iPhone with lots of and/or heavily stylized subtitles, the video + subtitles would lag for a while (but audio still plays). This occurs even when I download the episode. The video runs perfectly fine through VLC (via UPnP) or when I disable the subtitles in Emby. Is there any way to fix this? I've attached an example video + server logs (no ffmpeg) embyserver.txt 04:48:35.777 Extra Info: IPhone SE 2nd Gen iOS 14.6 Emby App 2.0.8 Emby Server slow_subtitles.mp4
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