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  1. A couple weeks ago I noticed a bunch of missing cast and crew data completely missing on a bunch of newly added movies. I figured it might just be some temporary glitch so I manually selected "refresh metadata" which did not retrieve the cast and crew so I selected "Identify" and that did add the cast and crew info. A week or so later I looked at a few of the movies I "identified" and the cast and crew were missing again. I looked at my settings and thought I would try UN-checking the option "Automatically refresh metadata from the internet" AFTER I manually updated the titles missing cast and
  2. There may be a simple answer to this, but I noticed that not all of thumbnails for cast & crew are not stored locally, but instead with the media. Under Library -> Advanced, I had selected the option to have a custom local metadata path. And within my library options, I did UNSELECT: Save subtitles into media folders Save artwork into media folders I wanted this stored separately for speed reasons. I recently started a fresh installation of Emby Server (Windows) without any media in there. I placed three movies in there just to test things out. When I opened the three Nfo's
  3. Hello: I have the Emby app on my Samsung Android phone. The app connects perfectly to the Emby server (premiere) on my desktop computer and shows play perfectly on my phone. When I try to cast to the Nvidia Shield Pro, after hitting the cast icon, the Shield shows up on the list to cast to , but when I hit the Shield on the list to cast to, the TV says ready to cast, but the phone goes black. I have tried restarting the phone and uninstalling/installing the app with no success. Any thoughts? Thanks.
  4. herod2k

    Problems using chromecast

    Hi, I'm trying to cast Emby to my chromecast by I can't. My configuration: Sever: Latest Docker container on Linux Alpine as host. The server uses a SSL certificate generate automatically using Traefik. Emby server version: Clients: Android Phone Sony XZ Premium (and others devices) My server is at home and until now I've never had a problem with Emby, I can use it locally with my Nvidia Shield, Android Phone, iPhone, MacBook Pro, etc etc. Also outside my apartment, everything works perfectly, I can stream and trans-code without any problem. Today I've installed a Ch
  5. It would be nice if Emby could show additional movies (not in library) for People. I think Emby already has some functionality for showing movies that are not in library with the Trailers feature. Could that functionality + People metadata be used to show two separate lists when viewing a People entry: "Movies in Library" and "Additional Movies"?
  6. Hi, I purchase premiere to download content on my android and stream it on anycast/chromecast in a private network without internet access. Both, anycast and my android are on the same wifi. When I click on the Cast icon the app start seaching and appear to be in a loop. If I use an other app like bubbleUPNP, I found my anycast and it is working.
  7. Hey Emby community. I have diagnosed a problem with my Emby environment, however I can't come up with a swift and elegant solution to it. First, some background: I'm running Emby in a home server which comes with 2 limitations 1. My IP is dynamic 2. I CANNOT open any ports. This is NOT possible with my ISP (I highlighted this in bold to indicate that this really isn't a solution to my problem, I'm looking for a different solution) To mitigate these problems I have a VPS running in the cloud (with a public IP) for a few euros per month, which handles all incoming traffing thr
  8. Is it possible to have a section which defines the users preference (rather than Embys) for which scraper they use for films, TV Series and cast? The reason I ask is that not all scrapers have all the information about a particular movie / TV show or cast member. Alternatively, if this isn't possible, is it possible to have Emby automatically check the next scraper in line if the previous scraper returns no information? For instance, in the film "Four Assassins" (imdb.com; themoviedb.com) there are two cast members (I'm using Emiie Guillot as the example) who, when scraped from themovi
  9. sadukar

    People in videos

    Hi, I've been configuring a home media library with all my family and travel videos and noticed that the people being added in the videos do not show when clicking on the person. They do show on the video page but not on the person page. For eg, i have created people or persons for several members of the family and it would be nice to be able to see all their videos in the people page. I am a .net developer and took a look in the repsonse and a bit in the code and it seems that there are childs defined for several entities but videos : TrailerCount 0 MovieCount 0
  10. Gaspar Filmes

    Chromecast won't play some files

    Good evening, friends, during the month, I verified that some files with the same coding (video: h264, audio AAC and etc), exactly the same coding shown in VLC, one plays on chromecast and the other does not. Playing on PC or Mobile, it works normal, but on chromecast it does not. any tips or help? I will send you more data of the event in annex. Thank you Boa noite amigos, no decorrer desse mes, verifiquei que alguns arquivos com a mesma codificação (video: h264, audio AAC e etc), exatamente a mesma codificação mostrada no VLC, um reproduz no chromecast e o outro não. Reproduzindo no PC o
  11. richwphillips@yahoo.com

    Cast info thumbnails missing

    I use Emby Beta for Roku and used to have thumbnails for the actors in a given episode or movie at the bottom of the page on my dashboard, but now I have detailed medai info at the bottom of the pages for each episode or movie and no actor thumbnails. These thumbnails would show other episodes and movies that I have with the same actor in them. How do I get these back?
  12. Emby Server Windows Public Version Amazon Devices Beta: Trailers Add-in 1.0.6150.25153 Hi Forum - I quite like the layout of the Actor/Cast information on the Roku app. Is it possible to add this format to the Amazon FireTV app? Two side notes here: 1) The Roku app has DOB as 31 DEC 1973 and the AFTV app has it as 1 JAN 1974 which corresponds to the written text. What's up with that? 2) Does Emby need to be aware of this debate: California Defends IMDb's Challenge to Actor Age Censorship Law Thanks, Tanamur
  13. Hi there Can anyone tell me what the "my device" & in particular the "Chrome-Emby Mobile" options are for within the cast menu of the Android app (ver 2.8.87) Casting works fine (selecting "chromecast") but I cant figure out what these other two options are for? Have googled and searched these forums for hours now Any info gratefully recieved Screenshot..... Many Thanks Tricky
  14. When marking any actor as favorite, I expect to see it in Favorites page, but that's not working Server Version 3.0.8500.0
  15. This thread seems to be related: http://emby.media/community/index.php?/topic/37868-android-devices-cant-find-chromecasts-test-with-306060/ I've opted to create a new thread because I think there was a bit of confusion as to what the problem actually was in the other thread (and it was in the wrong section), plus I've done quite a bit more testing to try to narrow the problem down. The Problem: Chrome recently rolled out a new, built-in experience for Google Cast: https://chrome.googleblog.com/2016/08/google-cast-is-now-built-in-to-chrome.html. This experience doesn't seem to work in the lat
  16. As per title of topic the cast and scene menu information while movie is playing is badly broken. As seen below: The cast information cannot be scrolled through or backed of properly unless using "information Icon" However, if I press the information icon again it will not give me the artwork and synopisis it showed when I first pressed the information icon instead it will go to whatever busted "scene" or "cast" menu i was in. I must back out of the movie entirely to see movie artwork and synopsis correctly again and that part will work fine unless I go back into "Cast" or " Scene" me
  17. MegaSwerv

    Version 3.0.6030.0

    I like the new design layout for the cast, it looks really good. However.... I can no longer right click a cast member to open in a new tab/window to edit that person. I would really like to see that added back in. I enjoyed being able to open multiple tabs for cast members to edit, making sure my edits were accepted/correct before going back to the move. There seems to be a random "bug". Sometimes there is a back arrow in the browser window and sometimes there isn't one has to use the back arrow for the browser.
  18. I've got a an issue (some Cast not even showing a place-holder while being in the NFO). While trying to make some sense on how it would happen, I found someone else mentioned problems with the name and person.xml matching. It happens mostly with my Anime database as some cast members names are written differently in Romanized form (ex: Saitō vs Saito vs Saitou). I do not know if it could happen with other variations, such as actors with accents in their name but I think it could (I keep my French movies with French Metadata, all others with English ones... didn't notice if an actor pla
  19. Theodore

    A Problem with People

    I appreciate that Emby now has its own fetchers to update things like movies, shows, and people, but I am having a regular issue with people fetching - and unfortunately it has been this way for a long while so I cannot say when it began. Basically what happens is a person is added to the library and the fetcher attempts to match it with a lookup. But what happens is it seems to "guess" at some entries and then i have to search through the library to find who it guessed wrong. i.e. "James Pax" was matched to "James Paxton" - two very different people. Can you please change the lookup s
  20. I just updated my Nexus 7 to the latest version and can no longer cast to nvidia shield tv
  21. CX23882

    Cast - wrong order

    It is nice to see how far the Kodi add-on has progressed in the past few months. I'm going to give it a couple more weeks and if all goes well, will be ditching the native Kodi library in favour of Emby. I did notice one minor issue; the cast is not imported in the same order that it appears in the web client. So, for Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Sarah Michelle Gellar appears as the 2nd or 3rd cast member (I haven't determined whether there is any pattern to it, e.g. alphabetical), whereas she should be the first one. Likewise for things like Seinfeld, where the headline cast might get pushed
  22. Hi, I have two android clients, both same app version and same user connected to same server and both on the same lan network When in client #1 on the "connect to device" icon on top right side i select the other android client #2 ( like it shows in the attached image ) and after this i push the playback button, it does not happen anything in both devices, no error message, no nothing, I suppose that in the client #2 the movie must playback Is it correct? or that option does not work in that manner Thank you Regards
  23. When looking at cast of an episode, some clients aggregate the main show cast and the episode cast and some dont, MBC i thinks aggregates but does not show writer/directors. mbt shows episode crew including writers and directors, not show crew. Often it is not possible to use the cast interface provided by client to find other content by the cast member (because they are not present on the episode cast list but the show cast list which the client doesnt expose eg Samsung).. If the server api provided a consistent call to return a list of all deduplicated person/role pairs from the e
  24. ronnietucker

    Photo casting?

    I'm a n00b at Media Browser, so maybe I'm just missing a setting or something, but is it possible to send photos from the (Ubuntu) server, via the Android app, to a Chromecast? Same as I can do with video files. If it can cast photos them I'm sold and will become a life member as I'm fed up with Plex not finding some of my media. Thanks!
  25. Editing the series.xml whether manually through an editor (notepad++, notepad etc) or using a metadata editor such as metabrowser/MCM does not stay saved after a media library scan. I have been trying to batch edit TV shows by adding or changing actors and genres using methods described above but they keep getting erased. The only way they will remain intact is if the web client metadata manager is used and added one by one which is not feasible. MediaBrowser is currently not playing nice with external metadata editors. For the log provided I simply added one new actor in the series.xm
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