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  1. I wanted to have my EMBY server show up on a different address to the QNAP server. I went into the server settings and put an address in to override. That address did not show up, however I cannot access emby at the old address either! No other new addresses have shown in DHCP so I am pretty sure I did not just type it wrong, something else is happening. How can I reset this field to zero so the default address is restored? I cannot see where the files are installed or anything else within the OS in the filemanager. I think I'd have to find a way to access using a console to achieve this.
  2. mcfloyd

    Error getting network interfaces

    Hello, I have emby running on my home NAS and Plex running on my seedbox (Ubuntu Server 16.04). Just bought the lifetime premier and consolidating. Upon installation, I get the same error as these unresolved threads: https://emby.media/community/index.php?/topic/61317-server-is-crashing-in-few-minutes/ https://emby.media/community/index.php?/topic/45035-systemnetsocketssocketexception-address-already-in-use/ I was getting an additional error related to DLNA conflicts, but it stopped after I shut off DLNA on plex. If I don't have this resolved, emby will not be worth the lifetime pass and I will be looking for a refund (I will most likely get the plex pass instead and install plex on my NAS). Thank you! -mcfloyd
  3. Years ago I remember installing something that allowed me to share my pci tuner to other PC's on my network. For the life of me, I can't find anything that will do this. I could just by a network tuner, but I'm trying to avoid spending any money atm If anyone knows how to do this, please let me know. Thank you!
  4. Hello experts, I'm a KODI user, with Emby for KODI addon installed (LibreELEC / KODI 17). I have an external usb disk, which isn't always plugged, plus it's on a remote computer (another room). If this usb disk is plugged on the remote computer, a script mounts it in LibreELEC as a network cifs share (if unplugged, it's unmounted). But, it seems Emby doesn't detect the changes : - it doesn't appear automatically in library sources if i try to add a new folder (seems normal). - if i try to restart Emby (i did a "systemctl restart service.emby.service"), I notice Emby restarts itself, then i see the mountpoint's path created, but without any subfolders from the share. Folders are accessible in LibreELEC after the mount. How can Emby detect changes in mount points ? Thanks for your assistance. Regards,
  5. thejacer87

    SMB instead of HTTP

    so here's my setup: Media Server: shitty computer that runs sonarr, transmission etc. and the HDDs storing all the media are here. SMB server is here! My Main computer: running the emby server Rpi3 with Kodi: uses the emby for kodi add-on. obviously connects to the emby server at 192.168.1.X (emby server IP). No playback issues. But if i try to use smb. it tells me it can't connect to smb://192.168.1.X/path_to_file. Well that's obvious, my main computer doesn't have an SMB server. so in the network settings i add for the ip 192.168.1.Y (media server ip) and the network creds. but when i go to play a video, i get the same error saying "can't connect to smb://192.168.1.X/path_to_file". So i guess my question is: What is the correct way to smb to a different server than the emby server? Or, is that even possible? thanks
  6. After updating EMBY Server to 3.0.8100, I keep losing the connection to WDTV Live after 20-30 seconds. WD initially 'sees' the server, connects successfully and displays the media folders. When I select a movie (or TV show), it plays for a short time (10 seconds or so) & then loses the connection. In fact, even if I just browse through the available movies without actually starting one - the server connection drops & I have to reconnect. I'm running Window 7 home premium (x64), Intel i7-3770K, 16Gb memory. I've tried 3 different firmware versions on the WDTV (and rebooting, powering it off, etc.) - all have the same issue. When I run EMBY Home Theatre on my laptop it works fine with no issues so that rules out a server installation or router problem. I've also checked the firewall logs and even disabled it completely to make sure that the WDTV unit was not being blocked in any way. There are no relevant Windows event logs during the test periods. In short, I've run out of ideas as to what is causing this problem & am hoping that one of you will be able to point me in the right direction. I've attached a serve log covering one of the tests (movie played for about 10-15 seconds before crapping out). I restarted the server before running the test. server-63612044763.txt Thanks - I appreciate any help or suggestions
  7. Hello, I installed Emby server on my Raspberry PI 3 recently (Docker official method). It was a little difficult (linux noob inside ) but now all seems to be OK. But, i'm now trying to add a library, but there's a problem as i can't find any folder or share hosted / mounted on the RPi : (as you can see there's nothing but default paths) (network choice empty too) : How Emby detects disks and network shares ? Here is what i have and would want to choose : 1 usb hdd (ext4) + 1 network share (cifs) : If it must be set in Docker, how can i do it (and would it be kept if Emby image is updated ?) Thanks a lot for your assistance. Best regards,
  8. Dannyjazz

    Cannot connect on Roku

    I cannot connect on Roku it says cannot find server, it wont even give me a pin # what can I do to connect? I'm at the first page when starting Emby and cannot get past there.
  9. There is wrong local network address in the Dashboard, the local address is the the same as the public ip-address. I've attached a screenshot. I would like to have an option to explicitly specify network interfaces to whom Emby should bind. As well as ability to completely disable binding to unnecessary interfaces.
  10. I believe this started when Emby for Fire TV updated in early February. When direct streaming from the server, even when the video's bitrate is low (4000 kbps right now for example), the server is maxing out my network usage according to task manager (using close to 100 Mbps) and causing the video to stutter on the Fire TV. It'll play for a couple seconds, pause for a second, play a couple more seconds, etc.
  11. budssgc

    Network Shares not found

    Emby is not seeing the network shares, when I go to add media it shows the local drives and networking (networking is blank) but if I try to use IP or network name the info is blank, I can access the shares from windows. Details: So I had emby setup and working for about a month or 2, all the media added and accessible, went and finally paid for the lifetime subscription and went to go log in and so some test, when I couldn't see any media, Started troubleshooting, found out that if I tried to add new media or modify the existing, that emby could not see the network essentially. Tried adding drive as mapped networking drive, ensured I could see the network shares, checked permissions for username ( which has full writes to the drives) checked networking settings across the board. I even went as far as to completely wipe it and re-install fresh, and tried it on a different pc and the pc that has the data, still cant see the network path. I work in IT tier2/tier3 so I know my way around and how to troubleshoot, but this issue has me perplexed. Error is "There was an error adding the media path. Please ensure the path is valid and the Emby Server process has access to that location." when adding media to the library.
  12. I apologize a head of time, there have been Window's patches, unRAID version changes, and Emby updates, system restarts so I don't know when these errors started occuring. My movies and music are setup on a separate unRAID server and the shares are setup so that Public can see them. The only users setup on the server are root, test, and mymovies user. I'm running Emby 3.1.2, installed as my main user, on a Windows 10 Home box that is patched at currently levels. Emby is normally setup to run as a service, with it setup to logon as "local system". I've got it setup on a Delayed Start and it seems like only recently I've had problems. I don't have the logs of when the problem started. What I currently see happening is that when the service starts the Library Monitor isn't able to find or see the network path 2017-01-01 10:11:12.1244 Error LibraryMonitor: Error watching path: \\cascade\Movies *** Error Report *** Version: Command line: C:\Users\Josh\AppData\Roaming\MediaBrowser-Server\System\MediaBrowser.ServerApplication.exe -service Operating system: Microsoft Windows NT 6.2.9200.0 64-Bit OS: True 64-Bit Process: True Processor count: 4 Program data path: C:\Users\Josh\AppData\Roaming\MediaBrowser-Server Application directory: C:\Users\Josh\AppData\Roaming\MediaBrowser-Server\System System.ArgumentException: The directory name \\cascade\Movies is invalid. at System.IO.FileSystemWatcher..ctor(String path, String filter) at Emby.Server.Core.IO.LibraryMonitor.<>c__DisplayClass38_0.<StartWatchingPath>b__0() System.ArgumentException at System.IO.FileSystemWatcher..ctor(String path, String filter) at Emby.Server.Core.IO.LibraryMonitor.<>c__DisplayClass38_0.<StartWatchingPath>b__0() When I stop the service, and just run the server from the desktop, it is able to see the directory. 017-01-01 10:24:28.6962 Info LibraryMonitor: Unable to add directory watcher for \\cascade\Movies. It already exists in the dictionary. 2017-01-01 10:24:28.6962 Info HttpClient: HttpClientManager POST: 2017-01-01 10:24:28.6962 Info LibraryMonitor: Watching directory \\cascade\Movies 2017-01-01 10:24:28.7118 Info HttpClient: HttpClientManager POST: I've attached the log files from a service and desktop starts. -Josh server-63618862258-service.txt server-63618863060-desktop.txt
  13. Hi, I have my server for Emby running locally on a Fedora 23 machine, ports forwarded and local networking is fine. I can reach the server website from my external IP address from outside my network and everything loads. I have set up the transcoding/streaming bit rate to be low enough to test streaming despite internet quality.. However I cannot access the media outside of my network. Going through the Kodi Logs (on an external network) its apparent that the Kodi installation isn't looking for the media on my server at a different location however its currently looking at "/mnt/data/Videos/.." on the Kodi machine, whilst the actual data is at a location such as Would i utilise path substitution here? or would that interfere with the transcoding and streaming performance? If i do use PS, how would i go about setting that up? ( i considered FTP or NFS.. but then security question is raised as I'm unsure how you'd have a login for either with the Emby for Kodi add-on). Regards, Jeremy
  14. jeffshead

    New and confused

    It seems I have complicated my life but my intention was to keep things simple... What is the best setup for my needs? Background: For years, I've had movies stored on a network share and have been using Serviio Pro (DLNA) for standalone Blu-ray players that do not play all video formats. Serviio also does a fairly decent job of streaming over the Internet via it's built-in web portal. I occasionally utilize this functionality when I'm away. Next, I added a WDTV device because the standalones sometimes freeze and have problems with fast forward and reverse. The WDTV device plays videos directly from the network share and was working great up till the last couple of firmware updates. The stupid device periodically looses track of the network share and cannot find it again unless I reboot my PC's and/or server, depending on which one is designated as the master browser. This is a known issue that will probably never be resolved. Anyway, I replaced the WDTV with an Android TV box because of that issue. I'm loving the Android box (MeMoBOX MX MAX) but it has complicated matters. For example: I can no longer use a single universal remote to control the TV, standalone and streaming box. Now I have to have two separate remotes. I had to purchase a separate air mouse remote with a keyboard to utilize the features of the Android box. I could not find an all-in-one that has air mouse, keyboard and that can be programmed to control the standalone and TV. This one (MX3) comes close and it works very, very well. I just hope it holds up. The Android box came with Kodi so now there's a great deal more menus and more steps involved to navigate to and play videos. More menus and options = confused wife. I don't know what is the most efficient way to set things up. My questions and dilemma: I want robustness and simplicity. I do not want to have a complicated setup that requires administration of redundant services or multiple libraries. I want the flexibility of being able to access a single library from the LAN or WAN and be able to select whether I want to watch a transcoded movie or a direct stream. I do not want to transcode everything. Only when needed. Money is tight so I don't want to purchase Emby Premiere Lifetime unless it's needed or very beneficial. It's just not clear to me if I need Kodi on all PC's, Kodi with Emby add-on, Emby Server, Emby Premiere or Emby at all because Kodi does scraping too. Do I need Kodi on any device or PC to play movies if I install Emby server? If so, does each PC maintain it's own library? In a nutshell, why would I need Emby Premiere? Is Emby Theater a replacement for Kodi on Windows? How does it differ from Kodi? Does it automatically transcode the video or is transcoding a selectable option? If I install Emby Server, do I have to pay for the Android app on each device? If so, is it a one time purchase and does that give me the same functionality as if I purchased Premiere? Do I have to pay a fee for each phone or does the one fee cover all phones on the same google account? I'm most confused about why I need Emby since Kodi scrapes. It appears to me that each product has a different purpose but there is some functionality overlap.
  15. Common sense says that a "server" is usually the PC that is also directly connected to storage, for the fastest access to media etc. Situation: I have EMBY server on an ancient PC (haven't had time to upgrade this yet), running Win 7, so it runs EMBY and for playing media I use Emby for Kodi on this and other computers on the network. (The ancient PC is connected to my TV). Now I have one unused laptop that has better hardware (i5, 4GB etc.). If I move the EMBY server to the laptop, in how-far does it affect speed/delivery of content? All the content is "directly played" on various clients in the network with UNC network paths set-up. Say, one movie comes from //PC1/Movies/Movie1.mkv If I understand this right, this "direct play" means than ANY client has direct access to the file on the network much as if the client would play the file directly over the network. According to this logic it should not matter even if I move EMBY to a laptop, even if the laptop would only be wirelessly and slower connected to the network - since it wouldn't ultimately affect how media is delivered to whatever client? Am I correct there? The only "downside" here would be when EMBY is cataloging its database it would be a little slower since now EMBY (on the laptop) would have to access some storage media over the network, eg. as opposed to on the old computer where the HDs are directly connected? (For those who think why not use the newer laptop as EMBY server *and* KODI for playing on my TV, the laptop's GPU is worse than the one in the ancient PC.) My idea is to use the ancient PC as KODI playback machine only and (see above) move EMBY to another computer on the network to free up some resources. Any thoughts? Thanks
  16. Hi everyone, I would like to be able to configure the Emby server running on my PC to allow only specific users to access it and serve media. I can't seem to find any settings or config to do this. For example, if someone (a guest) logs into our home network via our wireless router, I don't want them to see the Emby server on our network or if they see it, not be able to access any of the media. Currently they can, even if they don't have a login for the network or the PC that has the Emby server running on it. I find that a little strange for default behavior. I have private pictures and videos and I don't want business guests that come to our home for meetings to be able to see the server. Thanks.
  17. Hello, My Advanced Intros plugin stopped playing intros about a week ago. I tried uninstalling and re-installing, but it kept all my settings upon being added again. I uninstalled a profile and then tried to add a network location as a test, but the plugin cannot find anything: The network paths do not show at all. If I try to fill a path manually, I get this: I have not made any changes to the system other than updating automatically to the latest beta servers. The version of the plug-in is and the server is 3.0.5667.6. My problems started when I uninstalled Kodi on one of the HTPCs but I cannot see how hat would be related. Anyone else experience this?
  18. So I have never used a program like this before but basically I just want to be able to stream my tv shows and movies from my desktop in the basment to my laptop upstairs. I have the server on my desktop and Emby theater on my laptop. The server says it's running and when I try to select the server on my laptop I get "There was an error processing the request". Any suggestions?
  19. fc7

    Network library permissions

    I'm not sure if I found a bug, or is just by design. I'm running Mediabrowser server 3.0.5518.4 on CentOS 7 and my media library is hosted on a Windows SMB fileshare that MB access through the network. This share has read-only permissions. I mounted this SMB share on my CentOS server so it looks local to any application that runs on this machine. Then I configured MB library to point to this local folder. The library was successfully scanned, all the metadata was retrieved correctly from the internet and I was able to watch content from a web browser and also from my iPad. So far so good. All my movies and tv shows have subtitles, they were scanned and detected correctly by MB. The problem is that when I try to enable the subs for any movie or tv show, they don't work. On any device (web or tablet). Video and audio is ok but the subs just don't work. I went through MB logs and I found that every time I enabled subs this error is logged (partial extract below, full trace attached): Access to the path "/storage/Movies/WhatEverMovie/WhatEverMovie.spa.srt" is denied. This is not true, since subs and video files are in the same folder on the share. I also try to open the subs file from the MB machine with vi, cat, more, etc. and there is no problem at all. I can read the file perfectly. Of course since the share is read-only I can only read the file, not modify it, delete it, etc. I tried to change the permissions on the share to allow write access, just for the sake of testing and voila, subs started to work from MB. Now my questions are, why MB will fail to display the subtitles if it doesn't have write access to the file? Is this a bug? By design? Any other application/media player I tried had no problem at all to display the video and the subs from this read-only network share. Thanks in advance for your replies. Cheers. Full_trace.txt
  20. Hi there, I enabled the camera upload this morning for my samsung galaxy s5. I was able to get it to work buy pointing it to a custom folder on the server machine itself. However that machine has limited space available due to the extensive movie library. I changed the upload path to another machine on my network and I simply cant get it to write to that folder. Sharing is enabled and the HTPC-Mb3 server has read write permissions. Is there something I'm missing? Thanks in advance!
  21. stephen_d_hill

    Set QoS network bits....

    There is a way for any C# program to set the QoS bits on their sockets using IOControlCode.SetQos. See what Serviio has done here in Java - http://forum.serviio...php?f=3&t=15959. I recommend MediaBrowser does something similar...
  22. tired dad

    "Access to Path" denied

    Hi, I am having errors showing in the library where the access to the path is denied on two servers. No changes have been made to the system(s) and it worked fine earlier today (with successful media scans). I've had this problem before and there was no resolution other than to delete the entire library setting and add them in again. This time, I tried just adding another network path before deleting anything and got the same error message: "access to path \\server\folder is denied" I can access all the paths in question with Windows Explorer or by logging into the servers remotely (i.e., there are no permission issues; this system has been stable for years) I was able to play a movie in Windows Movie Player, but MB Classic insists it is no longer there. Launching MB Classic now shows the various collections with empty folders. Rebooting the machine with MB Server did not help, nor did starting/stopping the service. Please see the attached log, it shows the server cannot locate any of the paths involved. Any ideas would be appreciated as it seems this time I cannot simply delete the collection paths and start again. server-63527148017.zip
  23. Last Saturday I uninstalled MB2 and installed MB3. Main interest was Android app for portable access to my library, so of course I also bought the Android App. I've set up MB Server, MB Classic in 7MC, and MBforAndroid. Some quirks getting used to the new way of "serving" the media to clients, but all programs and apps are at least basically functioning. I can play movies (MKV and WTV attempted so far) via the Android MB client, but only on my own WiFi network--nothing external. I have set my ASUS RT-AC66R router to do Port Forwarding on port 8096 for the IP of my MB Server computer, per another thread here on these forums. Issue: How can I use MB Android via external networks (4G or WiFi-other-than-my-own)? Currently, when running that client app on external network, it "Cannot connect to server." Media Browser Server version: 3.0.5070.20258 Media Browser Classic version B11-19.1 Media Browser Android version 1.0.2 (191113) Many thanks to all involved in producing these programs and applications!
  24. AaronG85

    WWE Network Plugin

    Just signed up for the WWE Network and was wondering if there is anyone that can make a plugin for Media Browser server so all my setups can watch and stream directly from inside MB3?
  25. Kincaid

    VLC and mkv over network

    Not exactly a question about mb3 but I hope you can help me anyway. I try to setup VLC 2.1 as external player but I have problems with mkv files over my network. VLC starts and instantly quits. I found out that there are problems with mkv files in VLC. When I try to start the video directly in VLC I get the following error message: "VLC can not open the file %path_to_mkv% (bad file description" and "VLC can not open the MRL %path_to_mkv%. See details in the error log" (Translated from German) This error only occurs with mkv files. Looks like there are some issues with user rights or something, but I can play avi files. Also I can play the avi files when I copy them to my local hard drive. Anyone knows what I can do to fix this?
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