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Found 13 results

  1. For anyone like me who started off creating their library of media and and deciding at a later date that maybe they want to move the those movies into their own folders, but don't want to manually create thousands of folders, and then manually move the files, you can automate that process with PowerShell (on WIndows). Open up a PowerShell prompt and navigate to the directory with your movies being stored, in my case on a network share. cd \\unraid\media\movies Make sure this command will create a folder for every file in the directory you just navigated to. WARNING, I was lazy
  2. slybreiz

    mediatheque distante [SMB]

    Bonjour je viens d'installe un serveur emby sur une debian . je voudrais y connecter mes 2 médiathèques; qui sont sur 2 nas ( un synology et un Qnap) je n'arrive pas a me connecter j'essaye smb//user:mdp@monip cela ne fonctionne pas . es la bonne syntaxe pour connecter un répertoire distant . merci
  3. hi, my backup plugin keeps failing, with the error messages essentially saying authentication error trying to create the new directory. normally pretty straight forward issue to resolve, i know, but... background info my ShieldTV Pro accesses an SMB share on a NAS, which has content subfolders (movies, TV shows, photos, yada yada), as well as a Backup directory. this share is accessed using dedicated credentials without any issue by several apps on my ShieldTV, including Emby Server. i installed the latest backup plugin (, i browse/choose the backup directory, decide what i
  4. Im running Emby on Unraid. I have a couple network drives mounted to the unraid machine that contains movies and tv shows, one is a synology and the other is a netgear NAS. I'm running into a strange issue where the media on the Netgear readynas is not seen on Emby. It's mounted via SMB and I can map it just just fine so all the media is available (or should be) but for whatever reason none of the movies on the readynas machine are available in Emby (the synology works fine). The issue is isolated to Emby; I can see and use the media on this drive a number of other apps on unraid. I'm
  5. Hope someone is able to help out on this one I might have missed some important information about changes to the config. since i am not able to find anywhere to add the user credentials for use with Direct Path in Kodi. My Embycon does still have the feature. and i could see if i assign the share everybody or guest permission everything works fine. I have tried to read the first 4 pages in the community and look through wikis and installations guides, that all point to the old 1.03 version that have credentials in the config. Do any know if this is caused by its still in Beta?
  6. If you use "Native (Direct Paths)" in the Emby for Kodi add-on and the library's "Shared network folder" on the Ember server side has erroneous slashes in it, the add-on silently doesn't add the "smb://" prefix leading to unhelpful errors that don't help lead the user to fixing their error. I wonder if it might be possible to either validate the "Shared network folder" setting warning for duplicate slashes or mixed forward and backward slashes on the Emby server side and/or make the logic for when to prepend "smb://" less picky on the Kodi add-on side, such as just doing it for every path tha
  7. tcm

    Consistent CTD on Deb Squeeze

    greets. emby fresh debian 9 install (and reinstall) libraries for epub, video and audio via NAS SMB consistent crash withiin moments requiring service emby-server restart. two most recent log files attached. assistance greatly appreciated, tnx! ~tcm server-63652982530.txt server-63652982708.txt
  8. thejacer87

    SMB instead of HTTP

    so here's my setup: Media Server: shitty computer that runs sonarr, transmission etc. and the HDDs storing all the media are here. SMB server is here! My Main computer: running the emby server Rpi3 with Kodi: uses the emby for kodi add-on. obviously connects to the emby server at 192.168.1.X (emby server IP). No playback issues. But if i try to use smb. it tells me it can't connect to smb://192.168.1.X/path_to_file. Well that's obvious, my main computer doesn't have an SMB server. so in the network settings i add for the ip 192.168.1.Y (media server ip) and the network creds. but w
  9. Hello guys! I'm new to Emby but I like the program very much! I have one little problem, can't get the HTTPS function to work: the server doesn't generate a SSL certificate. But that is not my question today. Because my HTTPS is not working, I no stream via HTTP to locations outside my home network. Normally I don't stream a lot, but now, because of the holidays I do stream a lot. My question, is it safe to stream over HTTP. Because everyone can watch what I'm streaming would I not be marked for piracy or something? Because I'm up-and-downloading files that are protected by copyrig
  10. nekoLite

    compile ffmpeg with smb support?

    Hi! I have an issue with Emby in that it doesn't keep track of how long I've been watching a movie/episode. Even if I watch it for only 1 second it will immediately mark it as watched. Looking through these forums I've understood that it is due to Emby not being able to determine the runtime of my files because ffprobe fails. The reason being that I have all my shares mapped over SMB. The solution I've seen mentioned is to compile FFmpeg with SMB support. Something I've not been able to do. I'm running Linux Mint, and been trying to compile using this guide: https://trac.ffmpeg.
  11. spider85

    Strange kodi/emby smb bug?

    Hi all, Yesterday i installed emby server and configed it as i wanted, after that i connected my android Shield (SPMC) with the emby server, after some tweaks i had no problems playing all of the content thru the native mode. Today i tried to connect a second kodi machine (intel Nuc + Libreelec 8.01) to the server, made the same settings and tried to sync, then a strange problem appeard. the message was Kodi cant locate file smb://SERVER/SERIES/MOVIESsmb://MOVIENAME.mkv The normal path would be: smb://SERVER/SERIES/MOVIES/MOVIENAME.mkv So for some strange reason there is a
  12. neonko-sensei

    direct play unable to connect to smb

    I'm encountering difficulty getting the Kodi add-on to direct play files from an smb share. configuration: RPi3, Kodi 16.1, Emby add-on 2.2.32 recent related threads: 1, 2, 3 Here's the relevant log excerpt: 01:48:18 18909.144531 T:1206289392 NOTICE: EMBY.playbackutils -> Play called. 01:48:18 18909.164062 T:1206289392 NOTICE: EMBY.playutils -> Verifying path: smb://server/public/movies/5 Centimeters per Second/5_Centimeters_Per_Second.mp4 01:48:18 18909.181641 T:1206289392 NOTICE: EMBY.playutils -> Failed to find file. 01:48:18 18909.181641 T:1206289392 NOTICE: EMBY.playuti
  13. Hello, I'm a new user of Emby, i really love it !! it's so easy and powerfull i didn't know why i don't heard about it before. Here is my setup of Emby to explain what i excpected to do with it : Actually i use substitution path for local Kodi and i would know if it's possible to have two path substitution system ? One for local device and one for remote device. I got strong internet connexion and didn't need transcoding to play files on my remote Kodi so it would be really interessant if it's possible to dissociate local acces to files from remoted one. To resume : Local Kodi
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