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Found 18 results

  1. Hi, I've been trying to solve a problem where when i go to my emby server through a Web browser then it'll go through http not https even though https is set up correctly and working. I have the preferred but not required setting and I need to keep it that way because a one of my TVs doesn't support https and there were too many problems with it. PS: sorry for my English it's not my primary language
  2. capdestre

    outside local network acces tutorial

    Hi everyone! I just got my Emby up and running in my Synology NAS and I am quite happy with ut, although I am looking for a step by step tutorial and how to get it to work from outside my local network. Any suggestion? thanks alot!
  3. As seen in https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/HTTP/2 and lot of other IT sites.... it is known that HTTP/2 is coming as upgrade to HTTP/1.1 and has tons of benefits over the 1999's deprecated 1.1 version. Some sites already implement it (Akamai, Cloudfare...) and benefits on speed are remarkable. Probably is too soon to implement it on Emby... but I'd like to suggest it to be something to be studied, because soon we will be hearing more about it.
  4. Pietje

    Adding website as source

    I was wondering how I can add a website as a folder/source. For example if I wanted to add https://download.blender.org/apricot/trailer/ how would I do this?
  5. Hey guys, I stumbled upon your awesome piece of software about a month ago. Since then I am working my way up to a complete automated build. Right now I would like to understand how the POST request works. I am trying my hardest since two days to be able to update the whitelisted IP-Addresses using nodejs. When I copy the complete json using Postman everything works just fine. But when I try to get the json from the server and just reupload it (for testing purposes) it resets my settings on the server (success code 204). It may be a simple http error that I am unable to see. Here is my
  6. Hi, I've been having issues since upgrading (fresh install and restore using backup plugin) to Basically what happens is emby-server will be running for hours without issue (sometimes only minutes), and then it just stops. Usually while in the middle of playback. The service doesn't stop, it just stops responding to https or http requests. I've verified this by running a curl command to look at the headers returned when this is happening. curl --silent --insecure --connect-timeout 5 --max-time 8 --head http://emby.local:8096 | grep "HTTP/1.[01] 302 Found" curl --silent --insecur
  7. dougaddams

    Issues enableing HTTPS

    I have recently bought a certificate and wish to enable HTTPS, However I seem to be unable to enable it correctly, nomatter what my HTTP works, But I cannot get https to work correctly atall My settings are here below, followed by the error I get. Any suggestions?
  8. hugo0814

    Connection issue

    Hey, I'm having some issues with my Emby Server. My one problem so far is that I cant connect to it using another device. I've tried your'e network troubleshooting guide and port forwaded inside the firewall. I have checked if there is any instance in the firewall that blocks it somehow. My local IP seems very strange... here is a picture of it. https://imgur.com/a/En3Q8 Please help me solve this issue. Regards Hugo

    HttpServer: Error in ProcessAccept

    Hello I am having a issue where https connections will get a timed out or a connection reset when connecting to emby from browsers, apps or anything trying to connect using https. A http connection does work and I have no issues. This issue arises after a few hours of starting the server and my temporary solution is restarting the server each time this happens. However if I don't restart the server then eventually it will work with https but the time it comes back seems random taking hours to a days. Attached is my most recent server log and I went through it and see that I get some errors lik
  10. thejacer87

    SMB instead of HTTP

    so here's my setup: Media Server: shitty computer that runs sonarr, transmission etc. and the HDDs storing all the media are here. SMB server is here! My Main computer: running the emby server Rpi3 with Kodi: uses the emby for kodi add-on. obviously connects to the emby server at 192.168.1.X (emby server IP). No playback issues. But if i try to use smb. it tells me it can't connect to smb://192.168.1.X/path_to_file. Well that's obvious, my main computer doesn't have an SMB server. so in the network settings i add for the ip 192.168.1.Y (media server ip) and the network creds. but w
  11. Hello guys! I'm new to Emby but I like the program very much! I have one little problem, can't get the HTTPS function to work: the server doesn't generate a SSL certificate. But that is not my question today. Because my HTTPS is not working, I no stream via HTTP to locations outside my home network. Normally I don't stream a lot, but now, because of the holidays I do stream a lot. My question, is it safe to stream over HTTP. Because everyone can watch what I'm streaming would I not be marked for piracy or something? Because I'm up-and-downloading files that are protected by copyrig
  12. spitefulgod

    HTTP API Get Specific Client

    Hi all, I want to get the information on a specific client via the HTTP account, I use /sessions/ to get a list of all clients but how do I just get a specific client, I've tried /Sessions/{2429....} and Sessions/?{3422...} but they don't seem to work.... Does anyone have any ideas? Is it even possible?
  13. grouik1er

    Emby HTTP Server

    Hello, I jsute create un letsencrypt certificate for emby but i see that the web server include for windows restrict connection to TLS 1.0. There is a config file for it to force TLS 1.2 and modify cipher ? Thanks
  14. Hi there, I have a problem with the Emby app for Android: In our flat we have two servers (one is mine, the other is my roommate's). My roommate's server (Win 2012 R2) hosts the movie library while I use mine for testing purposes. I also installed Emby Server on my machine to test streaming to my chromecast device which works perfectly. Unfortunately, chromecast streaming does not work with the other server. I can log in and play stuff on my phone, but as soon as I establish the connection to chromecast ("Ready to cast") nothing is happening when I press the play button. We also use a H
  15. mechguy

    Direct Play issue

    When trying to direct play I get a failure notification and it proceeds to play the file noting that is via HTTP. This also checks the switch for play via HTTP instead of SMB in the emby addon settings. However when I check on the Emby server it notes that the file is direct playing. Is there a way to check which playback method is actually being used?
  16. Hi there, I'm able to use Emby for Kodi normally when I'm on my LAN, but as soon as I switch off WiFi on my phone, I can't seem to get anything to play. I should mention that I've already selected the option "Play from HTTP instead of SMB" from inside the plugin settings, and that I have port 8096 forwarded correctly on my router. I've attached the log file. The only thing I've done in the log is edited my DDNS hostname from what the no-ip hostname actually was to <hostname>.no-ip.org, for security purposes. Is there anything I'm missing here? I spent the last day trying to figure th
  17. tobby

    No connection via https

    Hi Yesterday I set up my Emby server. It is working great and I can use the WebApp though my Browser via http on port 8096 and via https on port 8920. Both is working. At first I used the self-signed certificate, but then I generated a valid certificate from "let's encrypt" for it, which is also working. But when using the Android-app or the Amazon-FireTV-Stick-App both can't connect to the https port. However, both are working great when using the http-port. I also tried both, using the self signed certificate and the let's encrypt one. Doesn't change anything... So: Http and Http
  18. Hi, I am running Kodi 15.1 with Emby 1.1.13. I am trying to play a 3D movie in 2D/monoscopic mode but it's not working. In Kodi, the 3D icon is shown next to the movie and looking in the metadata manager, I can see Emby has correctly marked this movie as 3D. When I am on the same network and "Play from http instead of SMB" option is unchecked in plugin settings, Kodi gives me a choice between 2D/3D and everything is fine. But when I am connecting to my server over the Internet and I have checked the "Play from http instead of SMB" option or I have this option checked and I am on the same netwo
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