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  1. I am trying to add a custom intro tag to my root level movie folder through the web client, and I can not get it to save. I have no problem adding the same tag to an individual movie folder and it works as it should when I play the movie, I was just hoping to be able to have the same intro for all movies in the same folder without having to add a tag for every movie individually (I am using the movie intro plugin). I am wondering if it is not possible to add tags to a root level folder? or I missing something simple. I tried adding the tag through the web client in chrome and ie, neither work
  2. Tanamur

    Old vs. New Forum: Tags

    Hi there, The new forum is nice on the eyes and very good, don't get me wrong, but the thing I really notice about the transition is the lack of tagged contributions for finding content related to my problem solving. Is there any way to select from a MB3 table of non-free form tags when posting? Cheers, Tanamur
  3. The tags are not heavily used at the moment. We just haven't gotten there yet. So, they won't do much other than have some sort of impact on what items are considered "similar".
  4. Hi, long time user - first time poster... With the recent update I found myself enjoying the "Chocolate" gui for the first time. Overall I really like it, and I want to say great job to everyone behind its development (and thanks!) Just a little background on how I use MBC. I have an HTPC in the living room as a settop box replacement (as well as a couple Xbox360's as extenders throughout the house). Although I have a mouse/keyboard available at the main HTPC, I don't like to have to use them if I can use the remote instead (WAF is an issue). Now a couple questions. In the new Chocolate g
  5. I wonder how the function "If you like XXXXXX, check these out..." work? The reason I ask is that when looking at eg. Samsara suggestion like The Debt and Sunshine came up. These results has nothing to do with Samsara. There are no tags in those two movies that has similarity with Samsara, nor any genre.
  6. Starkadius

    Anime Plug-in - "Cleaner genre list"

    @@Aphid I have started allowing the plug-in to add the anime specific genres to each series but I noticed something. It appears to limit the amount of "tags" added as genres to each series. Is there a way to get all the tags turned into genres, at least having the option to do so? We can use the Genre Cleaner plugin to remove any unwanted genres. For example in "Vision of Escaflowne" it lists Genres:Fantasy / Mecha / Romance / Shoujo / Anime Tags: Adventure / Transforming Robot / Dragon / Angst / Steampunk / Alternative Present / Parallel Universe / Piloted Robot / Fant
  7. Server, version 3.0.5083.27698 running on a Windows 7 Ultimate x64 SP1 machine. I have been testing out Mediabrowser 3 with a selection of different music tracks. There are a few problems I have come across relating to how Album Artists/Artists are handled. Both the Album Artist and Artist tags for tracks by "Weird Al" Yankovic are written as "Weird Al" Yankovic for each track. The artist folder that contains the album folders and metadata is written as 'Weird Al' Yankovic since " cannot be used in file and folder names in Windows. Both the Album Artist and Artist tags for tracks by A
  8. Hi guys, So I have a fairly large collection and after several iterations of media organizers am having a bit of trouble synching up with MB3's music features. From Winamp, Sonique, Windows Media Player, MusicMatch Jukebox, iTunes, TuneUp, etc, etc I've tried a number of things to keep my media collection organized. The last two being WMP and iTunes. The last big convert/organize was done using iTunes, mostly because it had the feature to combine/organize to a new /Music folder destination (as my collection grew I had music strung out across various drives). I ended up using this
  9. KenSteinman

    Searchable Metadata

    Is there a way to to search the tags I've applied to my content? When using Chrome and IE browsers the search field doesn't seem to be working. While typing a search term, it displays... value cannot be null parameter name:input If I type a phrase and hit Enter, it tells me "coming soon" Perhaps the feature is not yet there or I've missed something during the install? I've not tried any other clients, prefer to use a browser. MB3 server hosted on Win7 Ent, IE9/Chrome running on separate Win7 Ent. Many thanks.
  10. I don't know why this is because it has worked before but Photos sortes as Genre / Tags do not longer show up. I have tested this in ROC theme, NEO theme and default theme but when I hit a genre the page stays empty. I have updated the library multiple times but nothing seems to be happening or it just takes that long and am I impatience. Photos sorted as Index /Group none do appear but I must say with large collections (35 GB) it takes very very long before I see the photos in MBClassic. Is this normal?
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