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Found 5 results

  1. Was debating where to post this but since my setup is Server on an Intel NUC with EMC and the Throgsoft themes I thought it is better focused here. I need some help with just one issue and otherwise I am satisfied so far. Judging from the traffic in the General Server forum for Windows, ONE issue should be to your liking. So here is what I did to update. First all my media is in Libraries that reflect the content like Movies, TV Shows, Documentaries and so on. All my content has the meta data and the images in the folder where the content is located. I have everything in the recommended folder structure like: [TV SHOWS] TV Series Season 1 Episodes.mkv [Movies] Movie Folder Movie.mkv Movie Coll. Folder Movie 1 Movie1.mkv Movie-n Movie-n.mkv I am using XML files because I use Media Center Master as my meta data collector and I am highly customizing my meta data and images. I have been using it since MB 2.6 and am used to it and happy. I do have the XML plugin installed and it is the 1st reader for meta data in the libraries. The Library Scan worked and finished and I thought after that "Oh I am so screwed with my display of eye candy", but after a couple of hours got to the point that is bearable. You Have to update to the Beta EMC program. No ifs or buts if you don't all your Blu-ray and DVD folders will not work. CoverArt plugin will detect them as a Blue-ray but the media info just shows up as H.264 not Blue-ray or H.262 not DVD. When trying to download and install the EMC Beta I got this message "Your security settings do not allow this application to be installed on your computer." All different Google suggestions did not work accept this one: https://superuser.com/questions/1252575/unable-to-install-clickonce-application-due-to-security-settings-windows-10 Once I changed the TrustManager\PromptingLevel when now running the setup.exe I get a button that says Run and it installs. Didn't matter if I ran it as an administrator or group policy changes or m3admin.com as a trusted site only TrustManager and PromptingLevel did the trick. Now after several restarts library scans I again assessed the changes and here are the good news as well as one issue remaining. Most likely this will have to be fixed in EMC or the server possibly CoverArt also needs tweaking and perhaps even some minor changes in the Throgsoft themes. But I would say EMC and the server are the most likely ones that require changes. @@throgmorton could you please take a look at these screen shots and see if and what needs to be changed in your themes. First the good, all TV content displays exactly as before with the Specials and episodes being displayed as before, well done Emby Devs. Second all the mixed content displays exactly as before and does not have the issue with Movie content with a single MKV file in it. Everything included nested folders work as they did in the 3.5 version and the stable EMC version. Finally the Movies by Genre works like a charm, just as expected and it does not show the one issue I have with a single movie in a folder. I use custom artwork for the Genre plus the screenshots compare selecting the movie Abyss from the Genre entry and the Movie library entry. Movies by Genre display after selecting it from the EHS. After hitting Enter the Display of the Action Genre Selection shows with selecting the Movie Abyss. Select Movie Abyss and the Detail selection displays. Now compare that to selecting the same movie Abyss from the Movie library that has Movies as content selection and you will see the issue readily. No meta data details or CoverArt treatment. Selecting the Movie Abyss brings up an erroneous folder that is not in the path anywhere and I can't change the theme which means it is not in the Throgsoft themes, seems they are bypassed. Finally hitting Enter brings me back into the detail display from the Throgsoft themes. Finally another library of just 10 movies. They contain just a single movie per folder, those that are Blu-rays display correctly, those that are just plain H.264 MKV files do not display correctly but have no meta data details when just highlighted and have the extra erroneous folder when selected but end up in the correct detail page. This library has Movies as Content. 10 Movies as displayed in FireFox of the Emby Library 1st Time Run. Everything looks correct. EHS library 1st Time Run, again everything looks correct especially the poster display of Newest Items. Selecting the movie via the Newest Item route works perfectly and I end up at the correct detail page. Detail Page. Now doing the same thing using the Library entry point only works for Blu-rays or DVDs but not single movie files. Single Movie.mkv file displays no meta data and CoverArt treatment followed by erroneous folder being displayed. Unexpected Folder. But correct details page again after hitting enter. So just to sum it up. TV shows work excellently. Mixed content works excellent. In my Documentary library I have Movies, Nested Movies and TV shows they all display correctly just as in the previous version. Movie content only works if it has either Blu-ray or DVD content, any other container, MKV, TS, MP4, AVI or M2TS does not work. Since it does not get the CoverArt treatment in the video wall it almost looks like as if the content has not been identified. I read a comment @@Luke that you treat Movies and mixed content different and are a bit more relaxed with the mixed content. Since I have all my meta data and images the way I want them prior to a library scan, could I just change all the Libraries with Movie content to Mixed content? I do not rely on the meta data collectors that come with Emby. Is there anything else that I need to be aware of should I change from Movie Content to Mixed Content? Finally a big thank you to your supreme effort to bring us the best local media organizer and display, my hat of to you all that develop and give support here @@ebr, @@Luke and @@Happy2Play
  2. This is on Windows 7 and whatever is the most current server version and client version and I use the default blue theme with no plugins. The server runs on a separate box than the clients. All the clients are on the same network link as the server. I have tested this with a newly created account and have the same issues. Over the last several versions the problem remains. When i open Emby (from WMC) the EHS screen is empty. I have it set to "Recently Added Unplayed". I have four collections "All Movies" "All TV" are the two that have slow or no load issues. Since alphabetically "All Movies" is listed first it tries to load the movies that are "Recently Added Unplayed". This takes 5 to 10 seconds then after they show up I arrow over to "All Tv" and it is still blank and may stay blank for 30 seconds or it may not load until I drop out of Emby and go back in. At that point they load in 5 to 10 seconds. Sometimes after I watch one of the episodes listed in the EHS it drops me back to a blank EHS even though it just worked 30 minutes ago and may or may not load the list it had shown before. On occasion when I select one of the collections nothing is listed, just blank, until I go out of Emby and back in. If there are log files that need to be seen please tell me their locations and I'll get them. Do they get attached to a post, copied and pasted, or linked to a external site?
  3. Good Day, Could external player setup in EMC configuration be based also on tags and not just file-type? I currently have my 3D MVC movies named with the .mk3d extension and external player set to use MPC-BE to play those files (which works great) but have a tendency sometimes to forget to rename the extension from .mkv to .mk3d. With external playback based on tags I won't need to do that anymore and can just merge my 3D movies into my main movie collection instead of separating them out. Possible to implement? Thanks.
  4. I just installed the newest server version (3.0.5818.0) and now all of my libraries (movies, music, tv shows, etc.) are forcing subviews (resume, favorites, genres, etc.) even though the check boxes were never checked in EMC to begin with. Once navigating within the subviews (for instance, clicking the subview "movies" within my actual movies library), now all of my previous viewing options (coverflow vs. list vs. poster) are being ignored, as well. I already had enhanced presentations enabled in the web client/server side. I am speculating this issue is similar behavior to the posts referenced here re: subviews being forced, albeit as a result of a more recent server update. I tried toggling/enabling subviews and restarting, disabling subviews and restarting in hopes that this would reset the issue--no dice. I don't want to use legacy viewing and short of reinstalling the client, I'm not sure what to do at this point, plus I'm not certain a reinstall will fix this issue. I'm fairly confident that this behavior is caused by the new server installation, as things were working perfectly last night and I updated the server tonight and now subviews are being forced despite not being selected. I was forced to install the C++ component during the server update, fwiw. EMC is up-to-date, btw, stable release ( EMC log attached. MBClassic-2512016c7fd4ab2bcc74506a89cd5547995ae46.log
  5. seanbuff

    Missing Library Items

    Hey Guys, Currently experiencing an issue whereby access to my library items have disappeared since rebuilding an EMC client. The Emby Server remained intact, no changes made to network, IP addressing etc. The WebUI dashboard menu is blank where my library once was. All the config is still present in the library config page (albeit missing folder images). I rebuilt 'Documentaries' and 'Stand-Up' to see if that made a difference. Currently, the only way to access media is via MBPlus plugin (which was manually installed), otherwise I get the 'No items' in EMC. Everything is still there, I just have no way of accessing it directly via the menu's. Looking into the client logs, I can see some: (400) Bad Request (500) Internal Server Error Current Server version = 3.0.5801.0 Current EMC version = Logs: Server here Client with no plugins here Client with only MBPlus here Apologies if posted in the wrong section, wasn't sure if Server or EMC issue.
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