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Found 9 results

  1. Is there a way in the web app to set a collection view in the latest media section just like there is for Latest Movies and TV Shows!? And if not can option be made in the next update?
  2. Hi... I've added several libraries to my server so that I can see Latest Media for specific genres on the Home Screen. For some reason, however, only 4 libraries are showing on the home screen. All of the others are not there. Is there a restriction on how many Libraries can display Latest Media?
  3. connorconway

    Modify Latest Media

    There are a couple of questions here and if anyone could help me here that would be great and I'd really appreciate it; I believe this will also require a .js change but I'm just wondering which file would need editing as there are so many (I'm aware the changes will be removed per each update). Thank you for ANY assistance at all, Connor
  4. Hello, I am a new Emby Premier subscriber and am excited to use the Emby Theater. I seem to be missing the home screen options that I have in the web browser. Is there a way to add the Latest Media section to the Home Screen of Emby Theater? Thank you in advacne, Juls
  5. Last month (Sept 25) I noticed that a large number (37) of previously added movies had suddenly moved to the top of my "Latest Media" movie queue. The same thing just happened again on October 18, but only to two previously added movies. This seemed to happen with no intervention from me. It appears the metadata "date added" field is being reset whenever a new metadata item is added to the folder. I have verified in metadata manager that this field has been changed and no longer reflects the date the movie was added but either Sept 25 or Oct 18 2017. In investigatory mode tonight, I have tried doing something similar manually using the Library settings menu, choosing Scan Library on my Movies library, and then selecting Search for Missing Metadata in the dropdown. So far, manually searching for metadata has not caused the same problem with the "date addded" field, though the scan is still in progress. I will update if it does cause the same problem when the scan finishes. Tonight I have also tried changing the Library > Advanced > Date added behavior for new content from "Use data scanned into library" to "Use file creation date." No change in the (now messed up) Latest Media order was observed after reloading the home page, logging in and out of emby, and restarting the server from settings. I am not sure if this last change will only apply to media added from now forward or should apply to my existing movies. When I look at the directory structure of the actual folder using the OS, I can see that file creation date for the folder is the new, same date as the new metadata while of course the file creation date of the actual movie mp4 file is still the date I added the movie. Note that my movies are organized using the standard folder-movie file convention: Movie Name (2000) > Movie Name (2000).mp4 This is frustrating. I usually add a couple of movies a week or so, and we like to pick what to watch from the most recently added list. I'd attach logs but latest problem was a few days ago and logs have cycled. Maybe if I catch it again, now that I know what to look for.
  6. Hi, Is there any way to get my 'Latest Movies' section under 'Movies' to display only the most recently released? If there is not a way, is this a possible implementation? Would love to see my 'Latest Movies' to show most recently released since 2016/2015. Thanks for all the fantastic work you guys put into Emby daily. Emby just gets better and better. Keep up the great work.
  7. Running Emby Server Beta (Version 3.0.5910.0) I use parental ratings filtering, and tags to filter for accounts (Kids mostly). The filtering works great to filter Movies and TV Shows when going into those sections, however, when viewing the Latest Media, items show up that are tagged not to. Those same items do not show in TV --> Shows. Example: Workaholics (Rated TV-MA, Tags: DIRTYHUMOR, ADULT) Should be filtered from User1 account because of the Tags.. **It is filtered correctly undert "TV, Shows" view... But it shows under the Home screen, Latest Media section And under TV, Latest Media, and Upcoming Shows..
  8. Version 3.0.5518.0 On Latest Media backdrops are not always showing up when adding new content. Hourglass is not working anymore. You cannot click on it anymore to search for data.
  9. Suggestions regarding Home page -> Latest Media images. Movies display backdrop -> should display, in descending priority, poster/thumb/banner/backdrop (imo) Videos display blank image -> should display same image as on Itemdetails page (imo) Latest Music Videos don't display -> should display, in descending priority, front cover/screen capture/artist (imo) Music displays artist on track basis -> should display on album basis, in descending priority, front cover/artist (imo) The priority sequence is for the case a given image does not exists. My opinion is subject to change in light of the rationales admin/developers point out in response to this post.
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