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  1. EduardoSantos

    Scan media library stops at 78.2%

    Hi, Great program, really beautiful job. Best HTPC platform on the market. I have a movie and show library for which the scan was running fine. Configured a new music folder and now the scan is stuck at 78.2%. Already tryed to stop the scan but it keeps showing "Stopping". Restarted the server three times and scan restarts but freezes at the same percentage. Running server Version 3.0.5211.41935 Attached is the the log file. Can anybody help? Many many thanks server-63532676439.txt
  2. Is there an easier way to manage the metadata for folders that aren't part of the default? My scenario: I have an "Adults" profile for my wife and myself that uses the default library which has 6 libraries: 3D, Music, Kids Shows, Kids Movies, Shows, Movies. I have a "Kids" profile for my kids (duh!) that is a subset: they only have access to Kids Shows and Kids Movies. For the default library, I was able to set primary images and sort order text, but for the kids I had to figure out that they were stored in MediaBrowser-Server/root/Kids and add folder.png to them (and I guess I'll add xml for the sort orders). Some thoughts: Can I temporarily make that profile able to edit metadata and I'm guessing I'd be able to use the web and then turn that off? What if there was a folder in their library that wasn't already part of the default, how would I manage that? Would I be better off making a superset profile that uses the default library that included every folder and then having both the Adult and Kids only use subsets? It would be nice if a true "admin" account option existed that when I was in edit mode on the left pane showed not only the "Media Library" but also any other user libraries as well - although it would get confusing when they share the same folders... David
  3. Blue Kachina

    Default Library Plus Others

    Hopefully this is a simple request, and one that others will see the merit in too. Essentially, the media center users in my home will typically all be sharing the same "Movies" and "TV" libraries, and only our "Music" libraries will be different. Because of this, I think it would probably be ideal if the server allowed for all users to use the Default Library (which I would define to include "Music" and "TV") and then be able to add custom libraries on top of that. I do see that this has been requested by one other (jj12345) as well, but it was in a post that included multiple items, so could have been overlooked. http://mediabrowser.tv/community/index.php?/topic/1452-media-library-management/?hl=default
  4. Hello this is for the developers, first, GOOD JOB, clean nice, un-cluttered web interface/client. Server is coming along nicely as well! I will be donating again, I don't give money for software often, especially free software. questions: 1. How secure is the web client interface.. I have not dug yet, but I plan to use media browser as a subsonic replacement. I want to give users access to my server. But I don't want to open any huge security holes. As developers you know the back end well, what could you do from my web client with no login? and/or what could you do with a standard user login? 2. The media scanning seems to crash out often... it always says "stopping" at random times, no errors in logs, service just seems to restart. Also i have set the scheduled trigger to once a day at 1am and i'm finding the server scanning at random times throughout the day still... i removed all other triggers, all that remains is the new daily trigger. 3. i would like to customize the web interface that the media browser team has already worked so hard to perfect... Like, add my own logo on the dashboard.. Is this possible? or do i have to tear down the program and re compile? (again didn't dig to far yet... didn't look through directories and see what is available for playing) 4. Feature Request: A download button, so (myself of course) can download my media remotely via a web client? MEDIA: MP3's 142,404 (no doubled songs for one album) Music Videos 12,476 Movies uncompressed mpeg 310 (just started last year with movies!)

    Mixed Content Folder

    How do I deal with adding a folder to a collection that has mixed content (both TV and Movies)? Since I have to select collection type it seems impossible, or am I missing something? My ultimate goal is to have a menu item on the MB Classic Home Page for "Documentaries" for instance, but have it contain both TV and Movie documentaries. I'm willing to change my file structure if needed. Thanks.
  6. Server Version 3.0.5031.21343 I have a user account set up for me (the main/admin account), and one for my son. My son's account is limited to PG and under and to two specific collections (Kids Movies and Kids TV). When I add movies to Kids Movies, they show up just fine for me (master account/default library), but they don't appear for him. This past week I've added 4 rated G movies, and none have appeared for him, but all show fine for me. I've done numerous manual scans but nothing helps. Could it be that the collection names in my son's custom library are the same names as in the default library? Could there be a conflict there? It does appear to be a recent issue, though I've experienced similar issues in the past (which had been resolved).
  7. Our KB is located at https://support.emby.media For articles related to media files & folder structure: https://support.emby.media/support/solutions/folders/44000764515
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