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Found 9 results

  1. Sorry if this may be a duplicate post, but I am new to Emby and testing out all the features I will use regularly. On Android, when I download a show or movie etc, it will start the transfer and things are fine on that end. However, if I accidently chose the wrong one, or chose to download a whole season instead by accident, when I go to cancel the download (or rather, select it and choose "Remove") the download continues regardless. Is this by design? Or is there a better way to stop a download after it's started? I downloaded a whole season by mistake, so I removed that download and started a download for a single episode. However, that single episode was stuck in Ready To Transfer for a long time and I couldn't figure out why, I found that it was still transferring that whole season despite me removing it. EDIT: I also noticed that once a removed download finishes, it still remains in the downloaded TV section but is not in the "Manage Downloads" section. So when in 'Downloads' you will see the episode there, but if you try to play it, it will say the content is no longer available. This makes it a bit confusing and troublesome to manage downloads you otherwise canceled.
  2. 1) I accidentally put a movie in the wrong collection. How do I remove it from the collection and not completely delete it from my files? Every time I try and delete the movie from the collection I get a pop up stating that if I delete the movie from the collection it will delete it from all my files as well. NOT COOL! 2) Can I delete a collection – just the collection and not the movies? ​
  3. jefferyrdavis

    Unsigned App error

    Apter updating my QNAP NAS (TS-673) to firmware version the APP Center shows Emby as an unsigned app with the only option as Remove. Emby can no longer be started or stopped. Has anyone else seen this and is there a solution? I've attached an image to show the issue in the app center.
  4. Emby Theater in Windows 10 no longer able to remove a movie that inadvertently added itself to a collection. The "Remove from collection" no longer displays. I will completely delete the Collection and recreate it to see if the movie adds itself once again. It would be easier if I could remove it from the menu. Thank you.
  5. Nic0wyN

    Halloween Theme

    Hi, how to remove the halloween theme, try to change config, in display preference on Emby server, no change on emby app. (have desactivate all option in relation seasonal theme, not working) And can't find the menu in Emby app (disappear when i have change the grid) (Didn't like the theme cause theme music continues playing even after the beginning of the video, must wait for the end of the music .... ) Can you help me ? (sorry for my english, french here )
  6. I gave my account info to a acquaintance so they could access a server im not in control of. I no longer want them to use my profile. How Do I remvoe their specfic device from my emby connect account. Ive tried changing the password but they are still able to connect to it somehow.
  7. I installed the Kodi addon and let it scan my library in. Due to performance issues I decided to remove the addon from addon section in Kodi settings and after removing it, I rebooted and now I am getting "Emby error: check the log for more information". I am also getting a continual pop-up saying "To use this feature you must download an add-on: Emby Would you like to download this add-on?" I am not able to find any information on your site for removing this add-on once you install it and right now I am kind of stuck since I cannot get off this pop-up screen. When I hit no, it just comes back and asks me again to install the add-on. I really don't want to have to wipe my media center to remove this product. If someone could be of assistance of removing this product, I would appreciate it. Thank you.
  8. monkeyslapper

    Viblaster Logo

    Thanks for the new update! I am currently getting this Viblaster logo on the upper right of my screen when i play a video through chrome I was talking to one of the admin and mention that it might have something to do with licensing failing. check the logs for issue. I am not sure what to look for.... I am posting logs. *** I would like to point out this only happens when i am on another computer logged in from a remote location. *** Server: Version 3.0.5675.1 server-63572829674.txt
  9. Sp3kt3r

    Exclude movie or tv show ?

    I'm not sure if this is possible yet but if yes I can't figured out the easiest way to do it. I have a lot of tv show in my library for the whole family. I also share the library with some friends I get request sometime from sister/brother or friends to add a show they would like to watch but I don't really want to see it in my library. I have no interest in those show and I'm trying to avoid having to create a new folder (library) for just those shows and remove access to myself to this library. The way my setup is done is that all my download from SONARR (nzbdrone) is automatically extracted to my TV folder which after MB take care of the METADATA etc.. I'm trying to find if there's a way to remove the show from MY list without having to click WATCHED/PLAYED icon. If I do that, trakTV will add the show to my traktv.tv list. A neat feature would be to have an icon for "NOT INTERESTED" on the TV show poster. I have the same problem for movie request that I have no interest watching and I like using the filter NOT WATCHED and I have all those movies listed. Thank you for any suggestion and if the only choice is to create another library and movie those tv show and movie in this folder well.. at least I asked
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