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  1. shaefurr

    Gamebrowser Guide

    Gamebrowser The Gamebrowser plugin brings game support to your living room, GameBrowser fetches game art and metadata automatically, and launches games using supported Emby clients. Get started with the correct folder structure The first thing you will want to do is make sure your games have the ideal folder structure, Start with a ROOT Games folder, then each game console should be in its own folder, with each game in their own subfolders. Games > ATARI > Asteroids > Asteroids.a26 > Pitfall > Pitfall.a26 > SNES > Donkey Kong Country > Donkeykongcountry.smc > Super Mario World > Supermarioworld.smc MAME is the one exception to this structure, as you can have all the game .zip files in the same folder Games > MAME > Aliens.zip > Btoads.zip > Dkong.zip Setting Up the Gamebrowser Plugin on the Server Gamebrowser is added to the server via the plugins tab on the server dashboard by navigating to Plugins > Plugin Catalog > Server > Gamebrowser and then clicking Install. Once it completes restart the server. Platform Configuration Continue setup on the server dashboard by navigating to Plugins > My Plugins > Gamebrowser and click + Add next to Game Systems, This page is where the game systems are configured. Start by choosing the path to one of your game folders, and then choosing the appropriate platform from the drop-down box. Then click Save. A UNC path is recommended if you plan to stream games over LAN/WAN connections. More info on using UNC paths //here Repeat this process for each game platform. Adding games to your Library Games are added to your library on the server dashboard by navigating to Library > and clicking + Add Media Library, choose Games from the drop-down box and name your game library, then click + Add next to Folders. Choose the path to the ROOT of your games folder. After the automatic library scan completes, your games should show up in the web client. Setting up Clients to Launch Games Emby Theater Launching games from Emby theater only requires a simple setup of external players. Open EmbyTheater, in the top right corner click on your profile icon in the top right corner, then navigate to Settings > External Players > Add Player Change the Media Type to Game, and the Game system to whatever system you would like to setup. In the Player Path type or paste the location of your emulator. Enter the correct command line argument for your emulator (listed at the bottom of this guide) Click save, and repeat for each game platform Emby Classic In order for games to be recognized in Emby Classic, you will need to install the GameBrowser-Classic plug-in in that app. GameBrowser-Classic can be installed from inside the Emby-Classic config pages by navigating to Plug-ins tab > Plug-in Catalog > GameBrowser-Classic. The plugin is free but requires the server to have a valid supporter key. After the plugin is installed, navigate to Emby Classic Configurator > Plug-ins tab > GameBrowser-Classic > Configure Select the game system you would like to setup, using the button on the right next to executable location, select the location of your emulator. Repeat for each game platform. For the switches section, most emulators will work using "{rom}", other emulators will require special switches, which will be listed at the end of this tutorial. Extra Setup Windows and DOS Games (Emby Classic only) Due to the client-server nature of Emby, to get Windows and DOS games to be visible to the server, you will need to follow this guide. Navigate to your ROOT Games folder, then create folders for Windows and/or DOS, with each game in their own subfolders. If it's a windows game place a game.gbwin file within each game directory. If its a DOS game place a game.gbdos file within each game directory. This file can be anything such as a blank text document or zip file. Just make sure to change the name to game and the extension to gbwin / gbdos. Games > WINDOWS > Baldur's Gate > game.gbwin > Borderlands > game.gbwin > DOS > Zork > game.gbdos > Wing Commander > game.gbdos After this step navigate to Emby Classic Configurator > Plug-ins tab > GameBrowser-Classic > Configure > Windows Games tab Select a game you wish to setup on the left, then click the button on the right next to Local Executable and select the .exe of the game. Repeat for each game. The setup for DOS games is the same as it is for Windows games. Navigate to Emby Classic Configurator > Plug-ins tab > GameBrowser-Classic > Configure > DOS Games tab Select a game you wish to setup on the left, then click the button on the right next to Local Executable and select the .exe of the game. Repeat for each game. Most DOS games don't run well in modern windows PC's. DOSBox is a great tool to overcome that. If DOSBox is configured in GameBrowser-Classic, then any games with a game.gbdos file will be launched through DOSBox. To use DOSBox follow this extra step. Navigate to Emby Classic Configurator > Plug-ins tab > GameBrowser-Classic > Configure > Miscellaneous tab Click the button on the right next to DOSBox and select the DOSBox.exe Emulator Command Line Arguments EMBY CLASSIC USAGE Atari > Stella > "{rom}" Nintendo 64 > Project64 v1.6 or earlier > {rom} > Project64 v1.7 or newer > "{rom}" Nintendo DS > DeSmuME > "{rom}" Nintendo Gamecube > Dolphin > --execute="{rom}" Nintendo GBA > VisualBoyAdvance > "{rom}" Nintendo NES > VirtuaNES > "{rom}" > NEStopia > "{rom}" Nintendo SNES > ZSNES > -m "{rom}" > snes9x > "{rom}" Nintendo Wii > Dolphin > --execute="{rom}" Sega Genesis > Fusion > -fullscreen "{rom}" Sega Dreamcast > NullDC > -config ImageReader:DefaultImage="{rom}" Sega Saturn > Yabause > -a -f -i "{rom} Sony PS1 > ePSXe > -nogui -loadbin "{rom}" Sony PS2 > PCSX2 > --nogui --fullscreen "{rom}" Sony PSP > PPSSPP > "{rom}" EMBY THEATER USAGE NOTE: Each argument needs to be on its own line, so for instance for SNES/zsnes, -m and {path} should be on 2 seperate lines. Like so: -m {path} Atari > Stella > {PATH} Nintendo 64 > Project64 > [PATH] Nintendo DS > DeSmuME > {PATH} Nintendo Gamecube > Dolphin > --execute={PATH} Nintendo GBA > VisualBoyAdvance > {PATH} Nintendo NES > VirtuaNES > {PATH} > NEStopia > {PATH} Nintendo SNES > ZSNES > -m {PATH} > snes9x > {PATH} Nintendo Wii > Dolphin > --execute={PATH} Nintendo Wii U > Cemu > --rom {PATH} Sega Genesis > Fusion > -fullscreen {PATH} Sega Dreamcast > NullDC > -config ImageReader:DefaultImage={PATH} Sega Saturn > Yabause > -a -f -i {PATH} Sony PS1 > ePSXe > -nogui -loadbin {PATH} Sony PS2 > PCSX2 > --nogui --fullscreen {PATH} Sony PSP > PPSSPP > {PATH} With ePSXE if you get an error "PSX Bios not found", use this switch to specify the location of the bios, just change the path to where your bios is located. EMBY CLASSIC USAGE Sony PS1 > ePSXe bios error > -nogui -bios "C:\Program Files\ePSXe 1.8\bios\scph1001.bin" -loadbin "{rom}" EMBY THEATER USAGE Sony PS1 > ePSXe bios error > -nogui -bios "C:\Program Files\ePSXe 1.8\bios\scph1001.bin" -loadbin {PATH}
  2. VegarHenriksen

    GameBrowser without using Emby Theater?

    Is it possible to only use Emby Web to play games, without having to download Theater?
  3. joehoppe

    Gamebrowser Stream Games

    Just an Idea. Does someone think it woulb be possible to install the emulators on the host so that the clients can stream the games? Maybe install a headless virtualbox with all the emulators and emby uses software like remote desktop to stream the video signal and the input of the users. Is there technology to realise this or is it not a good idea?
  4. Hi folks, and hi Chief, I have spent almost a week setting up a second server for the purpose of checking if I can use the new server with Emby Classic as the Emby team say we should. So, I went through planned server upgrade, they are correct as it worked. However... gamebrowser plugging on the server got upgraded every time the server upgraded, and now it is not working. I checked the forum, and someone reported the same problem when we moved from server 3.x to server 4.x. so it is a problem.. So now, the Emby team should either allow us to use the old plugging on the new server, or fix our Emby Classic client gamebrowser to work with new server. I understand gamebrowser is a community thing, but it is a major part of Emby if you guys like it or not... there are many media browser out there, but not many with gamebrowser, so I suggest that it gets fixed as it is one item that makes Emby different. Also, it would be interesting to know how many Emby clients out there, and you guys will know as our client checks your sever every time we start it.... I don't believe I am the only user of WMC and Emby Classic. I understand it is a dead platform from a future development. But like a classic car, people will continue to use it because it gives them all they want...
  5. Jazzer

    Can't get games working

    Well, I have followed every possible guide about gaming for emby, but I cant make it work, I don't know if Im doing something wrong. I have created a media library in my hard drive (E:\Emby games) I created a organized folder (E:\Emby games\Windows\Game name\Game iso file) I downloaded GameBrowser plugin from the plugin catalog I have setup a Game Sytem (E:\Emby games) I scanned the folder yet nothing changes I updated metadata of the folder yet nothing changes All of that but when I enter in the game folder it is completly empty, I enter Windows and nothing shows. Can anyone pls help me?
  6. Alpha-Inc

    Games administration

    Hello Everybody, I'm new to this forum so excuse me if I'm in the wrong sub thread. I recently installed a emby Plugin on FreeNAS 11.2 (Version to administer my whole media collection which consist of Movies, TV shows, music and games. In an article I found on the web (https://emby.media/community/index.php?/topic/16380-gamebrowser-guide/) I found out that you can even administer Windows games. This brings me to my question(s): 1. Can you administer Windows games on FreeNAS ? The Gamebrowser Plugin (as wirtten in the mentioned article above) just says that Windows Games can only be run through Emby Classic - but I don't really know what that is and if it is available on a FreeNAS Server 2. Is there any possibility to "stream" my Games from my FreeNAS Server to my local machine ? I thought that the Game Files are stored on my NAS and the Hardware Resources like GPU and CPU are used from my local Windows machine. Thanks for you help.
  7. StrangeCloudsOD

    Gamebrowser and Cinema Mode

    Okay so here we go. ive been trying to set up the game browser and cinema mode. i cant get either of them to work. so we shall start with the games. im only trying to set up and run the snes9x emulator and a few mario games. no matter how i structure my folders or point emby in the direction of the emulator no games or systems ever load and believe me ive gone and re read and repeated the instructions found in the setup guide as well as the three or four tops posts on google regarding this. as for the cinema mode it literally never plays any trailers before my movies. i can navigate to the trailer channel and watch them there but thats it. ive tried checking and unchecking different combination of settings but nothing works.
  8. I have Emby Server and Emby for WMC on the same machine as all of my media. My GameBrowser.xml file was up to date with all of my emulators and local PC games and was working perfectly. Since the upgrade to Emby Server, not a single game will launch, only showing a message that says "An unknown error prevented this game from launching." The indexing used to only use the folder name for the title, but now it ignores the nice folder name and only associates the messy file name inside each folder, even on a PC game where the only file is game.gbwin making my whole PC game library a long list of games called "game". To even test the launcher's capabilities, I manually changed the title of one of the games to match the title of a games in my GameBrowser.xml file, but the log file reported "########## QUIT KEY PRESSED ##########" 5 times even though I hadn't pressed it at all. So I disabled the quit key in the xml file and tried again with the same result, but with the following log file: MBClassic-201201905ec1c8373a94c4e9c5b64c37e3cd30f.log A debug message that shows up at the end of the log whether it is trying to launch a emulated rom or local pc game: "GetMediaExperienceUsingReflection was unsuccessful" MBClassic-201201905ec1c8373a94c4e9c5b64c37e3cd30f.log GameBrowser.xml
  9. I know this is a recurring topic on this forum, but I've been at this for days, been through all of the forum topics here as well as Googled everywhere else and still just not able to get the Gamebrowser plugin to function correctly. My main storage drive on my server is J:\ and my games are located in J:\Games. My Emulators are installed on my client PC on D:\ Emulators. I have rescanned my libraries as well as changed the xml between <gamesystem> and </game system> to read the full path (instead of SegaGenesis, it's Sega Genesis) and still no resolve. It's still not get the 'Play' button to show up on any console or game that I add to my server. On top of that no metadata is being pulled through either GDB or Emumovies, I have seen that GDB has changed their web heading so that's what's causing much of the ruckus, but that shouldn't affect the fact that it's not giving me an option to play should it? Have been scratching my head for the past couple days wondering what it is I'm missing.
  10. It looks as if TheGamesDB has changed their URL structure, which means Gamebrowser can no longer pull data from the site. Here is an example: Old structure: https://thegamesdb.net/game/113 New structure: https://thegamesdb.net/game.php?id=113 Here is how I discovered it. 1) I tried to click on the GamesDB link: 2) I received this error: 3) Verified that no artwork was importing from TheGamesDB: 4) I then checked the link for the game at TheGamesDB and noticed the URL had now changed to https://thegamesdb.net/game.php?id=113 Hopefully this will be fixed in the next version? Thanks!
  11. Thank you in advance to anyone able to help! So I have had games working for at least 6 - 12 months, I went to look at external player settings so that I could duplicate it on my laptop. When I go to view the "working" external plugin, it doesn't show any game system as an option. Once I exit the external player menu and go back to games library, the Game no longer has a Play Button (has had play button for nearly a year). I check all XML info and the games match the system info. Here is are screenshots of everything I would imagine you would ask me to do. If you have any ideas PLEASE!! let me know. I have searched forums all day and haven't had any success. Tried everything I could think. Console XML PlayStation XML PlayStation Game XML Games Library Path Game System Paths in Plugin External Players in Emby Theater Previously Working External Path (Games System was empty when I clicked edit External Player) Play button was here until I clicked Edit External Player (No changes made to player) Last Still Working Console (Only console I didn't click Edit External Player on)
  12. I'm starting to play around with the GameBrowser plugin, setting up my config as indicated in the online guid (https://emby.media/community/index.php?/topic/16380-gamebrowser-guide/) Everything runs good except that the metadata are not stored along with the game files in their respective folders. I suspect I did not indicate I wanted this behavior on my first GameBrowser scan, so that the metadata are stored in the Emby folder instead and are stuck there. In other thoughts and/or solution?
  13. Not sure whether this belongs in Theater or Plugins forum, but since it appears to be a flaw with Theater itself, I'm placing it here. I'm unable to select a "System" type in the external player menu to enable games playback. The issue appears to be identical to the one encountered here: https://emby.media/community/index.php?/topic/38265-game-systems-not-working/ I've configured the Gamebrowser server plug-in according to the tutorial and have used it properly on this system in the past. I have two different Windows 10 PCs - my desktop and my HTPC, both running Emby Theater. Both PCs are using the same Emby access account, and this account has permissions to access the "Games" folder on the Emby Server. On the desktop, if I follow the steps to add an external player, things work fine. I select Media Type "Game," input my player path, and choose my game system, flags, etc. On the HTPC, the "Game System" field doesn't populate - it is blank, and clicking in the box simply brings up a full screen display with the words "Game System:" In other words, there is no pulldown menu listing the systems that are setup on the server. I recently had to reinstall and clear the configs on the HTPC, but I'm unable to figure out any configuration setting that would be different here. I know there's an ability to generate MPV logs, but I don't know how to output a log for the theater front-end itself. If you need one to assist on this issue, please let me know how and I'll be happy to provide. I've attached the server log - the HTPC's IP is Alternately, if the external player setup produces e.g. a standalone xml or config file, I'd be happy to create it on the desktop and drop it into the appropriate folder on the HTPC, but I can't seem to locate any such item. Any assistance would be appreciated!
  14. rs6516

    Gamebrowser file detection

    So I'm having a bit of a problem here. some systems and games are not being detected by gamebrowser. I have NES and SNES setup and working correctly. the folder structure for all of my games is like this \\server\games\system name\game name\game name.zip I have all of my games in zip files to save space and my front end takes care of the extraction prior to launch. this adds a bit of load time when launching a title, but I'm trying to save space. Gamebrowser does great on detecting zip files on certain systems like NES and SNES, but other systems it ignores zip files completely. I end up with an empty folder when browsing to them within emby. The only way I have been able to work around this is to select NES as the console type for every system I have... at least that way it'll detect the contents of the folder. I can't seem to make sense of this. Why are zip files ignored for certain consoles??? Is there a list of acceptable formats for each individual console? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  15. Hi, vielleicht hat von Euch jemand ne Idee denn ich gebe so langsam auf. Ich habe einige PS2 Isos auf meinem Emby Server liegen. Habe das Verzeichnis dem Browser als PS2 zugeordnet und auch den Netzwerkpfad so angegeben wie bei meinen Filmen/Serien/Musik. Im Theater habe ich den PS2 Emulator so eingestellt: Player Path: C:\Program Files (x86)\PCSX2 1.4.0\pcsx2.exe Gamesystem : Sony Playstation 2 Arguments : --nogui --fullscreen {PATH} Im Theater bekomme ich meine Games auch alle schön angezeigt aber wenn ich ein Game öffnet um es zu starten gibts keinen Play Button. Zufällig jemand ne Idee?
  16. I was looking at trying to set up gamebrowser to work under Emby, preferably under WMC but Theatre too. I just wanted to start very simple basically just run Windows Games, no emulators or anything. I think I'm like 90% there just missing that last little bit. I was following the guide I found here to set it up on the Emby Server and for the Classic Install: https://emby.media/community/index.php?/topic/16380-gamebrowser-guide/ So now when I launch Emby for WMC and Theatre I get my GAMES tab with the two games I manually added for testing purpose, as you can see below: The problem is that under Emby for WMC it errors out saying "item is an external disc. please insert the proper disc" and under theatre I canoot even click a play button (see below). I half expected this as I don't know how Emby would know where the EXE of the game would be found. So continuing with the guide (link above) for the WMC version it tells me to use the Emby Configurator to add the windows games. However when I load the configurator I don't have a plugins tab it suggest (see below) and the Theatre instructions seem to be for the Legacy version of Theatre. So maybe this part is broken, I'm not sure, but either way based on how this system operates this type of configuration is generally stored in an XML file. So I had a look at the GameBrowser.XML file contained in the \AppData\Roaming\Emby-Server\plugins\configurations\ directory. I also scoured the forums here an found a user had actually posted a working Gamebrowser.XML file here: https://emby.media/community/index.php?/topic/20014-need-some-help-with-gamebrowserxml/page-2 But comparing the XMLs they appear slightly different for instance they appear to be all within a PluginConfiguration tag as opposed to GameBrowserSettings tag. Regardless I still tried to add the WinGames tag as shown on that page but to no luck. I tried using the shortcut link to the executable and the executable them self. I tried renaming the game.gbwin to the "gamename".gbwin, but no dice. I think I'm just missing something in this XML. Maybe the tags have changed or maybe just something in the directory structure I'm just not understanding. Does anyone have this currently working for windows games?
  17. OK so I am really stuck, I have been using media browser and gamebrowser for years now and love it. I finally thought it was time to upgrade to media browser 3 but now I can’t get gamebrowser working at all. I have been through the tutorial and I am pretty sure I have done everything right. I have also been though the forum and found no answer to my problems. First I wanted to use media browser classic for went though the set up for that. I have got it to the point where i can see the all my games but I get an error when i try and run them. "An unknown error prevented this game from launching" "An unknown error prevented this game from launching" I’ve tried all of these steps stop server delete library.db delete servers GameBrowser.xml delete all .xml files contained anywhere in your game libraries delete MBC GameBrowser.xml start server re-add all game directories to the Gamebrowser server dashboard config wait for scan to complete launch MBC configurator and add emulators to the various platforms. Play game. But I still get the same error. I am pretty sure my folder structure is ok. So after trying many times to get it working, I thought I would try in media browser theatre but i have another issue there and that is when I try to set up the external player it won’t let me select a system when I press on the + or – is does nothing. I could really use some help with if anyone has any ideas? I have also attached some screenshots. Thanks
  18. Hi, I have Emby Theater installed on Windows (7) HTPC, and gamebrwoeser installed as a server plugin: Game directory i set up as per instructions Gamebrowser platforms are all set up Game library is accessible and scanned as part of media library External players set up for all platforms with the {path} and options as described in the forum elsewhere with the appropriate command line options for each I have two issues: 1. When trying to hit "play" on the game screen, I get a spinner and nothing else, no error, and no emulator, it just spins and then eventually gives up. I've changed the path to the external player to be notepad.exe and I get the same behaviour, so the shell isn't even being invoked. 2. The second issue is that Emby isn't scanning the folders properly, and only some games (SNES / SegaCD, PS1) have the play button and metadata, while Genesis games do not have one. The first issue is more of a problem, because in the old WMC plugin the games always launched. But I really like ET (and have a premium sub) so would like to get this feature working as well. I noticed someone else had a similar issue but no resolution at all. I can't find any useful log messages either - where can I find the logs for the ET client? Hope someone can help :-S M.
  19. Concept211

    GameBrowser Metadata

    I recently set up GameBrowser III on my server and noticed the metadata that is collected when auto-scanned is nearly completely missing. I've noticed several posts on the forums where people complain that a large majority of their titles are not found. Another thing I've noticed is that for me, the initial scan couldn't find any of my sample NES roms that I put in the proper directories, even very obvious/popular ones like Super Mario Bros 1, 2, 3 and The Legend of Zelda. However, if I manually went into each title and clicked the "Identify" button, I could then make a selection and the complete metadata and graphics would download immediately. However, who wants to do that for every individual game (not me)? So I've been trying to do some research and I used another popular title (Rad Racer) as a test subject... On initial scan all you see collected is a screenshot and disc image of the game: In the Emby web UI you see no cover or metadata: I checked the server logs and found only a few lines mentioning "Rad Racer". So I see that it download several files which I'm assuming 2 of them are the screenshot and disc images which are coming from http://gamesdbase.com/game/nintendo-nes/rad-racer.aspx (another metadata downloader which isn't even listed in the Emby Metadata server settings). 2016-02-12 05:30:55.1300 Error App: Error parsing xml file \\HTPC\Games\NES\Rad Racer\game.xml 2016-02-12 05:30:55.1300 Info App: HttpClientManager GET: http://thegamesdb.net/api/GetGamesList.php?name=Rad+Racer&platform=Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) 2016-02-12 05:30:55.3090 Info App: HttpClientManager GET: https://api.gamesdbase.com/search.aspx?search=Rad+Racer&system=Nintendo_NES&media=Cabinet&sessionid=8AE76E7F4EC46D48528C44C7 2016-02-12 05:30:55.4460 Info App: HttpClientManager GET: https://api.gamesdbase.com/search.aspx?search=Rad+Racer&system=Nintendo_NES&media=Cart&sessionid=8AE76E7F4EC46D48528C44C7 2016-02-12 05:30:55.5890 Info App: HttpClientManager GET: https://api.gamesdbase.com/search.aspx?search=Rad+Racer&system=Nintendo_NES&media=Snap&sessionid=8AE76E7F4EC46D48528C44C7 2016-02-12 05:30:55.7300 Info App: HttpClientManager GET: https://api.gamesdbase.com/search.aspx?search=Rad+Racer&system=Nintendo_NES&media=Title&sessionid=8AE76E7F4EC46D48528C44C7 2016-02-12 05:30:55.8730 Info App: HttpClientManager GET: http://api.gamesdbase.com/3734c85e3634643265c3645ec33163c33730313362c3c35e36ffddc9ed5a6db45b6c6dc86f5771c8631b71c8625e711bb0.png The curious thing I noticed for ALL games is that it always throws an error saying that it couldn't parse the "game.xml" file even for the titles it did successfully find. Why is this? Is it just to let you know that the game.xml wasn't found since it's a brand new game in the directory/database? So I checked TheGamesDB.net API search results to see what it returned and I noticed "Rad Racer" isn't even on the list: I tried to use the "Identify" feature in Emby, but as expected, I got the same results as the API response: I then went directly to the general TGDB website and searched there and I also don't see "Rad Racer" in the search results: However, if you hit enter on the search field, you're suddenly displayed the details page of Rad Racer: http://thegamesdb.net/search/?string=rad+racer&function=Search So I think the reason Emby can't identify the majority of people's ROM titles is because TGDB website/API is buggy. I did some research and there seems to be a better Website+API that has even more titles and the results seem accurate. It's Giant Bomb (www.giantbomb.com) and they also have an API available: http://www.giantbomb.com/api/ - they mention on the page that they have a restriction of 200 requests per hour, but when I signed up for a API key, it is labeled with "no rate limits". This might be worth implementing to get better results. I also found another online database with a public API, but it's geared more for modern consoles: https://www.igdb.com/api/v1/documentation Here are several other resources, but without APIs: www.mobygames.com www.archive.vg www.spong.com www.ugdb.com www.vgcollect.com Is @@Redshirt or anyone else still involved in maintaining this Plugin? I'm a web developer/designer so I can help if you guys need it, although I have very limited knowledge of the inner workings of Emby (but I can certainly get up to speed if needed)
  20. mithra62

    Gamebrowser Emulator Switches

    I just went through the laborious process of setting up Gamebrowser and MB Classic and thought I'd share the switch commands I used so others can avoid the pain. VirtuaNES switch (NES) "{rom}" ZSNES Switch (SNES) -m "{rom}" NullDC Switch (Dreamcast) -config ImageReader:DefaultImage="{rom}" pcsx2 Switch (PS2) --nogui --fullscreen "{rom}" Dolphin Switch (Wii & Gamecube) --exec="{rom}" Fusion Switch (Sega) -fullscreen "{rom}" ePSXe Switch (PSX) -nogui -loadbin "{rom}" Hope this helps others.
  21. Hello, I'm new to Emby/MediaBrowser/GameBrowser. I'm still trying things out and so far everything has worked quite well. I found this post showing how to manually edit the GameBrowser.xml file to set up the consoles (as it appears the old method of editing it no longer works): http://emby.media/community/index.php?/topic/17852-gamebrowser-guide-mb-classic-setup-read-this/ The problem is that the file in that post appears to be incomplete not showing examples of all of the consoles or more importantly in my case how to launch a PC game. Would anyone be willing to post a complete GameBrowser.xml file that shows examples of all consoles, dos game, windows games, etc? Being a seasoned Windows developer myself I'm contemplating just whipping up a small utility to do the xml file editing for me and I'd be more than happy to share it with everyone else. I just need a starting point for what everything in the file should look like. Thanks
  22. Ever since I installed GameBrowser III my game genres have always been listed without posters. I have gone to the web interface, found the genre listed in the game description, clicked it, saw the Platform games listed below, and edited the images from http://localhost:8096/web/itemdetails.html?gamegenre=Platform, but the image I choose Do NOT show up in Emby for Windows Media Center. I left it like that until recently when my game genres were no longer listed at all. I have server 3.0.5986.0 After some research and testing I discovered that if I go to Reports, choose games, and change to Statistics View, a different link is presented under Top 5 Genres. Here, the Platform genre goes to http://localhost:8096/web/itemdetails.html?id=233624ca500af182272c6f80ab13c28e where no games are listed at all, but I edit the images to this, those images DO show up in Emby for Windows Media Center. I also found that I can access the genres that aren't listed under Top 5 by changing the genre filter and zooming out. I don't know why there is a disconnect between http://localhost:8096/web/itemdetails.html?gamegenre=Platform and http://localhost:8096/web/itemdetails.html?id=233624ca500af182272c6f80ab13c28e, but this is how I was able to get around it. *Update - It doesn't last. My genres disappeared. I thought it was because of a restart, so I did it again and didn't restart, but they went away anyway.
  23. Can we have .cue support added for Sega CD, please? The server is picking up the .bin files just fine but Sega CD requires the cue for games that contain tracks such as .wav, .mp3 etc.
  24. shaefurr

    Fanart site relaunch

    So, what started as a quick update to download links turned into a full out redesign. Honestly the problem with my page previously was I just had too friggin many images on it so it was slooooow as can be to load. I've streamlined the entire site removing off older mediabrowser related items, cut the images down to only samples, and changed the disparity links to my onedrive for downloading. The benefit with onedrive is every time I upload a new image for disparity you can just use the same link on my site to grab the new ones. Previously I had to re-upload an entire rar file with all the images in it each time I made a small update. So, I hope its easier to browse around now, let me know what you think. I'll be adding the disparity color links next once I get my photoshop actions remade and the sets uploaded to my onedrive. Also, I removed MB3 from the address, so if you had it bookmarked before, you'll need to do it again. http://shaefurr.wix.com/fanart
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