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Found 22 results

  1. NGINX and emby Config Version 1.0.2 Last Update 12-18-2020 Update by Pir8Radio Why Use NGINX reverse proxy ahead of my application servers like emby? With NGINX or any reverse proxy ahead of an application server you have more control over your setup. You can do things the application servers were not built to handle, have better control over your security and logging, replace lines of code without editing the application server code, better control of caching, etc, etc.... One of the main reasons is
  2. Hi there, I've installed Emby server on my QNAP TS-231P2, it worked well. However, recently due to the internet blockage, when Emby tried to pull metadata from TMDB, it always got a time-out. So I'm thinking of using a proxy to solve the problem. Unfortunately, I didn't find any HTTP proxy settings in Emby control panel. Therefore I decided to install shadowsocks and privoxy to turn Socks5 proxy into a HTTP one. Too bad the privoxy rules just didn't work. Even after I added HTTP_proxy and HTTPS_proxy into the environment variables, and the command like curl or wget worked fine for api.themovie
  3. centuryx476

    IIS Reverse Proxy

    Hello, I was able to successfully configure windows IIS as a reverse proxy using URL re-write and AAR. I also enabled SSL offloading so I can put my Let's Encrypt cert in IIS and manage it through there as well as control the level of SSL Ciphers that IIS can use. Emby comes up perfectly and works.. Right up until you click play on a movie. The playback seems to take forever to load, it eventually does but then another issue comes up. The CPU on the server jumps to 99% and it never stops. From what I can tell of the logs it is doing a Remux of the file and then playing it which is causing t
  4. riothamus

    Apache Proxy Frontend for Emby

    I have had a few people ask me to explain how I set up my Apache server to forward to my Emby server. Here is a breakdown of how mine is set up should anyone else wish to try this. This is just my way of doing this (yeah, I know, Nginx exists but I have always been an Apache user). Note that I use RPM based distributions, and my frontend Apache server is running on Fedora Server Edition (so that I can have the http/2 goodness). My instructions will emphasize this type of Linux distribution, so you will need to read up on how your particular flavor of Linux handles Apache installations. Fi
  5. Last night I updated both Emby and mono to versions 3.1.0 and Since then I'm not able to access Emby from the internet, through an Apache reverse proxy, anymore. I can access the webclient without any issues within the LAN but if I try the same from the internet via the proxy I get this: 0 0 HTTP/1.1 200 OK X-UA-Compatible: IE=Edge Access-Control-Allow-Headers: Content-Type, Authorization, Range, X-MediaBrowser-Token, X-Emby-Authorization Access-Control-Allow-Methods: GET, POST, PUT, DELETE, PATCH, OPTIONS Access-Control-Allow-Origin: * Vary: Accept-Encoding ETag: "4a131dd81c597e1
  6. Continuing with this topic, I want to share my current working Apache reverse proxy setup. Before Nginx users kill me, let me say that I prefer Apache because i'm used to it (I know Nginx is better in reverse proxy scenarios), I find it simpler, I have a Nextcloud server running in the same machine and here they recommend using Apache instead of Nginx, even if i'm not using it for an enterprise deployment. At the moment, i'm having 0 issues with any App (Web, TV, Android, iOs, etc.), the chrome console is clean without any error when connecting through the Web App. My apache is redirec
  7. Hi, I bought a Google mini to play around with, but I can't seem to get Emby to connect. The things I did: My server (v is behind a reverse proxy on port 443 (https://emby.website.com) I created a Emby Connect user and I can log in with my browser at https://app.emby.media/ I link Emby Home in Google Home. I fill out the credentials and get to choose which of my servers (only have 1) I want to connect with. Then I get this message: Which seems weird to me because the app knows the name of my server. How can I fix this? Thanks, Jelle
  8. ShadowKindjal

    Emby WAN URL

    I seem to be having issues accessing my server from the internet in certain situations. Currently, my SSL connections is handled by a reverse proxy, apache. This URL is (for example) https://emby.server.com/ but the URL listed on my dashboard is listed as https://emby.server.com:8920/. When connecting to my server with the reverse proxy URL I never have any issues establishing a connection but the URL posted in the dashboard seems to go down randomly. This is an issue because users connecting to my server with emby connect accounts are usually trying to access the server via dashboard URL. My
  9. mclp_de

    LiveTV M3U with socks5 proxy?

    Hello Community, I wanna ask, is there any way, to ONLY tunnel the M3U Connections through a Socks proxy witch is running? I don't want to proxy all Connections on this Server, only the Connections to the Stream-Servers! Thanks, Nice to Hear from you Guys. And BTW: I Use Emby on Debian!
  10. Okeur75

    [Solved] Emby apach vhost

    Hello guys, Yes another apache reverse proxy tuto but I'm a bit stuck ! I found a vhost config that works in my case : <VirtualHost *:80> ServerName my.website Redirect permanent /emby https://my.website/emby </VirtualHost> <VirtualHost *:443> ServerName my.website ErrorLog ${APACHE_LOG_DIR}/emby-error_log LogFormat "%t \"%r\" %>s" common CustomLog ${APACHE_LOG_DIR}/emby-access_log common RewriteEngine on RewriteRule ^/emby$ /emby/ [R] <proxy *> AddDefaultCharset off Order Allow,Deny Allow from all </proxy> Proxy
  11. MK.Persia

    Emby behind FORWARD http proxy

    Hi, I have a native installation of Emby on Ubuntu 18.04 server My problem is that the machine has no direct access to the Internet. Usually this problem can be solved by "export http_proxy=..." either in console or "/etc/environment". Unfortunately Emby doesn't use this environment variable and therefore I can't download any metadata or subtitles... I haven't found any setting nighter in GUI Dashboard or "/var/lib/emby/config/system.xml" (I think <IsBehindProxy>true</IsBehindProxy> means is behind reverse proxy) but I think the trick is changing "MONO_ENV" in "/etc/emby-server.c
  12. n00b_extrodinaire

    Fetching metadata via system proxy

    Hi all Literally just finished a docker install of Emby, and at the moment everything seems to be working nicely, BUT, I cannot retrieve metadata. I am behind a proxy, and have no VPN/other way of connecting to the internet. I have a system proxy configured, but it seems Emby is not taking it into account. It may be that it is because Emby is not aware of it via Docker container, and I am not sure if adding it via an environment variable will help? In the past, with Java based products, I was able to add "-Dhttp.proxy" option to the launching parameters, and it would also help. Is ther
  13. Hi, I've set up my Emby-server with "HTTPS using reverse proxy" using the "Setting up SSL for Emby (WIP)" guide. My question is: How can I switch between my LAN IP-address if I'm at home and my https: // emby.domainname.com:443 address if I'm on the road (using the Android-app)? Manually adding the other address for the same server doesn't seem to work? Thanks!
  14. I am running a Kodi instance with Emby plugin remotely. The access is proxied via Apache to provide secure SSL. This works perfectly in almost all regards. I can stream FullHD video and all (200/25 connection). The only thing that does not work is the automatic library update. I have to make a manual update each time anything changes. I know the server is ok: - There are local instances that are not proxied, which pick up the changes fine. - Also the remote machine does pick up the changes when I connect to the server via the site-to-site VPN, but that is too slow for actual streaming. So
  15. I am experiencing the problem precisely as described in this topic, except only in Chrome and only when requesting the actual stream file (https://myserver/emby/videos/id/stream.webm?morestuf). All other pages (logging in, navigating, cover art, ...) work fine in all browsers. I am running Emby 3.0.5821 and use Nginx as the reverse proxy. Firefox and Microsoft Edge work fine but Chrome does not. Using the exact same setup, Firefox sends the Authorization header on all pages while Chrome does not send the Authentication header on its request to the stream file (https://myserver/emby/videos/
  16. ghost00


    how can i route my emby traffic over a proxy like tor? i would like all requests for movie posters or server updates proxied.
  17. TopSideControl

    Theater - Proxy Settings

    Following on from my thread here, http://emby.media/community/index.php?/topic/33153-proxy-settings/ I'd like to see the ability to configure proxy settings within the theater application itself.
  18. After updating to latest Emby stable version 3.0.5781.8, I can no longer login to the server while connecting from the Internet through an Apache SSL reverse-proxy, as I was before the update. The login screen doesn't finish to load and any attempt to manually login will result in a "Invalid username or password error". My setup is very specific so I would like to detail it in case it helps to narrow down the actual issue: Webclient ==> Internet (SSL) ==> Apache Reverse-Proxy (SSL Termination) ==> LAN (no SSL) ==> Emby Server On top of it I'm also authenticating clients u
  19. Cerothen

    IIS Reverse Proxy HLS

    I have been using the reverse proxy setup for a while now using IIS with ARR and its been working pretty well. I have however been having a heck of a time using the chromecast with this particular setup. The issue that I have is whenever I do anything (browse around the web client or try to play a video to it) there is a popup indicating that the URI scheme is not valid. In my internet travels it appears that this could be relating to the host header that is sent to the mediabrowser client from IIS when it writes the HLS list for the client (chromecast) however I am not certain. I have tried t
  20. I though I would share this in case someone is attempting to do something similar and starts pulling their hair because videos from web aren't playing (e.g. Trailers) My Mediabrowser server is behind a proxy server, as long as I have my proxy settings configured on I.E. mediabrowser respects that and uses it for grabbing data from the internet, but when it came to playing web videos it always failed, and I noticed it was because ffmpeg would not respect the I.E proxy settings. After a few hours of searching finally come across a post that shows how to configure ffmpeg to use a proxy se
  21. I use an http proxy in Chrome for most of my browsing and noticed that I was unable to log into the server recently. I was able to find this log which appears to show an error (possibly by design). I am able to log into the server from IE that does not use a proxy without issues. I am also able to log into the server if I use a VPN in Chrome. I do see that I am creating a valid token on the server when I attempt to log in but it just kicks me out after that. Is there anything I can do to allow access while using the proxy? 2014-09-15 21:30:13.4881 Debug - HttpServer: HTTP Response 401 to
  22. I currently use MB2 at home on a couple of PC's. I want to test MB3 first before replacing what I have, I therefore decided to use Hyper-V at work and try it out first. Only problem is that we have a proxy server that requires authentication. I've managed to download the 2 bits of software that MB3 needs and install them both manually, however it still fails when I run the setup program. Is there any way I can have a stand-alone installer for Client and server? or is there a work-around for proxy locations? An error occurred trying to download 'http://www.mb3admin.com/downloads/beta/
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