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Found 8 results

  1. I'm attempting to connect my Emby Server with Google Home. I already have Emby Server connected to Emby Connect (cloud icon next to my name in users). I have Emby Home enabled on my Google Home app. When I say "Hey Google, talk to Emby Home" I get the response, "Emby Home is not responding right now, please try again later". I think the issue is that I've had an Emby account long before Emby Connect came around and I login in with a user name and not an email address (unless I connect via emby.media). Even when connecting locally to my server via it's IP, I can log in by clicking my picture and typing my local username password, or via manual login, I can type my email address and my Emby Connect password. This tells me that the two accounts are valid logins to my server. Can someone help me understand what I'm missing here?
  2. Przemek

    Emby and Chromecast problem

    Hi, when I cast something from Android smartphone and have my Chromecast in Google Home App I cannot see what is playing, cannot stop or pause when I turn off smartphone screen. It's look like Emby start from fresh but Chromecast keep playing movie. I must delete device from Google Home and I have ability to do something with movie. App ver. 3.2.19 Smartphone - One Plus 9Pro Android 11 Regards.
  3. I see there are a few other posts on this but none really capture the issue to me, so forgive me but I'm starting a new topic: We just moved from WMC to Emby in total (after running both in parallel for a couple years - we did this about 3 weeks ago). We went all-Chromecast at the same time. It is the inexpensive way to make all-TVs act the same (we have 3 in the home and 1 in a vacation cabin) without having to be all-Samsung or all-Whatever Smart TV. One of the TVs is 15 years old but has a great 720p picture, so you can see the advantage in going Chromecast. (By the way, Emby works much better after jettisoning ServerWMC) As you all probably know, once you start a program you can voice control the Chromecasts for pausing, skipping, rewinding, etc. It works great. Skipping commercials with "Hey Google, skip 3 minutes" is kind of a revelation and works well with Emby - either from recorded TV or Live TV that you've paused or any other content. What we are missing is Emby as a Google Video Service. (In Google Home under Settings | Services | Video) As I write this there are 7 providers that do this, including Netflix, Hulu, CBS, Starz, (YouTube of course) and some lesser names. Those services get full voice control without the "Talk to..." preface, work seamlessly with Chromecasts and as they are paid services they certainly are dealing with authentication. If possible, this is a killer solution for full voice control that would make Emby just about perfect. I believe that this would also handle music streaming from Emby. So that's my feature request. By the way, I can wax on about how great Emby is when we travel. We take a Chromecast with us and for example, we were in France last year and watched a Packers game from an AirBnb in Paris via Emby on the TV. Thanks for listening and great job on the steadily improving platform.
  4. Nerdguy

    Google home enhancement

    So Im liking the google assistant use on google home. I would like to say Ok google, talk to emby home, Play movie <movie> on <device name(master bedroom, living room) Right now I have to set player first and that kinda annoying not to have simple flow. Also if I use google it stops playing on all other devices.
  5. I really appreciate the ability to cast to my Google Home and Chromecast devices. However, it just shows "playing emby" on the screen instead of showing what is playing. It would be a nice refinement if Emby would show what is being played with title, description, and artwork. How it looks currently:
  6. zbyka

    Emby Server& Google Home

    Does anyone know how to fix it? Can't get album art, artist and title to display on Google Nest displays. On the phone (with android emby app everything works fine). When I try to cast to Google devices I see only this.
  7. Hi, I bought a Google mini to play around with, but I can't seem to get Emby to connect. The things I did: My server (v is behind a reverse proxy on port 443 (https://emby.website.com) I created a Emby Connect user and I can log in with my browser at https://app.emby.media/ I link Emby Home in Google Home. I fill out the credentials and get to choose which of my servers (only have 1) I want to connect with. Then I get this message: Which seems weird to me because the app knows the name of my server. How can I fix this? Thanks, Jelle
  8. Would be great if we could use Alexa and or Google home to watch the media. This would take emby to the next level
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