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  1. Haruko Ishikawa

    Access only thru the domain name

    Well so i have a question. Is there a way to only permit access thru the domain. So what i would like to do is to deny access directly to the server ip and instead only allow connections containing the domain name. Is there away to do this? Do you need a reverse proxy or so internally? I will be happy to hear your thought!!
  2. Hello I make hobbie-like AMV and FMV and would like to publish them on my Emby server so that everyone who comes to the login screen of Emby can watch this content without login. Is this possible with Emby?
  3. mwolf

    problema servidor local

    que tal buenas tardes. desde hace un tiempo he tenido un problema, ya que en el emby server dejo de aparecerme la parte donde dice "acceso en el hogar" y por lo tanto no puedo conectarme en otros dispositivos. ya he intentado borrando el servidor e instalandolo de nuevo, incluso instalandolo en otra computadora pero nada me ha servido. a alguien le ha pasado algo similar y que lo haya podido solucionar? muchas gracias
  4. Kimballslice1890

    Channel Access

    I was looking at this post https://emby.media/community/index.php?/blog/1/entry-177-manage-your-home-with-emby-users/ And noticed that not only am I missing the "Content Access" section on my user management panel. I am missing "Channel Access" Is this something that is just being posted as a preview for a future release? Channel Access restrictions would be very useful as I have multiple users and only 3 tuners and am looking to restrict specific users to specific live tv channel access in order to keep necessary tuners available and concentrate other users towards a single tuner.
  5. Hi Guys Just updated my emby server. Have now got a few problems with Emby/ ALexa/ Synology418 Problem 1 - Emby no longer recognises any of my artists -( all music named and tagged correctly and previously no problems) For example I ask play music by the Eagles the answer is "I could not find Eagles" - same for all artists. Problem 2 - Emby is given a command and then asks is there anything else and does not follow command. For example Emby play some music - silence for a few seconds then Emby asks "is there anything else" .Then shuts down. If you say yes - just repeats the question "is th
  6. Blackie

    FreeNAS - Emby Library Access Jail

    Very much a NOOB. I am trying out Emby and Plex on a FreeNAS setup. I used the new Emby plugin (thank you!) Everything runs except: With Emby I can only put SMB shares for Windows into the Library: \\FREENAS\FN-Media\Movies Yet with Plex I can put the jail folders into its libraries: \\FreeNAS\jails\plex\Movies I understand this is not correct and I should be putting the Emby jail folders into its libraries. \\FREENAS\FN-Media\Movies \\\jails\emby_1\Movies Also tried using // vice \ since I am on windows. When I try this I get: "There was an error adding t
  7. Betelgeuse

    Password access

    I would like to see a setting for adding a password for server access. Like on Netflix, you have to give a username and password for access. Password for individual users should be optional. I can't see this should be a big deal to implement. Settings for this access should not be connected to the forum account. Simply create a user/password in the server interface.
  8. I have created multiple libraries targeted for different set of users. I have granted access to one or more libraries for a given user, and no access to other libraries. The libraries where the user has no access, are not available from his dashboard, however, a direct link to the library or a movie within the library, will allow the user access. Is this somehow possible to prevent? Regards Johannes
  9. Hello. A very satisfied user of Emby. Thank you to those that put a lot of hard work into a beautifully crafted app. My issue started 3 days ago. No remote access. Troubleshooting: In-Home access is visible. Static route is still in place. Port forwarding confirmed. VPN is used when testing Remote access. I have reviewed and followed the MediaBrowser Connectivity article. Firewall is not blocking anything related to Media Server nor the serverapp.exe I have troubleshot with the previous install, and with a fresh install. No luck It would appear there is no route to host A
  10. Folks - Running a fresh install of both Emby Server and Windows Pro 1809. There seems to be a glitch with the "Users" functionality that I couldn't find an existing post about.. After setting up a new user, when going back into "Users" via the Dashboard - the screen will come up with no data and a spinning wheel. Or, if going into "Settings" via the Web App - the options screen comes up and when I click "Profile", the only thing that happens is the spinning wheel again. This is sporadic. Sometimes it happens directly after restarting the server, sometimes it happens a bit
  11. Crossfire0mega

    Question about my local network settings

    Hello I just recently as of yesterday became unable to access the web interface of my emby installation. It was on when it happened so I updated to see if that would fix it but it is still inaccessible. When I try to connect to the local IP via 8096 or 8920 I get a blank page that says invalid host. Tried firefox, chrome, and ie. Both chrome and FF gave the invalid host but Internet explorer said error 400. I have tried clearing cookies and cache but no luck. when logging into the server it shows that the emby service is running and nmap shows both ports open. Emby Server Version:
  12. Hey, During a library scan, Emby decided to freeze up. My steps were to restart the server, which I probably shouldn't have, and then that froze up. I closed out of all the windows and it won't boot up my dashboard. Any tips? Thanks. - Arly
  13. ms78mama

    Access Option

    It would be good to have the options from where to allow a client to access Emby server. Example allow a user to access Emby only from a Device and not from a browser. The website should not even open for credentials. Currently the website is available but credentials not working .....
  14. Wurlitzer_

    Problem with limiting access

    Problem: - I configure a user to be able to only see certain folders - User still can see movies from forbidden folders from the main page, in "Latest Movies" section
  15. blakeusblade

    Limit access to webpage

    Unfortunately, In order to limit a particular user to just the web interface (and not allow them on devices). One must enable access from all devices in order to allow this. It would be good to have a generic item in devices that represents web browsers generically. This would allow control over the web browser interface! Limiting users to just the webpage.... For example, I have a user who I want to just have permission to download raw files. At present I need to enable there access from all devices else they can't access the web page. I don't want them to use or have permission t
  16. Personal fixes been tracking past few years and re-hitting now with setting up new FreeNAS 11. with Emby PlugIn and thought I share each in posts. Hope they help community Iss.02 - FreeNAS hosted Emby plugin - Can't access web configuration FreeNAS is installed in Virtualbox v5.1.xx and Emby plugin installed. However, unable to access Emby configuration page from PC host running VirtualBox. Sol.02a - Confirmed Shutdown Virtualbox VM running FreeNAS. Change VirtualBox FreeNAS VM Networking to the following: Bridged Adapter (allows FreeNAS access from VirtualBox host
  17. arrbee99

    Access problem

    Noticed Ember updated yesterday to Getting the message when I open/try to log in - 'Access is currently restricted. Please try again later'. Never seen it before. Ember is on the same machine as the server. Windows 10 PC.
  18. Hi, I've set up my Emby-server with "HTTPS using reverse proxy" using the "Setting up SSL for Emby (WIP)" guide. My question is: How can I switch between my LAN IP-address if I'm at home and my https: // emby.domainname.com:443 address if I'm on the road (using the Android-app)? Manually adding the other address for the same server doesn't seem to work? Thanks!
  19. Definitions: Local refers to HTTP/unsecure External refers to HTTPS/secure For local use, I really see no reason to use passwords but for external use, passwords are critical to prevent anonymous access (only want a handful of people to access it, not the ~7 billion people on the planet). What I expected going into this is that only Emby Connect enabled accounts would show up through HTTPS and they would require the Emby Connect credentials to log in. What I got was the same as HTTP: click a name and you're in. So, what does Emby support now in terms restricting access to th
  20. I can't get into the Live TV Settings under Manage server. I click on it and it doesn't load anything, I can access all other settings pages. Have been noticing issues in Live TV images and guide data also. Looks like my guide data has not updated in awhile, some channels are listed twice but only one has guide data on it. Was running beta channel but went back to stable and the issues persist. server-63613191017.txt
  21. jins.ssu

    Change port 8096 by a subdirectory

    Hi, I would like to change the access door to a sub-directory. Example http://myaddress.com:8096 to http://myaddress.com/emby It's possible? thank you
  22. Hi every one, I really hope you'll be able to help me. I just installed an Emby Server on my RaspBerry 2 with RaspBian OS with ethernet connection. The server just works fine. I plugged an External HDD in NTFS format, I'm able to see it and its content on my RaspBerry with SSH, but when I want to add my movies, which are in my HDD, I choose "add libraries" on Emby, go to "/media/pi/HDD" and it shows me a blank space, like nothing were in it. I try to change permissions, try to "mount" my hdd, try to download some drivers for NTFS support, but nothing works yet. I'm starting to los
  23. Hi there, I am trying to access my Emby server from the "outside" world. To do so, I have configured the public port on my emby server instance as 8920 and left the field for the server-cert blank, hoping emby would provide its own. I did forward the port in my router. But sadly, nothing works. My browser keeps loading forever. Doing the same for the standard http-port, 8096, works like charm, however, unencrypted. I am completely new to the whole SSL thing via http, is there anything else to do, or is there a tutorial on how to get my emby server public? Thanks!
  24. wolfgang

    Server access

    Hi, I really could need some help.. I'm hosting a website on my very own server (debian latest). Bought a domain from noip.com, so I can also setup subdomains. For those I also got valid ssl certificates. My self-hosted wordpress site works well this way. Now I want to have access to Emby from "outside". https://blabla.com:8920 gives me NET::ERR_CERT_AUTHORITY_INVALID, most likely because I use my own certificate which doesn't cooperate with Emby!? https://emby.blabla.com would be nice, but how do I do that? Only got subdomains working with Apache. Also it wouldn't solve m
  25. I think I solved the Emby and Kodi Master Lock issue. At least, it has worked for me since June 28, 2015 with no apparent negative impacts. CAUTION/DISCLAIMER: This worked for me on a networked dual server source/multiple client setting. I cannot guarantee it will work for your specific set up. Here is a step-by-step of what I did, and some tips and pointers I learned; I am doing it from memory a week after the fact, so I hope I didn't forget anything. Please feel free to shoot anything down if you wish. My whole reason for doing this was to have multiple profiles that were protect
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