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  1. Bparm18

    Video playlist limit

    I created a video playlist with 1,552 episodes. I want to be able to shuffle through all of the shows on the playlist, but on my fire tv it only shuffles the first 1,000 episodes on the list. Can I do anything to make it so I can shuffle through all of my shows?
  2. wakirk2002

    Playlist and Users

    I have Emby installed from Standalone and setup to run as a Service, that's all working fine. Emby is installed on a D: drive because I didn't want to fill my SSD with emby stuffs, not knowing how big it could get. I live with Me and Two housemates, and have 4 users setup, an Admin user, My user, and my two mate's users. Now, I am referring to Emby users, NOT windows users. The issue I am having is when I create a playlist under my user all the users see it and can edit it. All google shows me are posts on how to actually share playlists, when in actually, I don't want to do thi
  3. stephenwbrown

    Track sync in Playlist - Chrome app

    When I use the Chrome app to play music via a playlist on the remote server, the music played has become out of sync with the track selected. In other words, if I select track n°10 in the playlist, it actually plays N°11 or 12. I didn't see anything in the database about that but appreciate that i might be using the wrong tags. Can anybody suggest a work around? Thanks, Steve
  4. Emby for Android Mobile 3.1.20: Wenn starting an audiobook with lot's of files in a playlist, the tracks don't start at the beginning. So, after fininshing one track, the next track start somewhere but not at beginning. I can reproduce it as follows: Start an audio playlist and listen. Stop somewhere - end emby app start emby app Mainscreen "continue listening". Here, only the last file of the audiobook-playlist is shown unforunately but with progress bar. That's why I open this file, click "more-show album and here I start a new playback with the file i stopped. Automaticaly a
  5. TheeDoc

    m3u_plus playlist...Newbie

    Hi All, Emby Version Using Firefox & Chrome As I mentioned, I'm a newbie to this so apologies in advance for lack of knowledge etc. Here's my playlist... hxxp://mbm.watch:8085/get.php?username=xxxxxxxxxx@@Xxxxx.com&password=xxxxxx&type=m3u_plus The screenshots below shows what I did. As is obvious, I have no clue what I'm doing. When I click the save button I get an error message saying, "There was an error saving the TV provider, please ensure it is accessible and try again." If I hit the search button in the screenshot above I ge
  6. Hello, I'm new to emby and very pleased to have found it. But on Android TV there is an issue when adding item to playlist. The buttons to validate the add or cancel are hidden. After test I know that add button is at left side. Nice to correct this. Thank you, Arsounet
  7. When a video file is clicked to display the information (media info) about it, it would be handy to have it also show any playlist it is a part of. There are currently buttons for Play, Played, Favorite, and More, but perhaps a Playlist link can be there. Thank you.
  8. Just like the subject says. All of my albums are listed under Playlists. I did not mean for this to happen and am not sure how to avoid it in the future. I have only created one custom playlist. I would like to delete all the others, but Emby doesn't have the rights to delete the file. The message I get is: Deleting this item will delete it from both the file system and your media library. Are you sure you wish to continue? It then fails stating it doesn't have write access to that directory.
  9. Saludos comunidad, verán eh estado trabajando en unas portadas para personalizar las Bibliotecas y las Playlist y me gustaría compartirlas con ustedes, de estar forma la interface de sus colecciones se verán mucho mas estéticas. Aquí subo algunas pero estoy trabajando en muchas mas conforme estén listas las iré agregando a este mismo post poco a poco, espero les gustes. También los podrán encontrar en mi cuenta de Pinetres ala que pueden ir dando clic a este enlace.
  10. DuckingOfficer

    Where to find created playlist?

    Hey, I created a playlist in a Movie library type. Nowhere except in the Metadata Manager I can find this playlist, making it basically useless because I can't play the playlist e. g. on the Android TV app. Am I just too stupid to find created playlists for my user or aren't those available for Movie type libraries? Thanks!
  11. Hey, is hit somehow possible to also use the import feature of playlists for non-music libraries, e. g. for Movies? Thanks!
  12. Hi, To begin, I must say that I am very impressed with Emby so far. I have been a Plex user for years, and just got tired of the lack of flexibility when it comes to music collections. I stumbled on Emby, and it does exactly what it should do. It gives you a simple way to access large libraries of music without making any assumptions about how you have it organized, or forcing you to completely rearrange it. My collection of music is all MP3s, and is organized by genre. I like to have playlists for each genre and listen to them randomly. Emby handles that in spades. It works flawlessly
  13. I did a search, and the only request that I saw similar was included here: https://emby.media/community/index.php?/topic/76011-music-queue-list-improvements/?hl=%2Bshuffle+%2Bmusic That discussion seemed to be more focused on lyrics rather than the shuffle piece, so I figured I would create a separate FR. One of my biggest pet peeves with using the web interface (when listening to music at my desk) and the android app is my inability to to select a song from a playlist and have emby shuffle the playlist after the current song ends. The current behavior is that after the song I sel
  14. Hello, When I first set up my Emby server a few weeks ago now, I made several playlists at the same time. We use playlists daily and it’s one of the main reasons we’ve moved over to Emby. However, I have had something weird happen with a few of them. After creating many playlists, I noticed that the Playlist icon had changed to match one of the playlist, which is fine. But I decided to change up the image used for that Playlists icon and when I did, three of my playlists also ended up with that same image - although they each had previously pulled different images from online for their r
  15. While playing items through the Web App, the current play index is not updated when a previously played item is removed from the Play Queue. The next expected item is skipped. It appears the current play queue item index is not updated after removing an item which came before it (having an ID < current ID). Thus when the next item is selected, it increments the current (old) index by 1 and looks up the new index in the updated (smaller) list. When the current item being played is second to last (n-1) and a previous item is removed, the "Next Item" arrow disappears as though there are no
  16. I have a playlist that has more than 300 items. When openings the playlist on the Shield app it only displays the first 300 items. When I select random it does play random, but it only plays from the first 300 items. When playing the same playlist on the web, or iOS, it does play from the whole playlist. Right now the only way I can play the whole playlist on the Nvidia Shield, is to cast to it.
  17. Can we lock the movie order in a playlist? I want to make a MCU movie sequence, but anyone can change the order in it and i need it to be always the same order.
  18. Hi It would be nice to implement the alphabet picker for all views, including music playlists, whatever the way files are sorted. For music playlist, it could be worth adding a filter for genre/style Thanks.
  19. Hi The alphabet picker doesn't work properly in playlist folder (v4.2.0.28, but it was already the case before) There is no alphabet picker available when sorting by folder (see attached Playlist folder.jpg) The alphabet picker is shown only when sorting by name, but with only a few entry (see attached Playlist name.jpg). It would be nice to add an alphabet picker for all views. Regards.
  20. edencorbin

    Playlist lose tracks

    My playlists keep losing tracks. I think it might be becoase I have moved files around in my music folder, but I'm not certain. Does emby have no way of relocating lost files? Seems like that would be an awesome feature. Specifically I had so much music I put all my songs in alphabetical folders to help with folder browsing. All the music is still detected but my playlists blew up, even still have photos (emby generated with a few of the album covers) but not all the tracks. Any know issues or planned features around this?
  21. DerrickM

    edit the playlist view

    I think it would be really cool to add a few things into the playlist view I like the way you can jump to an artist or album in the suggestions page of the music. add album title in playlist view add link to album and artist from within playlist view (same as it is in the suggestions page) ...Last request for a bit...
  22. DerrickM

    add a filter to playlist

    It would be nice if within a playlist there was a filter box so that I could filter playlist to show album or artist or title. May not get used all the time but it would be nice for example if i add an entire artist to a playlist and then decide later that i want to get rid of one album, i can just filter by that album and remove the songs.
  23. twistedvincent

    Unable To Delete Plugin Images

    While I'm posting issues I almost forgot about this REALLY annoying/frustrating one. I have, at least a dozen times, tried to delete my Playon and Playlist images from my home screen. I uninstalled the Playon plugin but the image is still lingering on the home scree. As for the playlist deal I have NO idea whats going on because I've NEVER had or used a playlist in Emby so I'm completely baffled by that one. Thanks
  24. Hi, In order to find easily an item in our large librairies, it could be great to have the possibility to import a playlist from imdb/trakt. This way we could easily create playlists like 10001 movies to see before you die or Academy Award for Best Picture for our current movies in our libraries. Bonus : List all missing movies for a specific playlist I found a script doing this for Plex but can't find how to adapt it for Emby or a way to import Plex playlists to Emby I hope someone will find this useful and want to help implementing this.
  25. slyfox

    Missing Playlists

    My playlists have vanished. I cannot see them in the playlists section. Tried restarting the server but that did nothing. I can see them when adding a track to a playlist or when editing metadata.
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