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Found 10 results

  1. I gather that square brackets are ignored when identifying movies? Could we also have an option that when enabled, it also ignores the normal ( ) brackets as well. I have a lot of foreign films in my collection and they're named with both the english title and the original foreign title in brackets... E.g. English Title (Foreign Title) (1980) (Almost) None of these identify when scanning so i have to manually id them, editing the title in the search to remove one or the other title (it usually works with either). This is a chore, especially for me who's had to rebuild the library a few times recently due to hardware failures and upgrade. Ignoring the brackets would also help with those movies with (Director's Cut) in the title too... This should then mean that almost all the films would ID automatically, which is always our goal.
  2. Soultaker

    Square Theme: General Help Thread

    Square Theme General Help Thread Resources Overview of Square link Learn more about Square link
  3. Hey guys, I just started using the square theme recently and while I love the look/design of it, it is a lot slower than Sapphire, and presumably others. Is this a known issue? Are there any possible fixes I can try? Let me know. Thanks.
  4. I am browsing movies in detailed view (one by one) and then when landing on a collection, there is no way to go into the collection and show the different movies. When you hit play, it just start playing the movies within the collection/box set. Any way we can have an option that when we land on a collection while browsing in detailed view that it allows to browse down and show all the movies in the collection? It works ok when you are in folder view and then select the detail view of a collection. EDIT: just noticed that chocolate has the same behavior. To me it just does not feel right that you can not browse to a single movie into a collection if you are browsing via detailed view.
  5. ronvp

    Square theme cosmetic issue

    I noticed a small cosmetic issue with square in detailed view, it happens on 3 different pc's. It is mostly only a nuisance.. Basically, when I go to detailed view the first time, it all looks ok (Folder aligns with left side of the screen), then after selecting the next movie button a few times (while in detailed view), after the 4th or 5th or 6th (random). the movie folder does not line up with the left side of the screen anymore. See screen shots below
  6. After the recent update to square and MBC (3.0.196), I started having issues with mbc not starting with square selected. Now it has spread to rush as well. I've tried doing a complete mbc reinstall, as well as the themes. It appears to be an isolated issue for me. I may try to do an OS reinstall this weekend. Just throwing this out there in case anyone else has similar issues. edit: Lotus as well. Maybe move this post to plugins and themes? Or just take the hex off of me, since I must be the only one with the issue.
  7. Just updated square to 1.7.28 and I am unable to start MBC with it installed. Not much info in the log. I'll double check to make sure I have the proper log settings checked. log: 2014-07-29 10:47:38.3994,Error,,Async thread threw the following exception: ( Exception. Type=System.NullReferenceException Msg=Object reference not set to an instance of an object. Src=ThemeVideoBackdrops Method=Item_NavigationInto Line=0 Col=0 [n] StackTrace= [n] at ThemeVideoBackdrops.Playables.ThemeVideoPlayables.Item_NavigationInto(Object sender,, GenericEventArgs`1 e) [n] at MediaBrowser.Application.<>c__DisplayClass7.<OnNavigationInto>b__5() [n] at MediaBrowser.Library.Threading.Async.<>c__DisplayClass4.<Queue>b__3() ),33,Worker thread for OnNavigationInto MBC version 3.0.196
  8. Okay. So i'm using Square theme. When I am in the main menu and I see movie, music, video games, etc. I choose video games and I see all my games for all the systems. Is there anyway to be able to see the systems first then choose the games. Just like Gamebrowser 2 used to show. Thanks, S.
  9. Soultaker

    SQUARE Theme for MBC Released

    Tired of the same old re-hashed ancient theme put in a new package? Enter Square a new theme built for Media Browser Classic (MBC) from the ground up. Square is modern, intuitive, has media center live TV integration*, various built-in apps, and places media at your fingertips plus much more. With support for upcoming TV, intelligent home screen, chapters, multi-users, media folder filtering, and on and on Square leverages the latest from the MBC world for a richer, better media experience. Square's Enhanced Home Screen Square takes not only the best of what MBC offers but adds it's own spin on core fundamentals. Square has a brand new home screen that intelligently provides extra functionality. For example, movie collections Square provides the ability to view them by Genres, or by Year all on the home screen. This makes it a one click operation to view genres with no messy toggling of that setting and this setting to get it. Just click it and use it it's all right there. Square is one of the first themes to have fully functioning user profile support. Different user's can style Square to suit their tastes without needing to open config files, or messy xml files. There are many new pieces of functionality in Square, please visit us in the media browser 3 forums to learn more about Square. Square's Media Details Page Square Shows Off Upcoming TV Support * media center live TV integration is not the same as the beta product that relies on serverWMC
  10. Great stuff ST,it looks sweet. Can't wait to give it a whirl after work.
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