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Found 3 results

  1. So - a search turning up old threads seems to suggest this did not used to be possible unless I go through and start merging files - which would be highly impractical to do across an entire pre-existing video collection. I figured I would ask if there's a good way to do this now that isn't editing a ton of files. Setup: I have a (largely old TV) media collection It's not uncomon for me to do rerun-shuffling Many shows have "Part 1" "Part 2" "Part 3" or even "Part 4" continuations. I would really like to set it up so that when I shuffle a TV show (or a library, or a genre, or whatever), if it hits one of the multi-part episodes, it plays through all the parts sequentially like it was one long video - always starting with Part 1, without me needing to go through and edit every multi-episode plot in my collection to merge the files. I'm good with renaming some files or manually editing my NFO files after scraping the normal episode data to make it happen. But while I don't mind renaming a few hundred files to make it happen across my library as I could do that on a couple days I'm not busy, drawing it out to one every hour or something while my computer processes videos for months would be an insurmountable barrier to doing it. So like: https://thetvdb.com/series/stargate-atlantis/seasons/official/1 If I go to shuffle Stargate Atlantis, as I often do - Emby would ideally treat "Rising" 1 & 2 as just "Rising" (in playlists, in playback, in season view), and then I could just use the metadata from "Rising (1)". Is there a way to do that through Emby in 2022, or is that still unsupported?
  2. I would like to request that the back-end dialog to remove a library folder from emby include explicit wording that the files themselves will not be removed or deleted. It is currently unclear and could give much pause. Server... Library... Hamburger on particular library... Remove... (it may exist elsewhere as well)
  3. Ok so, I searched around a bit but didn't find anything related to this. So far, emby has been amazing and prefer it a lot more over plex (ui, customizability). Right now, I have a bit of a problem. I have two folders in my main hdd (movies and series). So, adding libraries was fairly easy. But I keep some titles like Mr. Bean and Futurama in the movies folder. Mr. Bean has 2 movies and 1 series. Futurama has 7 seasons and 4 movies. The movies added fine and loaded the metadata quickly. But the series as you would expect are adding each episode as an individual movie (which is annoying). Any way around this other than the obvious moving them to the series folder? I really would prefer not to.
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