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Found 221 results

  1. Hi, im having problems with my Emby server, running on Linux. Out of nowhere, my server started having problems recognizing Movies and TV-Shows, as well as searching for images. I noticed as well, that I couldn't add Emby connect users to my local users, at least for one user, haven't tried with others, since they already have their emby connect user connected. I have attached the error log from the server, in which I noticed this exception at line 8314: System.Net.Http.HttpRequestException: System.Net.Http.HttpRequestException: An asynchronous socket operation is already in progress using this SocketAsyncEventArgs instance. ---> System.InvalidOperationException: An asynchronous socket operation is already in progress using this SocketAsyncEventArgs instance. Hope someone can help me Thanks Log (1).txt
  2. kornster

    Library and Classifications

    Good Morning All, A long story short i`ve been using Emby for a number of years. I`ve recently rebuilt a brand new server having lost my old one (Divorce) using LMDE. My now partner has 3 children all under 18+. The oldest is asking for access to the Emby android application for me to give him an account. I`ve been thinking and i may not be doing this right but my thought was to move all the content, M15+ and higher into a separate directory and adding that as its own library item. If i do this does that mean Collections will still show the movies from that dir to my partners son if i only add that dir to myself and my partner?
  3. Dan64

    How to speed up Emby on Linux

    Assuming that there is memory to spare, placing Emby's data and/or cache to RAM offers significant advantages. Even though opting for the partial route is an improvement by itself, the latter can make Emby even more responsive compared to its stock configuration. Benefits include, among others: - reduced drive read/writes; - heightened responsive feel; - many operations within Emby, such as quick search are nearly instantaneous. To do so we can make use of a tmpfs. Because data placed therein cannot survive a shutdown, a script responsible for syncing back to drive prior to system shutdown is necessary if persistence is desired. On the other hand, only relocating the cache is a quick, less inclusive solution that will slightly speed up user experience with Emby. In this post is provided an example of script to move and sync the "data" folder (where is stored the emby db) to RAM. Be sure that rsync is installed and save the "executable" script to /opt/emby-server/bin/emby-data_sync.sh, for example: #!/bin/sh # The script will first move emby's data to a new static location, # make a sub-directory in /dev/shm, softlink to it and later populate it with the contents of data. # The second time the script runs, it will then preserve the RAM profile by copying (sync) it back to disk. PATH=/usr/local/sbin:/usr/local/bin:/sbin:/bin:/usr/sbin:/usr/bin static=data-static link=data volatile=/dev/shm/emby-data IFS= set -efu cd /var/lib/emby if [ ! -r $volatile ]; then mkdir -m0700 $volatile fi if [ "$(readlink $link)" != "$volatile" ]; then echo "--> Emby: Init RAM Disk" mv $link $static ln -s $volatile $link fi if [ -e $link/.unpacked ]; then echo "--> Emby: Sync Disk" rsync -av --delete --exclude .unpacked ./$link/ ./$static/ else echo "--> Emby: Sync RAM" rsync -av ./$static/ ./$link/ touch $link/.unpacked fi It is best to add a cron job to guarantee the sync between RAM and disk, for example the following entry will run the sync process every 30min. */30 * * * * /opt/emby-server/bin/emby-data_sync.sh Then it is necessary to change the service: /lib/systemd/system/emby-server.service to guarantee the initial and final sync, as follow: [Unit] Description=Emby Server is a personal media server with apps on just about every device. After=network.target [Service] TimeoutSec=5min EnvironmentFile=/etc/emby-server.conf WorkingDirectory=/opt/emby-server ExecStartPre=/opt/emby-server/bin/emby-data_sync.sh ExecStart=/opt/emby-server/bin/emby-server ExecStopPost=/opt/emby-server/bin/emby-data_sync.sh RestartForceExitStatus=3 User=emby [Install] WantedBy=multi-user.target After this change it is necessary reload the service with the command: systemctl daemon-reload Finally it is possible to activate the shared-memory for Emby with the command systemctl restart emby-server It is possible to verify the execution of the script with the command: systemctl status emby-server ● emby-server.service - Emby Server is a personal media server with apps on just about every device. Loaded: loaded (/lib/systemd/system/emby-server.service; enabled; vendor preset: enabled) Active: active (running) since Tue 2019-01-01 09:46:44 CET; 7min ago Process: 8310 ExecStopPost=/opt/emby-server/bin/emby-data_sync.sh (code=exited, status=0/SUCCESS) Process: 8315 ExecStartPre=/opt/emby-server/bin/emby-data_sync.sh (code=exited, status=0/SUCCESS) Main PID: 8320 (EmbyServer) Tasks: 23 (limit: 4915) Memory: 676.5M CGroup: /system.slice/emby-server.service └─8320 /opt/emby-server/system/EmbyServer -programdata /var/lib/emby -ffmpeg /opt/emby-server/bin/ffmpeg More details can be found with the command: journalctl | grep emby-data_sync.sh emby-data_sync.sh[23844]: sending incremental file list emby-data_sync.sh[23844]: activitylog.db-wal emby-data_sync.sh[23844]: authentication.db-wal emby-data_sync.sh[23844]: library.db emby-data_sync.sh[23844]: library.db-wal emby-data_sync.sh[23844]: users.db-wal emby-data_sync.sh[23844]: ScheduledTasks/6330ee8f-b4a9-57f3-3981-f89aa78b030f.js emby-data_sync.sh[23844]: ScheduledTasks/81267bb8-bb49-51de-4b1b-446262cc7365.js emby-data_sync.sh[23844]: ScheduledTasks/d459f39d-7abb-81f5-fcce-03048a7ecf4d.js emby-data_sync.sh[23844]: SyncData/Emby.Kodi.SyncQueue.I.1.40.json emby-data_sync.sh[23844]: sent 255,467,606 bytes received 227 bytes 30,055,039.18 bytes/sec emby-data_sync.sh[23844]: total size is 257,320,410 speedup is 1.01 emby-data_sync.sh[23852]: sending incremental file list emby-data_sync.sh[23852]: sent 4,561 bytes received 44 bytes 9,210.00 bytes/sec emby-data_sync.sh[23852]: total size is 257,320,410 speedup is 55,878.48 The paths used in this post are the default ones for a Debian installation, in the case the distribution used is different could be necessary to change some path. But the main concept remain the same. On my installation I was able to speed up the "quick searches" by 100 times. This improvement is mainly due to the increase of speed obtained by moving the SQLite databases to RAM. In this article: https://www.directionsmag.com/article/3794 is reported an interesting comparison on memory access vs disk access speed and is stated that: "If you have a problem with slow database access, placing the entire database in RAM can instantly provide a factor-of-100-thousand increase in access speed with no other programming or data structure changes required".
  4. Original source Unix.stackexchange.com Thx to Adrian for this amazing script Since Emby doesnt have a proper scraper this will help to "fix" that Files to be renamed are all of the form [<tag>] <name> - <serial> [<quality>].mkv. Each anime has a lookup file called <name>.lst, listing the episodes in serial order, e.g. One Piece.lst contains: S01E01 S01E02 ... S01E08 S02E01 ... You use a bash shell at version 4 (minimum). #!/bin/bash # USAGE: canon_vids <dir> ... # Canonicalize the filenames of all MKV vids in each <dir> # All the anime lookup tables are in the lookup subdirectory # where canon_vids is stored lookup_dir="$(dirname "$0")/lookup" log_skip() { echo "SKIP ($1): $2" } find "$@" -name \*.mkv | while read f; do # Check filename against our desired pattern # (We don't want to rename what's already been renamed!) if [[ $f =~ /(\[[^]]+\])\ (.*)\ -\ ([0-9]+)\ (\[[^]]+\].mkv) ]]; then # We've now split our filename into: prefix="${BASH_REMATCH[1]}" name="${BASH_REMATCH[2]}" serial="${BASH_REMATCH[3]##0}" suffix="${BASH_REMATCH[4]}" # Some sanity checks if (( serial <= 0 )); then log_skip "$f" "Invalid serial# '$serial' for $name"; continue fi # Let's look up the episode episode="$(sed -n ${serial}p "$lookup_dir/${name}.lst")" if [[ -z "$episode" ]]; then log_skip "$f" "Can't find serial# '$serial' for $name"; continue fi mv -vn "$f" "${f%/*}/${prefix} ${name} - ${episode} ${suffix}" fi done And here's a bonus script that generates those lookup files, given the number of episodes in each season: #!/bin/bash # USAGE: generate_series <#eps> ... while [[ $1 ]]; do ((s++)) for e in $(seq "$1"); do printf "S%02dE%02d\n" $s $e done shift done Example: $ ls canon_vids generate_series # Create One Piece lookup table $ mkdir lookup $ ./generate_series 8 22 17 13 9 22 39 13 52 31 99 56 100 35 62 49 118 33 96 > lookup/One\ Piece.lst $ tail -n lookup/One\ Piece.lst S19E92 S19E93 S19E94 S19E95 S19E96 $ wc -l lookup/One\ Piece.lst 874 lookup/One Piece.lst # Create fake One Piece MKVs (adding a couple more to trigger errors) $ mkdir op $ for i in $(seq 0 876); do touch "$(printf "op/[TAG] One Piece - %02d [quality].mkv" $i)"; done $ ls op | wc -l 877 # And now, the moment of truth... $ ./canon_vids op renamed 'op/[TAG] One Piece - 724 [quality].mkv' -> 'op/[TAG] One Piece - S17E97 [quality].mkv' renamed 'op/[TAG] One Piece - 86 [quality].mkv' -> 'op/[TAG] One Piece - S06E17 [quality].mkv' ... renamed 'op/[TAG] One Piece - 819 [quality].mkv' -> 'op/[TAG] One Piece - S19E41 [quality].mkv' SKIP (op/[TAG] One Piece - 00 [quality].mkv): Invalid serial# '0' for One Piece renamed 'op/[TAG] One Piece - 52 [quality].mkv' -> 'op/[TAG] One Piece - S04E05 [quality].mkv' ... renamed 'op/[TAG] One Piece - 865 [quality].mkv' -> 'op/[TAG] One Piece - S19E87 [quality].mkv' SKIP (op/[TAG] One Piece - 875 [quality].mkv): Can't find serial# '875' for One Piece renamed 'op/[TAG] One Piece - 295 [quality].mkv' -> 'op/[TAG] One Piece - S11E69 [quality].mkv' ... renamed 'op/[TAG] One Piece - 430 [quality].mkv' -> 'op/[TAG] One Piece - S13E49 [quality].mkv' SKIP (op/[TAG] One Piece - 876 [quality].mkv): Can't find serial# '876' for One Piece renamed 'op/[TAG] One Piece - 655 [quality].mkv' -> 'op/[TAG] One Piece - S17E28 [quality].mkv' ... renamed 'op/[TAG] One Piece - 93 [quality].mkv' -> 'op/[TAG] One Piece - S07E02 [quality].mkv' renamed 'op/[TAG] One Piece - 278 [quality].mkv' -> 'op/[TAG] One Piece - S11E52 [quality].mkv' # OK, but what happens when we run it again? Will our files be further renamed? Will Luffy find One Piece? $ ./canon_vids op SKIP (op/[TAG] One Piece - 00 [quality].mkv): Invalid serial# '0' for One Piece SKIP (op/[TAG] One Piece - 875 [quality].mkv): Can't find serial# '875' for One Piece SKIP (op/[TAG] One Piece - 876 [quality].mkv): Can't find serial# '876' for One Piece # Of course! Those files were never found in the lookup table, so they're still # candidates for renaming. More importantly, no other files were touched. Little explanation: ./generate_series 8 22 17 13 9 22 39 13 52 31 99 56 100 35 62 49 118 33 96 > lookup/One\ Piece.lst Extra: If u want to automate create a line at crontab. canon_vids.txt generate_series.txt
  5. Hello I have emby set up on my Ubuntu 16.04.5 LTS and having issues with Tv-Show thumbnail Everything okay with movies and all but Only having issues with tv shows. Emby detects my tv shows and fetches data about newly added episode but it's not adding images to Thumbnail, Backdrops or sometimes the season poster. What to do?
  6. adwuk

    Emby and TVHeadend play nicely

    Thanks to all the contributions in this community, I have finally been able to get a setup of Emby, TVHeadend and our LG Smart TVs that works really well for me. I had a false start with the Emby TVHeadend plugin, which I am sure is working fine for others - unfortunately for me I couldn't get the TV schedule to update reliably, and sometimes it just went blank. When searching for a fix to these issues I saw a comment from Luke suggesting the use of the M3U tuner option. So here is where I have ended up: 1) Latest version of TVHeadend 4.3 tuned to Freesat UK with a DVB-S2 USB tuner on ubuntu 18.04 - TVH 4.3 required because I make use of the MPEG-TS/Spawn streaming profile 2) Hardware/VAAPI encoding streaming profile with FFMPEG - this makes use of the QuickSync encoding available on an Intel NUC with i3-7100 processor 3) Emby server connects to TVH via the M3U tuner options in Emby Live TV 4) A post recording script quickly converts the recorded MPEG-TS files to MP4 Details of the setup: 1) You can follow the install instructions for TVHeadend. The key is to install version 4.3 (it is named unstable, but seems pretty stable to me) as I wanted to make use of the Intel's VAAPI/QuickSync hardware encoder. Once installed, I created a MPEG-TS/Spawn streaming profile called 'mp4-h264-aac' with the following properties: 2) Create a bash script in /home/hts/scripts called h264aac.sh. Don't forget to make it executable with 'chmod +x h264aac.sh'. This script uses VAAPI and takes the video stream and english audio stream and converts to H264, Level 4.1, AAC audio, deinterlaces keeping the source frame rate and reasonable quality at the highest compression. The output container is MPEG-TS which is fed to the Emby server. It uses VAAPI hardware encoding which is pretty quick, and the CPU rarely gets above 10% usage while it is running. #!/bin/bash ffmpeg -loglevel info \ -hwaccel vaapi -vaapi_device /dev/dri/renderD128 -hwaccel_output_format vaapi \ -i pipe:0 -map 0:v -map 0:m:language:eng -sn \ -c:v h264_vaapi \ -quality 0 -compression_level 1 -qp 25 -level 41 \ -vf 'format=nv12|vaapi,hwupload,deinterlace_vaapi=rate=frame:auto=1' \ -c:a aac \ -f mpegts pipe:1 3) In your Emby server, using the Live TV options, add a M3U tuner with the following URL: http://user:password@server:9981/playlist/channels.m3u?profile=mp4-h264-aac This will load all the channels from your TVHeadend server using the newly created streaming profile. You will also need to add a TV guide provider, and I find that the new Emby one for the UK works well for me. 4) Finally you will need to convert the MPEG-TS files after they are recorded. MPEG-TS isn't seekable and so if you want to fast-forward or rewind during play, MP4 is more appropriate. In the DVR section on your Emby server you can define a post processing script. I set mine to "/var/lib/emby/video/convert.sh", and here is the script: #!/bin/bash # break up the input file name file=$(basename "$1") base=$(basename "$1" .ts) dir=$(dirname "$1") # transcode the file ffmpeg -y -i "$1" -map 0 -c copy "${dir}/${base}.mp4" # get the error code RC=$? if [ "${RC}" -ne "0" ]; then # had an error, so check if the output file exists # if so, remove the output file if [ -f "${dir}/${base}.mp4" ]; then rm -f "${dir}/${base}.mp4" fi else # all OK, so check if the output file exists # if so, remove the input file if [ -f "${dir}/${base}.mp4" ]; then rm -f "$1" fi fi The post-processing script runs in a few seconds after the recording has completed. It now means that the whole process from selecting the programme to record, to it being listed and ready to play in Emby anywhere, is fully automated and simple enough for anyone to use. Hopefully this lot will prove useful to someone.
  7. This project is being abandoned in favor of Wolveix's. https://github.com/Wolveix/Plexus Please visit his project to see any future work. Hello, I’m working on a little project to iterate through my NAS and convert all files that are not easily direct played through my Roku. I’m posting it’s Github page here, in case it is of use to anyone else. I’m very open to input, commits, suggestions, etc. I’d love for this to be useful to the community. https://github.com/gorgarp/BatchConverter/
  8. Hi There, I just completed a migration of my Emby Server beta running headless Centos 7.6 from a virtualized Hyper-V (2008 R2) to Bare Metal (Intel Core2 Quad Q9300 with Gigabyte [nvidia] GeForce GTX 1050 and SSD) for the added horsepower of dedicated CPU access and transcoding capabilities. I haven't done a whole lot to this OS in terms of setup. Clean minimal install of operating system update updated packages (yum) Install Emby Open Firewall Port install backup plugin restore backup from my VM What I'm struggling to determine is a) has emby detected my GTX 1050? is emby using my GTX 1050 to transcode? c) is there anything I might need to install (e.g. Nvidia drivers) to get this all working? I'm not 100% certain what it is I'm looking for in the logs to ascertain whether this is working or not. I'm attaching the latest Transcoding log and Hardware Detection Log. Thanks in advance HardwareDetection.txt Transcoding.txt
  9. namronkire

    emby docker crashes regularly under Debian

    Hi, I'm running emby as a docker container under the following system: Linux openmediavault 4.9.0-0.bpo.6-amd64 #1 SMP Debian 4.9.88-1+deb9u1~bpo8+1 (2018-05-13) x86_64 GNU/Linux Docker version 17.05.0-ce, build 89658be latest emby docker It crashes quite regularly (every 1-3 days, running 24/7). docker logs emby: Aborted s6-svscanctl: fatal: unable to control /var/run/s6/services: supervisor not listening [cont-finish.d] executing container finish scripts... [cont-finish.d] done. [s6-finish] syncing disks. [s6-finish] sending all processes the TERM signal. [s6-finish] sending all processes the KILL signal and exiting. Any idea what could be the cause here and how to go on with debugging?
  10. Hello everybody! I'll try to keep it short and sweet. Right now, I'm running v3.6.0.81_beta (will upgrade soon to v4) on a headless Fedora 27 box with 4GB of RAM and a dual-core AMD A4-3300 APU on a WD HDD. It also leverages OpenLDAP running on another FreeBSD box on my network for authentication. Have used the setup for years; I try to keep the boxes physically clean and the setup is still running like a champ. Using a couple of external USB 3.0 drives for backup. It ain't pretty, but it works. Sometimes I have issues with the Android app spinning when trying to play music on my Pixel 2 phone or buffering over WiFi when playing a movie on my Fire TV Cube app (which results in some herky-jerkiness). Those instances are relatively rare, though although the latter issue is nonetheless more annoying. I am thinking that may be due to streaming higher-resolution movies over WiFi (ideal vs real world transfer speeds, essentially a bandwith issue and not a system resource issue?). Fast-forward to today, and I have just procured a bona-fide workstation (Dell Precision T3400, Core 2 Duo) that I am converting to (Free)NAS with 8GB ECC RAM, SSD for boot, and media on a RAID 1 two-HDD configuration for redunancy. Here is the question I'm wrestling with: Should I move from Fedora-server Emby to FreeNAS-plugin Emby? Let me say that I know there is no cut and dried answer to this due to different processors, operating systems (essentially Linux vs FreeBSD), chipsets, etc. But anecdotally I have heard of a more performant TCP/IP stack on BSD, and I want to reclaim my USB drives although that is not strictly speaking a dealbreaker. However, Emby would be running from an SSD which I am assuming would make a big difference. Of course, I also don't have any experience with the FreeNAS Emby plugin. Are there any relatively stable data points or pieces of information that I am missing that may suggest choosing one course over the other? Many thanks in advance!
  11. omegga

    Multiple dockers issue

    On the latest versions (3.6+), whenever I have more than one instance of emby running in docker, none of them work properly. The web ui doesn't respond, often takes too long to load and is generally unusable. It's almost like something is interfering between the different instances. As soon as I stop all dockers but one, it works flawlessly. I've made sure that every instance uses a different location for config and different ports. EDIT: I noticed that connect.txt in the data folder has the same value for both docker instances. Note that both docker containers are newly created and I haven't reused any data from one or the other. Could that explain the problem?
  12. Hello, I'm runing emby server 3.5.2 on debian Jessie. App is crashing quickly with this error message in Systemd status report : emby-server.service - Emby Server is a personal media server with apps on just about every device. Loaded: loaded (/usr/lib/systemd/system/emby-server.service; enabled) Active: failed (Result: exit-code) since lun. 2018-07-30 19:43:35 CEST; 16min ago Process: 16746 ExecStart=/opt/emby-server/bin/emby-server (code=exited, status=5) Main PID: 16746 (code=exited, status=5) juil. 30 19:43:35 Fozzy emby-server[16746]: at System.IO.File.InternalReadAllLines(String path, Encoding encoding) juil. 30 19:43:35 Fozzy emby-server[16746]: at System.IO.File.ReadAllLines(String path) juil. 30 19:43:35 Fozzy emby-server[16746]: at System.Net.NetworkInformation.StringParsingHelpers.ParseGatewayAddressesFromRouteFile(String filePath, String interfaceName) juil. 30 19:43:35 Fozzy emby-server[16746]: at System.Net.NetworkInformation.LinuxIPInterfaceProperties.GetGatewayAddresses() juil. 30 19:43:35 Fozzy emby-server[16746]: at System.Net.NetworkInformation.LinuxIPInterfaceProperties..ctor(LinuxNetworkInterface lni) juil. 30 19:43:35 Fozzy emby-server[16746]: at System.Net.NetworkInformation.LinuxNetworkInterface..ctor(String name) juil. 30 19:43:35 Fozzy emby-server[16746]: at System.Net.NetworkInformation.LinuxNetworkInterface.GetOrCreate(Dictionary`2 interfaces, String name) juil. 30 19:43:35 Fozzy emby-server[16746]: at System.Net.NetworkInformation.LinuxNetworkInterface.<>c__DisplayClass5_0.<GetLinuxNetworkInterfaces>b__1(String name, IpAddressInfo* ipAddr, UInt32* scopeId) juil. 30 19:43:35 Fozzy emby-server[16746]: InnerException: System.IO.IOException juil. 30 19:43:35 Fozzy emby-server[16746]: System.IO.IOException: Permission denied I notice that it happen since emby 3.5.1, It seems that it did'nt happen with first release 3.5.0 . thanks for your help. complete server log is here because uploader on this forum failed for me
  13. Just bought a QNAP TS-231 which has an ARM processor in it, but so far the only builds of Emby I can find are for Intel CPUs :-( Any ideas if there's any way to get it running on my ARM processor? Or whether anyone's working on an ARM build??
  14. Arch Linux emby server filesystem ext4 The server detects when I delete a file but it doesn't detect if I move a file outside of library folder. I have to force a rescan to detect the changes.
  15. aNiclas

    Performance grievance

    Hi, Currently Emby runs off my QNAP-653A with performance issues as soon as more than one device connects. Example: Apple TV4K playing one of my 1080P TV Shows (Transcoding: 21fps, 4.1Mbps ts H264 ac3 with the QNAP CPU running at 98%) Any other connected device makes it all collapse due to lack of CPU-power. All my network components are enterprise grade (Cisco Catalyst, port trunking for the NAS) and soon my internet connection is 1Gbps so i was really hoping to have the Emby server deliever my shows and movies to me on any device at any location even with my kid and wife watching stuff at home... It might be too much to ask from the NAS so I might install Emby on one of my old laptops (Dell M4600, i7, Nvidia Quadro2000, 16GiB RAM, 256 SSD, 1Gbps Ethernet, e-SATA) but before I proceed: 1. Shouldnt my devices at home play without transcoding? - Apple TV4K - Apple TV4K - Openelec Cubox-i4-Pro - ASRock Kodi on Linux 2. If i install Emby on the M4600 Dell Precision Laptop, how do i get the best performance? Linux or Windows? Will it take advantage of the Quadro 2000 GPU? 3. Should i run Emby on both at the same time? Let my mobile devices use the QNAP, internal devices on the M4600? would this cause any new grievance? Anyway to improve QNAP performance in case i go down this road, if it means typing some lines in putty/terminal thats not a problem... Best regards happy Premium-user since I noticed iOS offline was supported
  16. nicheplayer

    Upgrading OS on VPS -- which to choose?

    Upgrading from Debian Wheezy to something newer and am looking for advice/thoughts on which Linux distro would be best for running emby server, sabnzbd, etc. Just go for Ubuntu 18.04? Thanks.
  17. birne

    Exception /opt/emby-server/system

    Hi! I've got an Exception, but the file permissions are ok i think ^^ Can anyone help? Thank you very much! ls -l /var/lib/emby/ drwxr-xr-x 18 emby emby 4096 Okt 27 18:17 cache drwxr-xr-x 4 emby emby 4096 Okt 27 20:00 config drwxr-xr-x 7 emby emby 4096 Okt 28 06:16 data drwxr-xr-x 2 emby emby 4096 Sep 29 14:27 localization drwxr-xr-x 2 emby emby 4096 Okt 28 06:16 logs drwxr-xr-x 7 emby emby 4096 Sep 29 23:07 metadata drwxr-xr-x 3 emby emby 4096 Okt 27 19:23 plugins drwxr-xr-x 3 emby emby 4096 Sep 29 14:27 root drwxr-xr-x 2 emby emby 53248 Okt 1 18:44 transcoding-temp 2018-10-28 06:18:09.353 Info HttpClient: GET https://image.tmdb.org/t/p/original/tPAV8vSLIlEDHDPWg7jicNR2qsk.jpg 2018-10-28 06:18:09.386 Error ProviderManager: Error in metadata saver *** Error Report *** Version: Command line: /opt/emby-server/system/EmbyServer.dll -programdata /var/lib/emby -ffmpeg /opt/emby-server/bin/ffmpeg -ffprobe /opt/emby-server/bin/ffprobe -restartexitcode 3 -updatepackage emby-server-deb_{version}_amd64.deb Operating system: Unix 64-Bit OS: True 64-Bit Process: True User Interactive: True Processor count: 8 Program data path: /var/lib/emby Application directory: /opt/emby-server/system System.IO.IOException: Read-only file system at Interop.ThrowExceptionForIoErrno(ErrorInfo errorInfo, String path, Boolean isDirectory, Func`2 errorRewriter) at Microsoft.Win32.SafeHandles.SafeFileHandle.Open(String path, OpenFlags flags, Int32 mode) at System.IO.FileStream..ctor(String path, FileMode mode, FileAccess access, FileShare share, Int32 bufferSize, FileOptions options) at Emby.Server.Implementations.IO.ManagedFileSystem.GetFileStream(String path, FileOpenMode mode, FileAccessMode access, FileShareMode share, FileOpenOptions fileOpenOptions) at MediaBrowser.XbmcMetadata.Savers.BaseNfoSaver.SaveToFile(Stream stream, String path) at MediaBrowser.XbmcMetadata.Savers.BaseNfoSaver.Save(BaseItem item, CancellationToken cancellationToken) at MediaBrowser.Providers.Manager.ProviderManager.SaveMetadata(BaseItem item, ItemUpdateType updateType, IEnumerable`1 savers) System.IO.IOException at Interop.ThrowExceptionForIoErrno(ErrorInfo errorInfo, String path, Boolean isDirectory, Func`2 errorRewriter) at Microsoft.Win32.SafeHandles.SafeFileHandle.Open(String path, OpenFlags flags, Int32 mode) at System.IO.FileStream..ctor(String path, FileMode mode, FileAccess access, FileShare share, Int32 bufferSize, FileOptions options) at Emby.Server.Implementations.IO.ManagedFileSystem.GetFileStream(String path, FileOpenMode mode, FileAccessMode access, FileShareMode share, FileOpenOptions fileOpenOptions) at MediaBrowser.XbmcMetadata.Savers.BaseNfoSaver.SaveToFile(Stream stream, String path) at MediaBrowser.XbmcMetadata.Savers.BaseNfoSaver.Save(BaseItem item, CancellationToken cancellationToken) at MediaBrowser.Providers.Manager.ProviderManager.SaveMetadata(BaseItem item, ItemUpdateType updateType, IEnumerable`1 savers) 2018-10-28 06:18:11.956 Info HttpServer: HTTP GET http://xx:8096/emby/Items/12a05dac156a069358d7db8473b08ea0/Images/Backdrop/0?Format=original&Tag=f01ce0531741e9341b049df55f645a2a. UserAgent: Kodi/17.6 (Linux; Android 5.1.1; AFTT Build/LVY48F) Android/5.1.1 Sys_CPU/armv7l App_Bitness/32 Version/17.6-Git:20171114-a9a7a20 2018-10-28 06:18:11.956 Info HttpResultFactory: Setting range response values for /var/lib/emby/metadata/library/12/12a05dac156a069358d7db8473b08ea0/backdrop.jpg. RangeRequest: bytes=0- Content-Length: 588905, Content-Range: bytes 0-588904/588905
  18. Crossfire0mega

    Server crash on media playback

    So for a little while I have been having issues playing movies, they will play for a few minutes then stop and the server will physically shutdown requiring a manual reboot. This does not seem to happen with tv shows but only movies. I also cannot get it to stop transcoding everything. I have a samsung smart tv 2014 running the emby app. I have also tried casting from an android phone and tablet to a chromecast or to the tv directly but all result in transcoding. I even tried using a ps4. I've attached the logs of the most recent incident but every movie I have tried to play recently does the same thing. ServerLog1.txt ServerLog2.txt TranscodingLog.txt
  19. caroig

    Server fails on trancoding audio

    Hey, I'm still learning Emby, moving away from Plex. I don't seem to be able to sync any audio to my phone. Whatever the settings (bitrate), transcoding fails (whether from FLAC or MP3, whether from playlist, album or an individual song). I'm attaching a log. I'm on Ubuntu 18.04, the latest emby server as of now (Version beta). There's some problem here: [NULL @ 0xff2fc0] Unable to find a suitable output format for '/var/lib/emby/sync/12/41/f9683eab-6e45-4945-ba8b-462fffdcf8dc' /var/lib/emby/sync/12/41/f9683eab-6e45-4945-ba8b-462fffdcf8dc: Invalid argument Emby-log.txt
  20. I've been holding off on upgrading Emby, hoping that some day the repo will be fixed. Everything was working fine until a few days ago when I began to get an error when accessing app.emby.media. I can't access my Emby server from app.media.emby until I upgrade according to the message. Is there a workaround for this? I've ran a whole lot of Linux servers over the years and the current method Emby is using, unzipping a file you download every update, is a really poor practice. It can lead to a total package mess. Is there any way to get this update through a managed repository (the proper way of doing things!) or do I just have to suck it up, go against best Linux practices and try to do a totally messy upgrade and hope my Emby server comes out intact on the other side? Thanks.
  21. I've specified a specific directory for cache, metadata, transcoding etc. The server is not using the cache directory specified for storage. I'm using Emby Docker version on Unraid. I've specified it to use path /mnt/Emby/transcode/cache Looking at that path there's around 350M of data in it. So Emby is writing to it. But the majority of my cache is in the default location /cache/ as this folder is around 600M. How do i move all the cache from /cache into the specified cache. I don't know why there is any cache there as i moved the cache location when i first setup the sever.
  22. rpoitras

    Problem syncing movies to Windows 10 app

    I have a trip coming this week and wanted to sync a couple of movies on my 2-in-1 Samsung TabPro S and have a few issues I've been seeing in the log. Attempting to sync a DVD of Fifth Element produces the following in the log: Unknown encoder 'mpeg2video' Also, attempting to sync a Blu-Ray rip of The Dark Knight says the same except the encoder is "vc1". My server is Linux Mint (planning to go full Ubuntu Server very soon) which is based on Ubuntu 14.x. I have never had any issues with my server so far, BTW, so this is very out of character. I rip my movies using a paid version of MakeMKV. The movies will stream fine if just playing even from the Windows 10 app. The issue seems to be with sync only. Also, in trying to sync other movies some of them are fine but others have a really, really long duration (like thousands of hours) making seeking impossible. The movie will play fine but the duration is WAY out of whack. Has anyone else experienced this? I didn't attach logs right now because I was just wondering if this is a known issue already (?). Any help would be appreciated.
  23. Preface All of the media I'm testing have previously worked flawlessly in the current environment. Meaning my network topography/speed has not changed. I cannot say for sure when this problem began as I rarely need to use a browser to access my Emby personally, however I had a user report issues a few weeks ago. I gave it very little thought until I had reason to use a browser recently and I ran into problems. Problem Recently (within the last few weeks), Emby playback within my web-browser has begun giving me the following error: Testing I have tested with various browser on various machines with results as such Ubuntu - Chrome: FAIL Windows - Chrome: FAIL Ubuntu - Firefox: FAIL Windows - Firefox: FAIL Windows - Edge: SUCCESS I have deduced that this happens for all Matroska contained media as far as I can tell. Container WebM w/ VP9/Opus codecs works correctly. I'd have to really go fishing for other types of media to test as my libraries are 99.99% Matroska or WebM. Logs NOTE: Firefox actually attempted transcoding, though still resulted in the same error. I zipped the result transcode logs for each occurrence, though I know they will not be helpful for debugging this. 20180926-Emby.Server.DEBUG-Ubuntu.Chrome.v69.0.3497.81-1.log 20180926-Emby.Server.DEBUG.Windows.Chrome.v68.0.3440.100-1.log 20180926-Emby.Server.DEBUG-Ubuntu.Firefox.v57.0.1-1.log 20180926-Emby.Server.DEBUG-Ubuntu.Firefox.v57.0.1.zip 20180926-Emby.Server.DEBUG.Windows.Firefox.v62.0.2-1.log 20180926-Emby.Server.DEBUG.Windows.Firefox.v62.0.2.zip 20180926-Emby.Server.DEBUG.Windows.Edge.log UPDATE -- 20180927 -- Official Embyserver Docker Container results -- 20180927-Emby.Server.DEBUG-Ubuntu.Chrome.v69.0.3497.81-3-1.log UPDATE It appears I may have opened a duplicate post from someone else with a similar problem (though to be fair, when I searched I did not find it as their topic is very misleading) https://emby.media/community/index.php?/topic/63309-docker/?p=627055 Also at a glance at their log, their ffmpeg doesn't even start, whereas this is not my issue.
  24. Great application and work, having an issue on my newest Roku Streaming Stick Details: Emby Server - On Linux (ubuntu) version : Emby Roku App - version 3.0 build 91 Roku Device: 3800x version: 8.1.0 build 4145-55 On loading Emby the screen flashes white on and off repeatedly. I have created a gif of what this looks like.
  25. TheBrainninja

    How to Force User to Log Out

    Hey all, I have an uncomfortable social situation I'd like to avoid passively, if possible. My partner logged into her Emby Connect account on her old roommate's Xbox, so she could access my server while she lived there; she's moved out and isn't on the best of terms with them now, and I'd prefer to disconnect her account from that Xbox without contacting the roommate directly. I've reset her password on the server, but it isn't forcing her to sign back in when she launches the app on devices she controls. I've restricted devices that have access to the server, but that also isn't ideal as the device list doesn't seem to list every device the account has connected from - it requires some babysitting to enable/disable the devices I want/don't want to connect. I realize this is more of a social problem than a technical one, but it would make my life a lot easier if I could solve it technically; is there some way to force her account to simply re-authenticate before it can access my server? She says she's reset her Emby Connect password already, and I've searched around to see if someone's addressed this before. Thanks in advance.
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