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Found 5 results

  1. Hi, I’m moving my Emby install due to install issues with my distro. When I moved Emby to the current distro, instead of pulling the metadata from the saved NFO files and the images also saved within the media itself, it pulled from online - even when there wasn’t any data and overwrote a bunch of data that I had worked really hard to get right. Now I have to start all over fixing those erasing days of work that I have to redo now. Is there a way to get Emby to pull from the saved NFO and images first - and only download if I’m missing metadata so that it doesn’t overwrite the good data that’s been saved? Thanks so much for any info or assistance!
  2. raevengel

    Emby Misbehaving

    Hello, I’m having a few issues with Emby. I’ve worked hard on my current install making all the images and metadata correct. I have all data and images being saved into the media folders. Everything was pretty much setup when suddenly, all my movies had no images showing at all (oddly descriptions/metadata is fine, it’s only the images that seem to be the problem. I can’t figure out what’s wrong and can’t seem to sort this out without overwriting all the custom metadata, too. The images are in fact, in the folders (I checked) but Emby isn’t actually pulling/viewing them from within the folders. This happened suddenly, with no warning and no changes made. Secondly, many of the actors/other cast/crew are not showing up correctly. Where an image should be, there’s an empty placeholder. This time rather than being all of the actors/cast/crew, it’s just a random few. When I do a force refresh and let it replace images, it will fix it but I cannot seem to do this on a larger scale - I’m having to refresh one person at a time, over and over and over again. Second piece, I’m also in the process of moving my Emby install to a new distro (I’m having too many problems with my current distro). Everything is pretty much installed (though I had a terrible time being able to have the server actually show up). Now that I have, I noticed that Emby isn’t pulling the data from my local folders. In fact, in many cases, it’s overwriting all the data I worked so hard to get right. I followed the instructions (installed Emby, setup a new server, added my Emby Premiere, installed the Emby Backup plugin, grabbed the previous backup and used it on the new Emby Server). However, I can’t figure out why it’s pulling data from the internet first and actually wrecking a ton of work that I’ve done on fixing many of the titles. Emby is doing this by overwriting the images and even metadata that is stored in the media folders. It’s like it’s ignoring that data and I don’t know why. Worse than ignoring it, it’s overwriting it so that all the days of work that I’ve done, I’ve completely lost. Any help would be really appreciated. I’d love to not only fix these problems but understand why it’s actually doing them. Thanks so much in advance!a @cayars
  3. Hi, I’m trying to setup Emby on my Intel NUC. I’m new to OpenSUSE Tumbleweed (though not to Linux) and I’m struggling to get this sorted out. I’ve had Emby running on Mint for sometime now. Goal: to setup & use Emby (Emby software apps is already installed and running) Hurdle: give Emby access to the media files (stored on external HDDs) I have external hard drives formatted as exFAT and NTFS (I’m working on switching them all over to exFAT but not there yet). I currently have my primary username set as the owner of the drives and the group is set to “users” (of which my user was the only member). I used YaST to create a new group called mediaservers and I added Emby, and my user to this group. I thought that way, I could give the Emby access to the media files but not necessarily to any/everything else that my user group could access, if other things were owned by the group “users”. I attempted to change the owner/user group of the HDD partitions to my newly created group, but it’s not working. On one drive, it appeared to work (when I changed it as my own user, not root - I didn’t get any error messages and it appeared to finish the job) but on other drives, I keep getting error messages saying that I don’t have the privileges to change some of the files. When I check the owner/group of those files, it’s showing that it’s owned by my normal user and group - so I don’t understand why I don’t have the privileges to change this or even what’s different about these files because the owner and group appear to be the same as all the other files on the drives. However, even the drive that appeared to work doesn’t actually “save” the new group - it switches right back to the original “Users” group. I even tried to change the group as root. One the drive that appeared to work previously but didn’t “save”, I ended up with the same outcome and got the same error (not enough privileges) on the drive that had that error. Basically, exact same outcome when changing these as root as when changing as my standard user. So, I decided to take a different approach, desperate for something to work and instead of switching everything over to a new group, I added the Emby group to my primary “Users” group that everything already belongs to. I’ve checked ls -l in the terminal to view all the drives and all users/groups/other are correct and all have full rwx status. But, I still have no ability for Emby to even see the media/HDDs. I also used the terminal to look at the groups and see if the Emby group was added to my user group. It was successfully added, as it should have been, but still have no access. I even granted one of the drives network access hoping I might be able to give Emby network access (I know, it’s not elegant or hardly even rational but I’m freaking desperate and nothing that I’ve done that should work, from what I can tell, is actually being successful). On a separate note, I currently have the drives mounted to the default location for external drives in oST/YaST (run/media/user/partition name). I looked into editing /etc/fstab and started by using YaST to do so (as was suggested by some other OpenSUSE users). However, when use YaST to do this, nothing actually changes in the fstab file (I’ve viewed it before/after to check and didn’t leave it opened while doing the edits in YaST to be sure that it was writable). Still no changes. Also, rebooting makes no difference on any of this either. Please know, I’ve searched, I’ve read man pages and blog posts, and wikis etc. I’m just lost & so frustrated. I’m not usually this inept at figuring stuff out. But it’s not even making sense to me now why it’s not working. I’ve added the right groups to the group and the drives are owned by this group that has full access. So, I’m wondering if it’s because of how the disks are are mounted - though admittedly, that doesn’t make much sense either. I’m just desperate. I’ve spent several days on this now and I can’t figure it out. I don’t want to go back to Mint/Ubuntu and the like. But I don’t know why I’m having so many issues and why YaST doesn’t actually seem to be making any of the changes I’m trying to make. It’s the same with the user/group changes. It’s almost like I wasn’t using sudo in YaST but it definitely asked for my password. Please let me know what other info/data you need. Please help. I’m not unwilling to put in the work. I just don’t even know what that work should be at this point since these things that I thought should be successful aren’t. Thanks so much in advance. Sorry for the wall of text. I just wanted to accurately cover what I’ve tried, what I’m attempting to do, and what hasn’t worked.
  4. pandaman619

    Expired key..Again

    The Release.key uploaded 04-Mar-2018 expired in 16th September 2019 for the Emby server repo at https://software.opensuse.org/download.html?project=home%3Aemby&package=emby-server this affects people that have scripts that pull from that repo like me. If you could please update it that would be appreciated. https://build.opensuse.org/package/users/home:emby/emby-server
  5. Preface: I haven't seen an upgrade of Emby pushed to my Ubuntu 16.04 server in some time, thought it was just taking awhile to push the packages to the OpenSUSE.org servers. I've found many threads referencing or explaining different ways people have switched from managed packages to several different methods of upgrading Emby, but I can't seem to find an original thread explaining what the situation is and why people are trying to migrate methods in all kinds of different ways. Sorry if I'm beating a dead horse here, but I can't seem to find any thread plainly epxlaining the situation and why/how I should be managing my server packages now. Thanks devs and community members.
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