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  1. kuebs

    Roku Media Center Menu not working

    Hello all, This is a weird problem. I have two Roku 3s, one on LAN and one in WiFi. Suddenly I can no longer get the opening ROKU channel view where I see my Emby server, folders, folder artwork, content, last added all the other nice cool features of Roku for Emby. This Roku channel was why I chose Roku over Amazon Fire or other alternatives. I have reset my Router, Server, WiFi router. I have tried an older version of the Roku Emby plugin. I have tried the beta version of the Roku Channel. I still connect just fine to the server and can use the search function to find specific titles. But I no longer see the really nice browsing menu. This has just started a few days ago. I am running a stable version of Emby for WMC and my Windows 8 is patched and up to date. This is affecting my family life as my daughter and wife can no longer find their favorites and browse through our videos and movies. Is anyone else experiencing this? Does anyone know what happened?
  2. I have an emby server on windows 7 with Server WMC, and also I expose the WTV files separately. This works well with my windows 10 client, and all my android clients, but when I try to connect to either the 'Live TV' (ServerWMC) connection or the 'Recorded TV'(Indexed WTV) files from the Samsung, all I get is a spinning bar. If I use the web browser from the samsung, I get a bit better results- I get some images coming through, but it is choppy. Any suggestions on settings to check to see what is happening?
  3. Hi Guys, I have a folder structure for my movies as follows Movies Si-Fi Terminator Aliens Men in Black Super hero Dead pool X men Hulk Animation Finding Nemo Ice age Toy story Etc etc I have set the library up under the MOVIE type via the emby server and used a network share i.e. \\MEDIA PC\Movies but all my movies have been condensed in to one folder via WMC I suspect I need to use the legacy folder browsing but when I turn this on and open EMBY via WMC it is completely empty, I see no movies or folders. Can anyone let me know how I define my movie library to be used by legacy folder browsing, I can't find any options on the EMBY server to do this Please help
  4. thespot84

    no guide info

    I have an HDHR T1 that required WMC and serverWMC to get running in Emby. I can currently browse the channels directly and watch them via chromecast on my tv, which is awesome, however I cannot get either Schedules Direct or zap2xml to populate my guide, it shows all my channels, but there's no program data, and the channel mapping list is blank. I succesfully downloaded xml data from tvguide.com, so I know the data is there, but even pointing emby to that file on my server doesn't fix anything. Any help is very much appreciated. Log.txt
  5. I have not attached any logs as yet because I wanted to firstly find out if anyone else is running Windows 10 on a MacBook Pro. I am running on a early 2011 version. I have successfully installed and been using WMC but the last few days the program has stopped working. The shortcuts are still there but they are greyed out. If I uninstall and reinstall it works. But after I reboot it is greyed out again. I know this is not an issue with Microsoft and they are blocking it because it is running successfully on two Windows 10 PC's at home. The Mac is for when I work away. Anyone else got this setup and having issues? Anyone else have any ideas? Would the logs show anything admins? Thanks.
  6. mpodval

    Cannot view liveTV anymore

    Hello, I have an HDHomerun Prime setup with WMC on a windows 8 machine running ServerWMC and Emby. As of last week I can no longer watch LiveTV through Emby (phone app and PC). WMC works fine. ServerWMC shows one of the tuners in red and channel says <unknown channel>. I tried disabling all antiviruses, updated to the latest versions of all apps and still no luck. Please help!
  7. Hello I recently moved homes and when I tried to launch Emby in WMC after setting my comuter up in the new home, I received an Invalid Application error in WMC. I get it everytime I try to launch it. The one time it worked I had removed all library paths in the server then it loaded. My computer is fine otherwise, it wasn't damaged in the move. Server version: Version 3.0.5972.0 Emby for WMC version: 3.0.302.0 This is the Windows Error at the exact time of the error. Exception System.NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object. at MediaBrowser.Application.ScreenSaverTimer_Tick(Object sender, EventArgs e) at Microsoft.MediaCenter.UI.DispatcherTimer.CallTickHandlers(TimerCallback callback) at Microsoft.MediaCenter.Queues.Dispatcher.MainLoop(Queue queue) at Microsoft.MediaCenter.UI.UIDispatcher.MainLoop(Queue queue, LoopCondition condition) at MediaCenter.Extensibility.Host.Main(String[] args) I looked at some other threads and tried removing the chocolate theme from C:\ProgramData\MediaBrowser-Classic\Plugins. This did not resolve the issue. Any help would be appreciate. Thanks
  8. Hi All, Have run into an issue while configuring my TV Series view with Banners. It has been running flawlessly with banners for the longest time, however I just wanted to increase the size of them so as to improve the view (not so many rows) I have found that after I changed the size of them, Emby locked up and I had to close down WMC completely. Now everytime I select 'TV Shows' Emby completely freezes and I have to kill it. Normally when entering a view it will select an item to navigate, now it just stays there nothing selected. The clock doesn't move, so I know it's frozen. Does anyone know how to reset user views? Poster, banner, strip, etc? I have already tried uninstalling / deleting config from dir / re-install Running server: Running EMC: 3.0.305.0 log of when change was made: MBClassic-6620164438fab00dc14af2ac98fe20d8bed9d5.log log when a new session is opened and navigate to tv shows, pretty much nothing: MBClassic-762016fe97bf136bc44e728f702dcf486a2898.log If anyone can help me reset this view that would be great. Every other media category works fine.
  9. Hi All, I`ve recently had to do a full re-install of Emby for WMC on our Media PC which also has Emby Server running on it. After completing the re-install i have attempted to access/install plugins from within WMC for Emby and am getting the error "INVALID APPLICATION, Unable to launch emby" . Ive checked and Emby is still running so im at a loss as to why im getting this error. Danny
  10. when trying to open the plugins catalog within the WMC interface emby classic then crashes back to the WMC main screen. I've tried multiple times and bounced the entire server as well, but nothing doing. The attached error is being logged within the windows event viewer Currently i only have the chocolate plugin installed. Any help gratefully appreciated. thanks in advance Daniel crash.txt
  11. Hi, I have just moved over to Emby from MediaBrowser and all good except for one niggling issue. If I set an index (e.g. index by genre) for movies and TV it will show as expected whilst navigating in and around Emby WMC but if I exit Emby WMC and re-enter the movies and TV are no longer showing as indexed. Going into the index settings menu at this point shows my previous selection highlighted but it hasn't been applied. Is this a known issue or something odd on my setup? Thanks, Adrian Emby for WMC: 3.0.299 Emby Server: 3.0.5911
  12. Having used Emby for the better part of 2 years now I am a bit exasperated because I have always been able to solve my problems through research and learning from others mistakes on line. This problem, however, I need help. I recently reinstalled WMC and updated EMBY and since then WMC opens fully and works fine, however, Emby opens within WMC with a severe underscan with borders around all for sides. Nothing else in WMC has this underscan, not WMC itself, Live TV is full screen, Media Center native screens open fully, and Movies even play without the underscan issue. But Emby screens remain boxed in with the underscan. Tried every tick and researched 10-20 web articles none will solve my problem. This is not graphics card issue as all else is fine, Desktop and other apps including WMC are not underscaned. Noticed that there is a new under/overscan correction feature in advanced tools area of Emby WMC now (which indicates to me that this problem may be due to an unforeseen issue with an update). I can not use that tool to correct the main screen underscan issue because it will then cause a severe overscan issue when you select Movies or Music, Collections etc..and go deeper into Emby. Those Emby screens will then ride off the page severely and overlap the WMC and Emby controls as well. Please tell me that this is an unfortunate situation caused by an update that you are aware of and will be fixed shortly. If not please help me correct this problem as I have exhausted my skill-sets on it. Kevin
  13. In addition to my other post. Just discovered that while the Main screen in Emby is now under-scanned severely on all four sides with borders the internal screens (Movies, Collections, etc) on Emby in WMC are severely over-scanned to the right side showing borders on the left. Can't use the over/underscan tool in Emby to correct it because the main screen is severely under-scanned on all four sides and the internal screens are over-scanned to the right. Fixing one with the tool throws the other out of line Help! Kevin
  14. Steverido

    Played State

    MBClassic-2922016e4f60c1a32f84e9aa7dd63f06ec28070.logHi Guys, I have installed Windows 10 and Emby for WMC as suggested in another thread here and all has been successful. The only thing that I can't get to work is the played status. As you know it normally highlights the episode of a series blue when it has been played. I am pretty sure that I have the settings correct and I have attached screenshots for you to review. I am hoping it is something that I have missed and can't see for looking at it too much. MBClassic-2922016e4f60c1a32f84e9aa7dd63f06ec28070.log
  15. Not entirely sure where this is best placed, so I'll start here. I have Emby Server up and running on a Raspberry Pi 2 (YEAH!!!). The Raspberry Pi is reading a drive on a HOME SERVER that contains all my media. Seems to be working great. Then I have a HTPC running in my theater with Emby for WMC running and looking at the RPi. The library comes up fine, and all the artwork displays beautifully. But when I select a movie, and hit PLAY, nothing happens. It acts like it wants to start, I get a progress bar showing length of movie and the thumbnail, but nothing ever plays. I get no error or anything, just a blank dark screen. The movies play fine in straight WMC without using EMBY, so I'm not sure where it's falling apart. Any ideas welcome! And if this should be in a different area, let me know. Thank You Sean
  16. Recently both EMBY (stable) and EMBY for WMC (beta) updated to the latest versions removing the paths to my collections in WMC. I updated EMBY to the latest beta but the issue persists. I do not have the "Auto Box Set" plugin or ever used the Web Browser to build or add to collections. I have all my Movie collections physically compiled to local HDDs most locked to protect them from any changes. The collections are still visible under the Web Browser tab, just not in WMC. I think all the settings are still correct in both EMBY and EWMC as it has always been solid, but with the updates perhaps something has changed. I recently started building a "Blade Runner Collection", and will use it as an example with the photos and logs attached. Additionally; If I have to use the Box Set Plugin or Web Browser to build all the collections again to be able to view from Emby for WMC, do i delete the parent folder leaving all the child movie folders on the drives firstly? Will all the custom made images created be deleted in the process? Thanks for your help, MBClassic-1112016062f60b079e24ac498f096a599bee547.log server-63588084020.txt Configurator-10120166829cc1163e34322bac22325718f3ea9.log
  17. When I try to stream via emby for wmc and the file is a .mkv movie the subtitles are always on and I can't turn them off. When I stream a .mp4 the subtitles don't turn on automatically (not even sure if they work at all I never use subtitles). Ive been through settings on the server and the client and can't seem to figure out how to disable the subs without playing it directly in VLC.
  18. I am in the process of setting up my Harmony Ultimate Remote to control WMC & Emby. It was not obvious to setup from Logitech software so I did some research and found a post from Logitech after they had kindly added the function to the remote and software. Here is the instructions if you need them. Device type: Computer -> Media Center PC Manufacturer: Microsoft Model: Windows Media Center SE I want to thank “Bevhoward” for sending us his Windows Media Center keyboard. !!KUDOS!! I would also like to thank my colleague Cristian for creating the IR language and for adding the new device to our database. The Media Center keyboard allowed us to capture the IR codes used to send hotkeys such as “Alt+F4” to close an application directly and “Win+D” to “minimize all” to the desktop. We also captured the mouse commands and an FAQ will follow with button mapping suggestions for the mouse control. Below is a list of the newly added commands/hotkeys: (Please note that these commands may not work on all Media Center IR receivers; the commands have been tested and confirmed working with the original Microsoft IR Receiver) This forum thread is not for MCE users using Imon, Linux or other third party applications and/or IR receivers that do not use the Microsoft IR protocol. Win + - (plus or minus key) Zoom in or out. Win- Win+ Win+Up: Maximize Win+Down: Restore / Minimize Win+Left: Snap to left Win+Right: Snap to right Win+Home: Minimize / Restore all other windows Win+T: Focus the first taskbar entry Win+F: Open Windows search Win+E: Open Windows Explorer Win+Space: Peek at the desktop Win+G: Bring gadgets to the top of the Z-order Win+P: External display options (mirror, extend desktop, etc) Win+M: Minimize all open windows Win+1 / Win+2 / Win+3 etc (Hotkeys for programs added to the Quicklaunch) Win+M: Minimize all open windows Win+Tab: Flip 3D Win+Shift+M: Undo all window minimization Win+Home: Minimize all but the current window Win + L: Lock the computer Win + R: Open ‘Run’ command Alt+1 / Alt+2 Alt+3 etc (Hotkeys for Video card display settings) Alt+Esc: Cycle through all open windows Alt+Tab: Switch to previous active window Alt+Enter: Display properties for the selected item Alt+Space: Pop up window menu Alt+F4: Shutdown current window Ctrl+A: Select all items in a document or window Ctrl+C: Copy the selected item Ctrl+X: Cut the selected item Ctrl+V: Paste the selected item Ctrl+Z: Undo an action Ctrl+W Closes the tabs for most web browsers Ctrl+Shift+Tab: Left Navigation through the web browser tabs Ctrl+Tab: Right Navigation though the web browser tabs Ctrl+ESC: Opens the Start menu Shift+Del: Permently deletes an item and bypasses the recycle bin Shift+F10: Opens Shortcut Menu (Some hotkeys are specifically designed for Windows 7 and may not work on other operating systems)
  19. rmarcuse

    Legacy Browing and EHS

    When using Legacy browsing and I have the channels grouped together the Channels folder on the EHS. It does not have a poster or fanart (folder/backdrop) Can you tell where I would create a folder for fanart on the EHS. I tried using the Metadata manager but their seems to be no entries for that folder. I can change the artwork in the web client but it doesn't affect the EHS folder for channels in WMC.
  20. Hello, After a recent rebuild of my HTPC, I reinstalled and patched the OS to Windows 8.1 w/WMC. All available OS patches were installed as of 4/25/15. When I reinstalled the Emby-WMC app (Version 3.0.262), it installed (apparently) with success, but even after a system reboot, the app will only bring up a blank, blue WMC window. Screenshot attached. I have included the install log, as well as the initial launch log. I have been unable to actually view the Emby interface inside of Media Center. The Emby Server application is running on a separate, network-accessible computer, and the Emby (Android) application is able to connect to it with no configuration needed (launch, and it's there). I included today's launch log as well; taken when I launched the Emby app to grab a screenshot. It's identical to the initial log. Network is configured for LAN-only (I'm not using Connect, or any cloud service access methods), and I haven't installed any antivirus on the HTPC as of yet (I will once I get this hiccup resolved, but no sense adding to the issue until then). Any suggestions would be appreciated. The log files seem to indicate that the application believes it's showing the initial welcome screen ("Hey, here's some new features, and welcome to Emby!"), but as you can see from the screenshot, I'm not seeing what it thinks I'm seeing.. mbc-install.log MBClassic-25420154f4bdd61239149178ff4e180d53c8094.log MBClassic-Msi.log MBClassic-29420152cd1a39a51534e32be564f6b1b98586a.log
  21. Hey there so I decided I would get Media Browser not too long ago and so far it has been great when I can get WMC to work. The problem I am having right now seems simple to fix but so far it has resulted in me wasting over 3 or 4 hours to try and get the server to start on PC startup w/o logging in. Apparently this is difficult to accomplish and I really cannot understand why. I have disabled the startup on the dashboard and I don't have any startup tasks in task scheduler for the application or service turned on so I am stumped. Currently I have the service set to Automatic and I also tried Automatic (delayed start). Logon is set up as this account which has administrator priveleges and I also tried Local System Account. I also have recovery setup to restart the service each time it cannot start but that does nothing. I even added some dependencies to the service: Media Center Extender Service[Mcx2Svc], Network List Service[netprofm], and the default Server[LanmanServer} service. Some other things I tried were creating a task in task scheduler to run the actual application. I also tried running a bat/cmd file with the lines START "" "C:\Users\*******\AppData\Roaming\MediaBrowser-Server\System\MediaBrowser.ServerApplication.exe" I also tried running the script in gpedit.msc under Local Computer Policy > Windows Settings > Scripts (Startup/Shutdown) > Startup . I attempted to save it as a BAT file and a CMD file but both do nothing. Maybe I need to add more dependencies (if so what?) ? Anyways as you can tell I have exhausted google searching and forum searching so any help would be very appreciated! Thanks!
  22. DarkKniyt (John)

    Failed To Download Image ERROR

    After having a ton of issues with delays and time-outs, I decided to do a complete re-install of Emby-Server and Classic-WMC. I am using the recommended file structure, Chocolate Theme with all options turned off. I am getting a bunch of "Failed to download image" errors in MB-Classic. I have attached the log-file. Emby-Server Version 3.0.5597.1 MB-Classic Version Thanks In Advance! MBClassic-852015d716a2e284eb4f1d9ec511e97215e8ba.log
  23. First off: MB is great, and thank you to all involved for the great work. Reason for the post: I watch recorded TV remotely via multiple devices and it works great, save one issue. Many of the recorded programs lack seek functionality when played through MB (on any client, including browser). It could be the same show recorded in the same time-slot and one episode will have it displaying the current incrementing position and the total duration. While another episode will only show the current incrementing position with no total duration indication --> for these episodes seek does not work. On some clients the seek bar will show NaN/NaN as the end (vs 1:02 for an hour long show with recorded with 2 minute pad). All of these play nice and seek fine in WMC and any extenders, they also seek in Kodi. My theory is for some reason MB didn't get complete meta-data for those files from the wtv, but that's just a theory. Not sure what the root cause would be. Anyone have any ideas why this might be occurring, and if there is knob I can turn to eliminate the issue? It seems to impact at least half of the recordings. HDHomerun Prime -- WMC -- ServerWMC -- MediaBrowser Server Thanks PL
  24. Nologic

    Reset LiveTV DRM

    Why: This was the second time within a month, of having to reset the PlayReady DRM used with WMC LiveTV, do to a hardware upgrade. So being lazy as I am...I wrote a script so I wouldnt' have to hunt down the Web Pages describing the proceedure, then doing everything manually. Warning: Don't run this for giggles, any DRM content you have now, may become unusable. So only run this when shit truely has hit the fan. References: Microsoft TheGreenButton Requirements: AutoIt ResetDRM (Silently Downloaded if Not Found) 7-Zip (Silently Download & Installed if No Supported Unarchiver Found) or WinRar How: The script deletes the old DRM Keys & Cache, and sets you up to create new keys. It does this by deleting the required files, and running CleanDRM, which is a part of ResetDRM, in a manner that works with both Win7 & Win8...and may also work with Vista. To do this it must extract CleanDRM from ResetDRM along with supporting files. This is ideally done by one of your installed Archive apps (WinRar or 7-Zip), but if none are found it will download and silently install 7-Zip. Instructions: Install AutoIt and set it to execute scripts when double clicked. Install one of the Archiver app's listed above. Now Right Click on desktop and select "New\AutoIt v3 Script" from the context menu, and Rename it "ResetDRM.au3" Now Right Click "ResetDRM.au3" & select "Edit Script" from the context menu. Now paste the following code into: #RequireAdmin #Include <Array.au3> Dim $aFiles[3] = ['ADVPACK.DLL' , 'CleanDRM.exe' , 'resetdrm.inf'] For $ii = 0 To UBound( $aFiles ) - 1 If FileExists( @ScriptDir & '\' & $aFiles[$ii] ) <> 1 Then If FileExists( @ScriptDir & '\ResetDRM.exe' ) <> 1 Then InetGet( 'http://go.microsoft.com/fwlink?LinkId=105000' , @ScriptDir & '\ResetDRM.exe' ) If FileExists( @ScriptDir & '\ResetDRM.exe' ) <> 1 Then MsgBox( 0 , 'Error:' , 'Failed to Download ResetDRM.exe' ) Exit EndIf $s7zip = _7zip_RegRead() $sWinRAR = _WinRAR_RegRead() Select Case $s7zip <> '' RunWait( $s7zip & ' e ResetDRM.exe -aoa' , @ScriptDir , @SW_HIDE ) Case $sWinRAR <> '' RunWait( $sWinRAR & ' e -o+ ResetDRM.exe' , @ScriptDir , @SW_HIDE ) Case Else If _7zip_Fetch() = -1 Then MsgBox( 0 , 'Error:' , 'Failed to Download 7-zip' ) Exit Else $s7zip = _7zip_RegRead() RunWait( $s7zip & ' e ResetDRM.exe -aoa' , @ScriptDir , @SW_HIDE ) EndIf EndSelect FileDelete( @ScriptDir & '\ResetDRM.exe' ) ExitLoop EndIf Next ; Stop Windows Media Center Receiver Service RunWait( @ComSpec & ' /c net stop ehRecvr' , '' , @SW_HIDE ) ; Remove Files FileDelete( @AppDataCommonDir & '\Microsoft\PlayReady\mspr.hds' ) FileDelete( @AppDataCommonDir & '\Microsoft\eHome\mcendindiv.hds ' ) ; Remove Folders DirRemove( @AppDataCommonDir & '\Microsoft\PlayReady\cache\' , 1 ) DirRemove( @AppDataCommonDir & '\Microsoft\eHome\cache\' , 1 ) ; Copy Files FileCopy( @ScriptDir & '\ADVPACK.DLL' , @DesktopDir & '\ResetDRM\ADVPACK.DLL' , 9 ) FileCopy( @ScriptDir & '\CleanDRM.exe' , @DesktopDir & '\ResetDRM\CleanDRM.exe' , 9 ) FileCopy( @ScriptDir & '\resetdrm.inf' , @DesktopDir & '\ResetDRM\resetdrm.inf' , 9 ) ; Execute ResetDRM RunWait( @ComSpec & ' /c CleanDRM -v' , @DesktopDir & '\ResetDRM\' , @SW_HIDE ) ; Remove Files DirRemove( @DesktopDir & '\ResetDRM\' , 1 ) ; Display Message MsgBox( 0 , 'Finished:' , 'Wait for Update PlayReady to Display' & @LF & 'Then Click "Update" & Finish Wizard.' , 5 ) ; Launch WMC in LiveTV Mode Run( @WindowsDir & '\ehome\ehshell.exe /mcesuperbar://tv?live=true' , '' ) Func _7zip_RegRead() $String = RegRead( 'HKLM\SOFTWARE\7-Zip' , 'Path' ) If $String = '' Then $String = RegRead( 'HKLM64\SOFTWARE\7-Zip' , 'Path' ) If $String <> '' Then If StringRight( $String , 1 ) <> '\' Then $String &= '\' If FileExists( $String & '7z.exe' ) Then Return $String & '7z.exe' Else Return '' EndIf Else Return '' EndIf EndFunc Func _WinRAR_RegRead() $String = RegRead( 'HKLM\SOFTWARE\WinRAR' , 'exe' ) If $String = '' Then $String = RegRead( 'HKLM64\SOFTWARE\WinRAR' , 'exe64' ) If $String <> '' Then $String = StringLeft( $String , StringInStr( $String , '\' , 0 , -1 )) If FileExists( $String & 'WinRAR.exe' ) Then Return $String & 'WinRAR.exe' Else Return '' EndIf Else Return '' EndIf EndFunc Func _7zip_Fetch() $sFile = @TempDir & '\' & _RandomString() & '.html' InetGet( 'http://www.7-zip.org/index.html' , $sFile ) $sBuffer = FileRead( $sFile ) FileDelete( $sFile ) $RegEx = StringRegExp( $sBuffer , '(?i)<A href="([^"]+?)">Download</A></TD>' , 3 ) If @OSArch = 'X86' Then $iDownload = _DownloadSevenZip( $RegEx , '.exe' , '/S' ) Else $iDownload = _DownloadSevenZip( $RegEx , '.msi' , '/quiet' ) EndIf Return $iDownload EndFunc Func _DownloadSevenZip( ByRef $sInput , $sExt , $sSwitch ) For $ii = 0 To UBound( $sInput ) - 1 If StringInStr( $sInput[$ii] , $sExt ) > 0 Then $sFileName = StringTrimLeft( $sInput[$ii] , StringInStr( $sInput[$ii] , '/' , 0 , -1 ) ) $iFetch = InetGet( 'http://www.7-zip.org/' & $sInput[$ii] , @ScriptDir & '\' & $sFileName ) If $iFetch = 0 Then Return -1 RunWait( @ComSpec & ' /c ' & $sFileName & ' ' & $sSwitch , @ScriptDir , @SW_HIDE ) FileDelete( @ScriptDir & '\' & $sFileName ) Return 0 EndIf Next EndFunc Func _RandomString() $sString = '' Dim $aSpace[3] For $i = 1 To 15 $aSpace[0] = Chr( Random( 65 , 90 , 1 )) ; A-Z $aSpace[1] = Chr( Random( 97 , 122 , 1 )) ; a-z $aSpace[2] = Chr( Random( 48 , 57 , 1 )) ; 0-9 $sString &= $aSpace[Random( 0 , 2 , 1 )] Next Return $sString EndFunc Now save the script & execute it by double clicking it and if all went well...then you should be greeted by WMC launched to LiveTV, given a bit of time you should be prompted to Update PlayReady DRM...Click "Update" and complete the wizard....sorry couldn't figure out a way to automate this.
  25. I installed the WMC plugin in Emby Theater, and launching WMC is pretty seamless. However, when I exit WMC to go back to Emby Theater, for some reason Emby Theater is no longer full screen and I have no control with my remote. I have to use my bluetooth keyboard. I searched for other topics like this and couldn't find anything. Is anyone else having this issue? I'm running: emby theater - 3.0.5531.26414 emby server - 3.0.5518.7 on windows 7
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