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Found 10 results

  1. Netfool

    Play to End of File

    An option to label a library so that files in that library are played to end-of-file rather than up to the time-code captured in the most recent library scan would make the Live TV & DVR capability far more useful.
  2. I took the time to setup two separate instances of xTeVe and added them to emby as HDHomeRun tuners. each is capable of 5 connections and are piping the streams through ffmpeg. I can satureate the first tuner but it never jumps to the second tuner. I just get the xTeVe message stating there are no more available connections. Am I doing something wrong or is this just not possible? I was under the impression that this was the only way to get multiple iptv tuners to combine in emby.
  3. FordGT90Concept

    Get HDHR Reset Reason

    I threw this code together fast to get the log data from the HTML page and parse it for reset reason and time. It is a command line application and the only argument is the IP address of the HDHR to look at. Here's pictures of the results for my three HDHomeRun EXTENDs: This screenshot includes the system information from the HDHR (Device ID is very important for figuring out which HDHR is defective): C# source code attached. No copyright, license, or anything. Knock yourself out. The code is fairly self explanatory. HTML parsing is in Program.cs and classes for each HDHR HTML type (log and system) are in the HDHR folder. Those classes take the trimmed HTML (pre for log and table for system) and reorganize the data into memory structures (e.g. HdhrSystem.DeviceId). The class constructor parses the data. The .NET Framework 4.6 executables are in there and, as compiled, they output results formatted in the last picture above when the first argument is a valid HDHR IP. Not incredibly useful but it's a starting point for anyone looking to pull data from the HDHR. This code was only tested using HDHR EXTEND. It should theoretically work on other models but it could theoretically crash too. Shouldn't take much to fix any issues that arise though since it is just reading the HDHR webpages. gethdhrlog.zip
  4. Is there anyway to change the channel numbers detected from HDHR in Emby built-in LiveTV? For example in my HDHR lineup channels are numbered starting from 5000 (don't know why exactly and couldn't find a way to change that on the HDHR itself either yet...). It seems that Emby built-in LiveTV is picking up the channel number from HDHR so again in Emby all channels numbers are starting from 5000. What I would like to do is to be able to manually change the channel number from 5067 to 1, or 5033 to 2, etc. I already checked metadata manager and there is a "Sort Title" field there that helps to sort the channel view order, but it doesn't modify the channel number so channel 5067 will be displayed first on the list, but the number will remain the same, 5067. I'm trying to match the channel numbers to the actual TV grid in my country were channels start from 1. Channel 1 being displayed as 5067 when on TV set is number 1 is kind of misleading. If you have any ideas on how to achieve this let me know. PS: I'm also using TVHeadend (OTA EPG support) and there it is as simple as changing the channel number to whatever I want.
  5. thespot84

    no guide info

    I have an HDHR T1 that required WMC and serverWMC to get running in Emby. I can currently browse the channels directly and watch them via chromecast on my tv, which is awesome, however I cannot get either Schedules Direct or zap2xml to populate my guide, it shows all my channels, but there's no program data, and the channel mapping list is blank. I succesfully downloaded xml data from tvguide.com, so I know the data is there, but even pointing emby to that file on my server doesn't fix anything. Any help is very much appreciated. Log.txt
  6. maisto99

    Feature Direction?

    Currently I have an HDHR Prime on my network consuming 256 Clear QAM from my linear TV provider. In this configuration I don't have an M-Card installed, so I don't have the benefit of it mapping the RF Channels to Virtual Channels. Instead it creates its own RF to Virtual Channel map and assigns channel numbers in the 5000s. I've mapped these HDHR virtual 5000 number channels to the virtual channel number my linear TV provider assigns them in their network. My question is if Emby TV, or through the use of a M3U/XLTV file, will I eventually be able to create these virtual assignments myself to make up for the lack of an M-Card? If so, is there a tentative timeline? Thank you!
  7. Just ditched Comcast boxes to move over to HDHR to stream and record with, here is my setup: Lenovo tower with AMD-A10-6700 APU with Radeon HD Graphics 3.70GHz, 8GB RAM, 1TB HD, PNY - NVIDIA GeForce GT 740 2GB DDR3 PCI Express 3.0 Graphics Card My media (movies, tv, music videos, etc) stream off a NAS - WD MyCloud EX2100 - (1GB RAM, 2 4TB HD's) Everything runs through an LG-Ericsson SMC-EZ1024DT EZ Switch, connected to an ARRIS SURFboard SBG6900-AC My Cable comes in through 2 HDHomerun Prime tuners, which I am running directly through Emby (no WMC for me). Internet/cable comes in through one line direct, split to four through a Snapfish Coax Bi-Directional Amplifier. (Taking a minute to catch my breath....) Ok, so the issue I am having is the cable plays direct from the HDHR on XBOne, but there is no program guide interface. I have multiple chromecasts to stream to, as well, throughout the house, but no luck there, either. HD wont even start when launching to chromecast. When I play through Emby over XBOne or PC or Android, it plays for about 5-10 minutes, then the screen freezes, volume stops and it will not recover itself. I have to exit out and restart over again. Repeatedly. I thought with my video card upgrade, my processor speed, etc, that it would be enough to handle any transcoding issues. I have fiddled with the bitrate on my devices, to no avail, and am really starting to get frustrated at this point, as we turned our cable boxes in and dont have them to fall back on anymore. When it does stream, I am not experiencing processor usage over 60-70%. Any suggestions? I have attached my last few transcoding logs. Thanks in advance.
  8. Been searching for an answer to this, and I keep running into dead-ends. I have two HDHR tuners using QAM. I can load the channels into Emby, but I can not get SD to map to the channels. I am on Mediacom cable, and the lineup.json file in HDHR lists channels like this: "{"GuideNumber":"5001","GuideName":"Unknown","URL":""}" Obviously, there is not enough information being given by the cableco or the HDHR to allow proper mapping to the channels. The numbers range from 5001-5048. Of the 48 channels I have, I will probably use less than 20. The problem arises, because based on my searching, there is no way to manually map these channels... is that correct? I'm not afraid to get my hands dirty with json or xml, or whatever needs to be changed. Please help, I'm about to run out of my free trial with SD, and I'd like to know that I can get this all working before I sign up, (and ditch WMC in the process.) Thanks!
  9. whitestrat13

    HDHR Prime - Recording Size

    All, I am considering picking up an HDHomerun Prime to record and watch my cable TV channels. I don't have any Premium channels (HBO ect), but I do get up early and I can never watch most of the shows I like before having to go to bed. I am trying to figure out how much hard drive space I will need. For those using Emby TV with an HD Homerun Prime (or connect), roughly how large is an hour long HD recording? Thanks, and Happy New Years.
  10. Hi, I have Emby server installed on Windows 7 machine and recently I bought HDHomeRun model HDHR4-2DT. I've set it up with default settings and scanned for channels (Croatia is the location). Tried local LAN streaming through HDHomeRun View application and VLC and everything is working as expected, including automatic switching of picture ratio (16:9 -> 4:3 and back when streaming content changes). Then I've set Emby server to use newly found tuner (that part actually went pretty much automated). But when I try to look at the guide I get no info about the program and when I stream livetv picture is always shown in 4:3 ratio when viewing in the web browser. On the android on the other hand everything is looking OK but guide data is also missing. I'm attaching logs: freshly restarted server, first streaming livetv to a web browser (google chrome, tried before with firefox, also), wrong aspect ratio (should be 16:9 but it displays as 4:3); then streaming to android application - everything looking as it should be. Guide data for channels from hdhomerun device not showing in both cases (I have Mediaportal plugin still working, the same channels on MPTV Server are showing guide data as they should - using DVB grabbing for EPG). logs.zip
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