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Found 8 results

  1. Hi guys, I'm currently figuring out how I can enable ffmpeg to use my /dev/dri/renderD128 device which is the iGPU of my intel chip. Currently I have the following things covered: - drm module is loaded and /dev/dri/renderD128 is accessible in jail - emby user has access to the device node - I have installed libva-intel-driver and it is picked up by vainfo - ffmpeg is compiled with libva support I'm sure that emby can access the node and use it with the ffmpeg supplied by emby. As show in the following command output: Even if I supply an input file and output file for the sake of example it starts transcoding just fine on hardware. This indicates to me that the user emby is able to use /dev/dri/renderD128 and should be able to use the device node and hardware. In the web interface under transcoding I see nothing popping up as possible hardware accelerators as show in picture. I have attached my hardware detection log and my most recent server log where the server starts up and does some hardware detection stuffs. This is my output from vainfo: Log.txt Log.txt
  2. Hi, So I have a question about the Emby Live TV and DVR with HD Homerun Prime and cable card using Spectrum. I had PLEX and it would not play/record most of the Spectrum Cable Channels as they were DRM protected, they were fine on the HDHomerun Prime but not on the PLeX server. So I checked and everyone kept saying Emby but after spending an hour reading threads here I am still unsure if Emby Premiere will play or record DRM channels. I am not talking about encrypted channels like HBO, I know the difference. Can someone just answer the basic question. With my current setup will Emby Premiere allow me to view/record these DRM channels from Spectrum via my HDHomerun Prime? Thanks, Randy
  3. edejaeger77

    Movies with DRM

    Good afternoon ! Could it be possible to read a movie with a DRM from Emby ? In my own case, I owned tens of movies from the Windows Store, I can read them from my Xbox but I would have prefered to have an aggregated view of all my movies in Emby. So if it [Emby] could get my credentials from my Windows session or (maybe better to enable all my family to watch the movies when I am not at home) a configuration page to set my Microsoft user / password, it would really be something very value-added against your competitors that do not have this feature also. Of course, I cannot anticipate how my feature request is complex or not. Many thanks by advanced. B.R. Eric
  4. Before I purchase, Im curious if I can use my HDHomeRun Prime and Emby to record my shows that are DRM-protected or HBO and such to watch later? Thank you!
  5. I can not play certain channels for the life of me that have drm on using the hdhomerun through the dlna tuner in emby. I have a cable tuning adapter and everything in terms of authorization is positive. This is what i get in my hdhomerun log: HDHomeRun PRIME System Log 19700101-00:00:00 System: reset reason = power on19700101-00:00:01 CableCARD: M-CARD inserted19700101-00:00:01 CableCARD: invalid session 0xDEAD (cchost_session:267)19700101-00:00:03 System: network link 1000f19700101-00:00:04 System: ip address obtained: / CableCARD: Cisco card (0103:0001)19700101-00:00:10 CableCARD: authentication status: authentication in progress19700101-00:00:10 CableCARD: authentication status: authentication success, validation success19700101-00:00:17 CableCARD: USB device 05A6:0008 connected19700101-00:00:17 CableCARD: Tuning Resolver connected19700101-00:00:18 CableCARD: Tuning Resolver downstream status: success19700101-00:00:18 CableCARD: Tuning Resolver upstream status: success19700101-00:00:18 CableCARD: Tuning Resolver authentication status: in progress19700101-00:00:18 CableCARD: Tuning Resolver operational status: initializing19700101-00:00:19 CableCARD: Tuning Resolver authentication status: success19700101-00:00:19 CableCARD: Tuning Resolver operational status: ready19700101-00:01:11 Tuner: tuner0 streaming rtp to Tuner: tuner0 tuning 1063 MTVHD (none:375MHz-1)19700101-00:01:12 CableCARD: tuner0 1063 MTVHD (none:375MHz-1) access = subscribed19700101-00:01:17 Tuner: tuner0 streaming rtp to Tuner: tuner0 tuning 1062 BRVHD (none:255MHz-4)19700101-00:01:18 CableCARD: tuner0 1062 BRVHD (none:255MHz-4) access = subscribed19700101-00:01:47 Tuner: tuner0 streaming rtp to Tuner: tuner0 tuning 1064 VH1HD (none:357MHz-4)19700101-00:01:47 CableCARD: tuner0 1064 VH1HD (none:357MHz-4) access = subscribed19700101-00:02:01 Tuner: tuner0 streaming rtp to Tuner: tuner0 tuning 1062 BRVHD (none:255MHz-4)19700101-00:02:02 CableCARD: tuner0 1062 BRVHD (none:255MHz-4) access = subscribed20160227-22:24:47 CableCARD: time changed from Thu Jan 01 00:03:28 1970 to Sat Feb 27 22:24:47 201620160227-22:50:46 Tuner: tuner2 streaming rtp to Tuner: tuner2 tuning 1062 BRVHD (none:255MHz-4)20160227-22:50:47 CableCARD: tuner2 1062 BRVHD (none:255MHz-4) access = subscribed20160227-22:53:08 Tuner: tuner2 streaming rtp to Tuner: tuner2 tuning 1062 BRVHD (none:255MHz-4)20160227-22:53:09 CableCARD: tuner2 1062 BRVHD (none:255MHz-4) access = subscribed No picture. Every version of emby has wanted to identify and own the prime tuner and if I try to use the serverwmc plugin w/windows media center they compete for the prime. I can't turn of the dlna hdhomerun (its picked up automatically) and it seems I can't play these channels outside of media center even in hdhomeruns viewer software. Any ideas on how to turn off the dlna hdhomerun or get the drm channels with it?
  6. iamjen023

    i need info on embytv and serverwmc

    hi i need some info on the live tv. i love the built in life tv support, but i lick to watch/record the stars and encore channels. i know embytv doesnot do drm, but windows media center does. now what i need to know is a few things. 1. can i turn off embytv and just use a 3rd party plugin like serverwmc 2. could i have it so emby does non drm channels and wmc does the drm stuff 3. does emby prioritizes serverwmc over its own tv service also is there going to be a way to use the dvr part of the hdhomerun software
  7. Nologic

    Reset LiveTV DRM

    Why: This was the second time within a month, of having to reset the PlayReady DRM used with WMC LiveTV, do to a hardware upgrade. So being lazy as I am...I wrote a script so I wouldnt' have to hunt down the Web Pages describing the proceedure, then doing everything manually. Warning: Don't run this for giggles, any DRM content you have now, may become unusable. So only run this when shit truely has hit the fan. References: Microsoft TheGreenButton Requirements: AutoIt ResetDRM (Silently Downloaded if Not Found) 7-Zip (Silently Download & Installed if No Supported Unarchiver Found) or WinRar How: The script deletes the old DRM Keys & Cache, and sets you up to create new keys. It does this by deleting the required files, and running CleanDRM, which is a part of ResetDRM, in a manner that works with both Win7 & Win8...and may also work with Vista. To do this it must extract CleanDRM from ResetDRM along with supporting files. This is ideally done by one of your installed Archive apps (WinRar or 7-Zip), but if none are found it will download and silently install 7-Zip. Instructions: Install AutoIt and set it to execute scripts when double clicked. Install one of the Archiver app's listed above. Now Right Click on desktop and select "New\AutoIt v3 Script" from the context menu, and Rename it "ResetDRM.au3" Now Right Click "ResetDRM.au3" & select "Edit Script" from the context menu. Now paste the following code into: #RequireAdmin #Include <Array.au3> Dim $aFiles[3] = ['ADVPACK.DLL' , 'CleanDRM.exe' , 'resetdrm.inf'] For $ii = 0 To UBound( $aFiles ) - 1 If FileExists( @ScriptDir & '\' & $aFiles[$ii] ) <> 1 Then If FileExists( @ScriptDir & '\ResetDRM.exe' ) <> 1 Then InetGet( 'http://go.microsoft.com/fwlink?LinkId=105000' , @ScriptDir & '\ResetDRM.exe' ) If FileExists( @ScriptDir & '\ResetDRM.exe' ) <> 1 Then MsgBox( 0 , 'Error:' , 'Failed to Download ResetDRM.exe' ) Exit EndIf $s7zip = _7zip_RegRead() $sWinRAR = _WinRAR_RegRead() Select Case $s7zip <> '' RunWait( $s7zip & ' e ResetDRM.exe -aoa' , @ScriptDir , @SW_HIDE ) Case $sWinRAR <> '' RunWait( $sWinRAR & ' e -o+ ResetDRM.exe' , @ScriptDir , @SW_HIDE ) Case Else If _7zip_Fetch() = -1 Then MsgBox( 0 , 'Error:' , 'Failed to Download 7-zip' ) Exit Else $s7zip = _7zip_RegRead() RunWait( $s7zip & ' e ResetDRM.exe -aoa' , @ScriptDir , @SW_HIDE ) EndIf EndSelect FileDelete( @ScriptDir & '\ResetDRM.exe' ) ExitLoop EndIf Next ; Stop Windows Media Center Receiver Service RunWait( @ComSpec & ' /c net stop ehRecvr' , '' , @SW_HIDE ) ; Remove Files FileDelete( @AppDataCommonDir & '\Microsoft\PlayReady\mspr.hds' ) FileDelete( @AppDataCommonDir & '\Microsoft\eHome\mcendindiv.hds ' ) ; Remove Folders DirRemove( @AppDataCommonDir & '\Microsoft\PlayReady\cache\' , 1 ) DirRemove( @AppDataCommonDir & '\Microsoft\eHome\cache\' , 1 ) ; Copy Files FileCopy( @ScriptDir & '\ADVPACK.DLL' , @DesktopDir & '\ResetDRM\ADVPACK.DLL' , 9 ) FileCopy( @ScriptDir & '\CleanDRM.exe' , @DesktopDir & '\ResetDRM\CleanDRM.exe' , 9 ) FileCopy( @ScriptDir & '\resetdrm.inf' , @DesktopDir & '\ResetDRM\resetdrm.inf' , 9 ) ; Execute ResetDRM RunWait( @ComSpec & ' /c CleanDRM -v' , @DesktopDir & '\ResetDRM\' , @SW_HIDE ) ; Remove Files DirRemove( @DesktopDir & '\ResetDRM\' , 1 ) ; Display Message MsgBox( 0 , 'Finished:' , 'Wait for Update PlayReady to Display' & @LF & 'Then Click "Update" & Finish Wizard.' , 5 ) ; Launch WMC in LiveTV Mode Run( @WindowsDir & '\ehome\ehshell.exe /mcesuperbar://tv?live=true' , '' ) Func _7zip_RegRead() $String = RegRead( 'HKLM\SOFTWARE\7-Zip' , 'Path' ) If $String = '' Then $String = RegRead( 'HKLM64\SOFTWARE\7-Zip' , 'Path' ) If $String <> '' Then If StringRight( $String , 1 ) <> '\' Then $String &= '\' If FileExists( $String & '7z.exe' ) Then Return $String & '7z.exe' Else Return '' EndIf Else Return '' EndIf EndFunc Func _WinRAR_RegRead() $String = RegRead( 'HKLM\SOFTWARE\WinRAR' , 'exe' ) If $String = '' Then $String = RegRead( 'HKLM64\SOFTWARE\WinRAR' , 'exe64' ) If $String <> '' Then $String = StringLeft( $String , StringInStr( $String , '\' , 0 , -1 )) If FileExists( $String & 'WinRAR.exe' ) Then Return $String & 'WinRAR.exe' Else Return '' EndIf Else Return '' EndIf EndFunc Func _7zip_Fetch() $sFile = @TempDir & '\' & _RandomString() & '.html' InetGet( 'http://www.7-zip.org/index.html' , $sFile ) $sBuffer = FileRead( $sFile ) FileDelete( $sFile ) $RegEx = StringRegExp( $sBuffer , '(?i)<A href="([^"]+?)">Download</A></TD>' , 3 ) If @OSArch = 'X86' Then $iDownload = _DownloadSevenZip( $RegEx , '.exe' , '/S' ) Else $iDownload = _DownloadSevenZip( $RegEx , '.msi' , '/quiet' ) EndIf Return $iDownload EndFunc Func _DownloadSevenZip( ByRef $sInput , $sExt , $sSwitch ) For $ii = 0 To UBound( $sInput ) - 1 If StringInStr( $sInput[$ii] , $sExt ) > 0 Then $sFileName = StringTrimLeft( $sInput[$ii] , StringInStr( $sInput[$ii] , '/' , 0 , -1 ) ) $iFetch = InetGet( 'http://www.7-zip.org/' & $sInput[$ii] , @ScriptDir & '\' & $sFileName ) If $iFetch = 0 Then Return -1 RunWait( @ComSpec & ' /c ' & $sFileName & ' ' & $sSwitch , @ScriptDir , @SW_HIDE ) FileDelete( @ScriptDir & '\' & $sFileName ) Return 0 EndIf Next EndFunc Func _RandomString() $sString = '' Dim $aSpace[3] For $i = 1 To 15 $aSpace[0] = Chr( Random( 65 , 90 , 1 )) ; A-Z $aSpace[1] = Chr( Random( 97 , 122 , 1 )) ; a-z $aSpace[2] = Chr( Random( 48 , 57 , 1 )) ; 0-9 $sString &= $aSpace[Random( 0 , 2 , 1 )] Next Return $sString EndFunc Now save the script & execute it by double clicking it and if all went well...then you should be greeted by WMC launched to LiveTV, given a bit of time you should be prompted to Update PlayReady DRM...Click "Update" and complete the wizard....sorry couldn't figure out a way to automate this.
  8. Sorry if this is a duplicate post, I searched keywords related to this but they were all older conversations. With rumors still circulating about the very real possibility of WMC not being included in Windows 10, can you guys at Media Browser consider adding support for DRM, such as PlayReady or something certified by CableLabs. I would be more than willing to pay for a version that supports this. Others might be just as willing. You could try taking a poll and see how many users would be willing to pay for a version that contains DRM. I'm very sad about WMC, but I really like the interface of MB. It we can have everything in one application, that would be awesome. Let me know what you think.
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