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  1. Feature Request. A present I have several user accounts setup for family members. When we sit down together to watch a movie we currently log into one account (Mostly mine), so obviously only this account gets the watched status. What happens then is everyone uses my account because there's isn't up-to date and it's "just easier". This results in my account telling me I've watched something when I haven't... I would like the ability to log into my account and select/deselect which other users are present so that when a movie/TV episode is watched together, their watched statuses are updated accordingly? The next time you log in again all other users would have been deselected. It could be implemented so each user account can do this, or only select user accounts can. Even a special "Family" user account, or multiple viewers button as long as everyone's watched status is correct. Even just ticking the users present on the login screen before login into an account.
  2. Hello, Sometimes I jump to the next episode through the arrow on the OSD, before the "next episode start in..." appears. That episode then shows up as partially watched.. I do this often as I binge through a series. This hogs up the "continue..." section. If the episode would be marked as fully watched, after I click on the next episode, that would be a lot less hassle to get those partially watched ones out of the way. I'm not sure if I'm the only one who wants this implemented, but I guess it doesn't hurt to ask. Cheers!
  3. Mechanical Whispers

    All Marked as Watched??

    I'm using Emby for Kodi on Windows 10, with the latest Kodi 18.5, and the latest Emby Server updated. Recently, I've had all of my movies and TV shows marked as "watched" without me doing anything. Every single one. I have no idea where to start troubleshooting why this happened. But it keeps happening. I drop a new movie into my library. Start up Kodi, Emby sees the new movie and adds it to the database and shows it as "unwatched". After watching something else for a little while, I come back to browse my movies, and the movie is marked as watched. Can someone please provide some assistance in troubleshooting this? Update: All my libraries were removed automatically from the Emby server last night while I was watching a show in Kodi, leaving nothing in my metadata. I did a full rescan of my library from the Emby server. Took a while, but it loaded everything back in. Then I launched Kodi and did a full reset/resync of the Emby library. Everything is back, and I marked everything as "unwatched". Today I load up Kodi, and everything is marked as watched again. Log files attached. Hopefully someone can help me figure out what's going on? Also, a whole lot of Emby Server Metadata keeps getting dumped in my recycle bin every session, without me putting it there. embyserver.txt hardware_detection-63711155723.txt
  4. Hi everyone, I am trying to do exactly what my topic title says, toggle the "watched" status for an entire TV series. I have tried searching the forums for the keyword "watched", and from what I've read here and there, it sounds like it can be done, but none of the posts I've read tells me exactly where and how to do it! I'd appreciate if anyone could point me in the right direction. And as always, thanks in advance for any help you can provide!!! Gerry
  5. Mechanical Whispers

    All Marked as Watched??

    I'm using Emby for Kodi on Windows 10, with the latest Kodi 18.5. Recently, I've had all of my movies and TV shows marked as "watched" without me doing anything. Every single one. I have no idea where to start troubleshooting why this happened. But it keeps happening. I drop a new movie into my library. Start up Kodi, Emby sees the new movie and adds it to the database and shows it as "unwatched". After watching something else for a little while, I come back to browse my movies, and the movie is marked as watched. Can someone please provide some assistance in troubleshooting this?
  6. Does anyone know if there is a way to mark a movie as unplayed but without destroying the playcount? I often want select the movies that I'd like to watch again but I also like to keep track of the number of times that I have watched them. If you untick played, it also resets the playcount to 0, thereby losing useful information. Thanks
  7. JaScoMa

    Mark all items as watched

    Hello.. I was wondering if there's a quick, easy way to mark all movie items in a library was watched? TV Shows can easily be done because you can mark a season as watched. Thank you..
  8. Currently, if you watch an in progress recording, reach the point to where it’s live, and then you exit out of the recording, it will be considered as watched. Would it be possible to only set as watched when you reach the in progress program’s end time, rather than the end of what’s currently recorded? That way, you can come back to a recording you’ve only had the chance to watch the first 15 minutes of, and resume right where you left off. Not only that, but if you can show the proper duration of the show in the player, you would be able to tell how far along a show has been recorded while watching, and know when you’ve reached the point to where it’s live.
  9. Hi, With the progression of Emby I am surprised there is still no function to set a TV series as currently being watched/followed. This is a much needed function. This would also tie in with the watched function, so only unwatched items from series currently being watched would appear in Next Up. To vote for this feature, please like/upvote this post.
  10. weyb

    Emby pour Kodi : qq questions

    bjr je débute avec Emby (ça date de cette semaine), j'avance petit à petit, mais j'ai encore certains points non élucidés... J'ai cherché sur le forum sans y trouver de réponse, donc je vous les soumets ici... contexte : Boitier Minix avec Androïd + Kodi v17 + Emby for Kodi + Trakt.tv 1/bonus : j'ai vu qu'on pouvait ajouter des bonus/extras avec Emby, en respectant une règle de nommage. C'est super-cool, mais je n'ai pas trouvé comment on y accède sous Kodi, ni en cliquant sur le poster (des fois qu'il y aurait alors la liste des videos cibles), ni en cliquant sur "i" sur la zapette. C'est quoi l'astuce ? 2/Dessins animés : comment ne pas les avoir mélangés avec les films ? j'ai 2 profils sous kodi, "master" et "kids", mais désormais c'est Emby qui gère la médiathèque et comme j'ai tout déclaré sous Emby, je vois tout sous Kodi --> faut-il créer un 2e profil sous Emby ? et ensuite ? associer le 2e profil Emby sous le profil "kids" de kodi ? 3/« Vus » : comment récupérer le tag ? 3.1/depuis trakt.tv ? j’ai cliqué sur l’extension « trakt.tv » depuis kodi, et ca a mis a jour le tag pour les films vus --> était-ce la bonne méthode ? ca se fera automatiquement désormais ? le forum parle d’une extension « Emby Trakt » (https://emby.media/community/index.php?/blog/1/entry-412-emby-trakt-plugin-updated/) que je n’ai pas trouvée nulle part 3.2/ou avec une autre méthode + facile que trakt.tv ? d'avance un grand merci pour vos réponses !! cordt
  11. Per another thread ( https://emby.media/community/index.php?/topic/38173-watched-status-resets-with-moves-between-library/&do=findComment&comment=484965 ) video files that do not have an external ID (eg, TheMovieDB, IMDB) associated with them in Emby will lose their Watched status if you ever move the files to another location. This is because currently the only way to determine the uniqueness of the file (if it does not have an external ID) is to use the full path to the file. Now, most items will have an external ID, but the big exception can be Movie Extras and TV Specials. Some TV Specials will have an external ID. And some Movie Extras do exist in the IMDB and TheMovieDB, but currently there is no metadata lookup available for Movie Extras ( https://emby.media/community/index.php?/topic/43845-emby-server-emby-theater-support-nfo-files-and-automatic-metadata-lookup-for-extras/ ). So if a Movie and it's associated Extras is ever moved, the Watched status for those extras will be lost. This feature request is for there to be some better method of identifying files such that those files which do not have external ID's can still be correctly identified (and thus Watched status preserved) even if they are moved. I am most interested in this for Movie Extras. I'm not sure what the best route for achieving this would be, but wanted to put the idea out here for consideration. Thanks!
  12. So first thing. Love the Roku Emby app. You all have done a fantastic job. I do have a few requests though that I think would add some more usability. I currently have around 300 different TV series but somehow my girlfriend can never seem to find anything to watch. She watches the shows that are current but basically refuses to dig through the entire library to find a new show. What would be ideal is if there were suggestions based on what she has watched and show those suggested shows in the TV section view under the views>Continue watching>etc... This way she can just look there and maybe find something she wants to watch in a much smaller selection rather than looking through such a large library. My other request would be to update the the Genres section under each of the media types. Currently it displays tiles with the Genre name on there and you have to click into it to see what is in that genre and then back out and go into another to see that genre which is cumbersome. Can you do the same view for genres that is being done for the "By Letter" section? I think that will be a much cleaner view and also fits inline with something already developed and used.
  13. mmartinez

    Watched movies

    Hi Is there a way to suppress the “watched” sign in movies I have already watched, I would like to make the decision manually. Thank you
  14. I am using an external player with Kodi. Once the user finishes watching and clicks on Kodi's dialog "Click 'Ok' when playback has ended", the particular video is marked as watched for a second. After which "Comparing Database" pop-up comes on the top-right corner and the video is again marked as unwatched. This happens even if the video is manually marked as watched after exiting the external player. However, this does not happen when using the built-in Kodi player.
  15. Hello all, I am about to transfer all my media to a dedicated QNAP NAS and run Emby Server on that as well. I currently run my EMBY Server on my windows machine. I am just wondering how I would go about ensuring that all the watched, partially watched episodes etc are copied and displayed correctly in the QNAP NAS? Is it as simple as copying my entire Television folder onto the NAS, and therefore all the watched etc flags are there? Or do I have to do something special? Basically I am wanting to transfer or Migrate all my media and the server functionality to the NAS, but want all history retained. Is that possible? Cheers Mark Sorry guys I just found this, I am guessing it is still relevant? https://github.com/MediaBrowser/Wiki/wiki/Backup
  16. Hi all, I've got a fairly intricate knowledge of the DB structure for Plex, and I'd like to write a utility for those migrating from Plex to Emby for exporting the watched status for TV and Movies for a specified user. I.E. something that can run like this: Plex2Emby.sh <plex.db> <plexuser> <emby.db> <embyuser> Or, at a minimum, a series of sqlite queries that can be migrated manually. The Question Given the above, is there anyone with experience in the Emby database structure that could help guide me so I don't have to figure it all out in detail? Specifically I'm looking for: Where the trigger for "watched" status is stored (is it based on play count, a separate flag)? Does Emby store anything I can use a match reference, such as an ID from the metadata provider that is also used in Plex? Thanks.
  17. Sometimes when I want to watch something I'm more in the mood for watching some Movie Extras than I am for watching a Movie. And often I will have Watched a Movie (thus removing it from the Unwatched view), but not yet watched some/all of that Movie's Extras. It would be great if there were a sub-view of Unwatched that just showed Movies with Unwatched Extras (including Movies that have been watched, since this view would be tied to whether there are Unwatched Extras for a Movie, not to the Movie's Watched status). Thanks! Related: https://emby.media/community/index.php?/topic/50381-emby-theater-visual-indication-of-unwatched-movie-extras/
  18. I would find it really useful if there was some visual indication that a Watched movie still had Unwatched Extras. What makes sense to me is if the green check mark could be half gray (or some other two-tone effect). So essentially there'd be 3 states: Movie Unwactched = no checkmark; Movie Watched, Some/All Extras Unwatched = partial green checkmark; Movie Watched, All Extras Watched = green checkmark. I'm totally open to other ways of doing this. My goal is simply to be able to quickly see when viewing my Movies that there are Unwatched Extras for a given Movie (so that I might have a better chance of remembering to go back and watch them). Thanks! Related: https://emby.media/community/index.php?/topic/50382-emby-theater-unwatched-sub-view-for-movies-with-unwatched-extras/
  19. Sorry if I'm missing something really simple... but I can't work out how to toggle an individual item (i.e. a TV episode) between watched and un-watched. I can enter the season folder of a TV series and mark all the contents as watched or un-watched but not an individual item. If I click on the green tick of a watched item it starts playing that episode rather than un-ticking it. Any help appreciated.
  20. Hi folks, I just had an interesting experience, which might be user error or a bug. I'll let you all decide for me. So, a while ago I added the first five episodes of The Knick, Season 2, to my library. It fetched metadata and all was well. I watched the first episode, then moved on to other things. Today I wanted to watch episode # 2 and noticed that ALL the episodes were marked watched. How strange. I figured I'd accidentally toggled the season watched at some point along the way, no big deal. But when I went in to toggle each episode in turn to "unwatched" I noticed odd behavior which is what I'm reporting here. This seems reproducible. I'm using the full ET desktop program. I did this on my Win 7 x64 desktop but I see the same thing on my Win 10 HTPC. Let's start with an episode as shown in the list of Season 2 (so, this is a screengrab from a screen showing the 5 episodes I have for this season in my library). It clearly shows a green checkmark showing "watched." I go into the episode details by clicking on what was shown above. In here, the toggle seems to show unwatched, or perhaps I misunderstand ... it has a weird red check...: So I click once on the watched checkmark, which seemed to show unwatched. Now it toggles to look "watched" but figuring it was a toggle incorrectly visualized, I left it at that. It now looks like this: I exit the episode view; the green checkmark remains (showing watched) next to the episode picture: If I exit the season, and re-enter, now it shows correctly unwatched: And if I go back into the episode the checkmark looks white instead of weird redish Thanks for any help getting me to understand what's going on and fixing it as needed. Thanks Marc
  21. I'm trying to make the step from Kodi to Emby as my media database. In Kodi I've exported all data to nfo-files and put those together with the video-files on my emby-server. For the most part the import worked great, but emby didn't pick up the watched-state. All my movies and episodes are shown as unwatched. In the nfo-files there is a playcount-value, so I think Kodi did export everything correctly. Is there anything else (some setting etc.) I've to change to get a fresh emby-installation to import the watched-status?
  22. Anyone has been having trouble with the Watched status lately? I noticed that my "Next Up" list is somehow frozen because when I watch something... it gets the checkmark in the poster, but the .nfo file of that media doesn't get updated, so Emby doesn't really recognizes that it has been seen, and keeps showing me Watched media in NextUp list. Manually removing the .nfo hasn't helped. Anyone?
  23. My users love the suggested series and movies in all the different clients. One thing them and I have been after for a real long time is to not show watched movies/series in these suggestions. We have already watched it so there is really no point to have these taking up room when there is plenty other things to pick from for suggestions that I'm sure are unwatched. Was hoping it could be a toggle in user preferences area similar to having the watched items appear in latest media toggle that is currently there so that way each user can set this how they want. Thank you.
  24. Steverido

    Played State

    MBClassic-2922016e4f60c1a32f84e9aa7dd63f06ec28070.logHi Guys, I have installed Windows 10 and Emby for WMC as suggested in another thread here and all has been successful. The only thing that I can't get to work is the played status. As you know it normally highlights the episode of a series blue when it has been played. I am pretty sure that I have the settings correct and I have attached screenshots for you to review. I am hoping it is something that I have missed and can't see for looking at it too much. MBClassic-2922016e4f60c1a32f84e9aa7dd63f06ec28070.log
  25. Thank you for Emby.. I absolutely love it and worth every penny of support. Wanted to ask, would someone consider the SMALL GREEN CIRCLE watched icon to be changed in color or size or icon? Its so tiny and hard to see.. Thats it. many thanks Dave
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