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  1. Hi, I'm a recent convert from Plex, mainly due to the open source nature of MediaBrowser. I was very happy to see a Mac version of MB Server, and would be even happier to learn if there are any plans for a Mac OSX version of the MB Theatre as well? In our house we use a Mac Mini as a server, and various other Mac Minis as set top boxes / Home Theaters, and would be absolutely delighted to be able to continue using these with MediaBrowser. Is there any interest besides me for a Mac version of the MB Theatre? Is anyone already working on this? Would it be an incentive with a kickstarter or similar campaign for it? Unfortunately I have zero programming skills, but apart from that I'd like to contribute any way I can. As you can see I'm very new here, so any pointers or insights would of course be greatly appreciated - thanks again for a great media solution, and for making it open source! -Florux
  2. CtrlAlt7

    MBT new release/overhaul

    I understand that MBT is under a complete overhaul, is there any ETA available on this? If not is there an early release I can get a hold onto?
  3. Hi, I would realy like to see a next button on the details page of TV episodes. This buttoin is available in MBS webbrowser, but not in MBT. When watching a TV series it would be nice when an episode has played to directly go to the next episode whithout having to go back to the seasons page. To be honest II am surprised no one has asked for this yet (unless Imissed it of course). Thanks in advance.
  4. Schroinx

    Bug. Cannot play file

    I have installed Kodi on my mac, but it refuses to play any file from MBS. I have made this log (attached). It works fine in Safari or when accessing the network share. Funny thing is I have the same problem in MBT, where it works with a external player but not the internal. http://mediabrowser.tv/community/index.php?/topic/17724-error-processing-you-request/ Server is Version 3.0.5490.2 and Kodi is from yesterday,
  5. https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/84611964/serverlogerrorprocessingrequest.txt https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/84611964/theater-63557714844.txt I get "error processing request" when trying to view Music Media Folder in MBT..100% of time 100% reproducible. I uninstalled and reinstalled MBT from web to ensure latest version. v3.0.5494.42115 Restarted server - Version 3.0.5502.3522 Waited for CPU to drop to idle (scan finnish etc) Launched MBT Tried to enter music media folder Error processing request error after a few seconds with no content showing {Leading up to and After this error the Server CPU is running at close to 100 across all cores) quit mbt Posted log. may be related to http://mediabrowser.tv/community/index.php?/topic/17046-v0520-music-support/?p=170341 http://mediabrowser.tv/community/index.php?/topic/16163-music-error-processing-the-request/?p=161068 http://mediabrowser.tv/community/index.php?/topic/17405-is-music-broken-under-mb-classic-or-is-it-just-my-setup/?p=169100 i know MBT is work in progress, but the serving of large music datasets, specifically album artists,,seems to make MB Server struggle? Web Client take 30 Seconds to display Album Artists, and is just as slow 1st try as 2nd, 3rd, 4th..web client seems to load a single core 100% when asking to display album artist. (MBT Test rough load) - 4 Core@3.2GHz (15% Free), 6GB Ram (2GB Free, 600MB server service), SSD (0 Disk queue length/close to 0 Load), MBT running on Server win 7 SP1 64bit. roughly 700 Album Artists, 7000 Artists, 70000 Tracks, 2500 Albums. Might it be possible for MB Server to cache the album artist information so it is more readily available to client requests? Currently the only workable windows client is the Web Client for music playback... thanks edit added mbt log i think from same time. edit playlists with music are fine (suggesting not music subsystem in general that has an issue)
  6. Could you please add a button that will play the next episode in a tv show after a show ends and have the button auto selected but in setting you could turn auto select off
  7. I have attempted to change over from Media browser classic to media browser theatre as I want to get rid of the dependency on WMC. I quite like the interface and think it looks quite good but have found it lacking some functionality I use such as play all or play random, I have found my MCE remote struggles on some basic functions such as page down and page up scrolling etc. Do I need to install some skin or plugin to get items like these working?
  8. Hello, I'm running mediabrowser server version 3.0.5395.0, with mediabrowser theater version 3.0.5404.16392, on a windows 8.1 system. MBS is running fine, and I can navigate to the web interface without any issues. However, when I attempt to log into MBT, I keep getting the error: "Unable to connect to the remote server". The software was working well last Wednesday, but has since begun throwing this error constantly. I have it set to connect to localhost:8096, with a single administrative user, and no password (it's on my own system, and not configured for remote access). I attempted a full uninstall (clean removal, and reboot), with a reinstall from the website. Having downloaded the new installer, I did a clean reinstall, and now cannot even get past the initial setup wizard. I have attached the setup logs below. My novice review of the logs, seems to show that the software is posting a GET command, to the remote access server, after it gets the localhost information. I noticed this behavior when I would disable the NIC, and receive an instant login failure. With the NIC enabled, I have a short delay before receiving this error. Screenshot is also attached. I have checked, and the user has full management access. Please let me know if you need additional user information and/or screenshots. Is this a glitch with the MBT release version, or is there something else I can do? I would appreciate any suggestions, and will provide additional info if needed. Thank you very much! theater-63549249424.txt
  9. breezytm

    Windows Media Center To MBT

    Is there an integration from windows media center to MBT. I know there is one from MBT to WMC. I want to give MBT a try.
  10. shaefurr

    Emby Theater and Games

    A quick video of launching a few games in Media Browser Theater. (Video is shown running Wii and Gamecube under Dolphin, PS2 on PCSX2, Sega under Fusion and SNES under Snex9x) [Youtube]
  11. gillmacca

    password not authorized

    Been using MBT for a while, with no major issues, but after a recent update, it asked for my password again, and gives the following message: The Remote Server returned an error (401): Unauthorized. My password is correct, I have even tried changing it. I am entering my password via keyboard
  12. Zerocool15

    Dolby TrueHD outputted as PCM 2.0

    Hello, I'm using Media Browser Theater version 3.0.5435.35761 with LAV filters 0.63.0 and noticed that MKV files with Dolby TrueHD track are being outputted as PCM 2.0 even though playing the same file through both Windows Media Player and MPC-HC with madVR are able to bitstream Dolby TrueHD correctly. MKV files with DTS-HD track are bitstreamed correctly through MB Theater. Another thing I noticed is that in LAV Audio Configuration menu if I uncheck all bitstreaming formats and apply these settings, this is done through the icon that is displayed after enabling ShowTrayIcon in MB Theater, and then replay movie again all the check boxes are rechecked. In windows the audio configuration is set to 2 speakers and I have the Audio Bitstreaming Mode set to HDMI in MB Theater. According to the log it shows bitstreaming is enabled for Dolby TrueHD. Is there a setting that I need to adjust to get MB Theater to bitstream Dolby TrueHD or is this something that is still being implemented? Thanks, theater-63551939643.txt
  13. I used Relaunch to add MBT to the WMC Extras Library. I have never had any issues launching programs this way before but for some reason MBT will not launch the first time, e.g. I select MBT from the Extras Library, WMC minimizes but MBT does not launch. I then select the menu button to relaunch WMC, select MBT again from the Extras Library, and this time MBT launches. This happens whenever I restart my PC or haven't launched MBT for a while while loged on. A moderator mentions Relaunch in this topic I'm using C:\Users\_______\AppData\Roaming\MediaBrowser-Theater\System\MediaBrowser.UI.exe for the path What is unique about the MBT exe file that would stop it from launching the first time? Any ideas what might be causing this? I was thinking of trying MBC but I don't want it in the WMC main menu. Can MBC be launched from the Extras Library? Can both MBT and MBC be installed together on the same PC?
  14. MB Server: Version 3.0.5424.1 MB Theater: Version 3.0.5427.36363 I have one item in my Library that is set up as MIXED: Movies & TV. MB Theater is not showing any of this collection from the Main Screen. The Collection is listed at the top of the screen, but when you select it, none of the items are displayed. If I go to the FOLDERS selection and then click on this Collection, all of the items are displayed. This is the only item set up as MIXED and is the only one with a display issue at the Main Screen.
  15. blade005

    Subtitles and MBT Player Error

    MBS Version 3.0.5395.0 MBT Version 3.0.5413.38697 Recent updates to MBT have created playback issues for any content that includes subtitles. Most of my collection includes MKV files with embedded subtitles for English (Default flag) and for Non-English Speaking Parts (Forced flag). The playback issue also presents itself for any Recorded TV content (WTV files that normally include embedded subtitles). The issue is that if I have Enable Subtitles turned ON in MBT settings and attempt to play a file with subtitles I get a THERE WAS AN ERROR PROCESSING REQUEST message. If I turn OFF Enable Subtitles the MBT player will start up, but the file hangs at 0 seconds. For any files that do not include subtitles, the MBT player will start up and play the file with no issues. The last known version of MBT that played all files (Subtitled or No Subtitles) with Enable Subtitles turned on was MBT Version 3.0.5409.21314. Log from MBT Version 3.0.5409.21314 that worked with Enable Subtitles turned ON. theater-63550177873.txt Log from MBT Version 3.0.5413.38697 that throws THERE WAS AN ERROR PROCESSING REQUEST message with Enable Subtites turned ON. theater-63550183074.txt It was suggested that I try to play files with Enable madVR turned ON. This does allow the subtitled files to play without an error message, but my system can not handle the load and the playback has stuttering, so that is not a viable solution. Please let me know if additional information is required. Thanks.
  16. please add xbox 360 controller support to the mbt not for game browser but for navigation of the menus and items and just a little thing you may like to put in some easter eggs in like "you wouldn't suppose to read this" some thing simple but could be a nice laugh when you find it
  17. One of my favorite features from another home theater software I use is shared libraries. My friends and I like the ability to share and stream content from each other. Are there any plans at Media Browser to add the ability to load multiple servers to your library? Here are a few suggestions: The ability to add multiple servers to Media Browser Theater The ability to add multiple servers to apps...like iPad Integrate all libraries, so they are mixed into one giant collection An indicator on the movies that would be streamed vs local An indicator on the movie from what server it came from. So you can call your friend and discuss the movie you watched from their collection Adding non-editable metadata to your local server, so you can still apply maximum allowed parental rating to users Instead of loaning my movies out to friends and trying to remember who has what, this is a much safer and easier method. I really enjoy using Media Browser and feel these features would be extremely valuable to other users. Thank you for your consideration.
  18. MrDon

    Audio delay

    I got a small problem that i cant seem to fix. I got a audio desync and need to add 150ms on the audio delay but i cant get it to be a permanent setting. I have tried to add the delay in MBT with out any luck and same thing with LAV audio decoder. Is there a work around or do i have to change it manual every time i start a show/movie? Edit: I were able to add the delay manually in the config file but the question is still why it dont accept the changes from inside the MBT setting.
  19. just got remote access set up and got my brother to test steaming a movie from my server via the web client. it works, but looks pretty grainy, meaning it's transcoding the file. I know you need to have your files shared for direct stream, so i have a couple questions: 1. Is sharing my media over my network on Windows 7 (right click -> share -> share "everyone") enough to make the folder shared over WAN? or is there a separate type of share for WAN? 2. Does the web client have the necessary codecs to play MKV H264 video and DCA or AC3 audio? If not, does it sound like getting my brother to download and use MBT (which I believe has the necessary codecs?) would fix the situation? I'll test it obviously, but I figured I'd ask since I'm posting other questions anyway. p.s. bandwidth definitely isn't an issue for either server or client. Thanks, thebro
  20. Pirlo1966

    password not authorised

    I have a RECURRING authorisation problem: Login Failure. The remote server returned an error: (401) Unauthorized. The HTPC-system is installed on a yacht, most of the time without internet connection. The solution to reinstall MBT from website works but after every shutdown of the HTPC-system the problem returns...? How can I permanently solve this without reinstalling MBT every day? Latest MBT System: Vista HTPC
  21. MBT ver: 3.0.5376.18803 Server ver: 3.0.5366.22005 Log file appended to post. Issue: occurred when trying to watch a subtitled show in MBT. Library is on my NAS, server running on HTPC with link to folder on NAS. Video started fine, but when I went to change the audio stream and put on subtitles (usually accessed by pressing shift+8), the program crashed. It has been rather unstable for the past few days, with lots of "unhandled exceptions" and "insufficient memory" errors. HTPC specs: Intel 4960K cooled by Corsair H55 Gigabyte Z97-wifi motherboard MSI GTX 760 ITX video card 8GB DDR3-PC1333 RAM System is on SSD; data is on HDD Any ideas, o wiser ones? mbt log 9 21.txt
  22. pmac

    MBT - "End Time"

    I predominantly use MBT for all of my media now, and I've noticed for a while that it seems to be missing a small feature that I found useful back when I used MB2/MBC: "End Time" I liked the fact that the details screen for a given title would tell you the length of the title, as well as what time it would be over if you started it now. I know it's just a small feature, but it was one of those little things that I noticed I was missing when I switched to MBT. I know MBT is going through a major re-write right now, but I just thought I'd throw the idea in there, to see if there's a possibility of this feature being added to the current incarnation of MBT, or into the future release. Thanks for any consideration! -Patrick.
  23. RedStripe

    Channel videos won't play

    Server Version 3.0.5366.22005 MBT Version 3.0.5377.16926 I have the following channels installed: Beeg CNET Revision3 Trailers TuneIn Twit Vevo Vine Cannot play ANY Channel video. Receive the following error in MBT: "There was an error processing request." Receive the following error in log file "At least one of the pins involved in the operation is already connected." http://paste2.org/VWKZjKXk 1) Please advise what the log file error means? (every Channel video cannot be locked?!) 2) Is there a solution available?
  24. I have lav filters, splitter, madvr etc in non-standard locations because I use K-Lite codec pack for m codec managemen. I have used it for years and am extremely happ with it, so I have no plans to go back to the bad old days of managing my codecs individually and worrying about what will break. The problem is the MBT Video player is hard wired to look for LAV splitter etc in the "C:\Program Files\LAV Fliters" path and not the path I use. All other players are fine with using the filters, splitter etc from their location, without any configuration, so is it possible to update it so it's "path agnostic"? I don't want to have multiple versions installed, it is just asking for trouble.
  25. Kincaid

    Can't start video in VLC

    Since now i was using media browser in opera browser but now I have some videos with internal subtitles and I can't get them working. I installed and configured LAV-filters and xy-vsfilters but it didn't work. I thought I try media browser theater but the video is stuttering extremely, you can't watch anything like this. VLC is working fine and also has no problem with the internal subtitles so I thought I could add VLC as an external player for mkv files but when I start a video VLC starts and gives me an error that it can't find the video in this location. That's because MB server is running on another machine and MBT gives VLC the path that would work on the server, but obviously on the machine that runs MBT there is no video file in this location. Did I miss anything or does VLC as external player work only if you either run it on the same machine as the server or create network drives that match the paths on the server?
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