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  1. Since the last LG Smart TV app update I have noticed while browsing TV episodes, the highlight that shows which episode is selected is a white panel behind the episode. The text for episode title, length and synopsis is also white so when I select an episode, the synopsis and length are impossible to read (white on white). The title details change to black. I cannot find any settings on the server or app that will let me change the highlight characteristics. Is it possible to change?
  2. Hello, Is there any way to set the "Show Title" option as defaulting to checked instead of unchecked in a Home Photos and Videos library, for every folder? It is checked for the top level folder and 2nd level folder, but every sub folder requires me to check the "Show Title" option. This is in the web client. The issue is that my Home photos are laid out in named folders, and I cannot see the name once it generates a cover thumbnail for the folder. In the example below, by default Emby shows the title for "2018", "10 (october)", and "11 (November)" folders - but any subfolders below that level do not have titles. Folder structure: Photos (root) ---2018 ------10 (October) ---------Halloween Party ------------pic1.jpg ------------pic2.jpg ------------pic3.jpg ------------pic4.jpg ---------Weekend at the beach ------------pic1.jpg ------------pic2.jpg ------------pic3.jpg ------------pic4.jpg ------11 (November) ---------Thanksgiving ------------pic1.jpg ------------pic2.jpg ------------pic3.jpg ------------pic4.jpg
  3. option for QUICKLY viewing tv guide without stopping the video in emby for android app currently this feature only exists on emby for android tv but is nowhere to be seen in emby for android. i would use emby for android tv but it keeps crashing every second time i open it. the other good thing about emby for android tv is i can see even more channels while in the quick view tv guide that is displayed over the video.
  4. Hi Emby community. Hope you're all well. On my Emby it is very slow to resume video if it resumes at all. Is this a common issue? On all the platforms I use Emby on, it either stalls when I try to scrub through the video (like say to the halfway mark) or just starts it back at the beginning. Any thoughts on this? Also, is it possible to adjust the display of the files in my Colletions on the android box to get rid of the Netflix like side scrolling and just have a thumb wall? All the best and Merry Christmas!

    Emby Settings keep resetting

    Hi, I have noticed lately that no matter how many times I change these settings, they keep reverting back. When I select backgrounds to 'Yes' for the main screen, it reverts back, same with the display of movie images. 'Posters' keep changing to 'Poster Card'. Any way of preventing these settings from reverting back? I have left a dropbox link for log/images as uploading on here is not working for me :/ https://www.dropbox.com/sh/ycnbqkz4ur5s9b3/AACSs5HLNfF93p2N1sdMS0T0a?dl=0 Thanks
  6. miniliQuid

    Emby Theatre & Dual display

    Weird enough search function found nothing even though I have seen topics about this in the past, but ok. I recently removed Emby Theatre because I wanted to update to the latest version. Installation went fine, but before the installation Emby always started on my second screen (TV). Now it keeps starting on main screen (PC monitor) which is somewhat annoying (though not life threatening). I haven't tried anything yet since I thought it weird that it happens since the update. Anything changed with the last version concerning this or should I look closer at home? Windows 10 Emby Theatre version (few days back, gotta check later for number) BenQ monitor Samsung TV
  7. So it would be nice if we could choose to hide libraries from the top instead of being forced to see it. See like in my case I would like to have movie collections and playlist but without them appearing on the top in libraries. And I was thinking that it would be a nice feature to be able to hide them if preferred because you can already access them from other areas. For examples for playlist you can just go under the music library and tap on playlist, or the collections is under movies. I'm not saying to completely remove them but to give the option to hide them. That would be a feature I would like to see in Emby
  8. I've noticed in the last couple of days that the Live TV section on the home screen doesn't display. The Live TV library icon under "My Media" shows but I have Live Tv set to show in Home Screen Section 3, but its showing the "Latest Channel Items". I don't see the Live TV section no where at all. Note: I do have a thumbnail scheduled task/job that is still In Progress (in case that's making a difference) server log 12-6-17 (12am).txt server log 12-7-17 (12am).txt server log 12-7-17 (859am).txt
  9. I'm in the process of trying to shift from Plex to Emby. On the Nvidia Shield Emby client there appears to be a limit of displaying favorites to just 50 TV shows. You can add as many as you want, but only scroll through the first 50. This seems arbitrary ... is there any way to eliminate the 50-show limit? I would think an app that can stream 100GB 4k videos could probably handle a tagged list of >50 ... say, 50,000 ... easily? I'd be delighted if I'm just missing a simple way to display more favorites.
  10. To report a minor display issue. In Emby Theater (view set to Auto/TV), when the rating description is too long to fit onto a single line, the box around it gets out of alignment. Ie it doesn't adjust for the new line of text. See screenshot attached. It seems to display fine via the web interface, but not at the larger text scale of the TV view. Thank you, AD
  11. Hello all, recently made the move to emby after evaluating plex and emby side by side, still toggle back and forth but prefer emby. However on the NVIDIA Shield TV, Amazon Fire TV, and Apple TV when viewing a program's information from the guide it doesn't show the season, episode number or air date - which the apple tv does show by calling it "Released 3/19/2000". The app on my android phone, emby theater, and the web interface all show this information. Is this a known issue or am I missing something? Thank you in advance. I've attached 3 images of the program information displayed on each device, the file name being emby_device.
  12. You know how Kodi has that feature to show a flattened list of all episodes belonging to a particular TV Show? So you can see the full list and select from there? I am one of the people who find that feature incredibly useful, and after switching FULLY to Emby I miss it dearly. Maybe this is clutter and other people would hate it, but I would just like a button SOMEWHERE (even in a dropdown) to show a list of all episodes from every season belonging to a specific TV Show. Thanks, Shibb
  13. HotteHotte

    Startup on 2nd Screen

    Hi, just gave Emby Theater a try after using Kodi for a long time, and I'm liking it a lot. However there's one issue which I find a little annoying. Every time I launch the program it appears on my primary screen (pc monitor) and I have to manually drag the window over to my second screen (TV). Is there a way to select on which screen Emby Theater will appear once the program is launched?
  14. Hello, When I am using EMBY through PS4 web browser and for some reason the subtitles aren't displaying at all. In the settings I have them always on/forced and enabled by default. I am using Greek subs with no other issue when I am watching through the Samsung TV app or through my iPhone (Same user profile of course) but through PS4, subtitles do not show at all. It's a shame as I really love the PS4 interface. Something to be fixed possibly on another release? Thanks in advance, George
  15. When entering TV library, and selecting the genres view I'm greeted with a nice genre selection screen, perfect. Then I pick a genre, like comedy, instead of it being series only, I usually get 1 or 2 series, but then a ton of episodes, I hit the 1000 item limit of course. So I'm pretty sure this is a bug and the only results returned in this view should be series entries.
  16. Chillout

    Selection Window

    In the home screen, would it be possible to increase the selection area for the category for a little more refinement? Maybe even offsetting the background color to look like a button instead of when you click it? Right now, there is a very narrow area where you can click on, its mostly off the actual title. This is worse if you bring the pointer top down compared to bottom up. Also annoying misclicking it a couple times sends it to window mode instead of fullscreen.
  17. See attached images. Hard to explain in words, but it is almost like coding/formatting is messed up causing images to cover up navigation or the layout is wonky .
  18. I have spent hours and hours to perfectly organize my music library. (Files/Dirs & Metadata) But When I browse my Music Lib, MB display the artist name like it is in the filenname- and not as it is in the "Artist"-Tag. Is this intentional? Anyone can confirm this or let me know if this can be changed? Cheers
  19. Not sure if its intentional or not but the description for "Display a folder view to show plain media folders" seems out of place, Highlighted in the screenshot. Great work on the update.
  20. I work on a 27" Thunderbolt display often... and it'd be nice if we could get another breakpoint for .scalableCard.portraitCard posters... something around the 2000px mark for 10% width is what I'm thinking, but it might need to be specific to non-retina displays. So the media query should include -webkit pixel ratios and min-resolution. kinda like this. https://css-tricks.com/snippets/css/retina-display-media-query/ Currently on this screen, poster images are coming out at 311x511px, real life 2.75x4.125" ... they're just monsters. Smaller subset of people, but that group of people will grow as technology gives us larger screens for less $$
  21. I think that some things had to be improved in ITEM DETAILS screen: - "Media Info", "Details" and "Theme Songs" shouldn't appear to non-admin users, as they are needed online for maintenance reasons (and theme music has to be transparent) Benefits: Less cluttering for common users. - Cast & Crew could have the # of lines showed configurable.... today 12 items are showed (2 lines of 6), but I rarely care for people from 2nd line Benefits: Less cluttering for everyone (or more... you name it), and saving in KB downloaded
  22. Hi I've just conformed my entire library of specials for Top Gear and Doctor Who, and doing so entailed giving them special-episode-numbers, like S00E84, and putting them in a folder named "Season 0". Now, though, my specials-folders contains a lot of specials, and they all have their bogus episode number (e.g. S0 E84) prepended to their title, which makes it really irritating to look through in the clients. That number doesn't really tell me anything, just the order, and they're already shown in the right order. They're especially irritating, because I've had to change episode numbers for Doctor Who specials (after retrieving information and locking them), to place them correctly in the story arc (for Doctor Who I've enabled "Display specials within seasons they aired in"), because the TVDB special-information doesn't always follow the story arc, but sometimes just the airdates, and some of it is even dead wrong, and so, the numbers are reduced to mere clutter. TL;DR I'd like to be able to tick off a display setting for a season- or series-folder, which would toggle season and episode-numbers in the titles of their content-items (not the folders themselves, obviously, just the episodes). It COULD just be for the Specials-folders, if a general season/series-folder implementation is too huge a deal. Sincerely, Ultroman
  23. First of all great app! I have a problem with subtitles that I can repro with version 0.585 and 0.587. When I play a show with subtitles (movies or tv it's the same) very often I see that instead of displaying the correct text for the scene the app will display several lines at a time (current scene and the next few seconds) showing the subtitle timing and for the next few seconds no subs will be displayed. Please find attached two screenshots of the problem. I can repro the issue with any video with subtitles enabled but I can't repro the problem with the web client or the iOS app. I also checked with other video players (vlc, infuse, kodi) and I couldn't repro the problem. I also have a short video (15 secs or so) that I did while reproducing the issue. Let me know if you want me to upload it. Thanks!
  24. tired dad

    Movies not displayed in Emdy for Kodi?

    Hello, I installed v 1.0 of Emby for Kodi (14.2) with no issues a few days ago. The first time sync took a while, but all the posters showed up and I could play a movie. I added other accounts, and they too showed up without a hitch. Upon rebooting the machine, I cannot see any thumbnails... the Arctic Zehpyr skin shows it is loading, and I see the number of movies and episodes in the top left, plus the sync message in the top right as it goes through my collection. However, there is nothing in "Videos", "Movies", or the Emby plugin folders (accessed via the "Programs" shortcut) when that's done. The system knows how many movies I had, but each and every folder shows "0" items. I also do not see any recent additions, episodes, et cetera. Zip. Nada. Nothing. Turning the machine off, rebooting, chanting to a diety with a frog tied around my waist didn't help either. Anyone else experiencing this?
  25. When playing music on the screen showing album tracks, the Artist - Album title is displayed in the upper right corner. With long names the text wraps. For me, the second line of the text is cut off only showing the top portion (not truncated). Not sure if this is a Roku 3 or Emby issue, any ideas? Two pics have been added...
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