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  1. cyberplay

    Error while Library scan

    Hello, I have since a few days issues with scanning my library. Prior upgrading to the beta, this happened: After upgrading to the beta, this happens: I checked the folders, the data is available, i can read it, move it, but emby is not able to scan it. EDIT: I should also state, this error happens not immediatly, it happens after maybe 60% Library Scan, its always an random percent number. I add the logs later, as im at work. Greetings cyberplay
  2. Okay, so I have a folder called Videos, and inside Videos I have a LOT of folders. I want to add Videos to a library in Emby, and have the subfolders be separated from each other, so I don't get all the videos mixed up. Is there a way to do that without making a new library for every single subfolder?
  3. Hello experts, I'm a KODI user, with Emby for KODI addon installed (LibreELEC / KODI 17). I have an external usb disk, which isn't always plugged, plus it's on a remote computer (another room). If this usb disk is plugged on the remote computer, a script mounts it in LibreELEC as a network cifs share (if unplugged, it's unmounted). But, it seems Emby doesn't detect the changes : - it doesn't appear automatically in library sources if i try to add a new folder (seems normal). - if i try to restart Emby (i did a "systemctl restart service.emby.service"), I notice Emby restarts itself, then i see the mountpoint's path created, but without any subfolders from the share. Folders are accessible in LibreELEC after the mount. How can Emby detect changes in mount points ? Thanks for your assistance. Regards,
  4. When i add say 15 new movies to my library folder, they don't appear in emby for ages! Only one new/unidentified/posterless movie shows up (old bug, all 15 new/unidentified do show up in folders view). Only after ages do they appear, with all the metadata and images. Can we have a button, perhaps just on the dashboard, that instructs emby to: * Immediately halt any other processes, scans, etc. * Scrape the library folders for new media. * Show these discovered new/unidentified/posterless movies in the 'Latest Movies' view (as it used to before the bug/change a while ago) * Systematically acquire all the metadata, images, etc. for each new item. Then emby will show up the new media as quickly as the server, internet connection will allow. Now the new can be watched, organized, edited, checked, etc.
  5. As the title implies, Emby is occasionally is showing episodes of TV shows in the Movies library section of Kodi. Specifically, the problem has occurred with various episodes of Rick and Morty as well as Family Guy. The Metatdata editor properly lists the episodes as TV, and they are located in the correct storage locations with their counterparts. What's weirder is that the problem isn't limited to specific episodes, the only constant unhappy child is "Family Guy 16x01 - The Emmy Winning Episode". You see, if I Scan the library, or even completely rebuild it, I get a nice shuffle of which episodes will randomly appear in the Movies Directory. I'm at a loss. PS: I know the FAQ says not to zip log files, but I was warned repeatedly about not being allowed to upload .docx files. Sorry! Thanks! 100817-128pm.zip

    Cannot Add Libraries

    I just installed Emby onto my Synology DS216se to compare it with Plex Server and see which would work better for my needs. Given that I prefer Open Source programming and saw that Emby had been supporting live streaming television from a SiliconDust HDHomeRun longer than Plex, I was really excited to get it up and running All seemed to be working fine until I tried Adding Libraries. I have tried this directly from the NAS and from the website's dashboards. When I go to select the folder (ADD FOLDER), I select a folder to begin selecting a subfolder and the selection process simply disappears when I try to select a second level subfolder. I have tried to manually put the folder structure into the dialogue box ( \volume1\video\Movie ), a message pops up briefly that states "There was an error adding the media path. Please insure the path is valid and the Emby server process has access to that location. Nothing I have done has allowed me to add libraries. Is there some secret that I don't know? Can someone assist in guiding me to get things set up. I have a number of folders/subfolders to add and I cannot get even one to work. Thanks, Michael
  7. Library type “video and photo” make crash ,once i delete it and build a new library in the type "movie",it work find again.but i cant browse photo on my server with this setting. also,it seems crash as the time i just access(if the library type set as "video and photo"),because if i restart emby service,wait for like ten minute,then i access from remote(WAN),still can load the homepage for 10 second before it go crash.so i assumes my access make it crash. i dont know which log i should upload,i just upload 3 of them all before it back to no crash. 1.txt 2.txt 3.txt
  8. Hello, I installed Emby server on my Raspberry PI 3 recently (Docker official method). It was a little difficult (linux noob inside ) but now all seems to be OK. But, i'm now trying to add a library, but there's a problem as i can't find any folder or share hosted / mounted on the RPi : (as you can see there's nothing but default paths) (network choice empty too) : How Emby detects disks and network shares ? Here is what i have and would want to choose : 1 usb hdd (ext4) + 1 network share (cifs) : If it must be set in Docker, how can i do it (and would it be kept if Emby image is updated ?) Thanks a lot for your assistance. Best regards,
  9. Under Library Nfo settings I have "Copy extrafanart into extrathumbs" selected. I'm noticing that when I load up an artist in the library, it tends to download all images into extrathumbs, but only some into extrafanart. I thought it might be an issue with the "minimum backdrop download width" setting, but I tried changing that to zero and still got the same behavior - all images download into extrathumbs, only some download to extrafanart. Any idea what my issue might be here? EDIT: I disabled and the re-enabled copying into extrathumbs... behavior seems normal now! All images downloading into both folders. So I think I'm good here now!
  10. speedingcheetah

    TV show identify/metadata trouble

    I have trying to add a folder (set as media type TV) containing a TV series to Emby library, but am having some trouble getting it to identify the series and its episodes and pulling the meta data. I have done a few other series and the "Identify" feature worked fine, however, that option is not showing up when i add this folder. The episodes will only show under the " Latest" tab and does not populate any of the shows info or structure like it has with other series. When i go in to metadata manager and select the folder level, the External IDs section has no options to add anything. Each ep file does heve those fields open, and i paste the IMDB and/or TVdb ids int ot them, but nothing else changes? Am i doing something wrong? IMDB id: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt3793630/ TVdb: http://thetvdb.com/?tab=series&id=282756&lid=7
  11. matt.dyck.music

    Not finding or playing media

    Hi, I'm new to Emby and not too advanced with ubuntu. Anyway, I installed the emby server and got it up and running, but I can't seem to add media to it. When I go to "Libraries" from the dashboard, I am able to add my music folder "home/matt/Music" and in the web app or other device apps it will show only the music within that specific directory, but not the subfolders. I have my folders organized into artist and album and would prefer to not have them as a jumbled mess in one folder. Additionally, any of the music that does show up from that main folder simply won't play. I click the play button for the song and it just shows the timestamp for the song at 0:00. I'd just like to know what I have to do to sort this part out. Once I at least get that part down, I'd also like to figure out how to allow emby to access my external harddrive (which I have set up to automatically mount at startup). When I try to add the folder "mnt/Media" it says "...please ensure the path is valid...". I would really like this to work, I just don't feel like putting hours and hours of troubleshooting into it unless I can succeed. And at this point I've already spent hours trying to get it set up. Thanks in advance for any suggestions
  12. fc7

    Music Videos library broken

    I can't tell exactly when the problem started because I'm not watching content from this library regularly but it used to work fine a month ago for example. Basically the problem is that all the metadata for my Music Videos library seems to be gone. Folder structure remains untouched and it was setup like this: Music Video 1/Music Video 1.mkv Music Video 2/Music Video 2.mkv Music Video 3/Music Video 3.mkv And so on. Same setup as the Movies library (which still works just fine). Something I noticed that is different is that before the problem started I would see all my music videos posters in the main Music Videos library view and when I clic on any of them I would see the music video details. Now, it's like I see the music video folders instead and when I clic on any of them, I will then see the music video poster, and only when I clic on the poster I will see the actual music video details (pictures attached). Basically it requires one more step than before (when it was working). Nothing was changed in this library as I mentioned before. It just started to behave differently and all the metadata and posters are gone. The one from the example is one I manually edited in Metadata Manager just now.
  13. When I initially created a library for documentaries since the majority are movies I selected movies. However since also TV Shows are within this library, how is it being dealt with? Some of the TV shows are not being displayed properly even though all the meta data from MB 2.6 is present and displays correctly in MB 2.6. Do I have to go through each of them in the Metadata manager and adjust info and images or can these shows individually be changed to content type TV. Finally if changing the library content to Home videos how will it treat the mix of movies and TV shows? Thanks O2G
  14. ebrithiljonas

    Default language per library

    Hello Emby Team I watch a lot of animes but only with the original soundtrack and subtitles, because German dubs really suck. So it would be really great if it is possible to select a default language for every library, so for example for Movies its German but for Animes its Japanese with German subs. I hope this would be possible. Greez Ebrithil
  15. Sony TV has automatically updated to KODI 17. For some reason TV shows are not merging together in my kodi library on this tv although series are appearing merged in emby server and on my other android tv running kodi 16.1. In my TV library on the emby server I have a path directed to files on a mycloud and a local file path on the computer. I have reinstalled emby add on in KODI 17 but no luck. Although I can still access everything, it is annoying that a TV show is showing up twice with different episodes. Any ideas for what to do next? I'm a bit stumped.
  16. Hi I have an LG Smart TV model:55UB830T-TG. Emby Server Version: The built in DLNA client no longer allows me to search any library and when viewing my movies library I can scroll till movies starting with 'M' using the sidebar. Scrolling down using the wheel results in "Error Loading Files" and have to exit and re-enter. That wouldn't be a problem if I could search however clicking in the search box does nothing. I'm not certain if an update to the television software has caused this or if there is something I can do on emby's side to make it work. It has worked fine in the past. Normally I stay in the Recents folder so it's been a while since I used the search feature or tried to find a movie in the Movies folder. Thanks Jason
  17. Hello all, I'm new to Emby and to the forums. I hope that I'm posting in the correct section (^ ^) -------- I've searched hours for a solution to the issue I'm having but reached nowhere. The problem: My naming convention is slightly different than what Emby requires and I get Season Unknown for maybe hundred of shows. However, my naming convention aligns with Kodi, and Plex and I have my library organized well in there. But I want to drop Plex for Emby so I'm looking for a solution. Solution that came to mind but failed: So I thought perhaps importing my Kodi Library along with metadata or anything would solve this issue. Yet, all I could find after looking into this is that it's possible for Emby to import its Library to Kodi but not the opposite. Therefore, I'm wondering if it's possible to export my Kodi library and then import it into Emby, so Emby is then able to recognize the shows and sync with trakt and so on. Thank you!
  18. Techie-v2

    Metadata setting changed?

    Hi, Have the settings on where to store metadata changed by default? I noticed that a recent series I added didnt have any metadata stored in the season folder, yet metadata and images for yhe season were still being displayed. Having checked the setting in Library->(mediatype)->"Save artwork and metadata into media folders" I found it was unticked for all media types. I have never unticked this, all my other media has the data stored in the media folders but the new ones I have put on dont. I have remidied this by ticking the box then going into metadata manager and refreshing at the show level and the data and artwork has shown up in the media folder but I was just wondering if this would have changed in a recent update? Thanks Techie
  19. Hello I have musicfolders including movies. But I want that Emby scans only movies. Is that possible? Thank you Heinrichxx
  20. schumi2004

    Library playback issues with Yatse Remote

    At first, Happy New year to all I'm not sure if this is reported before but i have some issues when i try to play media from Yatse remote library/collection view. When i open a item in Yatse remote and select Play you see Kodi react and a spinning progress indicator but then it just stops and nothing plays. When i navigate to the file in Kodi library using the arrow keys and then select play it plays just fine. I see it being direct played in Emby server and also playing in Yatse remote. - Emby server 3.1.2 - Kody Krypton RC1 - Yatse remote 7.1.2 - Emby configured using path substitution. - Direct playback enabled in Emby for Kodi addon. - A valid sources.xml in Kodi. I'm not sure if this issues is related to the several topics i found regarding local streaming issues when using Yatse?! I have read them and found out that a possible workaround is to add the correct paths in sources.xml but I already had those. I can not grab the Kodi logging yet so checked Emby server logging instead but i didn't found anything interesting in it Also enabled Yatse debugging for testing later today. Meanwhile i was hoping for some ideas/suggestions or better a solution for this. /edit: 1 example of unplayable item when using Yatse remote http://pastebin.com/kJiDXw3T All items selected within Yatse return: ERROR: Playlist Player: skipping unplayable item: 0
  21. I installed the Emby server several days ago and got everything up and going, today I installed Emby for KODI on my HTPC and now I have duplicate items in my KODI library for everything.. Music, Movies and Television episodes. When I look in the info for each item one lists the path to the media server and the 2nd item list Plugin... is there some configuration setting that was missed? It was my understanding from the video and documentation that Emby would sync with the KODI library and not create a duplicate. Help and thanks.... Will
  22. Are the Emby Android and ATV apps eligible to be added to the Google Family Library?
  23. Hi Guys, I have a folder structure for my movies as follows Movies Si-Fi Terminator Aliens Men in Black Super hero Dead pool X men Hulk Animation Finding Nemo Ice age Toy story Etc etc I have set the library up under the MOVIE type via the emby server and used a network share i.e. \\MEDIA PC\Movies but all my movies have been condensed in to one folder via WMC I suspect I need to use the legacy folder browsing but when I turn this on and open EMBY via WMC it is completely empty, I see no movies or folders. Can anyone let me know how I define my movie library to be used by legacy folder browsing, I can't find any options on the EMBY server to do this Please help
  24. Hi folks, First, I DID READ this thread: https://emby.media/community/index.php?/topic/26121-tutorial-how-to-set-up-kodi/ But I exited that tutorial perhaps more confused than I started. Sorry! I'm a Kodi noob. Some of the pictures in there were essentially blank. I'm looking into Kodi because I'm switching my Emby player to be a small Windows 10 unit and currently Emby Theater doesn't play smoothly on it. Here's the symptom I'm seeing: In Emby, I've got my media set up in libraries just the way I want them. In Kodi, it's mixing things... so in Kodi, "Movies" is showing stuff from my "Movies" library, as well as from my "System Tests" library and so on. I just want Kodi to show me the names of my Emby libraries and not shuffle stuff around. I'm on Emby for Kodi 1.0.3 / 2.3.6 (stable). Here are my Emby Libraries: So, if I look in Kodi Movies here is what I see: As you can see a lot of the system test files are showing there. The Setting Up Kodi reference link I mentioned at the top was probably exactly what I need to understand but it lost me somehow. It talked about sending text with a webclient (but I've got a keyboard, so no problem just typing stuff into Kodi directly). I can go into Kodi \ Videos \ Video Add-Ons \ Emby \ Movies \ Movies\ and get to my movies list, eventually... but that's annoying and not WAF-doable. Kodi will only be used for me to play my Emby libraries. There's no content outside Emby I need to integrate. How do I get Kodi just to show me my library names on the main screen and a coverflow or poster set view of the available content when I click on any of my library names? Sorry if this is basic stuff, I'm just a bit overwhelmed. What I really want is to make Kodi mimic the user interface experience of Emby Theater. Thanks for any pointers! Marc PS: I've played around in the Confluence default skin and the picture above is in the Amber skin. I'm willing to switch to whatever skin will get me closest to what I want.
  25. smc007i

    Media Types

    Hi, I couldn't find an obvious forum area to post this in, so if anyone can suggest a better location, please let me know so I can move it. This is not really a Roku or WMC question, it's regarding the structure of the Emby library which I've discovered after switching rom using Emby of WMC to the Roku Emby channel. Currently I have my TV media type split into folders on my drive: - TV Series - Documentaries - (a few others) I also have Movies separate. This was no problem navigating on Emby for WMC because the default view took you straight to the media folders which meant I could dive into TV Series at the top of the list and go from there. However on the Roku Channel Emby is organised differently and starts its listing by Media Type, meaning that the first 'band' on the channel is TV which is all my TV Series + Documentaries + (others), combined. I understand that this grouping is because the Emby server makes you choose TV or Movies as Media Type when you add the folders to the server in the first place. Yes I know I can scroll down on the Roku Channel to folders 'band' and my original organisation/folder structure will be there, but I'd rather just go straight into TV and have just my TV series or have my folders at the top, but there seems no way of altering the Roku Channel order? Also, there is no alternate Media Type to group my documentaries (or other TV stuff) under to put these somewhere else on the Roku channel. So my question to the developers is, why can't more Media Types be added so I can seggregate TV series (for example under TV) from other folders via alternative media types? Or can the the Roku Channel be made more customisable - like Emby on WMC so I can have my folders structure at the top of the channel? Thanks, S
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